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  1. BARA

    Those guys turned up at short notice it wouldn't have been very nice of us to put 100 past them .We were strolling through at will at the end. Nice try by them , that was a quality move we should Nick it!
  2. BARA

    It might sound daft but i think we were trying not to score after we got to 80.
  3. New signing

    Good player just what we needed. anybody know why Scott L wasn't playing today?
  4. Predictions

    We'll finish above Haven. 4th for me.
  5. 2018 Season Launch this Friday at 7.15

    Who's saying there's a new signing?
  6. Match off

    So we should have 20 available, Curwen being the only absentee.
  7. Hock

    Forster was just the kind of player we needed last year, adding Ryan , Dawson and Wilkes we should see big improvement if any is needed from Scholey and Curwen , it's an interesting prospect. It remains to be seen if Forster can carry them again this year with an weaker squad.

    Promotion is definitely the target per Leon.
  9. Town website

    Howarth's the only one I might have wanted to keep depending on the level of truth with the Callum rumours.
  10. Town website

    We've got three halfbacks, a couple more forwards are needed.
  11. Town website

    I agree with your second sentence. It's a bit harsh of Ivans to say he didn't create gaps he was good at exactly that, better than anybody else we had. We seem to have chucked all our eggs in one basket at the minute with Newton who a fair few of us don't rate.
  12. Town website

    I was told a while ago Leon didn't want him.
  13. Town website

    He's always given 100% but I'd rather give somebody else a go. Apart from the hard yards off our line he doesn't offer much. I wouldn't be happy if I was signing Town cast offs.
  14. Fans Forum Announcement

    The gist was we've spent the budget so unless a sponsor comes forward we go with what we've got plus amateurs. He's happy with the squad And their attitude. McDowell is assistant coach plus 3. No excuses we're going for it. Mossop is in negotiations and Howarth is having an op. Defence wins games. The club has made significant payments to its creditors .
  15. T&S quiz

    See earlier thread miaow.