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    Broadcast the other evening, "Roger Millward slow in both directions, Clive Sullivan flowing freely".
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    Just wanted to say was very impressed with your support today. Amazed so many made the 700 mile trip and clearly very passionate supporters of Town. Good luck for rest of the season - you should do well.
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    Great game, proud of my team....that fight back took some bottle after the Tigers pulverised them in the first half of the first half...a Rhinos fan sat near me left after 20mins...he couldn't take it haha...nightmares of another 60 plus on the cards for the Tigers...compliments to tigers fans really got behind their team. I got home at 11 30 with sore knees, crammed in like everyone else in the east stand...a game worth remembering even though my team lost!
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    That stance is going to force the SL clubs to evaluate if they want to accept Toronto without giving up any Sky cash, but then forfeit any future North American TV money. So either Toronto is bluffing, or feel they can get that revenue. I have no idea, but defiantly an interesting choice for the SL clubs. If they leave the NA market for Toronto's gain, then they may be kicking themselves later.
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    Maybe play it on a Good Friday? I'd like to see us take a game to ER every year, I think most clubs could do it, Wigan v Saints at the Etihad or Anfield, Catalans take a game to Barcelona. If your gonna play at ER on a Sunday afternoon maybe make it a double header with Hunslet seeing as its in South leeds
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    We have now seen we can definitely score points, lots of them too which is something we have struggled with the last few seasons. We have also seen in the London game we can defend when needed, just need to put it all together in the more difficult games. Surely everyone (bar the usual mappers) must be feeling positive for the season ahead, if only for the entertainment we are pretty much guaranteed with the attacking style we now have
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    Well I was going to post that I was incredibly relieved to win that in the end. I was going to post that I was mesmerised by an absolutely fantastic advert for our game I was going to post that the young Leeds lads are a joy to watch I as going to post that the first 20 minutes was sublime from Cas However, I won't as I'll somehow have a chip on my shoulder, remind somebody of why they were chuffed that we choked in the grand final and give the predictable Jim a post to lay down his ridiculous prejudices towards all Cas fans Oh well, what a lovely family game we have
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    Can all of you who are currently embroiled in the ongoing tiit for tat slang match not just pm each other and have a flocking good ding dong at each other.This forum is becoming a chore trawling through all of your personal posts trying to find genuine town chat.
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    Correction eediot. Do.you know him ? He's all about pushing this Town onwards and upwards and improving the area. Let's Look at fact. Mark Fryer , heavily involved in new Town.centre. Heavily involved in new sports centre. Omg what a terrible, terrible man he is developing west Cumbrias premier town whilst haven meet regular to decide how to deal with seagulls on the harbour.!!!
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    Are you implying Gordon is dropped for Patrick? Because that’s even more garbage than you normally spout
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    No offence but as an ex Town and Haven player the clubs and the game in the region are all on their ######. Unless new funding new ideas and new a outlook is adopted then I really do fear for the future of both clubs and the game in general. Brow supporters still follow the Brow Haven supporters will still follow Haven as will Town still follow Town but these are getting less and less and also older. A new generation has to be encouraged to engage with the game either as a fan or as an amateur player. A well run Super League club could be the answer. Local clubs had a boost in the 90s and that seemed to coincide with Town having some good seasons. Don't think the semi pro clubs performances don't have any bearing on the state of the whole game in Cumbria. A winning side at a high level will encourage more involvement from Joe public and I'm sorry to say Town and Haven are both a million miles (and pounds) of being able to achieve this. Last chance saloon to me.
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    The NRL can't cancel this Test, it isn't in their remit, same we've already had at least Brisbane say that their players are free to go, and a number of NZ and England players say they will go if selected. The worst that they could do is just not force the clubs to release selected players, but I'm sure if push came to shove a match could still be organised.... There are at least 8x NZ eligible players in the Broncos squad plus plenty in SL, etc... But I'm sure that it won't get to such a point... Thankfully the American fans don't care what Australia is saying, and so far most of the UK press don't either.
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    Why , when its a team someone has an irrational dislke of, do they only win because of "some dodgy refeereing" "Dodgy"meaning what?
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    Just remembered why I was mildly chuffed when Cas choked at OT last year.
