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  1. Unlike Vichy I claim no special inside information, quite the reverse. Likewise I have refused Barney's offer to lend me his lucky rusty pin to pick with. I tossed a coin to see if I should toss a coin, and lost. So, it all comes down to what I think might happen, possibly ... ... then as I was about to post Farmduck jumped in before me as I was typing and a message came up to see his post... and worryingly I was typing a list of teams that it turns out matches his ... oh dear ... I think my fate is sealed... Winners: Roosters Panthers Broncos Sea Eagles Eels Cowboys Storm Dragons Points: 350 Poll 1 team Away Wins: 3 Here's to a great competition this week.
  2. So far he's not in my seventeen. If he's out this week it would be unusual. Whatever, I think we can adopt a wait and see how he goes approach.
  3. Phil Gould is outraged that Sam Thaiday has been fined for his disgraceful (my word) thumb grab saying it sets a precedent so that players will start wearing bandages, guards and pads etc to somehow entice opponents to commit indiscretions and so be punished like Thaiday. What an idiotic stance Gould. It was well known that Jesse Bromwich had a significant thumb injury. The strapping on it was just and outward sign. Thaiday did not have to grab the injured thumb, he chose specifically to do it and kept hold and kept pulling so that Jesse had to grip his own hand to stop Thaiday wrenching and causing more damage. The punishment was at least appropriate or light. For Gould to be outraged, reflects poorly on himself.
  4. R Jennings has impressed me when watching games. I believe from memory his last score wasn't as high as previous games this season. I know he's a 'trending' player with a lot going for hin while he's still a good price. He's good value for money on form to date. I guess it depends what your team priorities are. I've got one piece of dead wood I want out, and Jennings doesn't cover that position.
  5. Norman must be the most bought in player this week. One or two of my cheapies are still to bring me some money in.
  6. Good numbers. It'd be great if it could reach 20,000. It's a figure that is tantalisingly close! There's been more away games than home so far. Storm seem to do everything they can to sell themselves, the game and make match day an enjoyable event. Could they do any more?
  7. How poor is that if true? Why should the NRL cough up to bail Segeyaro out? You'd think they wouldn't want to pay money to potentially advantage Sharks and encourage yet more players to treat contracts with contempt. I hope not.
  8. I don't miss the Monday game from a practical point of view. I can get all the round's comps and ladders completed and rounded up normally during Sunday, leaving my Mondays clear, apart from the final Supercoaches standings. I can see it from your point of view though. Here's to the clocks changing!
  9. Yes the timings of the live coverage here is not as good this season as in the last few seasons. I've missed a few as I just can't be getting up at 5 in the morning!
  10. Very positive words as you'd expect from his new coach. Hope he doesn't throw another wobbler Shark's way. His actions have been less than professional in his dealing with a Leeds, his team mates there and their fans. Poor show, Segeyaro
  11. I'm sure Sharks will benefit from having him on the field for them this season. Can't say I'll ever see him in the same light again though after walking out on his previous club. I hope Leeds have got decent money for him as compensation. I feel he's got off lightly.
  12. You were quiet last weekend Irish Saint. Busy at work or otherwise engaged? Just fishing like...
  13. Jordan McLean has told Melbourne Storm he is leaving at the end of this season. He came through the club's development system. Disappointing news. Wonder where he's going?
  14. It say's Australia's first rectangular field club? What do they mean by that. It can't be the first rectangular stadium - what about AAMI Park Melbourne. Is this a subtlety of the aussie language and phraseology that has defeated me? Maybe somebody could explain it to me.