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  1. Stirlin

    West Wales Raiders

    He has an agenda , needs some of Adeybulls spray.
  2. Another pop at York , give it a rest.
  3. Stirlin

    Late Season Signings

    All signings were registered with RFL inside the window but there were that many it has taken ages for the paperwork to be sorted and stamped , clubs could not announce signings till this was done.
  4. Stirlin

    R20 Tricky Crusaders

    You are right , they are not a bogey team but a team we have to go all out to beat. I for one are fed up of Martini with his 'bogey' team every time we come up against a club who have pushed us close at home or beaten us , change the record.
  5. Stirlin

    R20 Tricky Crusaders

    I hope so too , we need challenging every week and you are just the team to do it.
  6. Stirlin


    Bringing my ear plugs next week 😁
  7. Stirlin

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Fordy testing his touchline ban by spending most of the game in the stands on the mic was pretty cool.
  8. Stirlin

    R19 Coventry Bears

    The strong wind was swirling all over the place so do not blame Connors kicking.
  9. Stirlin


    An enjoyable game ruined by the volume of the PA/Music system. How many times do we have to complain about this before something is done ?. The current music after trys are scored , before kick off/half time is fine but FAR TOO LOUD , I left the game with my ears feeling as though I had been to a rock concert. The clubs fanbase are about 5 to 85 NOT 15 to 30.
  10. Stirlin

    Fordy facing ban.

    As the main stand seating is so close to the pitch at BC he can still coach from there.
  11. As I said in a other post the 8 point buffer York have now could be crucial.
  12. Stirlin

    R19 Coventry Bears

    Load of Supergreed scouts at BC on Sunday , can't fault the bloke for signing for 8 games putting himself in the shop window.
  13. Stirlin

    2019 Season Tickets

    Got there early doors to book seat for new stadium , good job as they were mega busy by the time I got some scran. Had a talk with Ben Cockayne , I said that he looked like a 24 yr old on the pitch never mind 10 yrs older and was not just playing the game but really enjoying it , he agreed and said the set up at York was really good. Had considered hanging his boots up but nodding to the facilities in the background we both agreed that a lot of clubs would be envious . Now at the lowest weight he has ever been playing RL , all the other players were giving similar time to the fans. Are City doing anything like this ? , my first love is RL but I want City to do well , maybe they are just slow out of the blocks.
  14. Stirlin

    R19 Coventry Bears

    The 8 point buffer we have at the mo could be crucial , coming up we have Worky away , Oldham hitting some good form, Hunslet and Haven last game of the regular season. Coventry have Brad Delaney in their side with a point to prove , he was their star man against Keighley.