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    Great crowd. I actually think they would have got 5k more for a Sunday afternoon fixture. Still looked a great atmosphere and will whet the appetite for the next 3/4 meetings between Leeds and Cas this season :/
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    Don't know if people know but the Batley Xplosion cheerleaders are currently in Paris competing against teams from all over Europe in competition. They have been fundraising for a while to get there and today they have been rewarded for all their hard work with 2 x 3rd places and 1 x 5th place. Massive well done to them all and their parents for supporting them and flying the flag for the Bulldogs. Enjoy tonight and tomorrow ,see you all back on Monday. Colin B. ....a proud grandad.
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    Hmmmm... We have no DR players and our L1 reserves beat SL Wigan reserves on Thursday. In the last two years our club has had its best and brightest talent ripped from it due to financial issues. Yet still we produce over and over again. Take your shaming or lack of knowledge somewhere else mate.
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    Omg u talk utter boll#x , Tansey was constantly at the ref because he knew the rules and seen what was going on and the ref bought it all, in clear frustration Tansey give him an earful and we duely got pinned for pens on the back of it
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    I see Leon invited the town travelling fans in with the boys to celebrate. Classy bloke and you can see why everyone has taken to him very quickly
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    I can only hear Cider Pete
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    It seems clear that Parky is for the deal.
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    Not the "chippy" cliche insult Kiyan. I thought you were better than that. It is trotted out by union fans every time they feel union is being criticised, no matter how justified that criticism is. I have just checked the OED for the definition of chippy and it states, "any union fan who feels compelled to post on a Rugby fans forum due to deep rooted insecurities about his / her own sport" HTH
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    why go to all the expense of redeveloping Headingley only to have a smaller capacity ? still hoping they will rebuild the WT and bring it up to 25k plus
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    Didn’t go to the gym this morning ? thats seven years running now
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    I really don't understand why it's so difficult for some people to understand the difference between loan players and Duel Reg.
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    You can't please everybody all of the time.... I couldn't watch the game last night as I was at the KC but a mate who doesn't care much for Leeds did see it and sent me a text after 20 mins saying "This is better than watching porn".
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    People and glass houses come to mind
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    Crikey everyone's so highly strung on here. Anyway, the general talk over the last two years has been stagnating crowds, born from apathy of fans - and cited largely due to to too many games against the same teams and too many structure changes. Well the attempted Super League record break which still posted Leeds highest ever home SL crowd, and Saints selling out a week in advance when normally it would be a day or so before, is showing some good signs to contradict those theories. and we're all aware Castleford have beaten leads before - so this wasn't relevant to the point. as mentioned on another thread maybe any changes to the sctructire now would hinder a true test as to whether it is becoming successful now people are more used to it, the effect she of which we are just starting to see? Maybe not - but it's possible
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    Hi. Lawyer here (who has sued people for defamation). Assuming the law in Australia is the same or similar and also that we aren’t arguing the article is published here because it’s online, the biggest barrier to a claim I see is (I) you can’t identify a particular entity or person as being referred to as “rapeball” or “scungy” - he is referring to the sport as a collective and (ii) it would be hard to get over the test of serious harm or serious financial harm being caused ie. I doubt anyone cares. There is also a technical point about whether it is his honestly held opinion (and therefore a defence) but I think you could say he is going one further with the rapeball comment and saying those who play the sport are (all) rapists or tolerate rape. In a way that is his salvation because it’s just ludicrous so as to be unbelievable and as such harmless (and one to be consigned to tomorrow’s fish and chip paper). I couldn’t read the rest of the article as it was subscription only but the club and individual referenced might want to scrutinise it heavily as those are some pretty negative associations, although he could be “cleverly” disjuncting them from the rape/scungy comments. Personally, I wouldn’t let this tiny speed bump even register. P.s. What the hell does scungy mean?!??!!? Pps. That’ll be £200 + VAT please
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    I just don't understand the negativity, for the last three/four years the team have been battling week in week out just to put 17 fit players on the park. The talk about Wigan DR etc etc spoiling the team is negligible. Some forget about the likes of Manfredi, Burke, Acton, Farrell, ,Murphy who where excellent and helped the team stay in the championship and focus on the year after were it was dreadful. Then they forget the god awful luck the team had with injuries the year after and the dude signings ( NOT DR) that were made which crippled the team. If I can be so bold to say that the season in which relegation loomed was not DR fault it was also down to local players not pulling there weight together with losing Stack and Matty for half a season and the recruitment pre season. This team is the most experienced , talented squad that Town have seen for many a year and to bolster it with some quality back up should be applauded not scorned upon. embrace it , those players that are on the fringe will learn from the better players and im sure Leon will manage it correctly
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    Super game, great crowd, and Saints have already announced a sell out a week early for the Wigan clash - looks like RL is bouncing back
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    It doesn't take much reading to quickly learn that the ball in union will be with the spectators for most of the game. It will certainly throw some teams in RL when he starts popping up in the stands asking if the spectators have seen the ball. That would be unexpected.
