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  1. Telly viewing figures

    Yes, many of those extra 400 were in The Punch Bowl before the match. There were some 'elderly' ex local amateur players who I haven't seen for ages, the pub was like it used to be in Clarence Street days. The buzz was terrific, and was carried over to Bootham Crescent where the club and the players duly delivered. Great stuff!!
  2. We're York and we're proud of it

    Well said John, all concerned should be congratulated for their contributions. During the game I never really thought that we were quite strong enough to win cos of the danger they posed once in our twenty BUT its got to be said that often Catalan were only in our danger area cos of those dubious decisions that piggybacked them up the field. I've never been one to blame refs for lost games but like many today I was incensed by some of those calls, a super league side shouldn't need the help of officials but at times they did appear to get it from the ref with the touch judges largely uninvolved. Once again, thanks to all for a memorable day.
  3. Press Coverage.

    It's good to hear alternative views on here and long may it continue. Perhaps my views are coloured by my recollections of The Yorkshire Evening Press which not only had up to date news but a Saturday evening green/pink sports edition. IMO a lot better than the current rag but as I say I may be suffering from 'good old days' syndrome. Anyway, as keyboard warriors at least we are saving our voices for Sunday. Up the Kneets, ESSAI REFUSE!!
  4. Press Coverage.

    Yes, this is all very odd. I'm certainly no apologist for our cr#p Local Press but as Spanish said above at least PM used to do regular diaries etc even when the club was an embarrassment. If PM is unavailable the Sports Editor should have made sure that the brilliant people now running the Knights were rewarded for their efforts. Shame on them.
  5. Press Coverage.

    Sorry. Let's hang PM before he can reply to Clarence's and my question. Having said that, if he isn't ill and is in 'control' then he def needs his knuckles rapped for letting our club down.
  6. Press Coverage.

    Our 'local' Press deserves plenty of criticism for this weeks lack of support, but maybe PM had no input regarding this weeks sports pages? Like most fans I've looked every day expecting to see articles covering the build up towards Sunday's special occasion, instead the coverage given to the worst York City side in living memory is staggering. Well done Clarence for pointing out this shameful omission.
  7. Cas 41 Catalans 0

    In a game they knew they couldn't win, the dragons rested three players for next week, most notably PNG international Paul Aiton and potential match winner Greg Bird, ex Aussie international. IMO Bird is key to them playing well next week, he tends to make them tick. Shows they are concerned.
  8. Newcastle Away

    Yes Fenton, Ackos dulcet tones were repeatedly telling me that we were having to do much more tackling than was really needed due to silly errors, it's just as well our defence sounded strong yet again and Thunder were coughing up the same amount of ball. The uncompleted sets stats must have been high for both sides. Fordy sounded pleased with the win and our fortitude and remained tight lipped re the errors but methinks words will be spoken behind closed doors. Well done the Knights for yet another hard fought victory.
  9. New Signing.

    Matty Smith has a good kicking game John but don't think he's quick enough now for our new look supersonic Knights side.
  10. Availability.. or not

    Was impressed with Will Dagger the other month, thought I saw a bit of Steadman there, I wish.
  11. Today’s game

    Agree with your first two points Deano. Thought the Knights were very scratchy at times not helped by Keighley injuries which took the pace out of the game. I didn't think we were overly dominant though and we allowed a spirited and typically feisty Cougars side to put us under pressure. It's great that we have a strong squad BUT because of constant chopping and changing fans are not always going to see a top performance. But we keep winning so jobs a good en.
  12. Front Page News

  13. Saturday - Askham

    Thought you had some lovely new scaffolding to shelter you Acko! Thanks for your efforts. Tell me, during that wobbly bit in the third quarter is it slightly concerning that Fordy had to bring Spiers back on to get the team back on track?
  14. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    Yes John, bet you miss some massive games like Hemel or Coventry, no disrespect to those clubs of course. You and Wobby give em a shout for us.
  15. Crowd v Bulls on Sunday

    Don't think you'll be far off there John but afraid the figure you quote will have to be minus 2. We are abroad till next week!!!! Please give the lads a big shout from us. Up the Kneets.