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    I slipped and stubbed my toe, what opportunities will this open up for Kabbadi in Ukraine?
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    I'm afraid I'll have to add my agreement to the dissenting voices. In 2015, we drew a crowd of 8,300 at Leigh for the warm-up match on a Saturday. Realistically, the best we could hope for is to match this crowd, although with it being on a Wednesday I reckon we're looking at a crowd of 6,000 as a maximum, no TV coverage, and no-one really knowing the match is on. For the 2021 World Cup, we have reportedly had 40 venues bid for matches with many outside the heartlands. I'd wager that if you gave a match to one of these towns/cities, they would make a better effort at promoting it than Leigh in an attempt to secure a match for 2021, and the associated TV coverage and sponsorship that this would provide. If 2021 is to be the success we want it to be, then in my opinion any England friendly should no longer be played at a stadium with a capacity less than 20,000, and any competitive England game should no longer be played in a stadium with a capacity less than 30,000 (as a minimum. And we extend our run of having 1 England game played in London between 2014 and 2019. Yet the RFL will scratch their heads about why the sport doesn't get national recognition... EDIT: Just received an email from the RFL about the match which states: This in itself is unacceptable, and probably not something that we should be highlighting!
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    This takes no effort, low cost to travel, make tickets as cheap as possible. Easy. Absolute rubbish.
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    Interesting insight here from a fan who was at the game http://forums.redvee.net/showthread.php?30491-England-team-for-Denver&p=735123&viewfull=1#post735123
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    I support town mate end of.
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    Maybe more midweek fixtures offer a solution to amateur rugby league's problem with Saturday cry-offs. This evening, I drove over to Sherburn-in-Elmet to watch Sherburn Bears take on Yorkshire League Fourth Division leaders Crofton Sports. Sherburn had 17 players and Crofton the maximum permissible 20. Impressive! In balmy conditions, and on a pitch like concrete, Sherburn led 10-6 at half-time before Crofton extended to six games their 100 per cent start to the season by running in four second half tries to win 22-10. Bears finished the game with 11 players after a sin-binning and a sending-off in the last 10 minutes. There was a sin-binning apiece before the break. A highly physical contest! The crowd at Eversley Park (a very pleasant setting in an otherwise dreary village) peaked at 129.
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    I have resurrected this thread because I have just fixed something else with a cable tie. Brilliant invention.
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    That was seriously baltic, I bought a bottle of water at the services, it was ice by half time
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    Disgusted with this - just said as much ont the England RL Facebook post about this.
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    I don't think anyone is saying that there are no Australians interested in spreading the game. Any RL fan from whatever part of the world will applaud the NRL for the work done in the highlighted articles concerned. However, as clearly the leading RL nation in terms of playing numbers, finances, TV coverage etc.. I think that the overall impression given by the NRL is that they have the capacity to do so much more and be more positive about growing the sport. This is not to excuse the RFL or the other Tier 1 governing bodies from their obligations to grow the sport. I personally don't give a fig who does it as long as it gets done. As an example, what worries me is what follow up by the sport will be done in the USA since the Denver test - especially with the 2025 RLWC on the horizon. Lets face it, RLs long term 'post game' development/support at similar games in 'non RL' countries is pretty abysmal. With professional sport around the globe being ever more competitive for new markets/resources, RL can no longer afford to miss chances/opportunities. In 10/20 years it will probably be too late. The game needs to act now. I think there needs to be: - a properly thought out agreed minimum 7 year plan for the USA & Canada to work towards the 2025 WC. - properly funded permanent coaching/development/marketing staff with enough resources permanently based in the US/Canada. - regular international games being taken to the US over the next 7 years - a programme whereby US & Canadian players can go Super League/NRL clubs to learn and train. - enough regular fixture for the US and Canada national teams Maybe concrete plans/agreements are already in place to provide the necessary development expertise and support, but all we hear is certain individuals (eg Wayne Bennett) saying this needs to happen now, but no definite specific plans from the RLIF/RFL/NRL or whoever. We can't just leave this until say 12 months before the 2025 WC, and we also can't expect the NRL to do it all. More than ever, the whole sport needs to pull together to get this done before it's too late.
