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    They'll more than make up any shortfall in money we give from the money they're going to get in taxation from the companies moving there. See the CEO of Goldman Sachs above. The AVERAGE salary of a Goldman Sachs employee (ranging from the cleaners to the CEO) was US$542,376 in 2016. That's £174,000 in income tax and £10,500 NI for a UK employee (£1:$1.32) Goldman Sachs is currently planning on an initial tranche of 1000 jobs to Frankfurt from London regardless of what happens with Brexit negotiations and a further 2000 if it goes the way of hard-Brexit forcing them to do their Euro transaction in the EU. So, that's an estimated loss to the Exchequer of £184.4m per year for that 1000 employees and rising to £553.5m for 3000 employees. Then remember that Goldman Sachs is just one of the big players. The current list of confirmed jobs moving from London regardless of Brexit status, taken from behind the Bloomberg paywall, is: JPMorgan, 4,000 (Frankfurt) Deutsche Bank, 4,000 (Frankfurt) UBS, 1,500 (Frankfurt) Goldman Sachs, 1,000 (Frankfurt) HSBC, 1,000 (Paris) Société Générale, 400 (Paris) Morgan Stanley, 300 (Frankfurt) Bank of America Corp. 300 (Frankfurt) Citigroup, 250 (Frankfurt) Barclays, 150 (Dublin) Nomura, 100 (Frankfurt) The estimated "hit" on the Exchequer from personal taxation alone is around £5bn per year that'll happen regardless of what May sorts out eventually. They're being a lot more cagey about hard-Brexit status but the preliminary "notices of intent" on premises in Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid and Dublin account for 32,000 - 35,000 staff in total. Let's say £18bn per year in personal taxation if the middle of that is about right in a hard Brexit. Bear in mind that they won't be moving many of their admin staff, just the banking staff. The typical saturation for admin vs "fee-earners" is 1:1. That means a disproportionate number of the big earners are going abroad while the admin staff will be unemployed. Oh, and don't forget that these companies are by far the best payers of corporate taxation, VAT, business rates, transaction duties and so on in the UK. They actually do pay it and pay it willingly so that HMRC has no business coming snooping looking for evasion. No-one is willing to give an estimate of the figure as it'll just appear fantastical. Oh, and while I'm at it, those high earners are also the highest spenders in the UK with their average personal VAT bills being over £15,000 (if I remember an article I read from a couple of years ago correctly). And finally, that many people selling top end houses will change the Tories' precious housing market into a hosing market that will inevitably burst the property balloon with the government no longer having money to fund any rescues. I hope you're enjoying your cuppa and enthusiasm.
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    Whilst no Goldman Sachs, observations from the two business's in my household are not great. My wife's retail business is 25% down sales wise year to date compared to this time last year, both online and in store, prices continue to rise, but she's taken the sting out of that by not paying herself, it leads to an unsustainable business, but with pretty much all the local competition going out of business over the last 12 months she was keen to see if there was light at the end of the tunnel. There doesn't appear to be! Were there has been price increases customers have been very vocal about it, some have been aggressive, to the point she's very much at the stage of planning to bail out. It isn't just Brexit, but price increases are as a direct result of Brexit. The other elephant in the room is the ever increasing amounts of online competition who simply don't pay any tax, by circumnavigating VAT there 20% ahead of my wife from the off, I see this being even more of a problem as we strike up deals outside the EU. So historically she's always done well online, this is a diminishing market as the competition is increasingly coming from overseas sellers, using UK warehousing to fulfil orders and totally ignoring the law. Away from retail, I'm noticing a real slowing of the housing market in terms of volumes coming to market, way down on this time last year, but not much effect on price, the lack of supply seems to be propping up prices, certainly in my little corner of the North West, had one agent last week pulling his hair out after 4 sales fell through, all at full asking price after the vendors who'd sold simply couldn't find anywhere to move to. All very anecdotal I appreciate and well down the food chain compared to the big corporates, but the treasury won't be getting any income or corporation tax out of my wifes business this year! I wonder how many others are in the same boat.
