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  1. The tackle by Bolton after the interception and follow up tackle looked like a match saver at the time. He's not big but he cut him down quickly so he could be a useful player.
  2. Dawson for me, he made huge ground everytime.
  3. I remember another game at DP against them when we scored 4 tries with the first 4 sets.
  4. I'm sure Lowden scored 4 at Elland Road Keith. Must've been another game.
  5. There were two loose passes for tries from Farrell on Saturday and Doran hasto say the least been disappointing. Playing a team who like to move the ball on a wide pitch with a team full of forwards was a recipe for disaster.
  6. Oh yeah I forgot.
  7. I'm sure we said it about Leon but he doesn't half come across well when interviewed.
  8. More recently I thought Shaun Lunt deserved more caps than he got..
  9. They were a perfect combination Kerr's explosive speed off the mark and Paddy just floated across the ground .
  10. But this way we get Thormans coaching knowledge and Ollie will probably hang up the boots at the end of this season so itll ease him into maybe taking the job fulltime next year.
  11. What a result that was in the circumstances. I'd like to know how many props have scored a hat trick! I could go on about how has it come to this where a lad who not long ago was playing looseforward finds himself on the wing and two secondrows are playing centre but that's past now and this needs to be a big week for signings. Not stopgaps but where do you get quality players halfway through a season? Hopefully Fieldhouse and Mellor are fit and Pez also limped off .
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