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  1. Well done Wakey. More high profile sponsors in the game the better.
  2. He's in Australia to support his girlfriend, somthing everyone would do at a time like this, what he might or might not do when he's there is pure speculation. Real life events affect professional athletes aswel, we should give them more grace than to think theres a career related agenda in everything they do, especially when tragedy hits there loved ones. Once again, if he's going St George, he's going regardless of which country he's in when de balins case gets heard. Like you say, agree to disagree
  3. The timing dosnt come into play atall. I didnt miss your point, i just think your points rubbish. If de bellins case was being heard in two month time, Merrin would still be in Australia right now to support his girlfriend. Or do you disagree? If his girlfriends mam hadnt died, he was still in england and he does want to go to St Goerge, he wouldnt need to be in australia for the De Balin case to make that happen, you heard of agents, emails, fax machines and the good old fashined telephone? Im pretty sure we'v just signed a player who hasnt left Australia yet or has Ava been bunked up in headingly lodge for a week sorting his deal out. As his girlfriends already stated, shocking that people are connecting the two. For what its worth, i think Merrin does want to go home, the death of his lasses mam might intensify it, but If he's going St George, he'd be going regardless of which country he's in when the De Balin case gets heard.
  4. I hope so. We'v got a soft as s*** Pack of forwards and a dumb as f*** Set of halfbacks, i hope someone who can do sumthing about it is feeling some urgency.
  5. Timing comes into play? Doubt his birds old lass died to tie in with De Belins court case.
  6. Newmans too old for the origin. The Yorkshire, Lancashire and England Academy squads are made up of first and second year Academy players, Newmans in his 3rd and final year of Academy eligibility.
  7. Yeah agree with this. Im pretty happy with the signing. Our starting props took a combined 10 hitups against HKR, absolutely pathetic. Peteru's 6'5 , 17 1/2 stone and id say my Jacka-poo's got more agression in him. Avas a big lad who takes his carrys, plays pretty physical and his known for his good defence and low error rate, all things we'r crying out for. As always though with NRL players, a lot depends on how he settles and if he's coming for the right reasons.
  8. How did you all think Broadbent went? Watched the highlights on Fev tv and he seemed to have a few nice moments ball in hand.
  9. Broadbents a brilliant young center, looking forward to seeing how he does. He's a Year group younger than Newman so basically following the same trajectory. I rated Broadbent slightly higher than Newman coming through but theres no guarantee he'l take to championship level and playing against seasoned pro's as well as Harry has. Newmans a better athlete, although Broadbents no slouch, Broadbents more refined and skilled imo
  10. Why wouldnt they be giddy, isnt that why you support a team in the first place, To be happy when they win? I couldnt see where our next win was coming from, so to get it against Cas, who regularly hammer us, yeah im giddy as charged, go ahead and be amused.
  11. Doubt it, He won the challenge cup playing for Leeds. Probably more to do with his coaching career. Im a big fan of Powell, loved him as a player and coach at Leeds and would have him back at Leeds in a heartbeat, but his comment last night was uncalled for, a struggling team beat a team that regularly hammers them, in golden point, of course theyr going to be elated. There was no gloating or rubbing cas noses in it, just massive relief at getting a much needed win.
  12. How did the Leeds lads get on?
  13. Would be happy if they did, Muizz has got more aggression in him than the whole first team pack combined.
  14. Trouts a big, athletic Second Row, best on the left edge, 6ft 5 nearly 17 st . He's Kyles brother. Mustapha has played everywhere in the pack, he's not the biggest but an absolute wrecking ball, full of aggression, fun player to watch, he smashed the Aussie schoolboy pack in the series at the end of last year.
  15. Owen Trout and Muizz Mustapha, 2 England academy forwards, have joined you from us on month long deals according to Rhinos website
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