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  1. Lol I always thought featherstone was Castlefords over spill enclave
  2. And while we're addressing the subject of thick Your ice mark is a hell of a lot thinner than ours, Let's wait and see The next 3 months is going to be interesting
  3. Actually we've 9 players signed on So your gonna be bugg,erd counting them when we get past 10 Unless you take your socks off And then you can count to 22
  4. David Moyes or Steve mcClaren For me.. Because I can't split them for been rubbish It will soon be January lads & lasses
  5. coolie

    Players For 2019

    Don't be getting your hopes up mi lad, might be another hooker The towns full of them apparently
  6. coolie

    How long has Ian Hardman been a Fev player?

    That's possible the longest thing I've read since my days at Bywell junior school.. Do miss those Janet & John books Anyway is hardman going into retirement? Been a great servant to featherstone, much under rated... We're looking for a fullback
  7. coolie

    How long has Ian Hardman been a Fev player?

    This could be the longs thread ever
  8. coolie

    How long has Ian Hardman been a Fev player?

    My lawn needs cutting and seeing you've got so much time on your hands you would be available to do it Good effort though mate
  9. coolie

    Pre-season Yorkshire Cup

    So let me get things right We're gonna have 2 double headers One at Bradford, the other at featherstone, so does that mean Bradford & featherstone will be kept apart?, is this to secure a final with a decent attendance, what happened to an open draw? Or will it be a round Robin little league with 4 teams in each group all having a home game? Lots of questions need answering before taking this forward Great idea.... But Will it bring any financial benefits against having 3 friendlly's at home I'm not sure. Also the prospect of yet another Dewsbury vs Batley game doesn't sit well with both sides of the valley I'd say.
  10. coolie

    Duffy wants Leigh job?

    Blocked him or died?? ;
  11. coolie

    Boxing day

    It's hi karate & the shirt is not 15 years old.. It's 14 and a half mi laddo
  12. coolie


    Leaves 8 As featherstone play fev lions in the champions league capstan full strength Cup.
  13. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    Unfortunately tea cannot be served in the southstand due to the franchise, same applies to soft drinks in the southstand. Worlds gone mad!!!
  14. coolie

    San Miguel in south stand bar

    And won't be the last time now
  15. coolie

    Interesting development at Sheffield

    Special measures must bring in extra cash towards the salary cap.