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  1. Israel Folau - Article headline suggested he'll likely return to NRL Early days. He'd be daft to limit his options. Guess he'll only settle for the highest bidder. Sensible approach.
  2. Please click on the image to make it a bit bigger and so easier to read. How tough was that round for openers for some of us - well me anyway! Comments from you welcome. What were your successes or failures? Feelings on that first round?
  3. This isn't the format I'll normally use here this season, but as I've been away I couldn't access the R1 ladder I wanted as it has already got some R2 results worked into it.
  4. NRL Tipping Competition Ladder 2018 After Round 1 Total Number of Correct Tips 1 Farmduck 6 2 Barney 5 3= Graham 4 3= RL Winger 4 3= Rugby Female 4 3= Southstander13 4 3= Vichyssoise 4 8 Irish Saint 2 9 StormGirl 1 The earliest of early days. Join in the fun everyone asap.
  5. Seems I missed a good Roosters performance earlier. Sounds like Luke Keary returning made a big difference.
  6. Broncos win that. Man of the match: Goal Post
  7. Broncos hold on then. Their tackling has been brilliant. They could have been pipped here
  8. Well Cowboys could have won this one there, but the Broncos trained goal post stepped in!
  9. Pengai would make a good salesman.
  10. Pervvy cameraman at it again
  11. G...G...G... good grief