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  1. coolie

    Leigh v Batley

    This is why I never bet on rugby league lol A least my score prediction was right at kick off lol
  2. coolie

    Rochdale away

    Send him to hemel on loan Gets more and more like that old western cowboy who rides into town, sits at the card table, drinking free whisky, and when the locals say "are you going to help us" he tips his hat and says "the name is tex, tex pi$$"... And he does.
  3. coolie

    Rochdale away

    This game in its purest form Win = £25,000 Lose = - £25,000 Doesnt come any simpler than that
  4. coolie

    Bulldog inbound Toby Everett

    Good luck to Toby and all the best, lacks aggression & breakthru power, steady lad & no pot breaker, he'll be fine this lad Think his move to batley is to have a dig at Dewsbury rather than money, I'm sure he would have been cut this season anyway, so better to jump rather than been pushed. Ram's fans will wish him well regardless who he signed for.. Even Batley The DVD of "Toby everett's big hits, great trys & barn storming busting the line" is probably the shortest dvd ever compiled, and gives the DVD of "Brendan Hills long range trys" a run for its money"
  5. coolie

    Leigh v Batley

    That Moroccan black snuff you take, must be top notch grade 1 stuff Closest Batley will get will be 0-0 at kick off You have my concent to smash them to bits Cos we've got them the week after
  6. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    For me... As a non boozer You've to listen for what the fans want and set your stall accordingly.
  7. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    I've had a word with the powers that be, and San Miguel will be available in the southstand.. Might be bottles or cans at first to see if its viable to get a barrel in there,so the more you sup of it, it maybe a good idea to get rat-arsed at the first few games net season to strengthen your case for a barrel.
  8. coolie

    The Dewsbury Faithful

    Thank you Andy
  9. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    Lol The stewards read... Come on going a bit extreme there mate lol You'll be fine I'll have a word with the powers that be, and see if its possible to get some bottles or cans over in the amber ribbon bar if that's OK, wouldn't want colonel klink and the rest of the third reich searching every crevice for contraband. Out of curiosity do they sell San Miguel in the Royal suite??
  10. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    What concerns me about this practice is buying alcohol in the Bailey bar (outside the ground) then walking around outside, to gain entry into the southstand, thought the stewards would have refused entry?? It also sets a dangerous precedence that bringing your own beer into the ground is acceptable, if that's the case bring your own San Miguel lol
  11. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    I was under illusion that we was out of contract with tetleys, So why can't we buy in a few cans or bottles to service those fan's who have a specific preference??
  12. coolie

    The Dewsbury Faithful

    Thank you mate and it's very much appreciated is your kind offer. At the amber ribbon meeting tonight This happened Big thank you & special thanks to Richard Grayson for getting us over the line tonight, The Dewsbury Faithful are up and running for the 2019 season thanks We're still taking donations for the Faithful and any excess myself and Graham Fisher will be asking you all for ideas for the rest of the money after securing the kicking tee sponsorship and jode sherriff sponsorship. Just give what you can, and if you drop it in the office I'll collect it from there Thank you
  13. coolie

    The Dewsbury Faithful

    More personal thank you's to fans who have already donated, Zaria Delaney, Ady Marsh, Peter Marsden, Alf King, Dean Mountain, Richard Benson, Steven Benson, Chris Sykes, Andy Miles.. Thank you all for your valuable support and appreciate everyone's contribution's thank you
  14. coolie

    Batley v Rochdale

    Have a great holiday mate And watch out for the ladyboys
  15. coolie

    Barrow predictions ;

    I was dreading the jode sherriff situation... All I could think was.. Sent off jode sherriff sponsored by the Dewsbury Faithful lol He was lucky.. But hey, Bart time we had a bit of luck