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  1. Man of Kent

    Rugby League World - Quickfire Q & A

    Questions for James: Why are you called Sticks? Does Liam Watts’ dad write you letters if you don’t pass to the ball to him? Have any of your teammates used Luke Gale’s scrumcap as a portable lavatory? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? Does your partner let you watch pornography via your smartphone during an act of foreplay?
  2. Man of Kent

    It's Ralph

    Were any of the above on Rimmer's watch as interim, other than Dacia? And I'm not sure even that was him or Roger HereToday-GoneTomorrow.
  3. Yesterday called and it wants her pound back
  4. Man of Kent

    Call for refs to rule om forward passes

    The NRL seems to have reached a point where not checking a suspected forward pass in the act of scoring a try is untenable. Some real shockers in recent weeks. This will come in, I fancy.
  5. Man of Kent


    ‘ recent days I’ve got wind of strong suggestions that the Toronto Wolfpack...may be blocked from taking part in Super League next year.’
  6. Man of Kent

    It's Ralph

    Thank God for Robert Elstone and the Super League coup!!
  7. How about this for a cwazy mad idea? Merge London Broncos and Toronto Wolfpack to become one club with two bases either side of the Atlantic. A bit like St George Illawarra but a much wider distance. At a stroke you solve Toronto's lack of player development and early season climate issues, while London would have an extremely wealthy backer. The joint venture would play in London in the winter and early spring and alternate home games between Toronto and London in late spring/summer/autumn. David Argyle could put money into a new ground or groundshare (Brentford? QPR?) and promote the hell out of it in London. Call it 'Wolfpack'.
  8. Man of Kent

    Hall to Roosters (Merged threads)

    Go for it, Ryan!
  9. The history books will say it was the wrong venue. Convinced of that.
  10. I would add that if a more sensible venue had been chosen, ie one without c.50,000 empty seats, and not played a mile above sea level in sweltering conditions, it may have been an unqualified success that gave Year 2 momentum.
  11. Of course I can see that, Dave, I just think they are wrong. As I've said before, the proof of the pudding will be whether they return next year and I don't believe we will see England v New Zealand in Denver next June. It's looking like another Milwaukee from my point of view.
  12. I don’t celebrate this flop, I am merely pointing out it looks and sounds like one. It seems rugby league fans’ default setting of healthy scepticism doesn’t extend to matters North American. If this place is anything to go by, even the most level-headed are prone to delusion.
  13. Play the man, eh? I expected better from you, David 😞
  14. It’s dead, Dave. Mile High Stadium is too ambitious, strenuous and apparently financially ruinous. Oh, and it doesn’t have the approval of the competition from where the majority of players are sourced. Other than that, topper.