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  1. coolie

    Special corporate box

    Excellent opportunity for experiencing corporate hospitality, free drinks, free food, all supplied in a spacious corporate box, if it's someone's birthday or a belated fathers day present, £10 for season ticket holders or £20 for non season tickets ( bearing in mind it includes your entrance fee of £17) even the tightest of Yorkshire folk would find it a bargain.. £3 for all you can sup & eat, limited numbers so get in quick, contact myself or Adrian Ady Marsh for this exclusive deal.
  2. coolie

    Special corporate box

    **Special Deal** There are 6 spaces left in an executive box (Beers etc included) for the Dewsbury v Leigh game this Sunday 24th June, kick off 4pm. The prices are £20 for non season ticket holders & £10 for season ticket holders. If you would like a ticket please let me know. Cheers Ady
  3. coolie

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    Why ain't Patterson up for a grade z charge for dangerous contact with shoulder to the head of Glover??
  4. coolie

    The Great Rugby League Get Together

    Right an unbiast view on the game It is true I wanted Batley to smash Sheffield. Before kick off and watching saints err sorry Sheffield warm up, it was who played for Sheffield & who didnt Bigger, faster, fitter players, game kicks off Sheffield going up hill, then I realised the ref was the same one we had vs featherstone, I said to all the Batley fans on their knees praying that he was full of baffling decisions last week, this week wouldn't be any different, Batley did well first half against a much slicker Sheffield, Sheffield had the rub of the green going in to half time with some fortunate bounces of the ball. Halftime Second half Batley was the better team, then a silly pass towards the winger was intercepted and boom Sheffield stretched their lead, but Batley pressed again then the 2 baffling decisions that killed the game. Batley go in for a try, touch judge's stays at his flag, ref comes over and they have a brief talk and then disallowed the try, and giving head & feed at the resulting scrum??? The mind boggles. Then to cap it off a few mins later Batley go in again, same touch judge stays at his flag again.. From what we saw as it was bang in front of us, Batley player went scooting in from close, Sheffield ripped out, Batley player re gathers to score.. Oh no he didn't according the touch judge.. This killed Batley's chances of a come back, if both tries had been given which they should have Batley would have been in the lead, shortly after the baffling decisions, Sheffield broke away and scored another full length try.. Game over. Talking to a Batley fan about Sheffield he said Sheffield had send a couple of player out on loan so he could bring more saints players in.. How ever true I don't know.. But Adam swift played.. Bit of a step down from catalans.. Bent as a 10 bob note is tubbywhen it comes shuffling his pack. I'm expecting when we play Sheffield the team will have a couple of first tamers in Time for a restructure Time to end dual reg Loans are season long (unless injury forces a return) Games on its AR.Se if honest Not enough quality players available To sign, injuries have decimated teams, Batley are struggling with injuries So if it's OK by Kevin I'd like to cancel Leigh coming next week and play Batley instead
  5. coolie

    Toronto away

    It's my holidays Day 1 Setting off tomorrow by train Stopping in a 1 star hotel at Huddersfield, evening at whatever they're calling the stadium this week.. When I rung up to book the young lass had never heard of the Galpharm Stadium, Blagged my way in to getting free tickets Said I was erol crabtree twin brother. Day 2 Travel back by canal barge to Dewsbury by the sea, finishing the night at hanging heaton villas, few sherberts to make the drilling were gonna get in Toronto a little more palatable. Day 3 A steady stroll to the mount, avoiding camels, goats.. And the odd elephant Finally arriving at the black hole of Batley... Mount pleasant.. Why it was named that I do not know... But they must have had a cracking sense of humour... Where quietly I'll be cheering on Batley to destroy Sheffield and do us a favour, then finally return home to my castle in Earlsheaton and reminiss what a fabulous weekend I've had... And not got my wallet out once
  6. coolie

    Toronto away

    Had my Jabs... Check Translation book... Check Pockets sewn up.... Check Peg for the nose... Check Dark glass's.... Check Motion sickness tablets.. Check Antidote if bitten.... Check Batley translation book... Check Passport.... Check Ear protectors to shut out Batley chants... Definitely check I'm ready
  7. coolie

    Toronto away

    I'll be there along with piggy We're due a catch up
  8. coolie

    Toronto away

    I've heard Vivian is filling in as hooker, chilli is prop, Ady Marsh at fullback..Yvonne is playing loose... Forward I guess However true this is I can't confirm... But its sounds about right.. Just think next season we won't have to play them at all
  9. coolie

    A D M

    Lol that was me lol Fans have a fair few problems with the stewards.. I have myself had a go about unjust actions they have took. No stewards were on station at the kick off, stewards seem only interested in policing home fans, and on Sunday there was extremely low number if any policing the beaumont stand, Batley under the leadership of their chief steward do they're home matches and always have.. I find it strange that we had to switch to a contractor, when Batley didn't, same league, same rules, same competition. Personally I thought the new stewards were brought in to cut down shall we say "a difference in figures" I think that this situation needs to be addressed by Tony scargill and clarified with kirklees regarding.. How Batley and dewsbury are been treated differently. Big difference us spending £1500 a match, compared with Batley's £300 per game. You gotta break eggs to make an omelette... Not sit back and wait for them to hatch.
  10. coolie

    Toronto away

    Wishing all our fans traveling a safe journey, you are all ambassadors for our great club, even the thought of getting hammered has not dampened your enthusiasm Stay safe & enjoy.
  11. coolie

    Dewsbury v Featherstone

    I promise if we win, I will not gloat nor wind up any featherstone rovers fan, I will conduct myself in a proper manner Without ridicule or unfounded reference's to hillbillies, banjo playing, 6 finger hands, 3 eyed fish, brother & sister romances. Yeah right
  12. coolie

    fevnut's blog: Dewsbury v Fev

    Wilde, thackeray, lockwood
  13. coolie

    Free Rugby Fix

    Chris sykes's band.. Big Ram's supporter As fans we need to support this event No excuse not to go.. It's for FREE And bearing in mind, they're playing Sheffield, and need the South Yorkshire gipsies to lose. Support the gods Support Batley.. Only a little thou Support the event My old man used to say "lad you get for free in life" Seems he was bang on Lol
  14. coolie

    Relegation Seasons

    Wish there was a photo of that mccorquindale kick cos you'd see a 14 year old coolie head over the white railings using his vast knowledge of insults and swear words trying to put him off.. And still he kicked it, just shows however how many words you throw at a focused player.. It's all in vain
  15. coolie

    Batley, Summer Bash

    For me it doesn't matter if its 1 or a1000 Only important numbers are 2 point's.. Unfortunately nothing more And desperately nothing less