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  1. Big occasion, big crowd, great atmosphere as Panthers take a 2 point lead via a penalty goal.
  2. Looking at those team sheets it’s no wonder the two teams are at the top of the ladder. Some great match ups there from top to bottom.
  3. Burgesseseseses all playing well this season. Twins form and handling much better.
  4. Back viewing for a short time.
  5. Have to go. Have a busy day ahead. Family wedding.
  6. Cops scores a try given by Bunker Boy
  7. That's what I thought when the replay was shown.
  8. 20 - 14 Roosters as Lateral Michelle runs a great line and breaks through a despairing Titans defence to score a try.
  9. Loo roll Mitchell kicks it to make it 16-14 Roosters
  10. Ash Taylor sent to kick his heals for ten minutes as Roosters get a penalty
  11. Jai Arrow has a shoulder injury . Okay to play on.