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  1. http://www.newsandstar.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/article/St-Benedicts-start-life-in-North-West-One-with-superb-victory-over-Leigh-74517911-9253-4bef-8a7b-94ff8a7d52d4-ds I was going on this.
  2. But a scrum half in union? Should be interesting.
  3. Coupar.
  4. Who would be the last decent player we got from the other code? The only one I can think of is Wheldon Saayman.
  5. You wouldn't expect any halfback to stop either of them close to the line so that's a deficiency as a team like you say.
  6. Gary we seem to have an abundance of outside backs which is great because our wingers never saw the ball for years, but I've been saying this since Gateshead away..it's not size we lack in the pack its power we're lacking. We saw that with Forster and McAvoy and other games where we don't have the physicality to stop tries on our line or get us down field. We can play but will struggle all season with the balance as it is.
  7. Shh we're not allowed to discuss injuries.
  8. Play them both with Howarth at loose forward.
  9. Nobody's mentioned being tackled into touch on the first tackle twice!
  10. Ritson's a big blow. I thought he'd rip up this division, but Joseph could be worse as if we're short anywhere for me it's in a bit of forward power. They're all good players but some are still developing and apart from Coward and Phillips there's not much size. Rooke at FB and Lister on the wing until JP's fit.
  11. I don't think anybody thinks there's a problem with the makeup of the squad as long as the loan players are worthy of their spot and they are. Singleton , Rooke and Mewse have had plenty of gametime and you'd have to go with experience in tough games. Having said that I'd like to see Rooke at fullback again .
  12. You're a tough audience you lot. It wasn't great but this team is a work in progress, yeah we've made mistakes and given away penalties in other games but this was a drop from what we've done so far against a team who do the basics well ...big forwards down the middle and a good number 3 ...I did tell ya. The lads are giving their all and they're young so they will make mistakes but there's a lot of talent out there . It was disappointing but we move on cut out the booting it out on the full and give them time.
  13. I was talking to Kyle's Granda who said he was struggling with the travelling so maybe not.
  14. Looking forward to seeing him play, another top local amateur signed up.
  15. So it's not true Gary? That's a relief!!! Just somebody who was talking to somebody's dad who works with somebody else's uncle ...that kinda thing.