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    Canada Wolverines and the Toronto Wolfpack, a great sport for a great country!

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  1. CanaBull

    Eric Perez

    Heard Argyle is licensing the cardboard crowd production method to Catalans for the game at the Nou Camp. Savvy business and all that 😉
  2. CanaBull

    Eric Perez

    The City used to charge about $200 per hour for Lamport. Might have gone up slightly but $1000 per game is not an unreasonable figure. **edit** Lamport is on prime real estate so if the City were going to sell the land it would likely be to a condo developer and not a sports team, but stranger things have happened. Politically at the moment it wouldn't wash selling it and losing community sports in the area but the stadium itself will be getting to the point where maintenance is more expensive than getting rid in the not too distant future.
  3. CanaBull

    RL on Canadian TV

    I did post on those forums too as well DP, yes, it dropped off with my own injury and not being as closely involved any more. That may change though on both counts, we’ll see. I’ll happily pass on your good wishes! Cheers.
  4. CanaBull

    Widnes Game

    Think this was the best sign of the day today
  5. I was talking to Franny Cummins in the beer garden after the match, even with the bad result he described it as the best place he’d been and loved the atmosphere.
  6. CanaBull

    RL on Canadian TV

    Current and ex-players and staff for Jamie Lester’s send off.
  7. CanaBull

    RL on Canadian TV

    Long time Wolverines manager Paul Buchanan in back, Jamie Lester and me. Going to suffer tomorrow 😂
  8. CanaBull

    Widnes Game

    Have to say the Widnes fans were great today despite the bad result. A shame to see anyone go down but I hope Widnes can keep the youth setup going and bounce back.
  9. At the start of the video ref being used I was all for it but I think these days due to it being commonplace that certainty has transferred onto the referees themselves and their human side, their frailties largely forgotten; they are just the faulty piece in an ‘absolutes’ machine. It’s created a false expectation in my opinion, an expectation that a referee doing their job in real time could seldom satisfy. You’re right, players and coaches make many mistakes but get nowhere near the level of scrutiny the refs do. Behind closed doors in the analysis perhaps, but not all across the public media. Imagine a player throwing four forward passes in a half, it would barely get a mention. If a ref missed only two of those forward passes he’d be on the chopping block. Don’t use the video ref and they’re not taking advantage of technology if they make a mistake, use the video ref too often they have no bottle and are affecting the flow of the game. There was a report on the NRL refs last year I think which said that refs on average make 250-300 calls a match all whilst running about 8 kms, generally in the high cardio 160 bpm heartrate range and more than 99% of the time make the correct call. Anywhere else with those stats you’d be getting medals, instead they get death threats. Sometimes when the inner Luddite comes out I think it would be better not having reviews at all and just go back to the person in the middle reffing it how they see it. Doesn’t support the modern need for seemingly endless TV controversy though I suppose.
  10. I think we should count ourselves relatively lucky that Rugby League doesn’t see much on the field cheating. Of course, where you draw the line between gamesmanship and cheating will be different for different people. Anyone faking an injury or taking a dive is just as likely to be given stick from their own side as the other, but a tackled player holding a tackler on them to milk a penalty? Not as easy to see for officials let alone from the stands. What about sneakily untying the boots of an opponent in the scrum? Deliberate cheating or just amusingly opportunistic? We don’t see that many players taking performance enhancing drugs any more thankfully, cocaine seems to be the most recent culprit; if anything, the worst cheating in recent times is the creative accounting required to avoid salary cap by owners and administrators. In Caton-Brown’s case he may have had an idea he might have dropped the ball, but you play to the whistle and the call of the ref and it happened that fast he may have felt he had control all the way through too. It’s only easy to say with certainty with reverse frame by frame hindsight. In my opinion there is less respect for the refs nowadays, but then there is far more knocking them than supporting them these days as mistakes are simply not accepted any more, not grudgingly tolerated like they have been in the past. I’m sure that feeds into players gobbing off more, but whether that would be considered a moral failing I don’t know.
  11. CanaBull

    Eric Perez

    If anything the changes from next year have put more definition to a promotion path so, providing that SL don’t change their requirements, investors on this side of the pond may have less trepidation now. See what happens I suppose if Eric is busy squirrelling away on anything else, nothing definite has been mentioned over here recently so anything from any viewpoint is speculative at best.
  12. CanaBull

    Eric Perez

    If it happens this year then great, if not there will be the inevitable squad tweaks and they will go again next year which, with the league changes, they would likely be promoted from. Ahead of schedule.
  13. Seems to me as communications have become near instantaneous, focus and forward planning have become worse and worse. In the snail mail past forward thinking and clarity were absolutes to organise anything in the time required. Everything seems so off the cuff and reactionary these days, with the associated finger pointing elsewhere when something short notice doesn’t pan out. ****. I’ve now turned into my dad. I suppose something was better when he was a lad.
  14. CanaBull

    RL on Canadian TV

    I've got a nasty feeling Widnes will save their best Qualifiers performance for us on Saturday and it will be a lot closer than people might think. It will be the only game i'll get to this year as there will be a presentation for Jamie Lester, the man who began RL again in 2010 will be leaving Canada to return to Christchurch, NZ later this year. Several of the ex-Wolverines players and staff will be there to give him a good send off. Jamie played for, coached and ran the Toronto City Saints team and the Ontario League, played for and coached the Wolverines and served on board of the Canada Rugby League Association. Eric Perez deserves his plaudits as making RL a spectacle in Canada, but it was Jamie Lester who led the players and I personally will be sad to see him go.
  15. CanaBull

    Rugby League Viewing Figures Down Again

    Apologies in advance as I haven’t read through the whole thread, but this is my take. The main reason I didn’t get the SportsNet World package here in Canada this year was purely down the Sky production. Hemmings always has got on my nerves but it got even worse when Cummings came on board; the vibe of the commentary, to me, tended to be more negative toward the sport in general and they spoiled good games with nitpicking plays or particularly refs decisions instead of commentating on what was actually happening. What I’d give for Tony Chalk or Pennine Radio commentators in this day an age; they didn’t care about opinionating, they just described the game. Dated production music and graphics just make it something which can’t even be exceptional in its mediocrity. These days there are far better opinion shows online, through websites or podcasts and I’ll take an extended highlights package after the fact than have to sit through a whole Sky game live. So inasmuch as the OP might (correct if wrong) be taking a swipe at the popularity of RL in general, I would opine that the Sky production itself is a turn off for many and a factor in the viewership drop.