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  1. Keighley up next

    Look at the video and then tell us what he has supposed to have done.
  2. Knights 26 Wolfpack 16

    KiSS Facebook page
  3. Ref.

    I think he should have sent two Toronto players off rather than using the soft option of sin bin. The blatant head butt in the tackle and the head high tackle on Ash Robson were both sending off offences.
  4. Can we win promotion??

    Barends moved on to Bradford in 1977, Ron Wileman to Hull in 1979 and Steadman signed the following season.
  5. Can we win promotion??

    From that era Gary Smith, Kevin Harkin, Geoff Pryce, John Crossley and David Dunkerley are all in the York RL Hall of Fame
  6. Can we win promotion??

    I think we will beat Toronto at home, John remember 1980/81 when all the hype was about Fulham joining the league we played them at Clarence Street with a crowd of 7,500 and beat them we went on to win the league.
  7. Can we win promotion??

    Last time we won promotion we were 13 points behind the league leaders coming into the playoffs, that team "peaked" in the final against Oldham at Warrington. I believe we can achieve promotion this year.
  8. New signing

    I would prefer us to sign Liam Harris on a two year contract.
  9. Toronto

    Full credit to the Knights for the performance against Toronto. To have to play against a full time team within hours of stepping off a plane when your body thinks it is midnght is totally unfair and dangerous. The presentation from Premier Sports was appalling getting the score wrong, showing a Hunslet caption when we scored, Brian Noble biased comments, poor camera angles etc
  10. Toronto

    I have just watched the Toronto v Hunslet match on Premier they are advertising the Knights game as being shown live at 11.45 pm.
  11. Fans Forum

    Tours of the very impressive training and administration facilities were followed by presentations by Professor Andy Smith of St Johns University, Foundation Manager Neil Gulliver, Jon Flatman and James Ford showed us the technology at his disposal to analyse video.
  12. Today's game

    But they had J McMullen, Geffory Poumes, M Rossleigh, P Stockman, and R Snelson.
  13. Is this the end

    Radio York actually ran a programme after the window l****r episode. I cannot blame the employees of the Press or Radio York for not getting too involved, he is so vindictive he would stop at nothing to get someone fired if they spoke against him. As far as the future is concerned until a public announcement is made that he has wound the business up there is very little that can be done.Maybe one of the shareholders can shed some light on the current situation regarding the sale of the business.
  14. Is this the end

    Within hours of announcing the public meeting at New Earswick Folk Hall I was told by Guildford that if I didn't cancel it he would go to the Press and inform the public that I had embezzled KISS funds. Total lies. That sparked off 18 months of abuse from him ranging from the infamous w****w l****r post which he was fined by the RFL to a tirade of verbal abuse at Clifton Park, so many threatening and abusive emails that I closed down my email account. Continual snide comments from his followers and being banned from home games for alledgely bullying people with learning difficulties these are the people I take to Wembley and to away games. I was also accused off pushing a steward down the terracing at an away game. Again total lies. Some one obviously believed Guildford enough to post these lies on here and on the Press web site. In answer to the initial question am I still involved with KISS yes I am goodness knows why though!!