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  1. Famous last words
  2. 4 games on tv at a guess will be Castleford vs saints Warrington vs widnes Salford vs hull kr Hull vs catalans
  3. Really??
  4. Poorly supported the challenge cup,be interesting to see if Wakefield demand a price increase or/and a Friday night kick off 2000 will be good for this game
  5. To say this is "a must win game" is the biggest understatement since the black death was simple put down to "its just a cold and you'll be reight in the morning " Hoping and praying for a victory.. And this is one of those big steps to getting out of the doo doo Will settle for ram's by 1
  6. Woo tickets at discounted price's from West Yorkshire finest tout
  7. I know he just has
  8. You'll be fine I'm sure The rate of decent is quite worrying,as your getting to where we was after 3've managed it in about 8 games Always have low expectations... Then your seldom disappointed
  9. The moaning Will start when the club move it to Friday night to accommodate a super league club...specially from over the pennines
  10. Chris we got to the semi final we wouldn't be on tv mate I'm hoping leeds,saints,Castleford, Hull,Salford,Warrington all get drawn together.
  11. Nar mate even if we go down We can always raise a smile when it comes to Batley's struggles If they don't make the top 4,and we go down..they'll be more upset than us robin
  12. Just think of all the fan's
  13. I'd like cas,Leeds,Hull at home
  14. Batley's problems in a nutshell. Your victims of your own success, after last year you should have set your goals lower...merely setting out to avoid relegation then anything above that would have been a bonus,diskin is not a kear so forget picking up where you left off last season,forget top 4 and take the pressure off players,for me this season a sixth place finish is where you should be realistic of've had your holiday in the sun last season..this season it will be Skeg Vegas... Where we are having a camping holiday in Withernsea in the pizzing down rain Ya aiming too high and getting giddy
  15. Play it at tetley stadium Bulldogs can't win there