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  1. Yes, I also expected more from Worky, apart from no.11 they had the smallest pack for them that I can recall. The Knights defended really well but even when Worky pressed they seemed to lack ideas. Mustn't take anything away from the lads though and even though they lost their way a bit in the third quarter it was still a solid performance, was impressed with the enthusiasm of the two HKR newcomers who ran the ball up well and wish they could stay longer. Talking of performance, sometimes wish Ash would ease up on his pin ball like runs, it's great that he's with the Knights and often causes havoc in opposition defences but think he could become a much better player with a more relaxed approach . Maybe he's trying to do too much at times? Just a thought.
  2. Sounds like an excellent idea Juan, lets forget about dual carriageways for now and go see the jewel in the crown of local rugby league, see you there
  3. Would love to have been there Deano but like other Knights fans I have my reasons/excuses for not making the trip. If there were only a dozen or so there then that is indeed a sorry affair and our "new" club deserve better, it would have been wonderful if we could have magically transferred the turnout at Hunslet over to the Wolfpack. I know you are not seeking any praise but thanks anyway to you and the others for making the effort.
  4. Agree with most of the above although the commentators including Noble also gave the Knights some praise for their efforts particularly in a fiercely competitive first half. But " Sir Brian" really annoyed me when discussing the problems that visiting teams have because of travel and time differences. He said the Knights declined the chance to travel over on Thursday but failed to mention that this would have probably resulted in less players being available cos of work commitments. He then stated that the Knights didn't seem to have a problem in the first half hour. NOT GOOD ENOUGH BRIAN. Having said all that it was on the whole a gutsy effort from the Knights and it was good to see them fight back after enduring that second half onslaught from a Toronto side who had been stung into action. Finally, hate to say it again but I sincerely hope that next season Knights fans don't have to say those repetitive three words, NOT BIG ENOUGH. Once again size wise BTW was on his own and I lost count of the number of times Ed Smith ran the ball up like a prop, great effort Ed.
  5. Spot on Davet and dont forget dear readers my other favourite important word credibility. I know its dragging over old coals but our club had lost much credibility over the last few years thus kicking respect firmly into touch. Its difficult and nigh on impossible to achieve those goals in any business if all and sundry are falling out because of self centered decision making and the club is allowed to become a political football to be used by those who don't give a stuff about our sport.
  6. Agree with all that, for too many matches some of our forwards have been killing themselves battling against bigger and heavier players, its bound to take its toll. Because of that our players deserve more than a pat on the back for their efforts. As suggested in other posts Ellis may have provided that little bit of extra composure to turn the game but it was obvious early on that the Haven defence was a different proposition to what we faced last week. And those goal kicks, if they'd been on the touchline fair enough but chuffin ell Big thanks to all the players on both sides for their efforts in such gruelling conditions.
  7. As soon as we got home we opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate a champagne performance in the first half from the Knights. At half-time our fans could be forgiven for thinking they were at one of the really struggling expansion clubs rather than the south Leeds stadium. The Huns have some useful players at this level but they looked shell-shocked in that first half. The lads may have been disappointed to "lose" the second half 20-16 but changes of personnel and a ref who seemed determined to even things up conspired against them. There was a real buzz amongst Knights fans and it was an absolute pleasure to witness, long may it continue.
  8. Couldn't agree more with this, the RL have allowed many farces in the past to lower the integrity of the greatest game and here's another. This is not sour grapes against Donny and good luck to them but the RL have allowed any loyalties to be kicked into touch.
  9. Following events from abroad, a big well done to all. If it looked definite that Lancaster would have reached that kick why no penalty try?
  10. Could not agree more with your sentiments. I fell "out of love" with football many moons ago after supporting city home and away a lifetime ago. Nevertheless I've always followed their results and last year was doubly saddened when the club once again dropped out of the football league. I say doubly because I was very concerned that CYC would have second thoughts re the new stadium but was heartened when they said they were still supporting the scheme. Because of the effect this could have on the Knights I have kept everything crossed this season for city and was dismayed at last Saturdays events knowing that CYC will be under further pressure to abandon the project now that York City find themselves in the doldrums. I hope that the Council stick to their word and don't bow to the pressure from non sports loving tax payers and that both clubs help each other in these most difficult of times.
  11. Although Fordy correctly alluded to certain misfortunes during the match I tend to agree with all you say Andy, and no, I'm not ill! We had chances to kill the game off before an hour had passed and when big robbo had to go off it left BTW as our only really big man to try and stem the tide down the middle, Crusaders are not the most skilful of sides but as in the cup game they seemed to have more grunt than the Knights and wore us down. Therefore I tend to think that those "one or two other attributes" might just be a couple of BIG forwards to lay more of a platform. The team performed heroically last week and until Batchelors late try I thought they began to look mentally and physically fatigued. Hopefully Fordy will fix things.
  12. Would he be the son of the famous Wobby the Wasp? Can't make the game today John so you two give the lads a shout for us.
  13. Agree with all that John, it takes a brave but honest coach to say those things when he's just seen his exhausted players laying devastated on the turf. After soaking up so much pressure the lads did really well to fight back to lead 16 -4, but were found wanting in the last twenty minutes with a worrying lack of game management. The knights were crying out for an old head to steer the ship and see the game out at this point, Fordy obviously believed enough experience was out there so was disappointed when it didn't happen. Still much to learn, but the players commitment to the cause was a pleasure to see.
  14. What a breath of fresh air last night after the last few depressing years. Was very impressed with our new owners particularly Mr Flatman who spoke eloquently and passionately about his aims for the club. He deservedly received a warm welcome and much applause from those present but perhaps the biggest ovation was saved for Fordy for his loyalty to the club in the most difficult of circumstances. I for one was pleased to finally receive from the owners of our club something which has been sadly lacking for so long, COMMUNICATION. A big well done to all concerned and long may it continue, now lets get on and try to get back the 1500 or so rugby league fans who for various reasons never returned after the Acorn cup match last year.
  15. Barry McDermott is coming out of retirement? WOW!!!!