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  1. 16-14 Roosters Close!
  2. On the back of a free gift of a ball.
  3. Vichy's pal has scored. Ferguson in for a try. Why check that?
  4. 12 all with kick to come. Cowboys have a shot at the lead. They haven't read the script then.
  5. Hell he meant it Watson, Futts.
  6. Roosters stepped up a gear. Creating chances and a nice try Cordner is good! Try for Connor Watson
  7. He has lovely soft hands apparently
  8. Latrell Mitchell over! Roosters get some possession in a good place after the penalty and...... score. Great jump but defence in each other's way.
  9. No Gus, it's RESpite not resPITE
  10. Rooosters really under the cosh. Have they the character to fight back?