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  1. Ok my personal point of view is RL below professional level should be winter and also armature sport in general is on its backside as decline in local football is on a par with our game decline in teams. But am I mistaken in thinking you used to sing the praises of Summer rugby on here, Ok my memory might be incorrect but did you not used to post stuff about great playing numbers, local football players playing for you etc?
  2. Noticed Skybet have priced up the league winners: Thoughts? Looking at it Hunslet to win Div 1 would be the obvious bet as watching them against the club I support for the last few seasons I see them as a NCL Premier standard side, (Edit: Parkside I mean of course)
  3. Leeds players will moan at a referee when something does not go their way.
  4. So the baby boomers are reaching their end? Happens to most humans in the end. Not nice I know but some people offer free pens when you consider this.
  5. Close but not quite. Had a poor end to 2016 myself. A few family related medial things over Christmas (pre-edit version of this post mentioned specifics but I decided to remove them) So a pretty rubbish end to the year. Oh and they had us in at work today, we don't normally work Sat but had to do it. Anyway happy new year.
  6. Not an insult but some people have a lot of time on their hands.
  7. Challenge cup 2017.... "Thirty-two sides will go into the draw to participate in one of the country’s oldest sporting tournaments and will form the first two rounds of the 2017 Ladbrokes Challenge Cup, which will be played on January 28 – 29 and February 11 – 12." Jan too early in this case?
  8. Just done a quick search on google maps for travel times by car from Leeds/Manchester/hull to aberdeen, times varied from 5 and a half hours to over 6 and a half hours there. Did not check return journey. Could you really see a team doing a 11 hour plus round trip every other week like they would have to. Also think of the costs of doing that.
  9. That's pretty impressive for both those clubs, essentially not having a poor side for a season in 30 years.
  10. I thought they were a amateur rugby league side.
  11. Good news. This is Rugby League you know, good news is not allowed. Remember every silver lining has a cloud.....
  12. As a Kirklees resident I disagree with that statement.
  13. **** *** *** ****** ****
  14. Is there not an opportunity to make some free money here? Loan at 3.3%- Same amount put into a Club Lloyds 4% and TSB 5% current accounts with standing orders set up between them to meet the min pay-ins. Free cash?
  15. Good to see a game like that on the BBC in a prime time spot. Ok for the cash we need Sky as our regular coverage but we need games like these to hook up the 'I will watch it if nothing else is on' type viewers.