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    He lives in France, in a farmhouse in Gascony. There was a bit of a hoo-ha about his travel expenses getting to the house of Lords from France for the occasional debate & vote. I do find it interesting that the "new money" (city, big business) currently seems to be losing out to the landed gentry/aristocratic wing of the party (Rees-Mogg, Paterson etc.) which seems happy to write off big chunks of our economy.
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    With 15 hours to go until this bid needs to be done, we're knackered. I've been enforcing minimum 10 minute breaks per hour with me scaring doctors and pharmacists away from computers so their brains don't melt with this bid. We're starting to get to the point we're needing 20 minutes per hour break to just keep going, I'm being daft and spending my break time on here and drinking coffee. One doctor got a very loud earful from his wife for missing a Diwali celebration tonight, he was tired and stupid enough to say "damn, I'm missing an evening with your mother".
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    I missed that, what happens on that day? I thought our great emancipation from the lizard overlords of Brussels was 29th March 2019
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    I have far less sympathy with him than with the likes of Saintslass. He keeps suggesting he was misinformed. He was not, he heard Farage and BJ and either thought that they were incredibly reliable or decided they were not but it was worth it to get foreigners (like his wife) out.
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    I will miss Liam Harris.
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    SL clubs have tried similar and it didn't work, best of luck to Doncaster though.
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    It's a gamble that will hopefully come up trumps for you . You'll try and make some extra money on pints, pies and merchandise
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    Time will tell , the Dons do not have any creditors which is a plus . We had to do something to attract crowds , you guys have done brilliantly to get the crowds upto 1000. If we sell extra merchandising to go along with increased sponsorship we had on 2017. All we need is better performances on the pitch.
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    Basically, they're aiming for about £30k in season ticket sales. If they get on average of 100 extra fans a game paying to get in, their gate receipts and season ticket sales will be about £60k over a season. Bear in mind that figure also contains VAT so they'll get £50k for a seasons matches, plus RFL money & sponsorship. A large chunk of has gone on Liam Harris as well. Either they have someone stumping up the shortfall or they're on glue.
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    £60 only applies if they sell less than 500 adult/concession season tickets. If they sell between 500 - 749 season tickets, then the price is £50 If they sell between 749 - 999 season tickets, then the price is £40 If they sell more than 1000 season tickets, then the price is £30 They are also giving away the first 250 child season tickets for free, although that number may rise depending on demand. That's some offer, but one that may cause them issues unless Hull/A benefactor are putting money into the club.
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    Donny are a disaster waiting to happen
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    I think there is. It's just that it has to be done politely, out of the public eye and with a veneer of unity, because they are supposed to be running the country and conducting negotiations with the EU, and they don't have a majority in parliament. Clearly, the situation is more complicated than just two sides, but I think it's quite possible that the current guerrilla skirmishes within the Conservative party will escalate significantly into open conflict. It's only the threat of a Corbyn government that is keeping them in line.
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    I hadn't thought of it like that. I think the reason there isn't a bloodless civil war between the two is that the "new money" lot are not fixated with Britain and can quite easily do their business from here, Frankfurt, Dublin and anywhere else that suits them. In fact, there's a school of thought that they won't lose out at all by fracturing their HQs around the globe as they can then tactically arrange smaller businesses around favourable local tax laws. In essence, we could lose billions of pounds of tax revenue per year as a nation, the "new money" lot won't care as they'll be where the money is, the "old money" lot won't care as theirs is already carefully salted around the globe anyway. The only people that will suffer are the British people who can't afford to do either, the government that won't even be able to afford "austerity" and the long-term prosperity of the nation as a whole.
