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  1. Was the score (correction 24-8). As for the sarcastic cards comment. There were 3 yellows and one red between the two sides. (1 red and yellow thornhill, 2 yellow Fryston)
  2. 24-4 to Fryston.
  3. I got about half hour left.
  4. I will put this announcement along side the one I just heard about Wakefield looking to build their new stadium on the moon. Main concerns are the possible lack of atmosphere at the proposed stadium.
  5. Does not matter anymore, they can simply both play out of Odsal....
  6. The 2nd option is on the moon. The main concern is a possible lack of atmosphere at the ground.....
  7. If they don't like the arrangement they can always choose not to play that that stadium.
  8. This has to stop. If others start to find out how good our game is then they might start to enjoy it too. We need to pull up the drawbridge to prevent this happening and go back to having a maximum of 2 paragraphs a week on RL in a local newspaper.
  9. There is only one way to sort this out. Make the kick off 4 AM on a Tuesday. That way everyone is equally put out and unhappy about it.
  10. Was there myself as a Thornhill supporter. Haydock was the better side and won deservedly so. That 10 mins of letting in 3 tries was the difference.
  11. Ok my personal point of view is RL below professional level should be winter and also armature sport in general is on its backside as decline in local football is on a par with our game decline in teams. But am I mistaken in thinking you used to sing the praises of Summer rugby on here, Ok my memory might be incorrect but did you not used to post stuff about great playing numbers, local football players playing for you etc?
  12. Noticed Skybet have priced up the league winners: Thoughts? Looking at it Hunslet to win Div 1 would be the obvious bet as watching them against the club I support for the last few seasons I see them as a NCL Premier standard side, (Edit: Parkside I mean of course)
  13. Leeds players will moan at a referee when something does not go their way.
  14. So the baby boomers are reaching their end? Happens to most humans in the end. Not nice I know but some people offer free pens when you consider this.
  15. Close but not quite. Had a poor end to 2016 myself. A few family related medial things over Christmas (pre-edit version of this post mentioned specifics but I decided to remove them) So a pretty rubbish end to the year. Oh and they had us in at work today, we don't normally work Sat but had to do it. Anyway happy new year.