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  1. 1999 it was, they toured France, Ireland and England. Anasta was on the tour, along with Gasnier and the guys you mentioned, Mark Minichello and Justin Hodges were in the squad aswel. Some talent there, Gasnier and Lyon in the centers dosnt seem fair. Must be one of the best schoolboy squads ever assembled
  2. Rob Burrow? Fev lad isnt he. Transformed our academy from mid table rubbish under Adrian Morley to grand finalists in his one season in charge.
  3. Yeah remember watching that team play Cumbria at Copeland athletic stadium, sure Braith Anasta was playing aswel.
  4. Should be a cracking series, cant wait. Bradman Best is one to watch for the Aussies.
  5. rhinos78

    Leeds New Signing

    Agreed, Singletons yards per carry are very poor, he's a workhorse, but lacks the natural size and power to dent the line on a regular basis. Garbutt was by far our best prop when fit, just wasnt fit often enough.
  6. rhinos78

    Great Britain squad

    It should be the best available players selected, if theyr all English, so be it.
  7. rhinos78

    2019 kits

    Another class shirt from wakey, love it, best '19 one iv seen so far.
  8. rhinos78

    Leeds New Signing

    Disgraceful comments by Bennett, thrown Merrin right under the bus there. If he's been confided in by an ex player, who obviously trusts him, to then make that conversation public, which basically states the player dosnt really want to go to the club he looks very likely to be going to, thats a great first impression he's created there for Merrin if he comes. Theres already Leeds fans who dont want him anywhere near headingley because of what Bennetts said. As a Leeds fan myself , im not too bothered, 90% of the decent NRL players only come over here because they get a better deal than they can get in Oz, so its nothing really new or suprising, only difference is that Bennett has made this one public knowledge. Some players still give it there all and earn there money while others put there que on the rack and put very little effort in for there money, if Merrin comes, hopefully he's the former.
  9. rhinos78

    Leeds New Signing

    Agreed that ideally he'd replace Cuthbertson and not Garbutt. Agreed its still unlikely to come off Can see Ward playing the ball playing left second row role that Sutton plays for souths, if Furners wanting to recreate the attacking structure he got credit for with them this past season, Ward would be ideal for it and we'd finally get to see his full range of skills
  10. For me playing a kiwis team coming off the back of beating the Aussies well is much more enjoyable than if the Aussies had hammered them. Plenty of times in the past these games have gave me a feeling of playing for second best, miles behind the Aussies. Whilst Australia may well still be the best team in the world, i think both England and New Zealand would be very competitive with them, which makes this series exciting for me.
  11. rhinos78

    Leeds New Signing

    Agree with all of that. He was starting loose forward for Australia as little ago as mid 2017, he's had a bit of a down year but the guys class. If we sign him we need to play him at 13 imo, if we'r spending a fortune on what would be a star signing, its got to be with the intention of playing in his best position. Merrin can do a very good job at prop but 13's by far his best position. Id be very happy if we signed him.
  12. rhinos78

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    Nobodys saying wigan should be doing anything about scott moore, he was used as an example as someone who also behaves like a wally , but there wont be anyone queing up to sign him, because he's not a very good player. Wigan have gave Zak a chance and signed him, despite many, many incedents that have caused other teams to get rid, its not because they looked at his track record and thought he'd be a good professional or a good influence around the group, its because he's a class player, that theyr getting for free and way below what his contracts worth on pure playing ability alone, and its why theyr sticking with him now after he's messed up before even playing a game for them. Like iv already said, im not having a dig at Wigan or think theyv handled anything wrongly, id want Leeds to take a chance in the same situation, but lets not pretend that his playing ability isnt the reason he's getting this umpteenth last chance.
  13. rhinos78

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    You'v totally missed the point.
  14. rhinos78

    Zak Hardaker (Merged threads)

    This isnt the first time he's messed up, he's got a long history of behaving like a knob, breaking the law, taking drugs, letting his teammates down and attacking people, spanning over two different clubs before wigan. He wasnt on Wigans books when Cas got rid, why do you think they decided to put him on there books after all his previous? Its the same reason theyr keeping him on there books now, he's a class player. Im pretty sure they wont be adding Scott Moore to therr books now he's available. Im not having a dig at Wigan here, id probably want Leeds to take a chance on such a quality player in the same situation, but lets not be naive, the reason Wigan took a chance to start with and are continuing to take that chance is because he's the best fullback in the country.
  15. rhinos78

    Koppy leaves Salford

    Good, make sure you do, make sure its better than your standard ones or i wont be granting it son