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  1. Not sure if that’s a joke or not! We really ought to have moved on from the lazy, sub-It’s A Knockout cliches about forwards by now. He’s a dinosaur, really.
  2. Yeah I think it was a flop, actually. Getting 50k or so for six games very near the heartlands is pretty poor. Liverpool is not the place for it and it will be no better if Magic is at Anfield again next year. And I wonder how it looked to non-RL diehards. The one game of the weekend on SS Main Event (I think), Saints v Cas, was devoid of a decent crowd and atmosphere.
  3. We do the game a disservice if we deem Liverpool MW a success
  4. I fail to see what Terry O’Connor brings to the coverage. Anyone got any ideas?
  5. Like you suggest, Catalans are the dark horses. Their huge pack could cause Saints problems.
  6. They were but they’ve got more defensive ‘bottom’ this season and the best backline by a mile
  7. Yep, as long as they don’t wet themselves when it matters it’s theirs.
  8. I want to see Saints in the WCC. Don’t think it’s outlandish to suggest this side might be good enough to make the 8 in the NRL.
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