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    Canada Wolverines and the Toronto Wolfpack, a great sport for a great country!

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  1. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    Very true mate, very true.
  2. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    I’m sure he RFL can give them the structural information, oh wait... 😉
  3. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    Boggled my mind ORL didn’t have a table at Lamport with domestic team reps last year. There should be some mechanism to guide interested people to the right places; we’ll see what changes this season if anything. With the Wolfpack being sponsors of the CRLA it seems really odd ORL not being better accommodated.
  4. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    People are entitled to their speculative views of course, no matter if they are at the extremity of the pendulum swing. Personally I think what will end up happening will be somewhere in the middle of what’s been suggested. Perez himself said in the recent video of the need to support the heartland, whether that is lip service remains to be seen, but again only time will tell what the reality of that will be. Knowing what I do of Eric, whilst he’s not grown up in RL, he most definitely is passionate about the game, its heritage and its identity and will want to preserve that. If nothing else, Eric has a natural talent for creating a buzz; whether people like or agree with him or not, it would be wise to take advantage of that in the UK while it lasts. In terms of grass roots, it’s in the Wolfpack’s interest to do what it can to grow, or at the very least maintain, heartland clubs as domestic RL in Canada will not be producing regular talent for quite some time, so to me it doesn’t make sense to be gutting RL in England. Perhaps partnerships can be cultivated which might increase interest in heartland amateur sides if the chance to train or play in North America was a realistic option I don’t know, again, we shall have to see what prevails. I suspect there will be more coming out if and when Super League is achieved. As I’ve said in previous posts, the lack of promotion on social media of Ontario Rugby League and the domestic scene for 2018 is concerning to me, even with 3 games as curtain raisers to Wolfpack games later as an opportunity to play. This week on May 20th there is a Try Rugby League event at the Brantford Broncos which got some traction on Facebook in the fans groups, but nothing from the Wolfpack which is disappointing. A few mentions in the midst of the Magic Weekend buzz would go a long way. Nothing was mentioned about last week’s opening round between Scarborough and Toronto either, no encouragement to go see what it’s about, to sign up and play, congratulations to the teams, etc. All we can do is keep watching what does happen but keep raising our grass roots concerns on this side of the pond as well.
  5. CanaBull

    Ricky Leutele signs for Wolfpack

    I don't think anyone with more than a passing knowledge of RL expects TWP to go straight into SL. Sure, there's plenty of hopes, dreams and ideals, but until that result is definitely in the books, it's always going to be a tough nut to crack, regardless of the form in the Championship. It could easily come down to a single brainfart that decides it. Oh goody, good job we don't do that too often eh? Personally I was expecting at least two seasons in the Championship, but the ambitious recruitment may prove me wrong.
  6. CanaBull

    Wolfpack new signings

    Quite the Samoan and Islander community in Toronto as well, having a a current Toa Samoa player in the Wolfpack ranks should get the place buzzing. No party like an Islander party!
  7. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    @Southerner80 sorry to jump in here and interrupt; you’ve made some good points which I’d like to give my take on. It’s a whole chicken and egg thing with the type of approach isn’t it? You’re not going to generate the maximum investment focusing on grassroots level to gain enough to reinvest in growth at a reasonable pace. In order to generate growth at the bottom, you need a greater audience, a goal to aspire to and that’s to put on show the highest level possible. That being said, you can’t build a mile high pyramid on a six foot base either, so in that regard you’re right and why a purely top down approach generally doesn’t work long term. What this needs, and I think (hope) you will see more emphasis once (if) TWP hits the Super League, is more promotion of League in the Greater Toronto Area with more community sporting work being done with teams and groups, instead of the PR things which seem to have taken precedence over the last little while. Having realistic pathways to get to semi-pro at a dual reg club initially for instance, or expanding the arrangement with Manchester Uni, selling the rugby league experience at that level. Not so much a top down approach, but a both ends at once approach and in these social media days it’s much simpler than in the past to generate good branding material and content at the community level to increase the reach of the team and the sport; something I think most will agree the Wolfpack do well. Regardless of the approach it’s going to take time and only time will tell how strong the roots end up being; for those who demand evidence of how this is all going to work in order to make a decision there simply isn’t any yet, this is totally new ground and things are only going to be figured out by doing them. And knowing Eric, nothing motivates him more than telling him how it won’t work, he’s the type who feeds on the souls of doubters!
  8. CanaBull

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    It’d be quite the thing if the Wolfpack unearthed a new Craig Fitzgibbon 😂
  9. Rowley had been rumoured to be the coach of the Wolverines before the Wolfpack was a thing. Eric had obviously been cultivating the relationships for some time.
  10. CanaBull

    Swinton Game

    It was on Facebook earlier that Jack Bussey has escaped punishment for ‘that’ incident at the Swinton game.
  11. CanaBull

