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    fishing watching grimmer watching sharlston rovers my family all my freinds over at the Huntington stadium and the hawks. hoping grimmer does a good job over at Oldham in 2016
  1. Does this sort of article get published in the chronicle because that's where it needs to be aired to get it across to the Oldham public
  2. Wishing you all happiness and good health from sharlston rlfc and grimmer of course.
  3. Wheres the kappa training kit the players are surposed to have are they delayed the hairnets new kit must have cost a bomb for what they have em all.the oldham lads stuff is just plain at the moment .
  4. Thanks for all your kind words lads apreciated.colin
  5. All the very best from us yorkshire Yeds
  6. Grimmer had his sucsessful operation yesterday and is back home feeling sore but upbeat hoping for a good rehabilitation.
  7. Grimmer having his operation on Friday 9th December by professor Lloyd at Leicester hope for a fully fit Grimmer real soon.
  8. Hasn't James Lockwood been retained following the completion of his ban think he would soon get into the form he showed previously
  9. 17 man sqaud every one gets my equal praise how do you pick out individuals it's the team as a whole who kept Oldam in the Championship plus the other lads who also contributed when ca─║led upon so everyone on the oldham books take a bow.
  10. The Oldham rugby fraternity really need to put all their stay away differences behind them and really back this team and club to the max next season they really deserve it and the council need to help give the club the stability to achieve even more in 2017.
  11. Marvelous how you can come on here blowing your trumpets but can't be bothered to make comments on your own clubs forum
  12. Big well done Leigh great win today making it at double for you and Oldham over the Super league club.Looking odds on to get promoted and well deserved for all concerned.