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  1. Yup the bridge's over owl lane certainly got blown up kwai style years back,in fact we've very little affiliation to any of the club's like Thornhill, Dewsbury moor & celtic, shaw batley there's always a prominent show of batley boy's tops & young lads running around with a a club think a lot of people are feeling disconnected (I certainly am) were bobbing in the water with not a breath of wind in our sails.
  2. Batley have a far better relationship with shaw cross than we do...
  3. Think it's aston's desperation that's brought this match made in hell together Just think a drowning man will cling to a tu,rd if it floats
  4. They are totally different Ones a god forsaken rat hole,filled with desperate people And the other is in Syria
  5. Our fathers who ain't from batley,hallowed is the turf,thy ground will never get done,this season or ever,give us our daily dread,and forgive who don't see the light,lead us not into temptation in extending contracts,but deliverance from hilbillies from ova t'hill,for Dewsbury is our Kingdom,the power & and at least some glory,for ever & ever....amen
  6. So how come these bedfellows are shacking it up together?? Gotta be something init for them both.
  7. Except the devil in red Beaumont zeebug
  8. I regard it as bad news for Dewsbury, Oldham,Rochdale, Swinton & Bradford Most fan's had a warm glow of karma been served up to the Eagle's, years of the rules been bent to fit their situation, tipped by many to struggle this season this link up is a real shot in the arm for them and could seriously make a difference to their 2017 campaign. Think our campaign is hinged on what we get from Wakefield in a key position.
  9. Heard jamie was better linesman before is playing career went up in a puff of smoke,hopefully he'll rise from the hash's & turn into the referee weed all expect him to become
  10. The same one with a nasty habit at one time??
  11. Reading reports this morning on the net that everybody's favourite 12 year old referee (well he looks that age to all the wrinkles) has decided to call it a day tooting his whistle & infuriating most of the rugby league family at some stage. Problems and reports of bullying surround the RFL and various cover ups & pay offs to keep things out of the limelight. The day must be coming where these clowns are removed and held accountable for the actions in bringing the game to where we are today... Can we seriously absorb another ref calling it a day??
  12. And the mother of all memories Scarborough one cold Monday night... You had to be there for 2 flashes of brilliance.
  13. I would simply go where my dear friends go who I've been around for so many years, as going to watch the ram's is more than just watching a rugby match,it's more like visiting family. Good friendships have been bonded through one cause, supporting the Dewsbury ram's whether in the guise of the ram's or Dewsbury RLFC, the journey we've made through good times & bad times has been a rollercoaster ride at times, along the journey we've had great times we've all enjoyed and all have fond memories of..however silly,the ridiculous slope at Horwich, the beautiful pies at chorley,my last conversation with Mr farrow senior at runcorn, threatened with death at the boulevard, Paul durnin's try at Rochdale, Andy cooper running out at Rochdale's old ground and twisting his ankle before kick off,Greg Pearce missing a last minute conversion at Oldham,the classic 3-2 victory vs hull kr & shutty got sent off,Nottingham at the velodrome, Mansfield and the first ever pub I saw with sawdust & a spitune, the mighty brawl at York,Neil holding breaking all our hearts at headingley, and our hearts been filled at gig lane,so many memories spent with so many good friends over the 43 years of supporting "OUR TEAM " Nothing will ever compare to friends,family & Dewsbury Ram's... Ever.
  14. We won't sign him Unless he's a hooker
  15. Think it's more of a opportunity for the Bradford players to get into the shop the place is crawling with reps from other clubs pecking at the carcass