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  1. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    OK, I’m open minded so let’s think about this. Let’s say my London-based L1 football club wants to do away with Central League reserves and have fringe first teamers and young players play en masse for a non-league team in Yorkshire. They will play several games, sometimes twice a week, so should they move or travel up and down the M1 for matches? How much will that cost? What if a player is doing well, does he move back to London or stay in Yorkshire? Or travel down for games? What do the players think about all this to and fro? How much control would the first team manager have on the Yorkshire side’s team selection? What about tactics? Formations? They could play to order, I guess. But how would the parent club know? The games might well clash with a L1 fixture. There’s always a tape but is this preferable to attending an afternoon midweek reserve game down the road? I suppose it could work but it seems an insanely inefficient use of resource by the parent club to achieve the same ends as a reserve team. So no need to reinvent the wheel...
  2. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    Oh but they do, Scotchy. My L1 football club plays in something called the Central League. It may be called an U23 league but in reality it is an open age reserve league. The last game featured 11 first team squad players.... Not sure of the value of a de facto Coventry = Leeds A. If you add Crusaders = Warrington A, West Wales = Wigan A, Skolars = Toronto A, Doncaster = Hull A etc, hey presto, you’d have a reserve league! Only one played miles from home, probably too far for the first team coach to watch and a narrowed pathway for local talent. Better to just have a good old-fashioned reserve league!
  3. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    Football has reserve leagues. Nobody cares who wins them, but they do care about fringe/injured/young players getting game time and making progress. They work, whatever you may think. I’m confused by your idea of feeder clubs. Are you suggesting Coventry should be Leeds A playing in Coventry?
  4. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    And made that gap even wider 🙄
  5. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    Systems, yes, hadn’t thought of that but seems logical. You don’t need whizzy comps with complex structures, just fixtures. Nobody really cares who wins A-team comps anyway, it’s the taking part that matters.
  6. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    Of course it achieves something, it gives game time to fringe/injury-comeback/young/trial players. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel
  7. Ottawa Maple Mousses? Hmm, delicious
  8. Man of Kent

    Reserve teams in League 1?

    Just lump in all the clubs willing and able to field reserve teams into a ‘Development League’ and organise a fixture list. Why is that so hard?
  9. Eh? If the pro Hemel club is being moved to Ottawa then won’t it be called Stags?
  10. Won’t it be Ottawa Stags a la MK Dons (spit), LA Dodgers, Albuquerque Mingemunchers and so on and so forth?
  11. I’d agree with that. Powerful but nothing special.
  12. Thriller. Really enjoyed that. Great turnout by the Hull fans
  13. 14-10 Broncos HT. Decent game and finely poised. Hull FC may need more than one-out to win...
  14. Man of Kent

    Bring back continuous live rucks

    So close to 100! A Saturday night sesh has undone the work and the mask has slipped, perhaps