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  1. Looks like rugby league is benefitting from BetFred's fall out with horse racing: ""I gave racing the opportunity of saying, 'We don't want you as a sponsor,' and I would have walked away. They didn't take that opportunity, but as of next July we will not be sponsoring anywhere but for the exceptions of Ascot and Chelmsford."
  2. You got a handy list of which ones dont pay local taxes under the rules? HMRC could do with a copy.
  3. got one:
  4. What if England win the World Cup

    Is that not am just a normal weekend?
  5. Video of game: Watched it live from my living room
  6. Sky tv efl deal

    May as well call the others "sky sports The Rest"
  7. Twp tonight

    Whos the commentator with Nobby? Accent sounds strange, is he from Wakey?
  8. Yes, lots more by Hull than Leeds. And I hate Leeds.
  9. Hull cheap shoting a lot tonight.
  10. New TV channel

    Interesting: "Rugby League fans will be able to view select live NRL games, World Cup games in the autumn and UK Championship games. NRL highlights, the NRL Footy Show and Rugby League Back Chat will also be available free."
  11. Travelling Fans

    Number 4 on my list of "words I never expected anyone to write".
  12. Elland ARLFC

    Which then the ref is put under pressure and throws out the team warnings and other silly directives to tick boxes. When they should be allowed to referee the game as they normally would. I certainly notice a difference when an acessor is there. A sidetrack I know but a bugbear of mine.
  13. Worst episode of 'where are they now?' ever?
  14. Leigh very poor, Widnes playing ok.