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    Could it be anymore small time? Seriously? It's a nice enough stadium, but its in a small northern town, hard to get to (impossible by train) with a small capacity. And to top it all off, they put the game on a Wednesday evening. Those people (Gary Hetherington, for one) suggesting that the RFL are best equipped to govern our sport need only look at this announcement to see why that clearly is not the case.
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    Pathetic. Nil ambition from an organisation with nil credibility.
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    This could be a great opportunity as Toulon seem to be serious about establishing their RL sides.
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    No, we should all be downhearted, and depressed. We are supposed to be fans of RL after all, so we wouldn't want to break from tradition, would we?
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    I really couldn't say, but who knows? When we made our choice in 2014 who could have predicted the UK would have voted to leave the EU and now be 'governed' by the biggest set of incompetents imaginable? But we live in interesting times.
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    We’ve bought haven for £27.40 and going to use them as our feeder club?
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    Garrincha did have a crooked spine and legs, from polio. Most people I've known who had it, found it an impediment, but maybe it let him move in the right sort of awkward way on the pitch.
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    I think you had it correct first time Bob. Portugal won Euro 2016 so have to be considered. Brasil, Spain and the winner of France v Argentina also have experience. Most of the others have not won anything for years. Croatia always flatter to deceive, England and Belgium have played the worst teams and dont usually win tournaments. Mexicos limitations were shown tonight. One of Sweden or Switzerland will reach the quarter finals. If Colombia maintain the form of their last game they have an opening. I would think Spain at the moment because they have the best draw.
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    Garrincha was amazing. He used to get fantastic swerve on the ball by using the outside of his foot. If you saw the Quaresma goal for Portugal the other night, you"ll have an idea of what Garrincha did. There were rumours at the time that he could do it because he wore his boots on the wrong feet. I reckon it was just apochryphal, but you never know.
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    ...............and don't let me catch you here come next snowfall
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    Hi Over 50 towels have been ordered. Cheers Butch
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    Great effort from Coventry to put on a real show. Hope you get a few new supporters off the back of it.
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    Agreed. Mind you, when was the last real classic Brazil side? They get built up by the media every time, but haven't exactly thrilled the world very often in recent years, or even decades.
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    I think Croatia deserve a go on that longshot list after three wins out of three in probably the toughest group.
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    I can see your point, but I don't think the picture is quite so straightforward. Whilst it's true that, on the one hand, the only players who don't dream of one day playing for Warrington are the ones that are already there, living that dream, it's also true that - at least to the best of my knowledge - Rob has not expressed an intention to become homesick at some point during 2019, so I'm not sure the Australian half-back transit lounge that Warrington are carefully cultivating will be particularly appealing to him.
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    Neymar is an irritant with an ego bigger than Russia . It’s all about me , and don’t come near me I’ll collapse
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    Depends on the player, and their motives. The best USA 7s players are either on very good money once you include their Nike etc sponsorships, in it for the Olympic glory, or already in the long form. For fringe players who have realised that they're unlikely to get to the olympics shouldn't be hard to lure away, however things have got more expensive now that San Diego Legion have based themselves next to the 7s base, and all the fringe players (i.e. not World Series players) are contracted to them for the MLR season, so they've suddenly gone from $20k/yr to $40k/yr, with rises next year. In summary, yes TWP could lure over players for around the $60/70k mark, but they wouldn't be getting the cream of the crop, and it'd be a big risk to see how they transition. However if they want some 'home continent' players then it's a decent shout. Even better though, Rugby (Union) Canada is a total mess, it's players are on around $25,000 CAN, don't have sponsorships, and while the Vancouver MLR team when it comes online may contract them, it's not guaranteed. You could get some very good talent out of RC's 7s team in 2021 for not a lot at all.
