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  1. Chips wrapped in newspapers,nuff said!

    Paul Rowley Perrenial Choker

    There's no point in what ifs re; the hull kr result as the same what ifs can be applied to tolouses disallowed tries,either way it's a great result for London and that's the way it goes.I don't think for a second that rowley is a choker and I've no doubt that twp will be promoted next year

    Forum server problems...

    The site must still be down in Canada as their usual fans haven't posted anything in the last 24 hours
  4. massive congrats to London,I had no dog in this fight but that is a truly brilliant effort
  5. I understand quite a lot of the concerns on here,concerns for the good of the game,yes,fair enough.However if the rules state that a game may go ahead with 9 players then I don't see the issue. Sure,we will be on the receiving end of a thumping and quite rightly so,but to call for a team to be relegated/points deduction and/or fine is ludicrous. I don't have enough hatred for any rugby league team to wish them such Ill will that their future may be jeopardised and I would like to think no true rl fan would,no rules broken should equal no punishment
  6. yes,as long as we promised to sign bad players,really really bad players!♿
  7. I couldn't agree more damien
  8. hence me saying sides,not teams
  9. By that reckoning 16 sides would have been relegated this year then,not bad considering the season hasn't finished yet

    Toronto...the next Heartlands?

    Twp don't have any Canadian players,history,away fans etc,yep,all true and I'm quite sure their fans need reminding of this on a daily basis,no matter what the op in a thread may be.Once again,they haven't really won anything yet so therefore the Toronto project is a dismal failure and one can only hope that a certain north Korean points his alleged nuclear weapons in their general direction.However,before we get TOO trigger happy,may I please point out that in their 2 year history (pathetic,I know right)? They have certainly captured our imagination and are currently knocking on the sl trapdoor.Ok,they aren't the second coming of Christ as a few of their supporters claim they are but by definition they are already the heartland of rugby league in North America and will continue to be so.

    Widnes relegated

    Once again.for the hard of hearing,IF WIDNES spend the money wisely!!!!

    Widnes Game

    If it's any consolation my mrs sent me out for rhubarb once and I came back with a larva lamp! Congrats on today's win,to you et al mate

    Widnes Game

    Seriously rob? Black cushions on a neutral chair?
  14. Have you tasted North american beer???

    Widnes relegated

    I agree with both your points,being in the unfortunate position that I am,ie; a leigh fan,that is why I said IF widnes spend the money wisely