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  1. Tommos before my time! He was loose forward in my days at Broughton RR , still a good player then.
  2. I could pick any combination of the great players already mentioned , so here's a second team instead who weren't stars but either deserve honourable mentions or showed great promise for a short time : 1. Briscoe 2. Pape 3. Hetherington 4. Penrice 5. Lewthwaite 6. Boylan 7. Manihera 8. Okesene 9. Lunt 10. Falcon 11. McMullen 12. Holgate 13. Walsh 14. Watson 15. Thackray 16. Oglanby 17. Charters
  3. I'm not sure Dan's bothered about rugby , 18 holes round Maryport links is more his thing now I reckon.
  4. Nobody on our coaching team read this obviously.
  5. So you'd have a player back who could get himself sent off/banned at any minute IF he turns up at all? I'm also going against the grain on everyone's opinion of the coach, he didn't make Jamie miss the kick through against Haven or make Callum give the penalty away against Donny. Game management is a popular phrase at the moment and it's something we need to learn but with virtually a new team the style of rugby played at DP this season has been the best in years . I want out of this league but I don't expect us to be a top team again so what I do want for my £15 is to be entertained. Just when I was thinking Tee was an exciting running full back he starts chucking out long flat balls to the wing ...which was never forward btw! He's worth the admission alone.
  6. They're talking about Greg Eden now but Cocker scored 35 tries that season , not just standing on the wing waiting for the final pass ,and he was probably instrumental in forcing a rule change cos a good portion of them were from kicking through at the play the ball.
  7. I'd rather not.
  8. Shame about the soft tries but they both came after stoppages and we switched off ,the rest of the defensive effort was good especially when we're always facing bigger teams. Wow Tee is a bit special, that try down the popular side when he dummied to give it to the winger was electric. Welcome back!
  9. That's fair enough but rarely can you stop a team scoring completely and in the past we've defended well conceded three tries and lost because we had no attacking flair . In an ideal world you'd do both well all the time.
  10. What do you reckon's wrong with his coaching methods? We play more attacking rugby than for years but shoot ourselves in the foot with errors and let leads slip and give leads that we have to claw back. For me we've thrown away games and fourth or fifth I would've thought was realistic.
  11. I don't know how Tom Walker's going at Barrow but I was most disappointed about losing him , he's just the sort of big lad driving down the middle that other teams have and we don't. At least now when we're letting the other teams in we're still getting the points.
  12. It's not just the RFL that must be a Theresa May soundbite.
  13. I've no problem with that , I wish people countrywide and worldwide could appreciate what a great sport it is and not just that sport they play up north. We're used to it not being a level playing field as the RFL distributed funds based on where you finished , so we've been trying to compete with teams in our league on less than half the money they were receiving.
  14. I don't think anyone's saying any of it affected the result, apart from we were a sub down because as we aren't a full time team one of our players had to go to work at halftime. It's unlikely you'll be playing us again , we'll still be trying to keep league alive in one of it's heartlands.
  15. What a great effort by our lads. The attitude was spot on, we certainly didn't give them too much respect . The tries they scored they earned until the last five minutes when the lack of subs took its toll. Worth the wait!