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    Im not sure why some Cas fans seem to have this huge chip on their shoulders. It was a Leeds home game, Leeds paid for the stadium and the marketing, if in the future Castleford pit in a big game at s big stadium and get 23,000 there they can take all the plaudits. Anyway, the atmosphere was great as was the game, I don’t think Ive enjoyed a loss as much as that, i think after the first 30mins I was expecting a drubbing so to see a depleted side bounce back and dominate the next 60minutes was pleasing. And yes before the cas fans say anything I know Cas were missing a few as well.
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    Im not a fan of this kind of deal in principle, particularly long term as I think we should be working as a group. But this kind of thing does make whether to put them in SL more of a no brainer as the financial risk is being removed from the existing game. It does create problems for how you develop future NA teams and how those deals then work. Maybe needs to be a 5 year agreement.
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    Love Bussey..get's stuck in a la Sidlow...but agree they should have beaten Rochdale by a larger margin even with the heart shown by the Hornets. We must remember there's now 15 new WP players..that's an entire starting squad.. and gelling takes time but I am sure they will pick up their game and .....prediction here...win both next weekends games!
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    Doesn’t matter who your playing if you give penalties away, drop the ball and have shoddy defence it’s a recipe for disaster.
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    South Sydney, as an example, play on June 14 and July 1 (9 days before and 8 days after the game) Jesus the NRL clubs has players backing up 24 and 48 hours after the ultimate physical pinnacle that is State of Origin. The hypocrisy and their conduct over this is pretty pathetic. NRL clubs simply thought non-SOO players are a safe bet to carry the team while the lauded players from NSW and Qld are stood down from 2 rounds of fixtures simply to prepare.
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    I am not saying that the guy? has not been to a game but can you prove it SS, but he is on the town forum has a town fan.I to have had my doubts but,until you can prove to me and the other townies he supports someone else my hands are tied.I have to profess my powers of deduction has never been good i can look to you SS to keep me right?,meanwhile i do appreciate your post SS,maybe not answering him back might be the sensible thing to do.just saying?Trouty...
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    please don't try of course its not in your DNA and it wouldn't be "YOU LOT" if you tried. Its a pity really Cas were really being applauded by all last year for the great stuff they were playing until the follically challenged strutting spilled over onto the fans and poor Jordan Lilley too ,no need for it
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    That's what Rowley does. Many Leigh fans still carry that mentality from his time with us. Good for creating a team spirit, not so good for keeping relations with other clubs healthy.
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    Massive game tomorrow as are the two that follow; Donny and Newcastle away. Oh what i’d give for six points from these games. But one game at a time starting tomorrow.
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    Sunday’s are special once more! We have a fantastic team both on and off the pitch. Crowds are building and the X factor has returned once more. A brand new stadium to look forward to and a great relationship with our friends in East Hull. These are happy, happy days. Bring on the Cougars!
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    Great marketing and a fun way to discount the price of entry. Roxy was so funny when the kicks went up squealing and running away from the ball. Well done all at the club once again and Minster FM. Up the Kneets!
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    Good call and apologies.
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    Cracking game,enjoyed the hospitality from one of Cas' sponsors.First 20 killed Leeds (as per against cas) Great posts from the "sing when your winning" cas poster.
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    Finally peop[le are starting to listen to what WE have been saying all along...we will take these problems on and make a FORTUNE!!!!!....because what WE have been trying to tell people about the potential over here IS ALL TRUE!!! Lets put your money where your mouth is! And we got lots of dough over here in NA.
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