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  1. Very much so, it’s one thing to be aware that bad things have happened in a more vague sense, quite another to learn of specifics from those who have been directly affected, in their own words. These aren’t things we learnt in our history lessons, it opens up whole new areas of knowledge and understanding, not just of events in history but of current situations too. Given the wealth of contemporary source material from the Empire period, in coming years I think history will define it as positive in terms of technological and commercial progression but not on balance, overall, rather in spite of the numerous examples of exploitation or abuse of its conquered territories.
  2. CanaBull

    A legend retires ...

    Reckon it’s only a matter of time before cheese wheel catching becomes its own extreme sport 😆 Would love to watch this event though in all honesty!
  3. CanaBull

    Soldier F

    Nearly 250 years ago, future US President John Adams defended 8 soldiers at their trial after shooting into a crowd in Boston, Massachusetts. Six were acquitted, two were found guilty of manslaughter and had their thumbs branded in open court as punishment. I have no idea how this trial will go, but do wonder in the current political climate of Brexit, reliance on an Irish political party to prop up the government as the issues of the border and Good Friday Agreement bite them harder each day, if a similar result is given will it serve as a similar turning point for reunification and the island of Ireland becoming one again.
  4. CanaBull

    The Internet and Us

    I’ve always found it ironic that this small excerpt from his article regularly makes the rounds, as I’m sure Asimov himself would be so exasperatedly sure of its increased relevance almost 40 years later.
  5. What I’ve learnt myself from my son’s journey of his heritage is that it’s not about guilt, or feeling bad or being held responsible. It’s about learning and acknowledging the events, the locations and even the names where we know them; spending that time building those connections so you can move forward together. I’ll be honest I was nervous to begin with going to some of these places and educational sessions but so glad I went. We all continue to go to events during the year and some have been quite harrowing to be frank, but there’s such a positive vibe from learning and wanting to build together it’s undoubtedly one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I’m really happy my lad has been filled with that pride and determination also.
  6. But obviously a better class of wuss than the European ones though 😉
  7. Well if that was entirely true there wouldn’t be the need for emotional appeals to how well we did in the war, Dunkirk/Blitz spirit, going it alone, etc. British being made of sterner stuff was certainly obvious in the campaign watching from this side of the pond.
  8. CanaBull

    A legend retires ...

    A people who chase cheese wheels down hills and kick shins for sport shouldn’t really be criticizing other sports 😉😂
  9. CanaBull

    Fitness Thread

    Turns out I had fractures in my L4-L5 vertebrae years ago, bone grew around those fracture points until 2011 when a piece of the L4 broke off and jammed in between the disc and the nerve. Caused the disc to herniate further causing more nerve damage. A lot of administrative hoop jumping, physio, MRI’s, CAT scans and X-Rays later they finally did the surgery where it was found that there was more damage to the inside of the spine which wasn’t seen on the MRI’s. Nerve damage was irreversible at that point, foot I can’t lift up, bigger toes just flop about but always hurt. It’s like stamping on a big nail, having your toes cut off and being stabbed in the calf three times a second. Most of the disc was removed and excess bone chiselled away to release the nerve but I avoided the fusion at that point fortunately. Since then as things have progressed, increased weight and load on the roots above and below are starting to show effects as the nerves there also get compressed. From what the surgeon said to me there is herniation at L5-S1 which has been there for years as well, which explains much. Physio I agree is the best way to go if you can, I had issues with mobility until getting a brace which holds my foot and leg in the right position to walk more normally. Dropped a reasonable amount of weight so far, but started having increased pain in different areas which relates to the S1 root so there has been changes there which need to be checked out. I doubt the increased activity is the causing factor, just aging probably. My usual physio and exercise routine aren’t lessening that pain at all and after this long you start to learn what’s ignorable pain and what’s not. This is behind my knee which instinctively bends when the nerve fires off which I want to nip in the bud otherwise it could become another mobility issue eventually. Expecting L5-S1 fusion as an option which is one of the more common (and successful) ones, just a ###### recovery as you can do very little as the bone graft takes. As much as the physical pain is bad, and most will fortunately never know how fatiguing physically and draining mentally chronic pain can be, the mental struggle with this has been far, far worse. Loss, grief, mourning, frustration, anger every time you can’t do something, whether it’s going on a vacation, playing ball with your kid or putting a sock on.
  10. Had Brock and Tecumseh survived the war, Canadian, British and American history would likely, in my opinion, be very much different when it comes to Indigenous People.
  11. CanaBull

    Fitness Thread

    Another MRI ordered for my spine on April 1st, over and above the annual 'check up' MRI. More than a tad concerned at this point.
  12. It's been eye opening for me when looking into my lad's ancestry through his mum, going back to his Metis and Ojibwe heritage. Even as a history nerd I knew little about English dealings with Indigenous peoples in Canada, particularly after the War of 1812. The actual reports of the meetings with the tribal chiefs are kept in the archives and make for some dry yet disturbing reading, knowing full well what support was provided against the Americans, particularly those tribes on the coastal areas of the Great Lakes, and still taking their lands from them extremely cheaply. It should be noted that their poor treatment was recognised at the time, primarily by military commanders who fought together with those tribes, not something as a hindsight of something unforeseen. Greed and prejudice prevailed.
  13. Could be an opportunity for badly hit farmers to grow dock leaves instead 😉😂
  14. CanaBull

    Christchurch Mosque - mass shooting

    Speak and remember the names of the victims, but leave the perpetrator nameless.
  15. CanaBull

    Fitness Thread

    211 lbs, down 2. More luck than judgement on that one though.