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  1. I hope you are right and they give him an extended contract , we want to keep Fordy at York.
  2. Stirlin

    1995 cup

    Bootham Crescent .
  3. Stirlin

    Tim Sheens

    Martini has started to mention Fordy is linked to the long term KR job in all his reports , and probably will even if Smith is still in charge next season , makes a change from 'bogey' side I s'pose.
  4. Stirlin

    Tim Sheens

    It has cost KR nowt to sign Smith , if he does a good job they/he could extend his contract beyond 2019. Could be wrong but apparently the buy out clause in Fordys contract is pretty hefty.
  5. You could be right , our last 4 games of the season are TWP away , Fev home , Leigh and Fax away , with one of the smallest budgets in the champ I never expected us to do so well .....so far. Never expected us to do the double over Widnes , neither did anyone else , maybe surprise a few more . Where we end up at season end is anybody's guess but I have enjoyed watching us learn what playing in this division is all about.
  6. Regardless of who is playing in the CC , the amount of supporters from other clubs be they SL , Champ , Lge 1 or the many amateur sides descending on the Smoke to take in the game and have some banter with like minded folks , the sea of different strips on Wembley way says it all.
  7. Never been to Scouseland , hopefully for you someone on the forum will come along from that area to give good pub tips.
  8. Admit the Terrace is a good sport pub but the ale is carp , the city centre is a rip off but the foreign tourists don't mind paying the high price , if it is you and your missus turn left when you exit Terrace and you are into York's premier food street of Fossgate/Walmgate , about the only 2 countries not represented here food wise are Oz and 'merica , plus Brew York Brewery with a massive choice of ale/lager. Carry on down through the city wall and the price drops big style , Rook and Gaskill has 8 cask , 4 of which are £ 3 , other 4 are high abv but less than £ 4.......20 keg on the beer wall , it is my local edited to add , the Rook also has a proper brick wood fired pizza oven , stonkin burgers also.
  9. Golden Fleece , about ten staggers from the Terrace , Fleece famous for being haunted....but not for it's ale .
  10. Lendal Cellars is carp , the only pub close to WMWMG that is any good is the Blue Bell , you are probably thinking of The Terrace , like the Cellars it is carp . Wilsontown .....Bootham Tavern ?.
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