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  1. Havnt followed this closely enough to have a valid opinion either way, but can anyone explain the actual detail/details of the new proposals that Hetherington is so unhappy about and in such conflict with the other big teams about? Id of thought, for the most part, what benefitted saints,wigan and warrington, would also benefit Leeds, with them all being at the top table of the british game.
  2. Really enjoyed the game, A good advert for super league, just when it needs it. Cant complain with the result, think a point or two either way is a fair reflection of how close a game it was. Well done both teams. On Mitch Garbutt, he's been brilliant for us since he arrived, led all forwards in super league in meters per carry last season and he's put in even better performances, when fit, this season. Apart from Walmsley, i wouldnt swap him for any other prop in super league.
  3. To win the test id go with 1. Tomkins 2. Mcgillvery 3. Connor 4. Percival 5. Hall 6. Widdop 7. Richardson 8. Burgess 9. Roby 10. Burgess 11. Whitehead 12. Ward 13. S Burgess 14. Clark 15. Graham 16. Hill 17. Mcmeeken Hardaker,watkins,gale,currie and walmsley would all be in if available. Quite suprised how many people wouldnt pick Ryan Hall, he's constantly one of Englands best players and one of our few backs who more than holds is own against the Aussies and kiwis. He gets no good ball at leeds which is why he's never leading any try scoring lists, its been that way for a few years, but he always shows up for england.
  4. Re read some of the ###### you post, itl blow your mind. Absolute rubbish, im a fan with an opinion, thats not throwing anyone under the bus, he's a coach who works with his squad every week, not that you'd know it, that squad includes the lads numbered 18 and below, who are constantly getting blamed for our defeats, when in reality they're not getting a chance to succeed, getting put out there without semblance of a gameplan or structure to slot into. If your happy with what he's doing good for you, shows a complete lack of knowledge of the game but i wont be as rude as you and rubbish it. Ammunition,haters and envy...You'v got the ingredients of a low budget film there...And you tell me to grow up, the irony! Its nothing nearly as dramatic as that unfortunately, i just dont think he's a good coach and i dont think he's managing the current situation well.
  5. I agree, my opinion is that we'v won things despite of him not because of him. Iv said in another thread, when all the chips fall in his favour, he hasnt messed it up, but whenever things arnt going his way, he's not a good enough coach to make up the difference. The thing thats grating on me at the minute is the total lack of responsibility he seems to be taking for our form, he's throwing the players under the bus. Against Cas he said the players played soft, they didnt, they played clueless, but saying they played clueless reflects on him. Last night he said we did well to hold Huddersfield out for periods of the second half CONSIDERING THE PLAYERS WE HAD OUT THERE, bet the players felt great hearing that. With an ounce of decent coaching, organisation or gameplan, the players we had out there were plenty good enough to beat an also understrength Huddersfield. If he hasnt got a clearly more talented team, with his superstars making somthing out of nothing, then he hasnt got a clue imo.
  6. Are Leeds the only team with injuries....No, far from it. We'r a very,very poorly coached team. We arnt just losing games, we'r looking like an amateur team doing it. The very basics of rugby league seem lost on mcdermott at the minute. Well done Huddersfield, they came to headingley with far from a full strength team themselves, and beat us more comfortably than the scoreline suggests.
  7. rhinos78

    Richie Myler

    Myler had a better game than him when we played them earlier in the season. Dont think too much can be looked into things like that though. Other factors as simple as an off day can influence a one off game performance. Over the season Richardsons looked a very good player.
  8. rhinos78

    Richie Myler

    Yeah like i said, i agree the options arnt great. Dont think anyones saying we'v got a top class international 7 and if we did, i dont think this thread would of been created and i certainly wouldnt be suggesting myler starts ahead of him. But we have to pick someone, and weather he's ultimately up to it or not, Mylers playing as well as anyone this season. I like richardson aswel, he's playing in a good team and looks a good young player. Im not saying myler should be a shoe in for the 7 shirt, but his form in relation to the other options, warrents him some consideration. We could ultimately need two superleague halfs to step up if widdop continues at fullback.
  9. rhinos78

    Richie Myler

    Got to pick someone though, none of our 7 options are great and our best ones injured, so its basically the best of a pretty average bunch, on that basis mylers playing as well as any of them, although richardsons a good young player and it would be good to see him at the next level. I agree leeds look a mess this season but i wouldnt put that on myler, we arnt coached to play to any structure and havnt been since mcdermott took over, we'v had plenty of regular seasons under him with mcguire and sinfield at halfback playing behind a fully fit pack and we'v looked just as clueless, if not more so, than we do this season.
  10. rhinos78

    Richie Myler

    My god. Well done, very philosophical.
  11. rhinos78

    Richie Myler

    Cuthbertson comment is incorrect. Cuthbertsons been average at best this season, not his fault as he's not fit. The career projection of myler is also pure guesswork, plenty of players have come into there own at the stage in there careers mylers at now. Leading the league in assists, playing in a team full of crocks and kids is a pretty good measure though. Like the look of Richardson, wouldnt be upset if he started the denver test.
  12. rhinos78

    Richie Myler

    Mylers been very good for us this season, despite a lot of poor performances all around him. I Was happy when we signed him and thought he'd do well here and so far he's exceeded the expectations i had of him. With gale injured i dont see why he shouldnt get another chance, his form certainly warrents it. There will undoubtedly be preconceived ideas of the player he is based on his career to date, but players improve, he only turned 28 two week ago so he's only coming into his peak years now.
  13. rhinos78

    Burgess brothers on fire

    Watched souths against the roosters earlier this season, the twins absolutely destroyed the roosters pack
  14. rhinos78

    England Academy

    We'v got a very talented group, will be fun to see how they get on this season. Very pleased with the fixture list aswel, 4 tests and 4 origin fixtures, potentially 7 rep fixtures for these lads this season. Hope a tv station picks some of these games up.
  15. rhinos78

    England Academy

    From leeds theres some fantastic talent. Newman and Broadbent are two of the best center talents iv seen in years, Newmans scoring over a try a game on loan at fev in the championship already. Holroyd is a wrecking ball prop, big and atlhetic and a better prospect than Oledzki imo. Johnson is a hooker in the james Roby mold, exceptional player. Trout is a big, athletic, wide running second row, probably our 19's player of the season this year so far. Mcconnell is a nuggetty 13 with very good skills. Broadbent, Holroyd and Johnson are 1st years at academy level. My rating of these players isnt leeds bias, we'v got the best batch coming through we'v had in nearly 15 year. The two seniors from Huddersfield look very good, both played superleague this year, theyr outside backs. Morgan Smithies from wigan is abslute class, we were desperate to sign him but he chose wigan, he's another first year, a backrower with all the skills, can easily play 6. Lewis carr from cas is a try machine, give him half a chance and he gets it down. Dont know much about the other players, have heard good things about welby and simm at saints and shorrocks at wigan, but dont know enough to give a valid opinion on them. The reason i mention who the first years are is because even though theyr fantastic talents, they may give way to lads a year older.