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  1. Forward passes.

    Question Did the aussies have a aussie ref this morning?? And in England's game in the morning do they have a English ref?? If so will the final have 2 refs like the nrl One Australian one English??
  2. Dewsbury Faithful Update

    Everything has signed off, paid for and currently in manufacture with both items ready to be presented at the shirt launch in December.
  3. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Last anchor we had was throwing his hat in the ring at every job... Don't believe leaving has ever entered Ned Kelly's head Bradford are hasbeens feeding on former glories, talking the talk and tripping up on every walk. I'd be more scared of diskin going
  4. Dewsbury Faithful Update

    Dewsbury faithful update yesterday I sourced out a local flag company finding one in Leeds who could produce the quality of product desired, artwork was all submitted today and the flag was paid for in full after price negotiation resulting in a final price of £160 which is £40 cheaper than the clubs quote of around £200,also yesterday I started sorting out the kicking tee sponsorship, Paul sykes has his own kicking tee he prefers but after interrogating Chris Hill and some direction from gareth moore's company I managed to buy the exact tee Paul uses, I was told personalised modifications too it was impossible, so not deterred by that the design has been changed and once the item is ready and looks as good as the artists impressions hopefully you'll be pleased with the efforts, so that brings up up to date just waiting for the proofs back from the supplier now UPDATE Flag is now in the factory been made and will be available on the 29th November
  5. Dewsbury Ram's Xmas Party

    We could play them in a phone box If all their fans were coming Will we be announcing the Sheffield fans crowd changers before kick off?? Thinking of inviting 2 featherstone fans over without gloves just in case we've to count to 24 from Sheffield
  6. Dewsbury Faithful Update

    Hi to all that contributed to the faithful me & graham are still trying to sort out player sponsorship & the kicking tee sponsorship out the club this week have finally got the wheels in motion and ive a meeting with mark sawyer on Friday regarding the situation of the faithful's money and where it would be best spent helping the club its been mentioned that with the new badge change the flag will be getting a make over too if its ok with everybody I'd like to propose that the Dewsbury faithful money also goes to pay for this so everytime the flag is raised and we see it fluttering in the wind we can think ''we as fan's contributed to that'' many thanks coolie
  7. Dewsbury Ram's Xmas Party

    Dewsbury Rams are pleased to announce the club Christmas party on Friday 8th December in the Royal Suite. All welcome! Tickets are available from the club reception, priced at only £5 each. Music & a buffet is booked! We look forward to welcoming our fantastic volunteers, our kind sponsors, our club employees, the coaches, the players & the supporters who are Rams till they die!
  8. Team for next year

    What's Brendan hill doing?? Don't think Keith mason senior has a club
  9. New Website

    Unfortunately website development doesn't come cheap, and the expertise shown in ours is a credit to those involved in revamping.. Maybe waving a few pound notes in their direct might have the desired effect
  10. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Not a chance of getting signed on I would have thought..
  11. Team for next year

    He might still be there then seeing they've price as coach and just signed Wilkes.. Ain't wake any fat lads they can lend us?? Hock is doing nowt
  12. Team for next year

    I think so We need a couple of enforcers who can put it about a bit, bully other packs to give our half backs room I'd still have James Brown from batley Who's phil Joseph with??
  13. Team for next year

    Not a bad team that Still need more beef thou
  14. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Playing at prop Kelly just hasn't told him yet
  15. One for the old folk

    Don't be saying BSJ is wrong mate bloke will be getting a complex about it And it's 4 times wrong this year But I'm not counting