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    Canada Wolverines and the Toronto Wolfpack, a great sport for a great country!

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  1. BC is the Canadian equivalent of California; they're both reminiscent of an apple turnover, tasteful and occasionally very satisfying but with a tendency of being a bit flaky.
  2. 2018 Season In's/Out's

    So long as we get another kicker with a decent boot on him next season. There's streetcars to hit.
  3. No one can because the information isn't there to say one way or the other. Everyone else is saying wait and see what comes from the meeting with the clubs and he subsequent decision from the RFL.
  4. Appeal to locate any possible living WRENs or WAAFs who worked in the secret Liverpool bunker central to the organisation of the waging of the Battle of the Atlantic, prior to its reopening as a tourist attraction.
  5. Not necessarily, new markets don't have the historical baggage or perception issues League might have, rightly or wrongly, in the U.K. North America will just take it at face value, an exciting sport which has potential to put bums on seats, shirts on backs and a return for investors.
  6. RIP Gord Downie

    Cheers mate, a sad day when a truly decent human being, let alone a talented artist is taken far too soon.
  7. RIP Gord Downie

    Watching a visibly crushed Ron McLean elucidate what Gord Downie meant to him was at the same time both harrowing yet uplifting. The quintessential hockey personality, just as much part of the Canadian psyche as the game itself recalling being coached by an ailing Downie to still look to how you can make your fellow presenters shine rather than yourself, an attitude I’ve learned was typical of the man. 17 years after I stepped off the plane in Toronto I thought at the time that I knew more than the average Limey about the land of the Maple Leaf. Early settlement and conflicts, consolidation and Confederation, the fires of war in which the crucible of nationhood purified into the determinedly passionate peacekeepers the world knows. Bridge builders, deal brokers, fiercely compassionate. Movers, shakers, names dates; I thought I knew what Canada was. That was before Gord Downie. The Tragically Hip had some limited success in the UK, but weren't an on the radar band in the early 90’s, even for a young man who liked the different sounds from all over the world. I remembered the curious name, but couldn’t tell you the song titles, sadly. When you hit Canada though, you can't fail to be hit back by the band that has sung the songs of the generations who have grown up with, absorbed, adored, been educated and inspired by them. From the dance floor anthems to the gently melodious harmonies, from the biggest dreams of the smallest communities to the loftiest of ideals, from what still keeps us apart to those flowing fabrics which bind us Canadians, new and old, together both loosely and tightly. Lyrics which made your spirit soar higher than circling eagles one moment then stab you through the conscience like a maple leaf covered bayonet the next, with a savagery only a poetic humanitarian can reach. Facts taught me what Canada was and is but, as a new Canadian, Gord Downie taught me what Canada meant; and his quote says it all about how I feel about being Canadian. Respect to you Gord Downie, rest in peace.
  8. What game are you most excited for next year.

    Hope they're sending a few packs of Fox's biscuits with that
  9. New Badge

    So if they had come back with something akin to the Toronto logo (one of the most inspired parts of the whole Toronto operation, IMO), would Salford fans feel shortchanged by something more simplistic?
  10. New Badge

    Initial thought was it looks like something a local council would pay a consultancy that knows nothing of the locality millions of quid to end up choosing something else.
  11. Article from a few days back said the proposal was to go before the clubs next month with a decision by the RFL thereafter.
  12. Elon Musk dropped out of his Ph.D and found ways to fund his software startup that in turn led to PayPal. He has an underlying understanding of the fields he champions but is, by his own admission, not a subject matter expert in all; he cultivates the contacts or employs the people that are to support his vision. I share your skepticism but perhaps are more willing to reserve judgement until more information is available. A competent team with shared goals and passions can achieve much, we'll see in time how it pans out.
  13. Not being funny but Elon Musk just did do that; accepting he is, however, a multi-kajillionaire and can pretty much do anything. Maybe he'd be up running a NA RL team or two with some of his back of the couch change.
  14. Sonny Bill Williams

    Absolutely. Even the South Pacific isn't as isolated any more as it once was, people there can just as easily see the potential opportunities and are able to put themselves in the picture comparatively easily through social media. This is the pull which can increase the size and speed of the production line for players. Whether clubs in the U.K. are a final destination or a career stepping stone, a larger global footprint benefits all long term. **edit** Just looking at the reverse of that as well, imagine a youngster from the Wigan or Leeds area heading to play for the PNG Hunters. They would get treated like royalty.
  15. Sonny Bill Williams

    I'm sure that could have a short, say 100 page, thread all its own!