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    fishing watching grimmer watching sharlston rovers my family all my freinds over at the Huntington stadium and the hawks. hoping grimmer does a good job over at Oldham in 2016

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  1. Winners are Grinners in the cauldron that is the Championship
  2. My thought exactly lol
  3. Disgusting they have been allowed to do this after none payement of debt allowed to continue in the championship allowed to continue playing on the odsal stadium and now to top it all allowed to go full time when clubs who have been in the same situation where left to relegation and without funding to run the club sink or swim how can the gutless wonders in red hall allow this to happen in view of everyone concerned with the clubs that where in my eyes hung out to dry and left to get on with it. More then double standards it's immorally wrong.
  4. Grimmer hasn't played 6 for a long time he would need time to get into the plays Scott sets up for the halves. Since Oldham signed him I cannot recollect him playing in the halves but I know he wouldn't shirk the responsibility if asked to do so
  5. Hope you are well Steve same old same old with our grimmer they leave him out and leak tries when he plays they are more solid naylor knows this but feels obliged to play the lonees from cas and Huddersfield never should have left the Huns but again was he was rejected for asbeens

  6. You can't go to batley and lose 24 nil down the slope and expect to get anywhere but hammered 5 lonees in does naylor feel obliged to bring these players in before the Oldham lads answer needed before the bulls run riot nex week
  7. Any penalties given within kicking range will be punished by the x captain without a doubt so the lads will have to be squeaky clean in their half
  8. Bradford seem to get as many lonees from as many different clubs as they want why ? And they seem quality players too makes me sick when Oldham where relegated to ch1 without any help or funding what so ever and made to go it alone as I think where Swinton double standards by the RFL would be even more sickening if another club where relegated and they stayed up.
  9. Truth hurts m8 obviously you are another so called rugby league follower or you would not be on this sight and I have a great life ty get your ###### rose tinted glasses off and see the real world full of cheats and corruption
  10. How come everybody bends over backwards to help a club who should be playing in Championship 1 without any funding or help and left to fend for themselves as where the likes of Swinton Oldham and one of the Cumbrian sides, its just double standards with the RFL condoning it all its the old Bradford Bulls without the debt playing on the same ground leased by the RFL consider all the businesses owed money by Bradford left to rot by the club, and then to get super league quality players thrown at them who woud not have been made available to other Championship clubs who have to run their clubs on tight budgets so as to avoid what Bradford did on numerous occasions and the irony of all this is that 2 of these not so wealthy clubs will probably get relegated at the end of the season and the Bulls thanks to all the help will some how survive when they should have been treated the same as the clubs mentioned above and been relegated .
  11. Try doing what Bradford did they seem to be getting quality players gifted to them left right and centre
  12. Fev

    Problem ?
  13. Just hope no club run properly and on a shoestring budget will suffer for it. Indeed sheffields team was a very big unit considering they where going #### up some team will come a cropper with them mark my words don't know where Aston digs up the cash to pay em lol
  14. Grimmer will be fine just needs to get match fit groin opps take some time to re a just fitness wise but his defence was never in doubt
  15. Doesn't alter the fact that other clubs who got into diffeculties where made to start afresh in ch1 without any help from RFL and no funding what so ever everyone seems to be bending over backwards to help this supposedly new Bradford club why isn't getting away debt free good enough for them blaming the short time from the new season starting and Bradford getting into debt is no excuse what so ever and they should have had to start from scratch the same as other clubs had to its all double standards in anyone's eyes.