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  1. If that's what gone on I'll take back the not being good enough a contacts a contract it's bang out of order
  2. Got a feeling that record is going Mayfield to win by 18
  3. Mayfield by 9 Miners by 18 Siddal by 7
  4. There both not good enough for the championship Why take up salary cap money? Replace them with better players
  5. It's just a pity it's in France again
  6. Mayfield have had a terrible couple of weeks off the pitch and will come back stronger for don't write us off yet
  7. Think it's on the same day as the super league grand final
  8. Play offs should be awesome Mayfield to win it for me
  9. Best team won on the night, but the local officials were shocking
  10. Home advantage will be massive can't see Mayfield losing that
  11. Mayfield to win it for me
  12. Hornets have a 14 start with skybet
  13. First real test and well beat 16-40
  14. How can it not be the players fault for having cocaine in your system?
  15. The best side Mayfield played last season when we went to there place But you should win comfortably at home