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  1. Stadium Construction Started!

    You mean round about the time when it was stated by opponents that as far as the Knights were concerned it was unsustainable?
  2. 2018 Squad

    As I'm not privy to budget allocations/restrictions I can't answer that John. But what I do know, or at least think I know, is that this is the type of player we need to add to our younger lads if we are to win promotion to the championship and just as importantly to establish ourselves there.
  3. 2018 Squad

    If it's not Danny Brough, how about a player who, IMO, was one of the best halves to play for the club in recent years. His initials are AT.
  4. Newcastle game.

    Thunder were the better side on the day and deserved the points, they did enough in the first half against another disjointed performance by the Knights. Let's be clear , even allowing for whats to come next week and the resting of players etc etc etc that was a poor effort by some of our "fringe"players who were supposedly playing for their places over the coming weeks. In that depressing first half it looked to me as though some of our lads had only just met, will be interesting to hear from Fordy who prides himself on a "together squad". Sorry to say heard that Adam Swift has broken his leg, possibly better news re Liam Harris who passed his initial concussion test. Just hope that our full strength team can click again next week and put Haven to the sword.
  5. Anyone know

    Just seen in the Press that Zeus has left the club. It sounds like he's bitterly disappointed that his parent club Hull FC have terminated his contract and he now needs to get his head together. A pity cos of his potential.
  6. Anyone know

    I was wondering the same yck so I collared Tim Spears at the end of last nights meeting and asked, cos I thought he went well against Toronto. Tim said he was training last night, so hopefully available soon. Once again was impressed with Tim Spears last night, speaking to the forum and very approachable individually. Must have been a very good captain at Fev and cant help but think they let him go too early. Our gain, a very astute signing. Great to have direct communication again with our leaders, the old club was a shambles in this area and long may the new regime continue.
  7. Donny sunday

    To be honest I thought Donny were the better side on the day and if you take Liam Harris out of the equation we'd have come away with nowt, he looked a class above the rest today. We huffed and puffed for large parts of this match and seemed a bit disjointed, thought Tim Spears put in a tremendous effort and some of his younger team mates came up a bit short in comparison BUT as we expected Donny were well up for this so don't wish to take anything away from their great effort. One final thought. Not sure what Jordan Cox brings to our side but will give him the benefit of the doubt for now, maybe with more game time under his belt.......
  8. Attendances

    Yes weighman, I've also been wracking my brains for weeks now wondering why many of the citizens of York have suddenly taken to our club. Its perhaps even more surprising when one considers that a certain person said last year that our homeless club was "unsustainable".

    Saw No an at B ly va ety ub in the seventies, as always he jumped on a chair and did his Rhode Island Red. Like the rest of us he would be a z d at the p g ss the K gh ts have m de this se on.
  10. Keighley match

    Didn't make it over today, listened to Acko instead. Very painful listening, not just the loss but the Knights sounded terrible at times, many errors plus poor decision making. Fordy stayed calm on the radio saying no knee jerk reaction but said at least three players very poor today, well below usual standards. Considering how bad it sounded suppose we did well to only lose by two. Over to you guys who made it over.
  11. Knights 26 Wolfpack 16

  12. Workington

    Yes, I also expected more from Worky, apart from no.11 they had the smallest pack for them that I can recall. The Knights defended really well but even when Worky pressed they seemed to lack ideas. Mustn't take anything away from the lads though and even though they lost their way a bit in the third quarter it was still a solid performance, was impressed with the enthusiasm of the two HKR newcomers who ran the ball up well and wish they could stay longer. Talking of performance, sometimes wish Ash would ease up on his pin ball like runs, it's great that he's with the Knights and often causes havoc in opposition defences but think he could become a much better player with a more relaxed approach . Maybe he's trying to do too much at times? Just a thought.
  13. Hemel at home

    Sounds like an excellent idea Juan, lets forget about dual carriageways for now and go see the jewel in the crown of local rugby league, see you there
  14. Toronto

    Would love to have been there Deano but like other Knights fans I have my reasons/excuses for not making the trip. If there were only a dozen or so there then that is indeed a sorry affair and our "new" club deserve better, it would have been wonderful if we could have magically transferred the turnout at Hunslet over to the Wolfpack. I know you are not seeking any praise but thanks anyway to you and the others for making the effort.
  15. Toronto

    Agree with most of the above although the commentators including Noble also gave the Knights some praise for their efforts particularly in a fiercely competitive first half. But " Sir Brian" really annoyed me when discussing the problems that visiting teams have because of travel and time differences. He said the Knights declined the chance to travel over on Thursday but failed to mention that this would have probably resulted in less players being available cos of work commitments. He then stated that the Knights didn't seem to have a problem in the first half hour. NOT GOOD ENOUGH BRIAN. Having said all that it was on the whole a gutsy effort from the Knights and it was good to see them fight back after enduring that second half onslaught from a Toronto side who had been stung into action. Finally, hate to say it again but I sincerely hope that next season Knights fans don't have to say those repetitive three words, NOT BIG ENOUGH. Once again size wise BTW was on his own and I lost count of the number of times Ed Smith ran the ball up like a prop, great effort Ed.