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  1. homeandawayer


    The DR lads were good especially Roche but also Olstrum to come back in so we shouldn't need him.
  2. homeandawayer


    Somebody should teach the Huddersfield lads our celebration song they're gonna need to know it judging by today's game. What a win! Oldham are a decent side , they never let up and we'll play better this year but that was about grinding it out . Players like Wilkes and Penky are vital.
  3. homeandawayer

    19 man Squad

    As has been said, Donnys defence was shocking first half and Thunders equally as bad second half. Teams who slack off for 20 minutes or more make it hard going so today's game will give us a better idea of who can keep their intensity the longest.. This is a tough start with Oldham slight favourites, but with Fui and Sam to come in a defeat wouldn't be a disaster.
  4. homeandawayer


    I heard Hopkins isn't available this week.
  5. homeandawayer


    Dickinson was tremendous for us last year so Hopkins would be a direct replacement. I've struggled to find Olstrum s best position but watching him the other week at hooker darting from the PTB and offloading why not? We're not short of running forwards.
  6. homeandawayer


    That debut at Donny..also wow! When we'd stopped jumping around the looks on our faces were just "did we really just watch that??
  7. homeandawayer


    Seeing as Allerdale own Oldside would they not develop the site of the training track with a Scunthorpe type low cost stadium?
  8. homeandawayer

    2019 signings

    And Kurt?
  9. homeandawayer

    new stadium - todays press

    That's what Les said today about July.
  10. homeandawayer

    Moi moi

    Brilliant news, players like Fui are few and far between. Penky has a field say day off the back of his runs.
  11. homeandawayer

    Huddersfield Giants Sunday 3pm

    Litherland looks a good addition..big strong and quick.
  12. homeandawayer

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    I'd have said Forber first half and Olstrum second half.
  13. homeandawayer

    Game day

    Both sides have got decent squads so it should come down to who's the better coach. We know Charlo's plan A but does he have a plan B?
  14. homeandawayer

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    Yeah you'd worry if Miller or one of the playmakers got injured.
  15. homeandawayer

    Southward Memorial Predictions

    I'm not asking you to apologise ...I just think you're wrong and being harsh on the bloke who give his all for the blue and White. I'm guessing it's not the first time somebody's told you that 😉