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  1. Although Fordy correctly alluded to certain misfortunes during the match I tend to agree with all you say Andy, and no, I'm not ill! We had chances to kill the game off before an hour had passed and when big robbo had to go off it left BTW as our only really big man to try and stem the tide down the middle, Crusaders are not the most skilful of sides but as in the cup game they seemed to have more grunt than the Knights and wore us down. Therefore I tend to think that those "one or two other attributes" might just be a couple of BIG forwards to lay more of a platform. The team performed heroically last week and until Batchelors late try I thought they began to look mentally and physically fatigued. Hopefully Fordy will fix things.
  2. Would he be the son of the famous Wobby the Wasp? Can't make the game today John so you two give the lads a shout for us.
  3. Agree with all that John, it takes a brave but honest coach to say those things when he's just seen his exhausted players laying devastated on the turf. After soaking up so much pressure the lads did really well to fight back to lead 16 -4, but were found wanting in the last twenty minutes with a worrying lack of game management. The knights were crying out for an old head to steer the ship and see the game out at this point, Fordy obviously believed enough experience was out there so was disappointed when it didn't happen. Still much to learn, but the players commitment to the cause was a pleasure to see.
  4. What a breath of fresh air last night after the last few depressing years. Was very impressed with our new owners particularly Mr Flatman who spoke eloquently and passionately about his aims for the club. He deservedly received a warm welcome and much applause from those present but perhaps the biggest ovation was saved for Fordy for his loyalty to the club in the most difficult of circumstances. I for one was pleased to finally receive from the owners of our club something which has been sadly lacking for so long, COMMUNICATION. A big well done to all concerned and long may it continue, now lets get on and try to get back the 1500 or so rugby league fans who for various reasons never returned after the Acorn cup match last year.
  5. Barry McDermott is coming out of retirement? WOW!!!!
  6. I never involve myself in social media Simon but thanks for keeping a lookout,did this twitter activity take place last night or Saturday night? Either way this area appears to be a side of JG that his friends/supporters are unaware of or choose to ignore.
  7. Got it in one Deano. The first thing I must say is that I regretted going against my original decision to give this meeting a miss. As feared, instead of going graciously JG couldn't resist taking a pop at York City Council and York City FC as well as accusing the supporters club of misappropriating funds which was strenuously denied by Gary H. In fact, JG actually said that at the public meeting at the folk hall council officials LIED about what was on offer for the Knights regarding the proposed new stadium. JG went on to say that he believed that his approach to recent events had been right and that given his time again he would do exactly the same. This did tend to remind me of a quote by the former England football manager Roy Hodgson who stated after his sides abysmal performance in the world cup "that looking back he wouldn't have done anything differently". As noted above by David it could be argued that JG did quite well at the forum, but I must add that his task was made somewhat easier when I would hazard a guess that 95% of those present were dyed in the wool Guildford supporters who had come to support and officially say goodbye to their beloved leader. In fact, with the hugs and kisses that he received from some of his acolytes as he made his entrance one could have been momentarily mistaken that we were at a Donald Trump rally. Earlier this year 2,200 rugby league fans turned up at Bootham Crescent to Watch York Acorn take on the Knights. My only wish yesterday was that many of those 1500 fans who never returned to watch the Knights for the rest of the season could have turned up to the meeting and explained to JG and his followers why they have deserted York City Knights. Perhaps they might have said that their lack of support has nothing to do with the council or the football club but more to do with the way OUR club has been run over the last few years? Just a thought. As David said above Mr Smith appealed to all to try to put all the conflict and bitterness behind us and move forward for the good of OUR club. This of course is to be applauded. I left yesterdays meeting having learned nothing new from what I had already read in the local Press. But I did at least leave with three positives. Firstly, that there are still many loyal followers of the club who are willing to continue supporting the club, regardless of their differing opinions of the current regime. Secondly, James Ford reiterated his Press statement that he is ready and able to take the Knights into next season with new ownership. And thirdly, that John Guildford has reiterated that he agrees that the time is right for him to now leave the club. Amen to that!
  8. In case anyone is interested I am now reconsidering my position. The meeting has now been advertised in The Press which could lead to a bigger attendance, wouldn't want JGs cronies to have the run of the place. He has stated that "he is still leaving the club entirely". Fingers crossed. Am cutting my toenails today just in case.
  9. Couldn't agree more trig. I, like many others, waited in vain for several years for Mr G. to communicate with fans through meetings/forums. Instead, he appeared to prefer to hold court with one or two fans at a time whilst drinking one or ten pints. When fans took it into their own hands and organised a meeting to try to find out what was going on they were lambasted for doing so. To now call a meeting after all the damage has been done beggars belief. Aided and abetted by his cronies, it gives him an opportunity to reiterate his hatred for other stakeholders in the city and to anyone else who happens to disagree with his approach. Unless anybody can convince me otherwise I have no intention of giving any of my time to a man who has succeeded in alienating the majority of rugby league fans in this city. I'm sure I have better things to do with my time. ps Have just consulted my diary and see that I have planned to cut my toenails on that day.
