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  1. rhinos78

    Who is your 2nd team?

    Fev...Always looked out for there scores to see how many Paul Newlove had scored each weekend, would of loved to see him at Leeds. Had a soft spot for fev ever since.
  2. Thanks, sounds good. Yeah its saying 65 pound for the year so well worth it at that price. I noticed all last seasons games are listed as premium so are they archived and all available to watch if i subscribed now? Quite impressive that a full re-run of a sunday game is available as early as monday.
  3. Off topic but does anyone suscribe to Fev TV, thinking of getting the years subscription and wondering if its any good, what you get included with it? its pretty vague on the website. Cheers.
  4. rhinos78

    Luke Gale

    Check you out with your masculine outlook. Its never a good thing for a player to get a serious injury, yeah its part of playing the game, dosnt make it good.
  5. rhinos78

    Luke Gale

    Of course its a bad thing, lads missing a season of his career.
  6. rhinos78

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    Cheers. He's apparently been making a very positive imression on Furner in Leeds pre season.
  7. rhinos78

    Match thread versus Dewsbury Yorkshire cup

    How did Dan Waite-Pullen go?
  8. rhinos78

    London sign Morgan Smith

    Think he'l end up being a very, very good half back, as long as he gets to play there.
  9. rhinos78

    3 to watch in 2019

    You would love this to be true, which says a lot about you. If they play for other teams, You'd rather young players be rubbish and have the comp full of plodders.
  10. rhinos78

    3 to watch in 2019

    Really like the look of Lewis Carr, lovely balanced runner and absolute try machine.
  11. Always the Warriors for me.
  12. Yeah he's a second row, he joined us from Bradford the same time Trueman left them for Cas, something went on at the bulls and a few young lads left at same time. A few Bulls fans i talked to at the time rated him highly but he's been injured for most of his time with us, cant remember him playing a game at any level for us last season. Apparently he's finally 100% fit and massivly impressing Furner in pre-season, backed up by the fact he's came from nowhere to earn a first team squad number.
  13. Only Dan Waite-Pullen on duel reg from Leeds by looks of that squad.
  14. rhinos78

    Oledzki Signs 4 Year Deal

    Smithies is a fantastic prospect, He's been identified as a bit special for years. Leeds were desperate to get him into there system but he chose Wigan over us. Dissapointed we didnt get him but Wigan will develop him very well so cant complain.
  15. rhinos78

    Oledzki Signs 4 Year Deal

    Mikolaj has just turned 20, played 50 championship and superleague games combined, made his England knights debut in which he was the standout forward. He plays the hardest position of all for a young player and he didnt even touch a rugby ball until he was a teenager. Not sure where your seeing all these as good or better prospects, the ones in his age group that are...Jake Trueman and Jack Walker, are from Yorkshire and get just as much , if not more attention than him. Oliver wilson is seen as a boom prop talent at the minute and he has barley played first team at Bradford even though they were in League 1, at the same age, Mikolaj had played 20 odd games in the championship and was very good at that level. Thats not a knock on Wilson he's also very good but it highlights just how good Mikolaj is and how impressive his resume is for a young prop. The only people who care where he's from are seemingly a couple on here and the media who see a good story in it. If he wasnt Polish he'd still get the exact same attention from the people who count, Paul Anderson didnt pick him for the England Knights because he was Polish and Bradford didnt consistently play an 18 year old Leeds prop in the midst of a championship relegation battle because he was Polish.