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  1. Thanks for the memories..........

    Who's helped dewsbury out a couple of times and has a good working relationship with MS Let's not confuse passion with stupidity
  2. Thanks for the memories..........

    In a sadistic kinda way I want catalans to be relegated.. For these reasons Derek beaumont has put his heart, soul, and large amounts of money to put his team in super league, fans bought into his dream and after only one season they could face the drop, which could destroy a heart land club. Let's not forget at one time teams got promoted to the top table for free and everybody regardless of ground, circumstances, fan Base got a crack at playing the big boys. If you had 2 parachutes on a plane that was crashing.. Who would you like to see saved Leigh or catalans Leigh everytime for me. Yes I know catalans in the championship would make it hard But we follow a sport where there is winners and losers, relegation and promotion.. And I wouldn't change that
  3. Why did we spend £10k......

    Ridiculous post Where in batley are you going to find 2 people who can count?? And don't say dewsbury As both of ours are busy on Sundays
  4. Send Sheffield

    Hiding to nowt Too much of an advantage to toulouse Think we all would have preferred halifax
  5. Send Sheffield

    Well your only payday will be share of the gate, even the most flushed Batley fans will be pondering after only been there a couple of weeks ago
  6. Send Sheffield

    If I was diskin I'd be putting out a scratched team tomorrow Castleford style, and letting Sheffield win Plate final in toulouse No prize money 300 touch for fans to travel Let Sheffield go and properly break their bank lol
  7. Wakefield to stay at Belle Vue

    I was thinking more Shut up & sell up lol
  8. Wakefield to stay at Belle Vue

    Well maybe Wakefields solution is staring us in the face Move to odsal Become Wakeford bullcats and every body is happy Bull's back in super league Wakefield have a new home (I know it's only transplanting one shi'thole for another" RFL get a guaranteed income from rent Winner winner chicken dinner
  9. 2018 Squad confirmed

    They celebrate owt in batley Walking on commercial street yesterday I heard a round of applause as I walked past greggs, the children were cheering, the grown ups whooping I asked "what's going on?" An old lad jumping up and down screamed "the pasties are coming out the oven" Simple pleasures for simple minds... And no Jim kerr wasn't there
  10. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Look up alternative reality lol
  11. 2018 Membership news

    Let's put this in a way that all dewsbury fans gain by joining the amber ribbon. There is a lot of ventures that will be happening around the club catering for all fans, we've got this lovely bar that's only used on match days, the amber ribbon are now working tirelessly to make the most of the bar and will be holding various events over the coming months and season, there will be exclusive events solely for "amber ribbon members only" the saving of joining on season tickets alone makes it a no brainer.. Personally I like to think if we've 300 hardcore fans we'd have 300 members in amber ribbon.... It's £5 to join and together we can create something special, a legacy for the next generation of fans to take over what we all have started. Cheers Coolie
  12. 2018 Squad confirmed

    Wow the loss of hemingway is massive and we will not recover from the loss of our marquee signing and star performer over the last 4 years.... Meanwhile in an alternative reality We won't miss him I'm sure
  13. Wakefield to stay at Belle Vue

    They will stay there until the council either build them a new ground or carter wins the euro millions Their not will to accept an alternative
  14. Oldham game

    Like a jekyll stocking Yes I know it was borderline that comment
  15. Oldham game

    Wasn't that a hit for Madonna???