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    fishing watching grimmer watching sharlston rovers my family all my freinds over at the Huntington stadium and the hawks. hoping grimmer does a good job over at Oldham in 2016

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  1. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    If you mean Leatherbarrow probably thinking about the next club he's going to rather than the plight of Oldham as will a few more
  2. Next season squad.

    You will be lucky to keep any centres 6 or 7 . Who will want to come there isn't an abundance of quality backs around for this div 1
  3. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Have they got a lot of injuries or is it or bust for Sunday
  4. Relegation

    And there the resemblance ends mores the pity
  5. Relegation

    How can a coach with any hind site keep picking halfbacks who in all honesty have failed miserably week in week out without trying other options beggars belief. How many times have we seen posted on here about the 5 drives and a kick mentality that every team we play knows how to defend against it but has it changed we'll decide for yourselves.Grimshaw is an out and out stand off so why sign him and never play him in that position he has the size and pace to trouble defences so give him a run with Gee try something different what if it works
  6. Relegation

    Any chance of John Sharpe taking over, a new approach is needed before the play offs or its curtains for Oldham
  7. Jon sharp sacked

    Doesn't hide the fact MC had arguably the best coach Rovers ever had modern times in DP and failed to let him control things for one reason or another but in the end it has come back and bit him severely on the ass.
  8. Jon sharp sacked

    John Sharpe Darrell Powell both top coaches and very knowledgable professionals sacked for what appears to be a conflict of personalities but in one outcome Castleford are now top of the Super League thanks to DP so good luck JS
  9. against

    Momentum dragging Oldham into the Championship 1 I'm afraid injury list gets longer and only kids from other clubs being brought in who obviously aren't up to championship standard and who haven't yet gelled with what's left of the squad.
  10. Blackpool

    Maybe it's time for Grimmer to head back over the Pennines if his experience isn't what the club are looking for after all they did sign him as a halfback but Scott has used him in the centre and in my eyes he has done a good job for the club just my thoughts guys .
  11. re, batley [homish defeat]

    I really don't think Scott Naylor see,s grimmer as a 6 even though they signed him for a halfback roll and don't forget it's nearly 2 years since he played a game in that position. Having said that I'm sure he has the ability to take on the 6 jersey once he has adjusted to the set moves and how the coach wants his stand off to play in both attack and defence. I don't think he has done a bad job in the centre having never played in that position before so he is just happy to be part of the team no matter where he is told to do a job .
  12. Good Friday

    Winners are Grinners in the cauldron that is the Championship
  13. My thought exactly lol
  14. Bradford Match

    Disgusting they have been allowed to do this after none payement of debt allowed to continue in the championship allowed to continue playing on the odsal stadium and now to top it all allowed to go full time when clubs who have been in the same situation where left to relegation and without funding to run the club sink or swim how can the gutless wonders in red hall allow this to happen in view of everyone concerned with the clubs that where in my eyes hung out to dry and left to get on with it. More then double standards it's immorally wrong.
  15. The season so far.

    Grimmer hasn't played 6 for a long time he would need time to get into the plays Scott sets up for the halves. Since Oldham signed him I cannot recollect him playing in the halves but I know he wouldn't shirk the responsibility if asked to do so