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    They needed to try something but I never think devaluing your product is a good idea. Wakefield and Bradford have both tried it, I believe Huddersfield too. It works for a season but once the season ticket goes back up to full price, there's little increase in numbers. It does seem like Doncaster are going for a win or bust approach, fair play to them but I'm satisfied those running York City Knights wouldn't gamble with the club in that way. I remember arguing this point with a Wakefield fan, he was delighted as they were averaging something like 7K on the back of £50 season tickets, he was convinced when they went up to full price a lot of the new fans drawn by the £50 tickets would be willing to pay the standard £200 (ish). They weren't, crowds dipped and they went through some financial dificulties.
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    I've seen Doncaster are basically giving season tickets away next season n all. £30 if the sell 1000 or £60 if they dont. Depending on how many home games we have in this league next year it works out at about £2 a game. I'm all for clubs trying different strategies to get people to games but I'd be very worried if we were doing something like that. Crackers.
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    Not when the the party is deluded by the idea ... that it is the nation. The reality is ...... well I wish I knew what it is. The only fact I have is we should all still be here after Brexit but what that looks like apart from the Tories changing rules to suit their mind sets and prejudices ( no change there then! ) I've absolutely no idea. I was going to ask Saintlass but I don't think he has any more idea than the rest of us. As you can see faithful is as faithful does. And to Trojan Tongue in Cheek lad, Tongue in Cheek!
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    That is a good point. It is all too easy to forget that not everyone is internet savvy, or even connected. In 2015, I had to use the Dartford crossing (QE2 bridge) twice and I was really alarmed about the payment system - and the warnings of dire prognostications if you failed to pay by some mysterious system within a fixed time limit - and I have a Masters in Computer Studies! I managed to work it out using my mobile phone and credit card number, but I wasn't confident about it. How many people are genuinely scared of having to pay by modern, cashless systems? When driving across Europe, I always look for the manned toll-booth so I can pay with cash. So far, there has always been one booth with a human being present. I dread the day the last human toll collector is made redundant and I have to use "technology". I think I might have to smash through the barrier and go "on the run" like Bonnie and Clyde, with the cops chasing me along the autobahns.
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    couldn't you have simply curled the fingers inwards thus securing said phone in the hand? just a thought
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    Great news!! Thank you for the insight!! I have been keenly following their progress online, but it's great to get someone's perspective who's watched them live. It sounds like they might be on track to win a few matches this year! Good luck to them!
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    Hannan was an MEP for nearly 20 years. He also famously said “Absolutely nobody is talking about threatening our place in the single market” during the campaign. No point expecting any kind of consistency from him. Trouble is, there's multiple groups to please. There's the Bill Cash, Rees-Mogg, John Redwood type loonies, who are desperate for no deal because it means the EU has no say at all over us and what they really care about is sovereignty. If that means trashing the economy in the process, so be it. Ideologically, they don't care too much about free movement and want no trade barriers (and as you say, implicit acceptance of EU standards.) There's the anti-immigration voters (not so visibly represented in the government, but certainly a big thing for UKIP) who don't care very much about the ECJ & ECHR, don't care so much about foreign goods (happy to drive BMWs, bank with Santander and shop in IKEA) tariffs & trade but do care about the effect on wages of unskilled and semi-skilled workers. There's the opportunists like Johnson & Gove who just want power. There's people like May & Hammond who know that we're in a huge mess with no way out. There's no deal or approach to Brexit which makes all of those groups happy, so people like Hannan have to change their message depending on who they talk to.
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    "What is the name of this cluster of islands just off the coast of mainland Europe?" *innocent face*
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    Couple I found from the Eng V NZ test at the olympic park Flickr HerandMe2017
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    Just watched a great game between Marseille Avenir v Saluzzo, the home side probably just about deserved the win but the Italians could well have pipped them but for some silly basic errors close to the French line. Top entertainment for the sparse crowd and the 26-18 defeat was seen as a good result by the Italians who seem to be heading in the right direction. Yet another 10 hur round trip for them next weekend as they play at Salon de Provence, now that's what I call dedication !!!

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