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  1. coolie

    Swinton Sunday

    Cheers fella thank you
  2. coolie

    Swinton Sunday

    Oi... Nowt to do with the Dewsbury Faithful, they're independent group who raise funds for the club, so we would appreciate if you could change the post to Dewsbury fan's rather than Dewsbury Faithful cheers.. I know it's a bit pedantic and the change will stop fans going"how come you've fallen out with sykes" Cheers Coolie
  3. coolie

    Batley v Rochdale 24:2:.2019

    Well that gives us hope of getting a result.. Victory Would be a massive boost Your lot will pick up their first points of the season vs Rochdale.
  4. coolie

    Batley v Rochdale 24:2:.2019

    Aye they'll be smarting.. But they're star man will be out as he's banned.. Wonder if he was absent yesterday looking at the scoreline.
  5. coolie

    Swinton Sunday

    Lol that's what you get when you say into Google shi.t team ova pennines.. First one come back as Manchester United, but it changed second go when I inserted "rugby league" lol
  6. coolie

    Swinton Sunday

    History has shown Swinton play well at our ground when needs must... This game certainly falls into that bracket, 2 teams who will be desperate for their first win. On paper we have a better squad & individually better player vs player, but has we know this means diddly squat when it's team vs team for 80 minutes.. Today the victory will go to who wants it more, who turns up, who fights for 80 mins to bring 2 points home, if we don't and lose the road will be a hard one for the rest of the season.. Today its no surrender, its no petrol left in the tank, and certainly no "what if's" Dewsbury 28 Rochdale 16 Sykes sin binned Adam Ryder try And a dust up between Trout & Acton Big games from Sam Day & Robbie Ward today. ATT 857 and a half time draw winner from the southstand.
  7. coolie

    Swinton "Special Offer" .......

    The offer between Dewsbury & Batley is active I believe according to Kevin Nicholas on the Batley forum.
  8. coolie

    Swinton "Special Offer" .......

    That's what Batley did Unfortunately the fiver is a tenner now I went for a fiver and spent another tenner in bars & food... So that's £15 lost.
  9. coolie

    Swinton "Special Offer" .......

    There is nothing wrong with been proactive at all, and the biggest crime is not trying to expand the clubs support, the baffling bit was where the offer was directed at, yes Bradford I can see that, Sheffield I cannot see that, maybe a community based offer may have been a better option rather than offering a discount to fans of other clubs who won't travel in any numbers, I thought the objective was to expend our own fan base, not milk other teams fans for a tenner.
  10. coolie

    Swinton "Special Offer" .......

    Baffled if honest Targeting Sheffield & Bradford fans in any deal is a odd one, yes they play Friday night which leaves them kicking their heels on Sunday afternoon.. But the world club challenge is on TV with a kick off 7pm,so I cannot see Sheffield or Bradford traveling in any numbers. Super league season ticket holders get in for £10 anyway. Struggling with the logic of this offer.
  11. coolie

    Featherstone v Batley match thread

    So with that statement your saying featherstone fans are glory hunting fair weather supporters.. Well I would never jump to such a conclusion... Fair play for the confession
  12. coolie

    Dewsbury Faithful Update 26/1/2019

    A massive thank you for the shirts and when the time comes we can raise some valuable funds for a good cause at the Ram's.. Again a big thank you.
  13. coolie

    Beating ourselves...............

    Lads did well and showed character when they fell behind to come back and score even with 12 men. Things that need to stop Stupid penalties And the main one Gobbing for 80 minutes in the refs ear, Whether the calls are bad or wrong Stop doing it, simply shake your head and walk away. Every exchange with the ref is gonna hurt the team. For a first run out they did good and will grow.
  14. coolie

    Joe Batchelor

    But won't be playing today apparently
  15. coolie

    Dewsbury away.

    Me too