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  1. Continuing their coverage of non-SL, I’d like the Beeb to show Fev v Hull FC at a busy Post Office Road (atmos) or Leigh v Salford (upset chance)
  2. If the Beeb don’t show Toronto v Warrington at the HJ then I’m a Mountie’s horse
  3. Sky coverage needs a complete overhaul. It is ossified from the 1990s. Fox League has attractive, intelligent women anchors and reporters. I would borrow that for starters. Make it more sexy (sorry Angela). More variety of pundits/commentators not just Clarke, Baz and Tez every week. Robots have to go. Try music too. More use of stats and graphics. And they should insist on NRL-style pitch markings for TV games.
  4. England v France

    England v France on October 20, expected to be played in the northwest (cue Leigh Sports Village gags). France will also play England Knights in the European Championship and a test against NZ. I make that England playing five tests this year. Not too bad for the year after a World Cup, really
  5. I thought Guasch was trying to move away from Perpignan being a penal colony for wayward Australians?
  6. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack

    I am on the Skolars mailing list and got the same code a week or so ago...
  7. FREE tickets to watch Toronto Wolfpack Tickets for £5 with WOLFPACKINLONDON code
  8. More problems for Big Sam?

    Are Everton going to give him the boot?
  9. York 22-34 Catalans FT. Magnificent effort by the Knights.