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  2. Barrow v Oldham

    I'm home and warm now. Fantastic effort from both set of players. Well done Oldham, pretty impressive today.
  3. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Yes, I understand what you are saying. One of the reasons I was so late in replying to your points was that I was in Barrow today. Barrow head honcho Paul Crarey surely one of the best of the British coaches in the game also believes we are right and that our coaching team are doing things the right way. They may not be household names but they buy into and indeed help mould our thinking of being progressive.
  4. Rochdale Away

    Right friendlies over time for the sharp end to kick in .First away Rochdale seems like a good Barmy train trip.
  5. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Thanks for the sensible response, from a development POV it's a shame the Midlands regional team is no longer in the u19s league. My suggestion would be, as I said earlier, to bring in someone with a bit of experience and understanding of this level of competition in order to oversee the football department. That to me seems to have been an issue for all the League 1 clubs that stepped up from the community game, enthusiastic administrators but with no experience of professional RL and subsequently way out of their depth when trying to compete against established clubs. Obviously it's a case of finding the right candidate who buys into the project but I doubt Toronto for example would've been successful if Perez had just hired some local coach and then tried to build the squad himself rather than bringing in Brian Noble to do that, of course someone of Noble's calibre may not always be available but the principle remains.
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  7. Hangover cures

    If "Darkest Hour" is anything to go by, that was Winston Churchill's approach.
  8. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies, involving Leeds ... it would perhaps shut down some traditional operations at Headingley Stadium for a redevelopment programme and move rugby league production to Wolverhampton. Well, that's what it did to Tetley's Brewery.
  9. New signing

    If Town get into the top 2 and blow teams away they will.
  10. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    I wonder what opinion people will have of Eddie Hearn if Joseph Parker knocks out Anthony Joshua... Joshua is the favorite but Parkers got more than a punchers chance! Duco Events the company that promotes Joseph Parker are the company that set up the NRL Auckland 9's, Co owner Dean Lonergan played Rugby League for the Kiwi's but 2 owners have split the business David Higgins managing Parker & Lonergan is managing Jeff Horn. Lot of cross over in NZ & Australia between boxing and rugby league, is it the same in the UK? Would be good if Eddie Hearn could help promote the London Broncos, they are a side who have never had decent promotion before... Maybe looking at Rugby League means, like Duco events, Hearn's Matchroom is looking to set up a 9's comp at the start of the season...
  11. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    That's why I never said it.
  12. Hangover cures

    Don't get sober.
  13. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Thank you for the good wishes. You ask what are Coventry doing to change from being perennial whipping boys. We have now completed our third season and as you say our crowds are holding up. We recognise that in order to keep the punters happy we have to do "something" different. Our first season was of course a big learning curve and despite being the newbies we avoided coming last. Not much of an achievement but a start. Year two saw us try to consolidate. Last season we hoped we might be a bit more successful and at the start of the season we had high hopes of the squad we had built. As so often happens a squad on paper does not always fulfil the hoped for outcome We had gone down the route taken by the other expansion clubs of trying to blend a sprinkling of older,wiser (better?) Northerners with a few more local inexperienced players. Someone asked earlier in this thread of why were there so many debutants in the Coventry team last Friday?. The reality is that bigger fish in the pool swallow up the better players from the weaker teams. Not necessarily by paying more but by offering an easier life for Northern travellers. Last season part of the reason we struggled was that getting players to commit to travel to training twice mid week was an issue. That manifested in lack of condition and lack of understanding between players. So, you are right. " something" has to change to break the cycle. Throwing money at the problem is not the answer. Too many teams have done that (are doing that) and therein lies madness. We now have a nucleas of experienced at this level locals. We have made a conscious decision that our future has to be on developing Midlands based players that can attend every training session. We want our fans to buy into a team that is representative of the Midlands. Now, it may be that results may not always go our way in the short term and we are asking them to join our " All in this together" philosophy. Will that work? Time will tell. But, what it will do is echo the Bears very short history of pushing at boundaries and trying "SOMETHING" different. Seriously if you or anyone have any constructive ideas of how we can progress and make the breakthrough we would love to hear them. One thing I will guarantee is if this doesn't work we will try "something" different.....its what we do.
  14. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    From League Express 3105: Boston bid has names and faces: Mark Evans, former CEO of Melbourne Storm to be consultant for financial backers of the bid; Spencer Kassimir, an entrepreneur and journalist based in Australia will be the key investor; progress made in securing a stadium and a link with a University (we are not talking about Patriots anymore, to me NYC bid seems more solid) Rugby League bid to become an official International sport to be accepted or rejected this Wednesday TWP inundated with available players to replace the 3 outcasts, no panic... But Rowley admits this (along with Tom Armstrong needing an operation) will have consequences on the field
  15. Leigh 14 Wigan 22

    You're funny
  16. If Carlsberg did pre-season friendlies...

