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  1. He looked a strong player, should do well.
  2. What number was he?
  3. Who was 16 he looked strong 2nd half? Rooke looks a great prospect he's not big but quick assured and elusive. Liam Woods got some work rate he never stopped and didn't look tired when they took him off . Not sure if Singleton's a secondrow he's got a good burst of speed. I'm none the wiser tbh but they all looked hungry to impress and got better as a team as the game went on.
  4. Well that was unexpected. All the talk was of us having no money , when they said about signing experienced players I wasn't thinking someone with that SL background. Nice one.
  5. Ritson, Hambley, Mossop, Singleton, Chamberlain (loan), Forber, Phillips, Coward, Doran, Scholey, Phillips, Szostak, Fitzimmons (loan), Fearon, Patrick, Dowsett, Curwen
  6. Thanks Gary. I'm guessing most of us on here are long-term fans and have seen every possible mistake made in terms of recruitment. It's going to be tricky hanging onto players when there's not much in the pot to offer them but it's the way to go in terms of rebuilding the club ,and as you say attitude can often outweigh talent. It seems we're always last to put a squad together which makes us twitchy but we'll be there to shout them on and hopefully see some future stars develop.
  7. I'm sure you lads know what you're doing, it just worries me from past experience that when you leave it this late if a couple you've banked on decide to go elsewhere the pot of players to choose from isn't so big. I know we can't spend what we haven't got but if we've learned anything over the last few seasons it's that you're asking for trouble with a small squad.
  8. “Ed’s been a fantastic player for us for most of the year,” Hewer told the Vikings' official website. "He’s one of the most consistent players we’ve had this season and he’s a fantastic goal-kicker. Goal-kicking had been a worry for us at the start of the season but he’s stepped up and has been fantastic for us.
  9. I'm happy we're signing BARLA tourists and it's a good league to start them off as pros in. The only worry is that we don't have enough quality leadership.
  10. I couldn't go and was pleased I couldn't. I always get excited after them about the coming season only to be disappointed. I am looking forward to seeing these young players with no pressure on them.
  11. What was "Town star heading south" in the N&S?
  12. Would you say he's a Dave Petersen type of player?
  13. We've only got 8 players signed on, even if we re-signed Carter, Coward and the Phillips brothers that's only 12. Of the remaining 13 to make a squad of 25 I'm guessing there'll be a few amateurs but obviously we'll need some players from elsewhere, so how does anybody know that we're gonna be getting hammered if they don't know what we're getting? We've done well bringing Cumbrians back from SL clubs in the past like Miller and Lunt. Anyway it's a bit early to be panicking.
  14. I'm pleasantly surprised by this. He's a big player for us with his workrate but looked like he was playing on one leg when he played last year. Maybe having another op to sort it .
  15. It was pretty grim training down Papcastle Road in the middle of winter Tommo. You had to train at either end cos the middle was ankle deep mud, it toughened you up though. Craig