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    fishing watching grimmer watching sharlston rovers my family all my freinds over at the Huntington stadium and the hawks. hoping grimmer does a good job over at Oldham in 2016

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  1. Nathan Chappell

    Nathan has signed for Hunslet for 2018
  2. Grimmer is back

    To get into the Championship and stay there is going to get harder and harder and Championship 1 is no longer classed as the also rans league as it has becomes more and more competitive .Clubs that don’t have wealth or the fan base can only hope their squads can gel and find the inspiration to beat the more fancied clubs which we all have seen over the years that some underdogs do turn into very accomplished teams so no one should get complacent this season coming up .
  3. Grimmer is back

    They percevered too long with halfbacks who didn’t want to take the line on or get tackled with the ball considering the big raps leatherbarrow got when he was signed he was below average for me but the coach seemed obliged to stick with them until it was too late every one on the forum could see this week in week out but there comments fell on deaf ears until it was too late .
  4. Marcus Webb

    Thought you where skint you seem to be signing everybody lol
  5. 2018 Squad

    Thought you lot where skint after paying out for Samutt
  6. Cain the first of many?

    Strewer from Sheffield good signing Huns having a go in 2018 nice one
  7. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Wonder how Grimmer would react if Tony said it to his face graham lol
  8. Leigh and seagulls

    You talk like a wet lettuce Tony man up
  9. 2018 Squad and signings.

    That's the kind of comment that would make me think do I really have to play for supporters with that mentality I think not nice one mr T
  10. 2018 Squad and signings.

    Think grimmer will be waiting to see what the club are going to offer him contract wise as I know it costs him £250 a month just to travel back and forth from Wakefield to Oldham so if CH wants to re sign him all this will have to be discussed he use to give a lift to the Castleford lads and never got a penny from them to help with the travelling costs unfortunately
  11. Dewsbury..... Sunday

    If you mean Leatherbarrow probably thinking about the next club he's going to rather than the plight of Oldham as will a few more
  12. 2018 Squad and signings.

    You will be lucky to keep any centres 6 or 7 . Who will want to come there isn't an abundance of quality backs around for this div 1
  13. Swinton away - - - - Sunday - - - - - Sale

    Have they got a lot of injuries or is it or bust for Sunday
  14. Relegation

    And there the resemblance ends mores the pity
  15. Relegation

    How can a coach with any hind site keep picking halfbacks who in all honesty have failed miserably week in week out without trying other options beggars belief. How many times have we seen posted on here about the 5 drives and a kick mentality that every team we play knows how to defend against it but has it changed we'll decide for yourselves.Grimshaw is an out and out stand off so why sign him and never play him in that position he has the size and pace to trouble defences so give him a run with Gee try something different what if it works