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  1. York Community Stadium update

    I think you will find they have, TSS; it's called the bus. It's what you get when you have got off the train and, as luck would have it, there is indeed a small station - probably unmanned, but, hey, who's bothered! - shown on my map of central York.
  2. Germany

    To clarify, by "more RU internationals" I meant "more RU international players"!
  3. Germany

    I am not sure you are right, Winnyason. Tony Collins argues that Germany was a strong, RU power throughout the 1930s (The Oval World, pp288-291) - as was Italy - and notes that Germany lost more RU internationals during WWII than either England, Scotland or France. The sport thus seems to have been a casualty of the war, at least in Germany and Italy. Germany's pre-war development seems to have been aided by France, which struggled to get international fixtures, not least of all because an RFU meeting in 1933 concluded that the RFU "should confine its activities to the English-speaking peoples."!
  4. Your thought prompts a few of my own, DiH68. First, the fact that somebody is offended is not, in itself, a good reason for changing a current practice. Nobody has a divine right not to be offended (sorry, I shouldn't have said 'divine' as that implies a Godly existence, which some may find offensive!!) Second, as Hvy wg has demonstrated well in this thread, there is a significant difference between French Catalan and Spanish Catalan attitudes and practices. Third, I happen to think that Catalans Dragons is the best name in SL for a mix of reasons. First, by being region-oriented, rather than city/town-specific, it is more likely to pull fans in from a wider area. Second, I understand that the dragon has a significant place in Catalan mythology (though I could be wrong on that). Third, there always seems to be a gentle undercurrent of anti-Establishment (ie also anti-Parisian-centric) feeling in the south of France; it has probably manifested itself at least since the time of Albigensianism, the form that Catharism took in the south of France in the early 13th century. Fourth, and most pragmatically, the name is almost the same - save for reversal of the words - in both French and English. All in all, the cleverest - and in that sense, the best - name in SL.
  5. Yes, please. Then we mere provincials will have a chance of getting our fair share of resources (eg lottery grants)!!
  6. Manchester Rugby League Heritage

    Yes. In England, the big local government re-organisation came in formally on 1st April, 1974. Some areas were deemed 'shire' counties, and also had district (sometimes called 'borough') councils. There were a few metropolitan counties, with metropolitan district councils as well as, hierarchically above them, the metropolitan county council. Metropolitan counties included West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. Previously, all the area talked about here - Manchester itself and Swinton, for instance - was indeed in Lancashire. Lancashire County Cricket Club's home ground, Old Trafford, is in one of the places that became part of Greater Manchester, albeit only in a local government sense. I still think of it as in Lancashire, just as my Skipton born-and-bred wife would still consider she is from the West Riding (North Yorkshire? What's that?!)
  7. I am aware of a language called Occitan, Hvy wg, and of why the Languedoc region is called that. When you say that you speak Catalan, is that the same as, or different from, Occitan? I remember quite recently when the Carcassonne rugby league club's website had pages in Occitan, but that doesn't seem to be the case nowadays. I also know that a deliberate policy by the French, Paris-based authorities over decades (indeed, probably centuries) saw a systematic suppression of regionally used languages. it is easy to overlook the fact that, apparently, at the time of the French Revolution, over 75% of the population did NOT speak French in their day-to-day conversations. I got a flavour of separatist/ nationalist feeling in France when I holidayed in Corsica in the 1990s. Directional signs at road junctions had their French names spray-painted out, leaving just the Corsican language ones. I went to a concert of the local, traditional singing style, Corsican polyphony, by a group called Barbara Furtuna, who take their name from the song of that name (it translates as 'cruel fate' and is a Corsican's lament on being forced into exile) At the end, they sang what I now know to be Diu vi salvi, Regina, and all the locals in the audience stood up (so I did too!) It is apparently the unofficial, 'national' anthem of this technically French island. I was also struck by the almost complete absence of references to local boy, Napoleon, yet many to Pasquale Paoli, who declared independence for Corsica in the 18th century!
  8. One of the great north-eastern sporting rivalries is, sadly, no more. It is - or was - Durham Wasps v Whitley Warriors at ice hockey. I once saw a brawl during the pre-match warm-up!
  9. Agreed. And possibly a slot for Bousquet off the bench.
  10. Media Watch World Cup

    Slightly off post, but the great French fullback, Puig Aubert, gets a mention in the letters column of The Times today, in a light hearted exchange to do with the difference between a sport and a game (following the failure of Bridge to be classified as the former)
  11. Could France host the WC

    Wholly agree, NE, with the minor proviso that who knows whether Spanish Catalonia (which is where I would take a game) will then be in Spain! My first thought about the OP was that it should have had the word 'again' at the end. And my instinctive reply was "Well, the French had the original idea, did the necessary persuading behind the scenes including offering to underwrite the Aussies and Kiwis to head off the former's lack of enthusiasm [no change there!], provided the original trophy and hosted the whole event, so, yes, they could do it again!" After all, what a great opportunity to promote tourism outside the high season. If somebody offered a package of, say, a number of RLWC matches, a guided tour of one of Europe's best medieval fortified cities (Carcassonne), and a visit to some key Cathar sites (and an explanatory talk on how Catharism became, specifically in Southern France, Albigensianism, the detail of which I don't know), I would be there like a shot. International RL and local history in one visit - what a brilliant combination!
  12. North East RL

    To be fair, Celt, two points to note. First, for at least a proportion of the population of Alnwick and its environs, Barbour clothing may be said to be sensible workwear. Second, the Barbour brigade in Northumberland could be said to be supporting local industry; hasn't Barbour's HQ been on Tyneside for over a hundred years? That said, I take your point...!
  13. BBC RLWC2017 Quiz!

    You're right; I can be a bit slow on the uptake!
  14. BBC RLWC2017 Quiz!

    Just did it again - up from five to seven!
  15. In Wayne Bennett we trust?

    If Momentum is so important, how come Jeremy Corbyn didn't seem to know about the World Cup...or am I confusing things here?