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  1. Obviously not happening this year, but is there any reason they couldnt play it at old trafford as a curtain raiser to the grand final like they do with the state championship game in Australia? Would be a great experience for the youngsters involved.
  2. Wigan take on Leeds this friday at the DW stadium in the under 19s Grand final, 17.30 kickoff. Two very talented teams with some genuine first team potential between them. In the semis Wigan beat Huddersfield 50 - 0 and Leeds Won at St Helens 40 - 18 Wigan finished top of the league table and beat Leeds 24- 0 recently so will rightly go into the game as favorites.
  3. rhinos78

    2019 Squad

    Jack broadbents an outstanding talent at center, he's a year younger than Newman, Opinions are split among Leeds fans on whos the better talent between the 2 of them. He'l be at the same stage of his career nxt season as Newman is this so he could well spend some time with you. I personaly think Newman will play a lot of games for Featherstone nxt season.
  4. rhinos78

    2019 Squad

    This is the lad i mentioned a few month ago in the fullback thread on here. Best position is fullback but a capable wing or center aswel, very quick and elusive, bit on the small side. Think he'l be an exciting player for you, id rate him not as talented as Newman but more talented than Whylie. Good signing
  5. Salford never had a ropey decision go there way have they? Yeah they have, like every team has. Get over it
  6. rhinos78

    Tom Johnstone

    I agree , johnstones absolute class. He deserves a place in the England team with Hall being injured.
  7. How do you know they would of won? The rests as one sided an argument as iv seen...Bans happen to all teams aswel , the only reason Hastings is at Salford is because of fighting with teammates and questionable character so maybe they should of factored in him being stupid when they signed him. Whatever way you put it, its a totally biased view if your only taking into account players missing for one team as an argument for.. theyd of won if 'whoever' was playing, again a claim your making as fact without actually having any clue if they would or wouldnt of won, he could of played last night and had a stinker for all anyone knows. Lets put it another way...Im as certain,just as much as you are about the result of the game if Hastings had been playing, that Leeds had more talent and allocated salary cap, sat in the stands, than salford did last night. But it dosnt matter because few, if any teams have fully fit, ban free squads this time of year, and they could all claim if this player or that player was available things would of been different. Stupid ban or injured, dosnt matter one bit, theyre both things that happen regularly in rugby league and both things that clubs hope they dont have too many to deal with.
  8. Even when we'r absolutely ###### and struggling to beat the barrel scrapers of superleague and the championships best, the refs are still responsible for every Leeds win, to the suggestion that theyr even doing it on purpose it seems, let it go, Its ridiculous. The Myler decision was a bad call, it happens, it wont be the last bad call this, or any other weekend, even in games that dont invlove Leeds, imagine that! The refs just arnt that good, all teams benefit at times and suffer at others from refereeing errors
  9. Works both ways, a Leeds team with Watkins, Hall, Ward and Garbutt, 4 of there best 5 players, could and most probably would of meant a bigger Leeds win. I wont say without a doubt because no one knows for sure what missing players would of contributed in a game they dont play in.
  10. Luke Burgess should of got a medal instead of a ban for putting a shot on jake emmitt
  11. This is what im getting at. Let the past it and average at best players who are off contract leave, use all the cap space from them 7 and Hall and Moon on 3 or 4 more quality players and fill the numbers in the squad with our best juniors. Oledzki, Smith, Walker, A Suttcliffe and Newman already have first team squad numbers, McClelland will likely take lilleys place in the squad, then at least 3 or 4 more should be getting squad numbers for next season. If we re-sign the off contract lads, there wont be room in the squad for the juniors or room on the cap for the type of signings we need to be looking at. Ideally, i think we need at least one backrower, a prop and center or Winger, id probably go for a winger because Newman and Broadbent are 2 outstanding talents we'v got coming through at center. The halfs are fine with Myler and Lolohea starting and McClelland backing them up imo. If we carry a squad of 30 again like this year and releasing only the off contract players (Ferres would be first out the door for me but he's got a year left) id like the squad to be: Fullback - Walker , Goulding Wing - New Signing , T Briscoe , L Briscoe Center - k Watkins , A Handley , L Suttcliffe , H Newman Halfbacks - R Myler , T Lolohea , C McClelland Props - New Signing , M Garbutt , B Singleton , N Peteru , D Crosby , M Oledzki , T Dupree Hooker - M Parcell , B Dwyer , C Johnson Backrow - A Cuthbertson (Loose forward) , S Ward , New Signing , New Signing or J Thompson , C Smith , B Ferres , A Suttcliffe , O Trout We should have plenty of cap to fit 3 really top quality starters in, If we can fit another quality backrower under the cap, ideal, if not, keep Thompson. Year after next we should be looking at getting Tom Holroyd, Brad Martin, Louis McConnell and Jack Broadbent into the first team squad picture.
  12. Not atall. 7 contracts that are expiring, all players that not many Leeds fans would argue too strongly to keep, for some of them that would be putting it politley. 3 or 4 starting quality players to come in, the other 3 or 4 squad places filled by some of our best juniors. Nothing out of the ordinary, Warrington brought similar numbers this off-season after a poor season, then added Charnley aswel. When a club of the stature of Leeds have only beaten 3 championship clubs and widnes since the end of April, these sort of changes should be expected.
  13. Havnt got a clue what you mean