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  1. Peter G.

    Can you move

    Was there that day John, seem to remember he entered the ground after the match had started and Donny fans thought we had a secret weapon. There would be a few York bus drivers with memories of Albert cos he used to position himself upstairs at the front, stamping his feet when the bus kept stopping and shouting " move this fukcing bus ".
  2. Peter G.

    `Ross Osborne

    As soon as the season finished, Joel Edwards returned home to oz after doing us proud. I dont recall much being said about the quick getaway or whether there was any chance of him rejoining the Knights. Have I missed something?
  3. Peter G.

    Welsh winger?

    At the time Con worked behind the bar the Punch was run by Brian Coulson and his wife Kath. If I remember correctly John, Brian went on to play for Hull KR. Coincidentally, Brian and Kaths daughter married a Wasps hooker, Peter Philippo!
  4. Peter G.

    Welsh winger?

    After the war, when a number of Welshmen travelled north looking for work, one of them was a hooker called Con Jenkins who played for the Wasps.. In later years Con worked behind the bar in the Punch Bowl with his wife Rene Mills. Boyny and others who played for the Punch will remember Con from the days when the Punch was a massive rugby league pub.
  5. Peter G.

    2019 squad

    I was well impressed with Tyler Dickinson during that epic struggle up at Workington, he caused us all sorts of problems with his strong running and considering he was on loan gave his all for Town. I could see him in our pack taking a lead from captain fantastic.
  6. Peter G.


    CONGRATULATIONS to all at the Kneets from Peter and Lesley in Crete. We are currently supping Greek champers which is surprisingly good but anything will taste good tonight. After other wines with our evening meal the obligatory raki will not touch the sides and will be drunk in large quantities. Regards to all our friends who have stuck by York RL through thick and thin. ps I must send this mail while I am able .......Hic burp etc etc
  7. Peter G.


    Come on you Kneets!! You can do it. Hope you can hear us shouting from sunny Crete.
  8. Peter G.


    I don't own a helpful surgical implant John so after the last two heart stopping weeks I am recovering in Crete. We will be with you guys in spirit for the next two matches. Up the table topping Kneets!!
  9. Peter G.

    Oldham at home

    I hardly dared voice my concerns pre match so didn't bother. As soon as I saw that Worky conceded fifty yesterday I feared that both they and us must be two tired sides after last weeks epic encounter. And so it seemed today as I thought the Knights looked jaded in the second half and Oldham sensed we were there for the taking. Once again our defence saw us through. My man of the match was Brad Hey who caused Oldham plenty of problems down that left flank and he was still running strongly late on.
  10. Peter G.


    As a Knights fan I'm VERY annoyed at this and like others wish to end the sad lives of these scumbags. All us ' small 'clubs depend so much on the hard work of those behind the scenes to keep going and this must be heartbreaking. Hope you Marras can catch them and string em up.
  11. Peter G.

    Workington away.

    I was sitting in the front row of the main stand with at least 20 Knights fans next to me. In the top corner of that stand there was row after row of fans who support the team who are TOP OF THE LEAGUE. I would estimate there were at least 200 Knights fans at the game. A trip to Spec Savers may be in order or were your grapes still tasting a little sour after losing a brilliant match.
  12. Peter G.

    Ding dong

    Indeed, it certainly wasn't pretty but Defence, Defence and more Defence won it for us. Our attack was a bit off at times and in the first half with a bit more composure we could have put the game to bed by half-time. Having said that Worky were well fired up and battled to the end. A big WELL DONE to the players for yet another gutsy performance.
  13. Peter G.

    This weeks officials

    Come on you two, kiss and make up. We need to be united on Sunday. 😚 Up the Kneets!!!
  14. Peter G.

    Bulls 28 Knights 30

    Congratulations to everyone for a fantastic effort, you really did give the lads a MAZZIVE shout for us. From two potential drunks in Jersey.😀☺
  15. Peter G.

    Team for Odsal

    Hello from sunny Jersey, good luck to everybody from Peter and Lesley, give the lads a MAZZIVE shout for us. Come on you Kneets!!