    Yes, I'm well aware of the geography of the UK and the fact that they don't have an abundance of players on their doorsteps, I never said it was a level playing field but equally we're not talking about clubs in Timbuktu. I don't expect them to win the league in their first season (although that is entirely possible given the very low standard of League 1), I do expect them to be able to be making strides towards becoming competitive after a number of years in the league. And lauding a 70 point defeat to an u19s team as an unqualified success is not a mentality that will ever see them become competitive. For every other club in the league it would be considered a major disappointment if not a disaster. Again, Coventry are still being coached by the same guy who coached them as amateurs and seem to have no strategy of player development or recruitment that will allow them to progress. All the well-wishes and good will in the world isn't going to change that, they will continue to flounder at the bottom of the league until they stop making excuses and start planning to get better.
  17. Our new position in the EU

    Rees Mogg is now in charge of the hard brexit wing. They have already made statements that would render the 2 year transition as inoperable.
  18. Yeah your right Ireland hasn't qualified but did play better than some sides that made the quarter finals of the world cup...
  19. Mark Evans involved in Boston bid M'lud, I rest my case.
  20. Eddie Hearn ' Monitoring RL'

    You can have Mr/Mrs Perfect and it still wont do that much good unless the Clubs and the Game as a whole,change the attitude on a number of areas. Whether the Hearns or anybody would be good for Rugby League is very much debateable. Just because somebody has success in a number of areas doesnt mean they will in another. We had Richard Branson at London Broncos, but for various reasons it just didnt work out. The game has many problems and often them problems involve many involved in the game. Hoping that a Mr Fixit will change things I feel is very optimistic. For the game to progress, it needs people willing to swallow pride and Egos taking a bashing. Sorry but cant see it happening. Clubs splitting away from the game in my opinion does nothing but cause further problems for the game. SL Clubs breakaway from the RFL and where does that leave England and the rest of the game? Championship & League 1 Breakaway and do what exactly? No doubt even more Comps with different rules making life a pain trying to explain why we have various rules for different comps. I believe the game needs to stay together and look for ways that benefit the game as a whole, rather than just a few clubs/people. Sadly we dont have a great record of that happening. Many would rather blame everybody and anybody for why their Club and the game is struggling, instead of looking at what the real problem is. Many think breaking away is the answer to their problems forgetting that the game is bigger than any small group.
  21. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    I can't make the Barrow game but I'm coming over this season for one if everything works out...TWP is setting up packages to come over which is good and an improvement we made from last year...WE ARE COMING!
  22. Various super league predictions

    1. Eden 2. Stevie Ward 3. Warrington (just)
  23. 2018 Squad

    I say let Bussey have a go...I like that kid!
  24. Mark Evans involved in Boston bid

    I've partaken of several of Bradford's premium libations. However, drunk or sober, the mere mention of the names "Harlequins" and "Saracens" are guaranteed to invoke an instantaneous outbreak of derision that can only be properly fuelled following a lifetime of having a carefully-maintained chip on ones shoulder.
  25. Price becomes a bit irrelevant on top try scorer though mate when you get down the list to players like Williams and Moon. Might as well be 1000/1 in my opinion (although Cuthbertson might as well be 10000/1!). Last season 7 of the top 10 including the top 4 were wingers. Reality is modern tactics are heavily focused on creating space for wingers. Cas left edge is always a decent call because of the attacking style hence us providing run away top try scorers for the last 2 seasons (surprised I found Eden at 8/1 to be honest). It's hard to imagine a scenario, other than Leeds winning numerous games by big margins and a freak epididemic of long term injuries to wingers that a half like Moon would even make each way money. Re Mos, I can see why Fifita might be worth a small punt, limiting factor with him is just his lack of minutes imo. Personally, I think Purcell at 20/1 probably offers better value than Cuthbertson. TBF I'm usually wrong though so you might want to lump on Joel Moon for top try scorer!
  26. Mark Evans involved in Boston bid

    My view is that Mark Evans is someone who has actually been employed in professional sport and not just a random fan.
  27. Bradford Rumors

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