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  1. Think I missed "apart from" How's the new ground coming along??
  2. Beakers over the valley have to have lids on them so they don't spill their shandy in their crisps..
  3. We could have done with a winger Sunday To be fair to potts I didn't think he did bad Unlike...Mrs brown's boys useless (irish twang)!!!
  4. Specially when proved wrong We'll see
  5. I'd think rob won't be used in every game..more as and when required to let him play longer.
  6. Everyone had a storming game yesterday, Knowles fitted in very well,we looked like a team.. One player for me didn't play very well at all and is now."our weak link" as tries we concede seem to somehow gravitate towards him. I'll let you draw your own conclusions who it it.
  7. Well done swinton great result for you. Even spelly got a mention on the radio
  8. Wow wrong twice in 2 days Let me jot this down on the calendar
  9. Big thank you to Featherstone for Mr Knowles.. Fabulous performance today And congratulations on scraping into the middle 's by the skin of your teeth
  10. Precisely I'm sure a trip to halifax in the 8's is far more appealing were every single point will count...just depends if the RFL want toulouse in the 8's.. Or should we say sky, at the clash would be at catalans and sky buy in the game from the French.
  11. He was baba last time we had him and thought he's only been at batley and Sheffield so he's hardly going to improved his game
  12. He's hooking Sunday
  13. Threads about a bunch of old wrinklys reminiscing about all the stuff we used to eat...the meals were just Offal
  14. Spent many a Saturday morning queuing up at heys on the market near the little ice cream finally get to.the front and my gran "elder,honeycomb & cow heel please" and occasionally she would get something that only resembled carpet underlay..god knows what it's name was grey and squiggly.. It might have had the word " beef " in its name, didn't mind honeycomb with lashings of pepper & vinegar Those were the days
  15. If he's dealing tripe Shouldn't it be PigHEY'S mate One for the oldies of Dewsbury