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  1. Stirlin

    Yorkshire Cup

    I like the idea that all gate income will be shared by all 8 clubs , why no Donny or Eagles ? , have they spat the dummy out 😮
  2. Stirlin

    New stadium

    Radio reporters in those days always dubbed the ground as Wigginton Rd , maybe why outsiders thought the same.
  3. Stirlin


    Are you an 8 year old boy or just someone who is a total amateur at extracting the urine ? , being enthusiastic for your team is one thing but having a 24/7 stiffy-on is worrying.
  4. Stirlin

    New stadium

    Some good pics of Clarence Street in the ' Yesterday once more ' feature on the Knights twitter feed , brought back some good memories. You could smell the embrocation filtering up from the dressing rooms in the main stand and on more than one occasion I witnessed a touch judge tripping over outstretched legs in the dug outs the pitch being so tight to the stand .😁
  5. Even with their new signings I cannot see Thunder gaining promotion , they were 10 points off Donny in 3rd and 20 points off York at the top.....and they have lost Ritson. Worky as champs and Oldham , Donny , Hunslet , Haven and Thunder snapping at their heels.
  6. Stirlin


    Conference Premier sides approached to apply to enter Lge 1 ?.
  7. Stirlin

    New challenge cup format

    What happens if a top Championship club reaches both the CC final and 1895 cup final ?. Yes first choice would be CC but have the RFL considered what to do if this scenario came about.
  8. Stirlin

    Gala Dinner

    Shame there were no photographer there from York press , some good pics on the Knights twitter feed though.
  9. Stirlin

    2019 squad

    Thought Horne was assistant coach to Fordy ? , if he remains in that role OK but I would rather have him on the pitch.
  10. Stirlin

    2019 squad

    So did I 🤯.....this young lad looks promising though , with a 'Steadman Sidestep' apparently 😁.
  11. Stirlin

    Lion above the England badge

    One Lion ? ....York has always had FIVE 😀 -
  12. Stirlin


    I am in my 60's and have never suffered from a cold neck so scarves would be the last thing on my list , I am probably in a minority on that score as some like to have one to wave over their heads when we score/hooter blast. The heritage kit colour way as home shirt for me and keep the away shirt.
  13. Stirlin

    Shopping List

    Vince Rennie from Thunder .
  14. Stirlin


    As we now have 2 new WORLD RECORD lge scores and Connor has points and goals records could the club honours be re-instated in the match day program ? , could be difficult fitting it all on to one page...mebbe across a two page spread with one and a half for honours/club officials and the other half for a new sponsor waiting in the wings now that we are a Championship club. On Sunday I arrived at my usual time at BC at 1430 and programs had already sold out , did Simon run out of glossy paper ? 😀
  15. Stirlin

    York City Knights

    Martini the writer for York press suggests that Hemel and WWR may not have any future in Lge 1 next season which would reduce it to 10 teams , I hope he is wrong , not just for Hemel and WWR but the make up of Lge 1.