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  1. Tours of the very impressive training and administration facilities were followed by presentations by Professor Andy Smith of St Johns University, Foundation Manager Neil Gulliver, Jon Flatman and James Ford showed us the technology at his disposal to analyse video.
  2. But they had J McMullen, Geffory Poumes, M Rossleigh, P Stockman, and R Snelson.
  3. Radio York actually ran a programme after the window l****r episode. I cannot blame the employees of the Press or Radio York for not getting too involved, he is so vindictive he would stop at nothing to get someone fired if they spoke against him. As far as the future is concerned until a public announcement is made that he has wound the business up there is very little that can be done.Maybe one of the shareholders can shed some light on the current situation regarding the sale of the business.
  4. Within hours of announcing the public meeting at New Earswick Folk Hall I was told by Guildford that if I didn't cancel it he would go to the Press and inform the public that I had embezzled KISS funds. Total lies. That sparked off 18 months of abuse from him ranging from the infamous w****w l****r post which he was fined by the RFL to a tirade of verbal abuse at Clifton Park, so many threatening and abusive emails that I closed down my email account. Continual snide comments from his followers and being banned from home games for alledgely bullying people with learning difficulties these are the people I take to Wembley and to away games. I was also accused off pushing a steward down the terracing at an away game. Again total lies. Some one obviously believed Guildford enough to post these lies on here and on the Press web site. In answer to the initial question am I still involved with KISS yes I am goodness knows why though!!
  5. You also posted those false accusations on the Press comments under a false name which has caused me a lot of damage.
  6. "I can categorically state that I have never pushed a steward down any stairs at any sporting ground. This libellous statement is defamation of my character as is the slanderous insinuation by John Guildford that I have at any time bullied persons with learning difficulties. I expect a full written apology from persons/person circulating this false accusation"
  7. On the occasion Peter refers to the person that borrowed Alan's shoes was client of mine from South Africa he took size 10 shoes and Alan wore size 8 so he spent all night limping around Charlie Chan's nightclub and struggled to walk back to the hotel so we borrowed a shopping trolley from Sainsbury's to transport him. Great days.
  8. Photo from that era is posted on York RL Hall of Fame Facebook page
  9. Fly out Friday 1st July from Manchester spend Friday night in Frankfurt, Fly from Frankfurt to Toulouse Saturday morning Saturday and Sunday Night in Toulouse fly back to Manchester Monday evening arrive Manchester 11pm. Return train York to Manchester Airport Bed and Breakfast at both hotels plus flights get change out of £300. OR Direct flight from LHR Terminal 5 to Toulouse Friday 1st Fly back Sunday Afternoon to LHR £75 return on BA.
  10. Jack has worked hard for the club and his work in the community has been first class. I am sure I speak on behalf of KISS members and committee in wishing him a happy and successful future.
  11. Matt Blaymire was at the North Wales game does that mean he is going to sign on next season? Ex players often go to games it doesn't mean that they are going to sign on.
  12. The objective of the meeting on FEBRUARY 19th 2015 was to give Knights supporters the opportunity to see what was on offer for Rugby League at the new stadium. In the same way as York City supporters were given an opportunity to see what was on offer for Football at a meeting in the Pitchside Bar in August 2014. In terms of what the meeting achieved it highlighted that there is going to be a fantastic facility on the site of Huntington Stadium,albeit with some retail. A stadium which if the current stewards of the club had the foresight and ambition to move forwards we could have a club challenging for the top,rather than languishing in the lowest league playing at a amateur clubs ground in front of 450 people. Regrettably some people had a different agenda and used that meeting to enhance their own and others political persuasions to be critical of the Labour council in power at the time.
  13. What meeting in November ?
  14. Who are the so called "good" people who are working hard on the future of the club. You cannot be seriously referring to the owner and the board of directors who have done their utmost to destroy professional rugby league in York. What have they achieved in the seven moths since they were appointed? The team are doing well in spite of the fact that we have the most unprofessional set up. Credit to the players and coaches for that, York City Knights should not even be in this league. If the owner had invested in the future in 2005 when we first got promotion we would be at the top of the Championship looking to enter Super League at the Community Stadium. Instead we are scratching around playing at an amateur clubs ground with sponsors sat on folding dining chairs, the whole set up is actually embarrassing. Take off the rose tinted shades.