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    Bradford born, solid Bradford Northern fan since the early 70’s. Relocated to Toronto a few years ago, doing my bit to help grow Rugby League over here. From bleeding Red, Amber & Black I now have plenty of Red & White in there too.

    Canada Wolverines and the Toronto Wolfpack, a great sport for a great country!

    Aerospace and aviation nut. History nerd.

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  1. The Amesbury Archer has been dated at 2300 BCE so travel across the channel was capable up to at least 4,300 years ago, perhaps not for large scale migration but for individuals or small bands certainly not impossible. He grew up in the alpine region of Central Europe; Switzerland, Austria, Germany area but unfortunately nothing could be found as to how long he’d been in the south of England. Definitely an interesting bloke!
  2. It’s against forum policy to quote entire articles. It’s all relevant, as would be DuBois’s disagreement with Booker T Washington over the Atlanta Compromise, the direction he wanted to take for the black community in general and how Sanger’s birth control strategies supported that. You'll have to create your own soundbites I’m afraid, you asked for sources.
  3. No it gives you where she definitely didn’t grow up or live prior to her death. When more accurate tests are developed then that can be refined. Stick with religion if you want absolutes
  4. Stable isotope testing of teeth and major bones (femur usually) can give a good indication of where someone grew up and where they lived in the years up to their death. Haven’t read the article, but if this was done and her origin was Turkey then hair, skin and eye colour would be a reasonable probability.
  5. If a bird poo had intelligence I’m sure it would be quite upset at landing on a Farage.
  6. Black Folk and Birth Control, W.E.B DuBois, June 1932. http://credo.library.umass.edu/view/full/mums312-b208-i052
  7. Some more of Sanger’s own words, from the Chicago Defender, Sept 22 1945. http://www.nyu.edu/projects/sanger/webedition/app/documents/show.php?sangerDoc=320145.xml
  8. Probably one of the biggest North American domestic rugby league events ever held and they didn’t even tag the competing nations in the post. Given their usual high collaborative standard of social media work, that’s inexcusable. It could have been such a well publicized event for domestic RL development.
  9. If only it were the Mars Colony 1 crew list.
  10. I wouldn’t be too pessimistic, if there is a good chance of bums on seats in the hundreds for a good portion of a summer there will be carriers open to that. Whether folk will be willing to travel Air Canada is another question.
  11. Really losing my patience with the Wolfpack. A 9’s festival of RL with kids, women’s and men’s games, mentioned on social media by current players (Sims) and ex-players (Rhys Jacks) and even mayor John Tory and not a thing from them. Their biggest gripe last year was that domestic RL wasn’t active enough on social media to collaborate with, well there’s been plenty about this Festival so there’s no excuse any more. Wolfpack fans who previously hadn’t known about Canadian Rugby League need to encourage as many of your fellow supporters to attend, after all season ticket holders get in for free.
  12. Lot of it going about, WestJet was just bought by the Onex Group. Many smaller carriers are feeling the pinch with the fallout from the 737 Max grounding.
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