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  1. Li0nhead

    NCL Premier 2019

    Bookies opinion, other NCL leagues are available through below link: For obvious reasons Hunslet Club Parkside favs but surely nobody in a league should be shorter than even money?
  2. "very disappointed if our exit from the CC isn't at the hands of a Championship/SL club" You are a quality side but totally dismissing all the league one sides (not to mention the sides in the early rounds you will need to beat to get there) stinks of arrogance.
  3. Li0nhead

    Leigh selling players now

    Got to admit, i did not click those links either.
  4. Li0nhead

    Leigh selling players now

    Just been doing a bit of Sunday morning browsing and updates on the Leigh situation. Nothing of value to add but searched google for "leigh firesale". Anyone else get to about the 5th result in the search and result is ermmm.... Intersting?
  5. Cannot see Kells coming back
  6. Did you not hear about Beijing Bullfrogs joining Superleague?
  7. Li0nhead

    The definitive future of Super League

    You will find the moon got rejected in their SL bid over concerns about a lack of atmosphere at their home ground.
  8. We need to set our targets higher. We need to become the world number one sport. Clearly we are not going to do this by increasing crowds or playing numbers. Therefore we need to kill off players/supporters of other sports and our sport will be more popular in relation to others due to their declining numbers....
  9. Li0nhead

    God its quite on here

    Results nicked from the BBC website: Edit: I notice at least one result not on there as I was at a game not listed: East Leeds 10 Thornhill 28. Blame the BBC not me for any others missed. LADBROKES CHALLENGE CUP ROUND 1 Loughborough Univ4Bradford Dudley Hill38 London Chargers18Hammersmith Hills Hoists0 Royal Air Force12Drighlington4 Saddleworth Rangers12Thatto Heath22 Underbank Rangers16Batley Boys17 York Acorn16Askam32 Rochdale Mayfield28Crosfields0 Lock Lane48Hindley0 Featherstone Lions34Skirlaugh14 Distington32Queens24 Hunslet Club Parkside0Valley Cougars30 Leigh Miners18Myton Warriors22 University of Hull24Hensingham10 Wallsend6Pilkington Recs42 British Army48Milford Marlins10
  10. Looks like rugby league is benefitting from BetFred's fall out with horse racing: ""I gave racing the opportunity of saying, 'We don't want you as a sponsor,' and I would have walked away. They didn't take that opportunity, but as of next July we will not be sponsoring anywhere but for the exceptions of Ascot and Chelmsford."
  11. You got a handy list of which ones dont pay local taxes under the rules? HMRC could do with a copy.
  12. got one:
  13. Li0nhead

    What if England win the World Cup

    Is that not am just a normal weekend?
  14. Video of game: Watched it live from my living room