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  1. Thankfully the last GB fiasco killed off any remaining interest I had in Rugby League "Ireland" so this GB rebirth is much less stressful than last time. Once you're emotionally detached it's just such a classic rugby league move you can only really be amused.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Superleague really needed a shot in the arm. Let's hope for they can stay up!
  3. Yep I was worried about it when it was first announced but they have their own dressing rooms, offices and club shop set up so they're obviously there for the long haul and not just precarious tenants.
  4. Just awful refereeing. So many poor key decisions. Fantastic game to watch despite this.
  5. Unfortunately I missed what I believe was Arthur Mourge's first start at halfback for the Catalans. Any thoughts on how he got on from those who watched the match?
  6. In fairness Dunbar I don't think the people who think Tomkins was a flop are the same as the people think Dufty is too good for SL. In my experience on here people who hate the NRL also hate Tomkins and people who think SL is rubbish rate him.
  7. Whatever you might think of Ben Flower as a person, as far as I'm aware he has never before been in a conflict with a club over contractual issues. On the other hand, didn't Leigh end up going to tribunal a few years ago because they tried to force players to accept severance packages or reduced contracts, after they failed to achieve promotion? That seems like a far more relevant example of past conduct of one of the parties to this dispute, if it is indeed true.
  8. Any chance you could let one Catalans/French RL thread pass without making the same comment?
  9. Might come back to this when England finish second in their group and get knocked out by Tonga in the quarters.
  10. It is expected that a large percentage of elderly (80+) people will develop some form of dementia. It is not normal for men in their 40s to develop it.
  11. His defence was outstanding and a well taken try to boot. McNamara really has no excuse to leave him out now.
  12. I think it’s the same guy as last week back with his franglais Paul Marcon co-commentator
  13. Does commentators curse work on a forum? Swinton take the lead 12 - 10
  14. Looking pretty ominous for Swinton already. 6 minutes gone and Toulouse are 10 - 0 up with tries from Remy Casty and Anthony Marion.
  15. I do agree with you though that having Garbutt in the side, as well as Casty and Paulo, will give them an element that has been missing for big games in previous seasons.
  16. I hope you’re right but I’m still predicting that Toulouse will stroll the league with several games to spare, a record breaking points difference and two league wins over Fev and then still lose to them in the playoff final.
  17. Hugo Salabio looks a handful in the middle but this Widnes defense really isn't up to much. 30-0 Toulouse at half time. Could be an ugly final score but you can usually count on Toulouse to lose focus in the second half and ship enough points to make the scoreline more respectable.
  18. That would require a degree of humility and self-awareness but we're talking about Tony Gigot here.
  19. Yes I remember that. A very strange attitude to have after only a handful of games.
  20. Proper Franglais! I wonder if the RFL viewer stats showed that they were getting a lot of viewers from France for Toulouse games.
  21. That’s a shame because he’s a poor half. When he’s on form he’s a good full back but I still think that if he had stuck it out at centre where he started at Catalans he would have been one of the best in SL.
  22. Where did you see that? Toulouse have been pretty ruthless getting rid of "troublesome" players in the past, no matter how talented, so it's a bit of a strange signing.
  23. I can't help but think that the cost of having Sam Tomkins in your team is a marquee salary and ..... Joel Tomkins.
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