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  1. Or, as they say in French drinking circles, absinthe makes the heart grow fonder!
  2. Is the new ground for YCK due to have natural grass or a synthetic surface. I am sure this has been mentioned, but I forget - sorry!
  3. That's crystal clear to me, Bleep. Genuinely not sure what your problem with it is!
  4. I agree with you, Omega. That was a particularly stupid comment from Cummings. Sadly, I am not sure that you are right about their fool-proof knowledge of the laws. This is what is actually said about PTBs. "10 (d) The tackled player may not play the ball until the players effecting the tackle have had time to clear the ruck." So, if a defender deliberately lies around to get in the way, by all means penalise them. But when, for instance, a tackled player, with his tackler underneath him (and, yes, Stuart, it really does happen like that sometimes!), gets up and immediately plays the ball, it should be the tackled player who is penalised, not the tackler. I love rugby league. I would love it more if the laws actually reflected what happened on the field of play and vice versa, and officials did the straightforward and simple thing, and actually stuck to the laws as written and implemented all of them!
  5. Obviously, it's Catalans Dragons -v- London Broncos, a mere eight miles apart ...sorry, a mere eight hundred miles apart.. ...oh, and not always played on Good Friday.
  6. Looks ready already for beach volleyball, the women's version of which I follow avidly...obviously on the grounds of an appreciation of all manifestations of sporting prowess! Seriously, well done to all concerned, at the council and at the York City Knights. The York RL story over recent seasons is a really heart-warming tale, particularly for grumpy old sods like me!
  7. I predict this sequence of events: 1. Les Dracs defeat Doncaster. 2. They get a home draw against the Dewsbury -v- Halifax tie winners, and win that. 3. Ralph Rimmer confirms that there is a good plan in place to generate interest in the cup final at Wembley... 4. ...I receive a cut-price tickets offer for the final...
  8. Where can we sign it, please, MoK? A friend of mine, Mr B. L. Zebub, was asking and I had to say that didn't know!
  9. Super League needs to make its mind up - is it Super League Europe, as per its registration at Companies House, or isn't it? If it is indeed what it's name seems to suggest, how on earth can Catalans and Toulouse be considered 'overseas'? Out of geographical interest, which 'sea' are they allegedly 'over'?
  10. Sorry, Gubrats, but to me, if a competition is described as being European (as Super League officially is), then a French team, by definition, is not 'overseas'!
  11. A good post, DT. Like Scotchy1, I don't think there would be a massive drop-off in the GF attendance. How many 'overseas' teams in SL? There are currently none; I could live with one or two!
  12. I agree that things seem earlier this year - no 'Beast from the East', I suppose. I heard my first chiffchaff on Friday. Hampshire has its first ospreys passing through to more northerly parts. More oddly, a glossy ibis has turned up in Romsey! The Winchester Cathedral peregrine is now incubating its eggs (four of them) in earnest. By contrast, no eggs on the Salisbury Cathedral nest yet; not even sure the peregrines hanging around there have managed to make a mating pair yet. I believe Wells Cathedral is hosting some ravens, which seems to be a species that is doing well and spreading its range. I see them occasionally in the New Forest. Does anybody else notice them more often that previously?
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