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    Good finish for the goal but, as you say, the Serbs might have snuck one earlier. Brazil however have been gradually creeping more and more into the game. If they can get more ball out wide then the impressive Jesus could end up on a decent cross. Who that benefits is anyone's guess.
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    Never really told anyone this but a week after we put the fire out, I went along with the South Atlantic Commander to blow up a load of bar mines the Engineers needed to get rid of. Well the boss blew up the mines but the shrapnel inadvertently set of loads of tiny fires in the peat. A massive panic ensued as the Commander (1*), Chief of Staff (Gp Capt), the Station Warrant Officer, myself and half a Platoon of Sappers desperately tried to put them out before we burnt another 60sq miles of East Falkland... ???
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    Would 7s or MLR pay more than a Super League club like, say, Toronto?
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    Only one I was involved with and it was at Otterburn. Live fire exercise in an unseasonably dry autumn. We called in the fire mission and then had to call in a fire fighting mission! Thankfully we got it before it properly took off and they’ve excellent plans in place for such a thing so it was just a long day for us to put it out rather than longer.
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    Well it's obviously going to be tough for the Bears against Bradford but there's also been an improve in performance from the Bears over the last couple of weeks. I'd like to see the Bears compete well and score some tries. Regardless of the result its set to be a massive day for the Bears. There is stuff going on all day and there's set to be a bumper crowd. There is a Try Tag tournament, Juniors festival, barbeques and craft beers, and also 4 live music acts playing before and after the game. I personally can't wait for what is going to be a great day in the sun. We've done a special preview episode of the game including interviews with The Game Caller and Mark Wilson amongst others. Details in this thread.
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    Come on Serbia! Bygones be bygones from the sweepstake Croat!
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    That was just cheap publicity stunt in an effort to create a reality tv show. Which is shame because a genuine opportunity existed. I think the reality is we could look at taking players from 7s in the us. Gridiron is too specific for players to cross over and a decent standard. However they could find they enjoying playing in the usarl.
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    Yeah definitely agree. Very talented and genuine pace to burn. Cas do need a good full back and think he would be an asset for them but agree about the cost against them for someone like Mead. But they will have to spend that to get something with any ounce of ability to recoup any of what they are missing from Hardaker
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    You see, with respect, you're suffering under exactly the same delusion that many in Bradford did, before relegation. To start at the very beginning (as it's a very good place to start), there is just one professional division in RL and that is Super League. The championship is mostly semi-pro (the players, and owners come to that, have other jobs) and many actually have NO permanent office staff, often just someone who, maybe, 'pops' in on Tuesday and Thursday night when the lads are training and does a bit of typing. It was a culture shock for us, we couldn't get our heads round the fact that simple things, like getting tickets for a game could be just soooo difficult. But, it is what it is, many clubs have more pressing concerns (like paying utility bills) than obtaining visas for players to go play on the other side of the world. They're more bothered about beating the local rivals from down the road than they are about going abroad to play, simply because the RFL have bequeathed it. Britain, or at least England, is not very open minded, as shown over the last couple of years. For sure, there are many who want to embrace different cultures, who want clubs from other countries to play, and thrive, in the sport we refer to as TGG, the greatest game. But for everyone who reaches out there is someone who couldn't care less, who is only concerned about their local team, and certainly couldn't give a stuff about teams being 'parachuted' into 'their' game from continents beyond their horizons. Welcome to the world of RL.
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    Impressive foresight young man. Now that's over with... "They're going home, they're going home, Germany's going home, They're going home, they're going home, Germany's going home" Ad infinitum!
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    Germans (in general) aren't into contact sports. Unless you count the World Wars.
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    If we were as bad as Australia France would be playing the England knights.
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    The 'Fawlty Towers' joke that's all over social media right now. Listen, don't mention the VAR! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it alright.
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    Some forceful support for the Denver test from Wayne Bennett as that article goes on.
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    So there was a brexit divided for Farage and his mates - making a small fortune on the back of the plummeting £
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