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  1. Rectified it cheers Batley was playing in white shirts with a red V wasn't they
  2. Reality check time for Batley fan's Today you played a team that were far superior to your team,we got thumped in Toronto but we're not moaning about that, sometimes the game is lost before the kick off,and today you got beat at the toss of a coin ,going up hill first would have gave you a glimmer of hope,diskin can only dig holes with the spades he has,get off his back , believe it or not Batley will not win every game sorry to shatter that illusion,and don't even start talking about relegation because it won't happen ,just go support your lads if you win,you win,if you lose its not diskins fault every team is looking for consistency ,Batley were out gunned today pure and simple ,dust yourselves down, support your lads and go again next week.
  3. I'm going and like you will cheer the dogs on. Dislike Sheffield with a passion
  4. We'll cheer on whoever puts the shirt on Don't wanna hear any negativity on here after the game however many we get beaten by. The game is a fixture we just need to get thru,target the games we can win and save our efforts for them. Good luck the boys
  5. Gove sniffing lines of a members chesticles... Theresa May or May not be involved Have sympathy for poor old Corbyn Sharing Diane Abbots crack cocaine
  6. The Bradford Bull's (how they call them that after folding) Diet Day 1 do I really need to do the Bradford Diet? Day 2 convince yourself you don't need the Bradford Diet Day 3 change your mind and do the Bradford Diet. Day 4 you endure the Bradford Diet Losing a swift 25 pounds over 80 minutes. Day 5 moan about the Diet and the loss of 25 pounds Day 6 think how lucky you was not to do the extra "car park" add-on or you'd be looking at another 5 pound loss Who says rugby league is good for you
  7. Says the child of the free love,free drugs,free soul,free music generation...oh the irony
  8. I'll be making one in to support the event And I should imagine a few more Rams will be there.
  9. Unfortunately we've dropped for the week before gig I'm hoping for everything you wished for
  10. We lost good players like Brown,Josh,Glover ,speakman a late appointment before the season opened have all added to the woes. I do think this slide in form started when we started shipping loan players in. But that was the best option for Lee a kind of quick fix that doesn't seem to work,the big balls of the team ain't standing up and taking the lead .I still believe will turn it around,but a change of approach may be needed,we cannot rely on a seasoned pro like Paul Sykes to bail us out the sh.it everytime ,4 more wins could see us safe,my concern is Swinton are on a roll,Barrow always have an edge at home, Rochdale are always capable of throwing in a good performance...and we have to play them twice if we lose them 2 games better start getting your sat-nav out for visits to places like Wales,Cumbria, Newcastle, London,Coventry ,staying positive is very difficult when a double barrelled shot gun pressed hard against your forehead.
  11. coolie

    1895 Trophy

    It's also winning pay that won't be covered by the gate,I'd be more tempted to give a bonus for beating Rochdale ,and do the same for Rochdale away,Barrow home...we need to get hungry again
  12. Rugby league becomes secondary when a candle is extinguished like Bev's has,it doesn't matter if your Batley or Dewsbury it brings pain to us all,behind the banter and Micky taking sad news brings all of us together. Condolences to Kevin & family at this heartbreaking time .
  13. coolie

    1895 Trophy

    It's all pay on the day Won't take long to count 375-425 art tops Regardless of playing the final at a empty Wembley stadium for no prize money and the next round is midweek A early exit sounds the best option so we can concentrate on the league and fight for survival. That would be the common sense approach for me,use the game to find someone who fancys a crack at halfback because we need some inspiration in that position.
  14. coolie

    Jordan Andrade

    Could the problem be fitness ??
  15. Seeing that radio Leeds will be dominated by another rhinos collapse fingers crossed. Who will be covering the game over in Lancashire please cheers
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