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  1. Stirlin

    Sunday. 3:00pm. Get yourself there.

    Fordy article , good read.
  2. Stirlin


    Fantastic news.
  3. Stirlin


    Never tire of watching this. -
  4. Sad to report Jim has passed away , always remembered by the RL community in York. -
  5. Stirlin

    Yorkshire cup

    To all Yorkshire champ/lge 1 clubs.
  6. Stirlin

    Luke Gale

    Chisholm does go missing in games , I doubt Cas would be interested.
  7. Stirlin


    Apparently Joel and his missus really loved York so could be true , his reaction at the final hooter against Haven you would have thought he was York born and bred and playing for us for yonks.
  8. Stirlin

    Team new

    We will just race into a 24 nil lead again and see if they can catch us...only a friendly ?.
  9. Stirlin

    West Wales points deduction

    I do , Wigan were second.
  10. Stirlin

    Friendlies/Yorkshire cup

    We will probably catch them asleep again on the pitch and rack up another 24 points before Uncle John administers the smelling salts......... but this time with no squeaky bum ending. 😀
  11. Stirlin

    West Wales points deduction

    Any bets on which team in Lge 1 AC will spew his bile on week after week , wobetide any team that beats them , has DR players (open to all) and has the temerity to be top of the league.
  12. Stirlin

    Mid table finish

    Fixed , no charge. 😀
  13. Stirlin

    Fans Forum

    New shirt is good . the gift card is a nice touch as shirts not available till new year , s'pose if you bought one for your nipper you could stick it in the bottom of a big box with loads of packing so they have summat to open on crimbo day.
  14. Stirlin

    Fans standing behind posts

    Yorks new stadium has minimal 'end' space , judging by the response in this thread that should please most of you on an away trip.
  15. Stirlin

    Mid table finish

    No I don't , ANY team could surprise us at home , equally we could surprise a few teams away.