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  1. Challenge Cup 3rd round stream...

    What? A towering inferno?
  2. ....unless, like me, you're a Dragons' fan!
  3. Ralph Rimmer candidate for top RFL Job

    Out of interest, has anybody seen this vacancy advertised anywhere? It doesn't seem to be on the RFL's own website careers page.
  4. Size of your wingers

    One of the many delights of watching and supporting Wigan in the mid-60s was the intriguing contrast between their two wingers - the jinking, slightly built Rhodesian, Trevor Lake, one side, and Billy Boston on the other! Both highly effective in their own way.
  5. Cosa Nostra

    I think Scots Gaelic would be "Tha tri-deug ar rud." In all forms of Gaelic (Scots, Irish, Manx) as far as I know, the verb always comes first. So, here, the order is literally 'Is thirteen our thing'. There is no confusion with the interrogative (as in, say, 'Is he from Oban?')as that uses an entirely different form of 'is', namely 'a bheil' in which the 'bh' will, I think, be pronounced like a soft 'v' (a letter not used in Gaelic.)
  6. Leeds Rhinos stars to appear in Aussie soap Neighbours

    A spokesperson for Leeds Rhinos' CEO's office said: "It is important to stress that there is not unlimited scope to expand SL clubs' involvement in popular TV soap operas, and no scope for any at all from the championship, but it may just be acceptable for Catalans Dragons to seek a link with the popular Canal + rural soap, Val d'Emmer."
  7. Restructure 2019?

    I cannot quite place the watery location in the picture, DSK. Is it the Leeds & Liverpool or the Calder & Hebble?
  8. PTB - back to how it should be?

    Wholly agree, Lowdesert. And, as I say, once it has been agreed how the PTB should be conducted, write the rules to accurately reflect that vision!
  9. PTB - back to how it should be?

    In the above post, by 'right the rules accordingly' I of course meant 'write the rules accordingly' Or did I...?
  10. PTB - back to how it should be?

    As did Anthony gelling at Wigan. The original post wording is interesting - "back to how it should be". When was it actually as it 'should be' according to the rules? Certainly not when I began watching the sport live in the 1960s. I recently watched some of the Wigan -v- Hunslet cup final of, I think 1964 or '65, on YouTube. What I noticed about the PTBs was (a) an inclination to play the ball with the back of the leg as it dropped towards the floor (but as often as not with the calf before the ball reached terra firma) and (b) the disinclination of the tackler to move back; the ball carrier got up vertically exactly at the point where the tackle was made. I liked seeing (b), but was less keen on (a) which was very messy (if quick), and probably had much to do with not affording the marker the chance -then legal I think - to strike for the ball. In the current day game, I feel the tackled players are given too much leeway. They seem to think they have a divine right to step forward by a pace or two, and sometimes a little sideways; in one televised game last season, I even saw a player do the latter while his marker stayed in the line of tackle. Outcome? The marker penalised for not being square. So if moving off the mark is allowed, say so in the rules! Don't let it become a permitted, but theoretically illegal, way for the tackled player to avoid his marker. But above all, as an earlier poster noted, let's just decide how the PTB should be conducted and then right the rules accordingly. And as a maxim, that should, I believe, apply to all aspects of play in all sports!
  11. Both good points. What Les Dracs now have is the potential for speed in the backs - sorely missing last year. I would go with Mead at FB, then Broughton and Yaha on the wings (though the latter's defensive positioning can still be alarmingly faulty), with Gigot and Tierney in the centres. I would use Williame at loose forward, freeing up Bird to play in the half-backs, and be experienced support for, Albert. As a Catalans' fan, I was quite encouraged by what I saw yesterday, though the structure of particular plays is still erratic at times (hence the poor finishing); that is down to the coach, I'm afraid.
  12. A taste of things to come

    Thanks - will do!
  13. A taste of things to come

    I agree with you, Manxmanc. And it is not just the quantity of Rl being shown; it is the quality. I didn't see the Challenge Cup clash, but by all accounts on another thread, it was a cracker. I did see Sky's two SL games. After last weekend's rather run-of-the-mill clashes, these really enthused me...even though only one of my two teams won!
  14. 10 Feb: Ladbrokes Challenge Cup - Round 2 - Match Thread

    I think you will find, DP, that the RFU have planted a very small person inside your TV or PC to sabotage it whenever you have the outrageous audacity to watch the Northern Union code! Try watching the 6 Nations - it'll work a treat! meanwhile, let the rest of us learn from your experience and beware; the RFU will leave nothing to chance!