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  1. They would give your Batphone a ring AB but the footy season will be over by then , plenty of time to get the weathermen in to check it is OK for their own staff to do it.
  2. This should be about the York RL community , which would post a decent crowd as the first RL match at new stadia.
  3. Zak Hardacker ? Scott Moore ?.
  4. York OA would get my vote , first match for the RL community of York , if we say it loud enough and often enough the club may take notice .
  5. Every time Martini uses his 'b' on his keyboard predictive text comes up with bogey. He should get a life.
  6. As has been said in the Press , lazy journalism from Martini.
  7. Hope we do not get sucked in to their negative , niggly play and react , difficult I know when your mate has just been caught by a swinging arm.
  8. Midweek is no good AB , hope both clubs can agree to rearrange this , probably during the later cup rounds.
  9. None......and this option does not appear in your poll.
  10. Richard Marshal and Fordy are similar in that they have teams that are mostly part time players who will run through brick walls for their coach so expecting a corker game.
  11. The new stadium at York will feature this hybrid turf.
  12. York a big city ? , you are having a laugh , takes only an hour to walk from east suburb to west. Much as I would like the Knights in SL we are still finding our feet in the Champ' , maybe a few years down the line....and we will have a stadium worthy of SL.
  13. City and fans will have ironed out any teething troubles at the new stadia by the start of 20 season....and all the rubber neckers will be long gone.
  14. Fordy article , good read. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/the-hipsters-choice-looking-to-keep-moving-forward/
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