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  1. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Well we know where Griffin is going Protential targets for the "Toronto 3" Will be Featherstone Leigh Hull kr And seeing Toronto are now short of props.. Prices will go thru the roof
  2. Stadium naming rights

    Now for me if Tetleys ain't coughing up owt to keep their brand on the stadium we should remove it. Fleetmaster & YBS currently do great things for the club How about Fleetmaster YBS sports village And whoever contributes the most gets their name first Think about it like this The ground is your daughter, you don't want just anybody having her march down the aisle. You want the best deal for all concerned Including the dowry
  3. Stadium naming rights

    Lipsmackin' thirstquenchin' acetastin' motivatin' goodbuzzin' cooltalkin' highwalkin' fastlivin' evergivin' coolfizzin' Pepsi stadium . It's just as long Tom
  4. Stadium naming rights

    So it's a straight forward decision A pretty name that has heritage but brings nothing but nostalgia Verses Getting a sponsor for the ground giving us an opportunity to make money and take the club forward I still like the mining connection thou "the jam butty mines stadium " That will tickle someone's stick
  5. Stadium naming rights

    If I did that You might not get it this season
  6. Stadium naming rights

    Now I'm of the opposite view Rugby league is on its backside, the impending loss of funding because of greedy super league wanting more could be the death nail for a few clubs who rely on this money to survive. I'm of the view if there is an opportunity to make money for nothing its gotta be looked at. If renaming the stadium is gonna bring in 10k,youve gotta take it. Obviously if "sexy Cindy's brothel of delights" want to sponsor the ground we would have to decline regardless of money involved. Which is a shame really because the fun value would be immense lol Radio leeds "let's see what's going on at Cindy's brothel of delights stadium" The wife "where you going this aft" "I'm off down Cindy's brothel for a fix of excitement for a couple of hours" Way I look at it is this If it's yours.. Sell it.. Ain't as if your not going to keep it. If it's yours.. Promote it If it's yours... Use it to the max to generate revenue If it's yours.. Give a little away to get more back. And most of all If it's yours... Do the flaming thing justice Younger fans won't even know there was a colliery there... And next question from them would be "dad what's a colliery" I'd rather it be called something that relates to the future Tesla stadium Xbox one stadium And it brings in a few quid Plus any affiliation to shaw cross will only benefit the boys club in my view.
  7. Season Ticket still not arrived

    I was thinking more on the lines of dinosaur preservation A safe environment where the species is protected and can roam free Oh wait... It is
  8. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Think we might have to rename the ground to The jurassic park stadium
  9. Season Ticket still not arrived

    Hirstyram Contact the club, tell them coolie will collect the season ticket from the office, and I will personally deliver the ticket to you dad in Mirfield ok This ##### saga has gone on now too long and should have been rectified immediately mate.
  10. Stadium naming rights

    You win the lottery You will suddenly be my best mate .... Nevermind piggy
  11. Stadium naming rights

    Well seeing we need 25k to sign 2 players Giving the rights to someone would virtually cover the money Fleet master stadium Worth a punt
  12. Izaac Farrell

    Any score as yet?? Expect Batley to win today
  13. Wakey friendly

    Thought Batley were specialists in Puddings Not pies
  14. Sheffield away Good Friday.

    Simply boycott the new ground It's not fit for championship rugby league, £20 in to stand at the side of a artificial pitch with little/no elevated viewing. Don't moan... Just don't go.. Easy
  15. (Will It Be A) Happy New Year

    And this is why the club will be reviving that popular 70's game Spot the fan Where you receive a photo of the ground And simply put crosses on the photo where you think the away fans are This promotion does not have any connect to Little Woods or Vernon's First prize is a car or cash equivalent