  10. Couldn't agree more AC, but nobody should be surprised at this childish and vindictive behaviour. Once a despot, always a despot. The only "crime" committed by Gary Hall and others was to question the way that the chief executive of the club was conducting the clubs affairs during the new stadium saga. At NO TIME was Gary's loyalty to the club he has served all his life in question. Perhaps more importantly, JG has proved yet again that his only expertise is shooting himself and OUR club in the foot. At a time when the coach and team are doing the city proud and nearing one of the most important games of the year this imbecile manages to undermine all the good work in order to remind people who is no.1. In the words of the superb Amanda Richardson from the Blackadder series, "I'm Queen". After 55 years of loyalty to the club this could possibly be the final straw for me. I had taken on board the feelings of some other fans and attended games at Bootham Crescent to support the coach and the players but not the club. I know at least one long time fan of York rugby league who only goes to away matches because he cannot bear the thought of giving any more money to JG. As a lover of professional rugby league I may sadly have to follow the same path. ps As my loyalty to the club subsides even more, I feel it is getting close to me doing what once would have been unthinkable. A LETTER TO THE PRESS OUTLINING THE SHAMEFUL GOINGS ON AT YORK CITY KNIGHTS.
  11. Interesting concept Andy, support the coach and his team but not the club. Many fans, myself included, who have been dismayed as to how the club and its owner have portrayed themselves in recent years might just be able to follow this philosophy. Actually, I tend to think that this season a number of fans are already doing what you suggest, along with other diehards who will support the club no matter what is said and done by the current owner. As well as the above fans there are I'm sure those who have decided to come along now that the team are playing closer to "home", and that will increase if the team continue to serve up entertaining rugby league. Whether they will continue to turn up when the club eventually leaves Bootham Crescent is a moot point. Also, as I have alluded to previously, the club need to regain much lost credibility in the city if it is to enjoy the brilliant support of several years ago. One thing is for certain. James Ford and his team DESERVE more support.
  12. Was sorry to read that Alan "are you sure referee" Moffatt passed away last monday aged 71.The word diehard is oft used in sport but Alan truly was a dedicated fan of York rugby league for many years. In The Press Gary Hall has given a good example of how Alan, because of his deafness, could always be heard above everybody else. Gary's example reminded me of yet another tale down London way which always brings a smile to my better half and me. On one of our many visits to the Holiday Inn at Chingford the lads wished to go to the nightclub at Walthamstow dog track. A younger fan realised that he would not gain entry in his trainers so Alan generously took off his patent leather shoes and sent the lad on his way. As the shoes were Alans only pair for the weekend he spent the rest of the evening walking about the hotel bar in his stockinged feet. Later that same evening I bumped into Alan in the gents where he was doing his very best to keep his socks dry. I said what a good hearted deed that was but in his present state was it a good idea. He just looked at me and said in that booming voice, "NO PROBLEM", and legged it back to the bar. What a character. RIP Alan. If there is a bar where you are I'm sure you will be enjoying a pint of your favourite tipple,draught Guinness,whilst discussing the greatest game.
  13. No amount of spin on this forum can hide the unpalatable truth regarding the gradual demise of our professional rugby league club. Over the last several years too many of the" rugby league public of York woke up" and came to realise that after a pretty good start York City Knights, for a number of reasons none of which concern "Fordy and the team", were going backwards. These realisations have been compounded by the shocking behaviour of the current owner. I was in the Punch Bowl Lowther street before the wonderful occasion of the Acorn v Knights cup tie. It was like old times with the pub full to the rafters with rugby league fans discussing the forthcoming 'match', and as we all know over 2,200 R.L. fans went on to attend the game at Bootham Crescent. Yesterday, 1700 of those failed to attend. Undoubtedly quite a few of those would have been fans of the greatest game who for reasons of their own never bothered to make the transition from Clarence Street to Huntington. But far more alarmingly there were I believe at least a thousand who have become disenchanted with their professional team in recent years. I know for a fact that there were many in the Punch Bowl, my own family included, who used to grace the amateur rugby league pitches but also supported the Knights before becoming disillusioned. I wish Fordy and his team well for the rest of the season, but believe that the club need to do far more than success on the field to get the missing rugby league fans in York to support their professional club once again. A sad and somewhat embarrassing situation indeed when one looks back at the crowds the Knights were attracting several years ago, their recent attendances, and the amazing turnout the other week to watch one of the cities amateur teams.
  14. YES! Of course thats the way it should work. Thought you knew this Simon. There are certain people who have tried to manipulate this forum over the years with the sole aim of stifling any debate that may question how York City Knights is run. All done in the name of so called loyalty. IMO misguided loyalty. You may hear some fans say that they have given up on this forum because of so called negativity. Whilst there may be some truth in this there are I believe many others who have stopped posting AND stopped supporting the Knights simply because they are seen by a certain element as being "disloyal fans". Earlier this year I said in a post that I believed that for the good of the club fans of all persuasions should try to work together, listen to what is being said and properly debate the issues. In recent weeks it has become more and more apparent that I was seeking the impossible. Issues are NOT debated, perceived critics are slapped down. As long as any fan is labelled as being negative and presumably disloyal, as the above posters have intimated, then there never will be any chance that ALL FANS of professional rugby league in York will work together.
  15. This is more like it, getting back to the "real" hall of famers. Questions for you historians: I take it that none of the great team of '81 completed four seasons? I'm thinking of class acts like Brendan White and Paul McDermott etc etc etc. Also, one of the all time greats to pull on a York RL shirt was Bill Riley in the '50s who, by all accounts virtually won matches on his own. So many true greats who unfortunately dont meet the criteria but of course we would end up with hundreds.