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  1. Those insular Aussies, eh? I believe it’s now official policy of the Labor party - who are almost unbackable favourites to win the general election this year - for the PNG Hunters to be in the NRL.
  2. Man of Kent

    9s, more marquee players,

    More from Elstone here
  3. Man of Kent

    Man of Steel - new format.

    Done to ape the NRL, to be fair, which shows us the way forward in almost every respect.
  4. Man of Kent

    Plus ca change!

    As a Southerner, I can assure you this sublime sport of ours is seen down here as very much a Northern game for Northern people. Thankfully the North is big and strong enough for it to survive and prosper exactly as Waring stated and so I don't have a problem with that.
  5. Man of Kent

    Dragons' CEO gone

    I’m sure I read a few weeks ago he was leaving.
  6. New River is a like a mini-Lamport in a way. There’s lots of potential but it may take a special effort to attract people in. Would be interesting to see how turning the rugby effectively into a beer garden (with hotdog guns for those in the stands!) would go down in Wood Green.
  7. Skolars fans must be licking their lips at that. Money, player development, promotion, ground improvements. I note the Saracens discussions. I’m inherently wary of that (and where it could lead) but if that’s what it takes for league to realise its potential in north London then good luck to them.
  8. Man of Kent

    Widdop - Wire

    Oh gawd, another tiresome DaveT circular argument. OK, there’s no issue with Wire’s expensive squad full of internationals/ NRL imports and the salary cap. You win!
  9. Man of Kent

    Widdop - Wire

    I mean the overall spend, Dave.
  10. Man of Kent

    Widdop - Wire

    Not at all? Spending big, aren’t you?
  11. Man of Kent

    Widdop - Wire

    Interesting to see how Wire manage the cap but balls to the cap, frankly. Great signing.
  12. Man of Kent

    Lions tour 2019 (Merged Threads)

    LE story said no Fiji either. 4 games total
  13. Man of Kent

    so whats the sky deal this year?

    I have a separate subscription to Watch NRL for about £100/yr, which is excellent (especially on Apple TV). All NRL games (including highlights and post-match) and shows live and on demand. Pacific Tests, Women’s NRL and some QLD/NSW Cup on there too.
  14. Man of Kent

    so whats the sky deal this year?

    I watch via broadband via a Now TV box. £34 a month Sky Sports all channels, no need to pay for cooking channels and whatnot & no contract so you can cancel when the season ends. No recording, however.