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  1. Stirlin


    I am in my 60's and have never suffered from a cold neck so scarves would be the last thing on my list , I am probably in a minority on that score as some like to have one to wave over their heads when we score/hooter blast. The heritage kit colour way as home shirt for me and keep the away shirt.
  2. Stirlin

    Shopping List

    Vince Rennie from Thunder .
  3. Stirlin


    As we now have 2 new WORLD RECORD lge scores and Connor has points and goals records could the club honours be re-instated in the match day program ? , could be difficult fitting it all on to one page...mebbe across a two page spread with one and a half for honours/club officials and the other half for a new sponsor waiting in the wings now that we are a Championship club. On Sunday I arrived at my usual time at BC at 1430 and programs had already sold out , did Simon run out of glossy paper ? 😀
  4. Stirlin

    York City Knights

    Martini the writer for York press suggests that Hemel and WWR may not have any future in Lge 1 next season which would reduce it to 10 teams , I hope he is wrong , not just for Hemel and WWR but the make up of Lge 1.
  5. Stirlin


    Forget your last result against the Bulls , we were 24 nil up at their place , yes we only won by 2 points but us and Worky showed they are beatable on their own patch and as we all know knockout rugby always brings turnovers. The very best of luck in the playoffs.
  6. Stirlin

    Bookies corner

    Did anyone have a bet on us winning the league at the start of the season ?.
  7. Before this vote we knew what we had to do , nowts changed in my view, we are top and will strive to be Champions.
  8. Stirlin

    Crowd v Whitehaven

  9. Stirlin

    Crowd v Whitehaven

    Carl Forsters last game for Haven as player coach so maybe a few to give him a good send off , plus they want to be as high as possible for playoffs depending what happens at the EGM.
  10. Stirlin

    New Grounds.

    I hope that Cinema at the south end is well sound proofed , can just imagine peeps watching a horror film and BANG one of Connors kicks hits the wall.😀
  11. 1692 through the turnstyles suggests minimal effect on our gate so looking good.
  12. Stirlin

    Oldham at home

    I am sure Joe Batchellor will admit he had a shocker , lost count of the times he lost the ball in contact. to say we were tired after last week is taking credit away from Oldham who I am sure teams will not want to meet in the playoffs after todays effort.
  13. Stirlin

    York away

    Thanks boys you really put us under the pump , couple of home supporters near me said that we were tired after last week which is hogwash . Also conspiracy that refs are giving calls against us to ensure the Bulls get promoted , again hogwash. You are in the playoffs and I would not want to play you again after today if we slip up. I was one of many cheering your boys as they went to the sheds.
  14. Stirlin

    Ben Cockayne

    Looking at the Twitter feed on Knights website Connor has tweeted ..' looks like I've got another year with the crazy old grandad........congrats murderface ' ...😀
  15. Stirlin

    Newcastle away

    Vince Rennie takes some stopping , good offload aswell , IMO he was their man of the match when they came to York.