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    By the same token though, as a player who often sailed very close to the wind and reasonably successful at it, translating that attitude to a team rather than individual level doesn’t always work well. Jimmy Lowes would be another good example, another firebrand hooker that brought the passion as a player but not always the best control as a coach. By not actively discouraging the overly aggressive rather than controlled aggressive play it’s being indirectly condoned I fear. By trying to win the physical tussles, they’re losing the mental ones and have often been caught out. Fortunately in these lower divisions with having a more capable skill level they haven’t been punished for ill discipline and have gotten away with it, but it was only a matter of time. Better teams will roll you back and barge over the line just like Warrington did, and whilst Warrington are at the upper end of Super League, I hope this doesn’t mean that with lesser teams thinking such tactics will work, they certainly didn’t when he was at Leigh. Rowley coaches an attractive, open and creative brand of rugby, it’s time to focus on that as a way of intimidating the opposition and coming down hard on those that want to concern themselves with proving who is tougher.
  12. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    I think this is also a first for our new Canadian fans of the Toronto Wolfpack; a genuinely and disappointingly unacceptable performance. Not just a bad day or a few misfiring periods which can be dismissed as blips, for instance, as has happened in the past; it’s now coupled with some disagreement of how the coach responded in the post-match interview. The team will now have to work at reversing that disappointment, and not through the photo ops or public relations, but through the actions on the field. Reading the flow of comments on social media, it certainly seemed a touch of innocence had been lost and a lesson learned by fans new to the game. Sunday was a bit of a harsh lesson perhaps, but a needed one. Now that the expectations have changed to a higher standard, hopefully it will drive the appropriate response. Rolling out similar tactics in the 8’s to those of Sunday will certainly raise questions from fans who, although new to the game, are learning quickly what brings success or at least competitive losses on the pitch.
  13. CanaBull

    Rowley and Toronto

    I wouldn`t have any issue with a 20-point loss to Warrington, provided 13 were on the field, and left it all on the field by the end of the game. As it was, a complete brainfart by Dixon knackered the whole thing. Okay he was entitled to tackle Livett, but to throw in the shoulder and arm into the flop as well? If you're going to goad the oppo probably best not to throw a punch after you've gotten a rise out of them. Livett started nothing, regardless of what the coach said afterward. Thaler had a good game in my opinion, could perhaps been a bit more even handed at times, but we were our own worst enemy. Honestly, I enjoy the freedom Rowley gives to his players to play what`s in front of them, and the confidence to have a crack if it`s on, no matter if it`s your own 5 metre line. BUT. Trying to play the tough guys every week and being physically intimidating is the downside to the approach; sure you have to protect your players but there is so much talent in that squad that it would be far more intimidating to turn the opposition round by 30, 40, 50 metres or even stick a score on instead of handbags at twenty paces, there`s no need to get drawn in on every niggle. Worst thing for me was this spectacle being on one of the big sports broadcasters over here, 24 penalties was not a good look for the game in general. Hopefully that message has gone out, and they bounce back with a good, controlled and creative response against Toulouse.
  14. CanaBull

    Alpha Wars! Wolfpack vs. Wolves

    Looked last night and it's only $4 to add to my package on Bell. I'll do that for a 'pay-per-view' It'll add one to the viewing figures at least!
  15. In my opinion Canada won’t become the new heartland, but it has the potential to become ‘a’ heartland, quite whether it achieves its potential is another thing entirely however. It’s all going to depend on the next few seasons; if the Wolfpack actually manage to make it to Super League, sustain that and then what roots they start to put out into the communities. Hamilton, while not necessarily on the surface a natural choice, does have plenty derby potential with Toronto so having realistic pathways to that could lead to genuine competitive programs in a densely populated local area. Up to now I haven’t been overly impressed with the media coming out of the Wolfpack and working with Canada/Ontario Rugby League, it’s been minimal, but having said that there may be funding or plans set aside contingent on reaching Super League, I don’t know. I’ve asked several times but had no response. The ORL schedule was released last week, some games as curtain raisers for the Wolfpack, but little was said on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram from the Wolfpack, nothing to help promote recruitment, etc. It’s all a bit disappointing really to be honest, it doesn't take much for some social media mutual support. I’m not involved with the grass roots any more due to my own injury and mobility problems to know anything concrete, but the cynic in me thinks that if Eric Perez is still involved in or interested in grass roots development it will be done how he sees fit, which will lead to a (potentially inevitable?) rift with ORL/CRL for control of RL in Canada, seeing him or a delegate return to the top of the organisation he was voted out of or to head up a rival organisation which controls the pathways to the Wolfpack or A.N. Other Team. What effect that would have on domestic recruitment and growth I wouldn’t like to hazard a guess, but what would rugby league be without a rift or two? If League programs can be promoted to existing Union clubs as a value add, in return for elite coaching in defence or performance conditioning for instance, then domestic potential could certainly increase. But of course, this is all hypothetical until anything more than the occasional event is officially announced. I’d certainly like to see kids introductory classes to Rugby League and intermediate or advanced skills clinics for existing players, running in conjunction with the Ontario Rugby League, or Canada Rugby League if (when) going further afield to British Columbia for instance.