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  1. A really good read Chris. Well done to the whole team. I particularly enjoyed players perspectives and look forward to the rest of the season.
  2. As I am only able to watch the recordings of games at the moment, may I just say that the recordings are in a different league to years gone by. I know that I have always enjoyed watching them and laughed at Martins and other commentaries, but the input by Jamie Hobbs added to the sublime camera work of Steve Evans has made it even more enjoyable. Having Iian Morrison as a summeriser was certainly different and gave us an insight into how the players see a game from their points of view. i now know that I will enjoy the games even better now. I have DVD's of most of last years games, but as yet I can't distribute them, but when I do get home I intend to offer them to fans who might wish to have a certain game. So please watch out for my post. Once again thanks to Martin, Steve, Jamie and the team for such enjoyment.
  3. I hope that many of you will add your sympathys to the people of Queensland in particular and Australia as a Nation. The predicament they are suffering as a result of the floodings make our problems with the weather insignificant. They are a Sport Loving Nation and just for a short while I would like to put my rivalries to one side to offer my prayers and good wishes to all in the affected region. At times like this only life matters, and the well being of fellow human beings God Bless them all.
  4. Featherstone Rovers would like supporters of the club and the people of Featherstone to know and understand our position and how we feel about the WMDC at this time. It was our belief that the Council were keen to share our development plans and that they had finally recognised the club and it's most recent achievements when talking about Rugby League in the district. It was also our belief that the Council shared our vision to assist in the improvement of public services in the town and the greater development that could be born from our plans at Post Office Road. How wrong can you be? The following letter has been issued to those concerned and we wait patiently for a response. We are confident that the RFL understand our plans for the future, they understand and are supportive of our decision not to apply for a Super League License at this time which is more than can be said for those closest to us in this quest. Fans are urged to rally behind the club in our long term aims, the fight will go on to build a club that can make the transition to Super League and we hope that the WMDC will re-consider and offer some fairness to both the club and the Town. Dear Sir/Madam Following a phone call from Andy Warhead (WMDC Corporate Director for Regeneration, Culture and Sport) and Lisa Dodd (WMDC Service Director, Sport and Culture) I have been informed that Featherstone Rovers will not be getting any financial assistance from the council for developing their stadium and facilities. They say the decision was passed by WMDC cabinet members. Help will be given to Castleford RLFC and Wakefield RLFC if they meet the Super League governing body criteria. Featherstone was not in that category as we hadn't applied for Super League. This decision has shocked the club, as promises had been made by some WMDC cabinet members that all the clubs would be treated with parity. The battle for parity has not just happened over the last 12 months, the writing was on the wall way back in 2007 when Featherstone Rovers were only just recognised in the WMDC Sports Strategy document. Since then and up until now we have had many meetings with the WMDC deputy leader and her colleagues, pushing for fairness and emphasizing that Featherstone Rovers has a glorious history second to none and should rightly be up there with our other two local clubs. Until yesterday I thought that we had succeeded in changing peoples minds. (It seems not) Our reason for assistance in times of austerity is that the club is the heart of Featherstone and needed the boost to take it forward. Who would have heard of the town without the rugby team? We were advised to work with WMDC, local councillors and business on the regeneration of the town which we have done and even gave the support of our professional project engineer who attended most meetings over the last 12 months. This again shows our commitment to the community. The enhancement of the stadium would have benefited the town as a whole with new up to date facilities for health and education (and doesn't it need it) and in addition provided much needed employment to the town. At present our community work is second to none in the rugby league world and has in previous years won awards for this excellent work. Our bid for Super League on the back of a magnificent season, coming top of the league, a Grand Final appearance and also nurturing some of rugby's promising local talent did not happen for two reasons:- one that the present size of the ground does not meet SL criteria along with the dilapidated terracing and other safety issues and also the clubs turnover falls below what SL decrees (although going in the right direction, increasing yearly). The Council investment would have gone a long way to kick starting the development. Not only for the club but the town as a whole. We were told that our letter of application was the best of the three clubs. Where has it gone wrong just to be told that because we didn't apply for SL we're not in the club, where's the fairness in that. As I have stated we have had numerous meetings at the club and at the council offices over the past three years and I am dumfounded at this decision. What has the world come to when people give assurances and guarantees that there will be parity only to go back on their word? Because of the hard times we live in and cuts that have to be made I/we could have accepted the decision of no financial support if it had been for all three clubs (even then the two other clubs are financed heavily by SL) I await a date from Andy Warhead and Lisa Dodd for a meeting, where they can tell the Featherstone board, supporters and the community of Featherstone why? Paul Coventry Co-Operative League Champions 2010 A season dedicated to the life of Gareth John Swift Together we follow in 'Wisdom & Courage' Featherstone Rovers RLFC, The Big Fellas Stadium, Post Office Road, Featherstone. Tel: 01977 702386
  5. The AGM scheduld for this evening 30th November has been postponed until further notice due to worsening weather forecasts.All details are available via the club office or web site AGM Postponement This evening
  6. I have been privileged to meet Matt on a number of occassions through XIII Heros , he. Is indeed a remarkable man who works hard and is a total inspiration. I am making. No recommendations, that is a personal choice, and you must decide for yourselves.
  7. I don't have any problems with anyone offering a fans forum service. It might be that someone wishes to express things a little more than is allowed on this forum. Either way none of the forums are any condoned by the club directly. I would , however, draw the administtrators attention to civil law though.
  8. Great bit of relief and documents well the regard we have for our front row stalwarts.
  9. What a wonderful and lovely gesture this was, I noticed the inscription as well, I hope any replicas or originals sell well.
  10. Before that he was a Tiger then became a Rover (Pirate) so perhaps he was stocking up his ship before his next forage. I don't read the Dalesman though I should, to see that lovely countryside I'm missing.
  11. Let's all calm down a bit. Rovers were undoubtedly the best team in their competition this season, apart from losing to a drop/field goa; after the alloted time was up we could claim anything we wanted. I'm just happy that the club campaigned so well made me proud and made the rugby league world take notice that Featherstone are on their way back. We knew the ruled, and we played to them game over. However, I am so proud of my team and so proud of the club. Well Done everyone as for the g;ory of a win on finals day, it didn't happen this time, but I'll tell you what, no tesm in the Championship will relish playing us next season and what a cracking league it will be with Leigh, and Widnes recruiting wisely Halifax hoping to ( they may well be able to now financially) Barrow showing they still mean business and worthy new comers back in the league. I look forward to next season, no back to one just passed. Do you know what ? you can call me anything you want except ..........Late for Lunch
  12. Why not simply have a designated area at PO Road for smokers. there is plenty of room for it, perhaps even allow the smoker to have a drink as well. I understand the fire risks, so they can be assessed and dealt with, as or people's health ? it's just as unhealthy riding in a car in traffic. A cigarette would kill me, but I know how much people enjoy smoking, we don't stop drinking and that causes as many deaths as smoking, drunken acts can be worse than careless cig butts. People ought to have a freedom of choice, so long as it does not interfere with those who do not wish or cannot tolerate cigarette smoke.
  13. Anyones !
  14. I always believed that in play offs which were restricted for replays then something other than a Golden point should prevail. My thoughts were that in the event of a tie on 80 minutes then the prize money be shared equally, however, the championship trophy went to the side scoring more league points. Having said that Halifax won fair and square, I don't dispute that at all., but even the wife said that seems unfair when she asked me what happens if they draw ? It could have gone our way and this is just my feelings which you may or may not agree with and of course many wont.