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  1. First ever Championship game in Quebec?

    Not sure it would be a massive deal for Québécois but if you're going to dip your toe in Montreal that would be the game to do it
  2. Blueprint for SL

    Not sure about that. Toronto and Catalans could spend full cap but Fev? Fax? Nah.
  3. Blueprint for SL

    I wonder how they'll fudge it. Middle 8s with the top 6 qualifying for SL instead of 4?
  4. I'd bet my mortgage that this wasn't the last ever SL game in France
  5. Ah. Still, it's quite a good idea and maybe we'll see something like that in 2019
  6. Freesport trailing RLWC 2017

    Seems very very quiet on that score. Would non-rugby league fans even know there is a World Cup in about a month's time?
  7. Would relegation be so bad for Catalans? They are like a rock star with a self-destructive drug addiction. A year in rehab might be what they need
  8. Agree but I doubt Catalans had even considered this scenario
  9. Fair enough. Few sides would not have gone sh!t or bust in that situation but in hindsight it was the wrong call
  10. Widnes 12-10 Catalans FT. Catalans spurned two kickable penalty goal attempts in the final minute which would have given them home advantage in the MPG.
  11. 12-10 Widnes with nine minutes left