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  1. Whitehaven

    Yeah deserved the win did Whitehaven They might draw Halifax in the next round...... Oh wait
  2. Whitehaven

    Was there really only 606 at the mount?? Wonder why Leigh only brought 500 Weather must have been bad in Lancashire Joking apart its a pretty poor show for the challenge Cup games. I still say and main it's gotta be a open draw from from round 1 to add some magic back to the trophy It feels like the super league clubs come in at the quarter final stage Magic has gone for the little clubs
  3. Whitehaven

    Workington vs London At least the London fans can get a taxi to Workington And even have room for a couple of hitchhikers on the way
  4. Whitehaven

    My concern is another Cumbrian game called off a few hours before kick off Costing another sizeable chunk of wasted money. Weather predictions over night are bad With the temperature not getting above freezing point here and in Cumbria.
  5. Codebreakers.......

    Eye Eye captain I'll do my best to keep up The one eyed man is king In the land of the blind
  6. Another 7

    Don't knock it It shows Neil Kelly's view That halfbacks are important in a team Unlike that other bloke we had (can't remember his name proving therapy does work in some cases) Where halfbacks were not really important to the dynamics to a team.
  7. Codebreakers.......

    Typical one eyed view on things Get well soon Harold
  8. Brooklands bar

    So did anybody go?? Like a revue?
  9. Good Friday

    Well just think if we win They'll be plenty of HOT CROSS BUMS
  10. Do we know...

    6.30pm no good to me My tag says I cannot go out in batley after 7pm. Have the fans to take a torch a piece To illuminate the field??
  11. Good Friday

    Are Batley going to ship some floodlights in.. Or do we have to take a bulb each?
  12. Rugby am

    I didn't realise rugby am had jumped ship.. Thanks for the info
  13. Rugby am

    It's on the made in Leeds Channel on free view.
  14. Backpool tickets

    The size of the crowd will be pathetic
  15. Dewsbury v Wolfpack

    After a conversation with Paul Harrison Batley are running the same offer to Dewsbury fan's, so I'd say the offer is active for Batley fans at dewsbury, but you have to go to reception show your Batley season ticket and you will be presented with a ticket.