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  1. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Vote for the World XIII

    So, I presume, John, that you will discarding the submissions from Messrs Fittler and Alexander.
  2. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Please Show Support, Remembrance Day

    Glad it went so well, D1. Help for Heroes seem to bring a real vitality to their tremendous work!
  3. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Jonno Ford re signs and other TO news.

    For the record, Dezaria is almost 6' 2" and weighs 16st 3lbs, for those of us trapped in a world of imperial measurements!
  4. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Who have you got to win the Championship?

    Good synopsis of likely form, OC.
  5. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    when it was easy to attend a game

    You mean a piece by a Czech composer, commissioned and premiered in America, with an accompanying film in the advert of a lad pushing his bike up a steep hill in rural Dorset? Aye, you can't beat rugby league heartlands...!
  6. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Top tryscorer and MOS 2019

    Tony Gigot at Les Dracs possibly worth a euro or two for MoS, if he stays fit and behaves himself!
  7. I don't see the two questions in the thread title as being mutually exclusive. I think 'Yes' and 'Yes' is a valid pair of answers. I don't think one can moan about a lack of international competition, on the one hand, and then validly complain when two of the top three national teams play a short series, on the other. Nevertheless, playing Australia would arguably be better still. However, for whatever motive, the Aussies seem intent on avoiding England for the time being!
  8. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    NZ Test Series - ticket sales

    Find out if he really is with a seemingly innocently posed question, along the lines of "Thanks for the letters, Igor. Tell me, out of interest, which historic place of worship do you prefer - Beverley Minster or Salisbury Cathedral?" That should flush him out!
  9. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Dragons invest in youthful forwards

    Thanks for liking the post, audois and S80. Looking at the Dragons' forwards, they look to have 6 who are 30 y.o. or more, 4 aged between 25 and 29, and 7 under 25, though I imagine that last group will include one or two who will not necessarily make it. I think that's probably a reasonable balance between youth and experience. I think Goudemand and Whitley have both been nominated as SL rookie of the year, albeit in different seasons and neither got the nod, which went this year, I think, to Truman from the Tigers (a good choice, in my opinion)
  10. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Dragons invest in youthful forwards

    Catalans have signed 22-year-old forward Matt Whitley from Widnes on a 2-year deal. meanwhile, Mickael Goudemand, also 22, has signed his first full-time contract with the club, a 3-year deal. This looks like sensible succession planning to me.
  11. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    French Squad v Wales

    Could you post more details on 'the flood charity', please, barnyia? Precisely what aspects of post-flood work is it for? If we so wish, how can we contribute? Glad to see you posting, audois, which I presume means that you and yours were more or less OK in the floods.
  12. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Challenge cup 2019

    I see reports that the Wembley sale has fallen through. 'They'll be dancing in the streets of Jacksonville tonight.'
  13. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    London in Superleague

    And except by people in Scotland who see it as a southern sport.
  14. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Wilkin to snub Toronto and go to London

    Only if you can sign up Gromit as well !
  15. Wiltshire Warrior Dragon

    Toronto WP Interview in Forbes

    Maybe we have a lesson to learn from the NFL in the art of preposterous hype! Do you believe that 6 million of us Brits are fans of grid iron football? (That's about 1 in 11 of the entire population) No, neither do I! However, I must not be negative. Think how many prospective investors might be impressed by totally spurious figures for the support of RL, either here or in North America!