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  1. ipods4ever

    Now for the final tests

    be Lucky to win one game never mind 3
  2. ipods4ever

    Today’s Results

    Mayfield normanton 32~22 good second half from Mayfield
  3. ipods4ever

    Blackbrook ARLFC

    Junior players travel from all over to play for blackbrook because of the saints links So any players not making it have no real alliance with the club and go back playing with mates at there real club
  4. ipods4ever

    Conference TV Coverage

    No snow in Rochdale just a bit of rain
  5. ipods4ever

    Games Off Saturday 3rd March

    I agree we get next to nothing on the website the more info the better
  6. ipods4ever

    Game today

    It's on good Friday at oldham rugby union oldham st Anne's v Rochdale Mayfield It usually a 11 o'clock kick off
  7. Mayfield welcome saddleworth in the semi final of the standard cup kick off 2o'clock Should be a decent game
  8. ipods4ever

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    With spurs coming (if they win tonight ) how will that affect any hornets games?
  9. ipods4ever

    Dale match off. Pitch waterlogged.

    No chance
  10. ipods4ever


    If that's what gone on I'll take back the not being good enough a contacts a contract it's bang out of order
  11. ipods4ever

    Conference Challenge Trophy Final

    Got a feeling that record is going Mayfield to win by 18
  12. Mayfield by 9 Miners by 18 Siddal by 7
  13. ipods4ever


    There both not good enough for the championship Why take up salary cap money? Replace them with better players
  14. ipods4ever


    It's just a pity it's in France again
  15. ipods4ever

    Grand Final Prediction

    Mayfield have had a terrible couple of weeks off the pitch and will come back stronger for don't write us off yet