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  1. Reminds me of the team building session at work where we had to say something positive about ourselves. Mine was "well I'm not on crack so there's that"
  2. Same here. They could have at least held a referen...........oh wait
  3. Oh now I've had to Youtube Is She Really Going Out With Him and It's Different for Girls. Great old school stuff.
  4. As soon as the vaccinations arrive we get marched off to the nurses office to have ours so had it a few weeks ago. Supposed to be a bad one coming this year. Always have mine in case the kids get the flu and grandkids need taking care of.
  5. I have an estuary accent unless visiting wider family when we all seem to switch to cockney. I think we have more glottal stops and add in unnecessary Rs so "I don't known when we last saw each other" would become "sorr each other" and "not a good idea is it?" becomes "idear is it?". Hs are dropped so we have "Ave you seen er?" as is L so milk becomes miwk, syllables are also dropped so January is Januree and library is libree. R is also thrown aside so "park the car" becomes "pahk the cah". All just laziness really.
  6. My shoulders are tensed. Why would you say yeah, no? But I know they do.......arrrrgh!!!
  7. Advice and advise, practice and practise, effect and affect. Definitely could of and would of but the one that really makes me turn violent is pin number
  8. The vote!!! Don't be ridiculous. Next thing they will be asking if they can go out to work and demanding a front door key
  9. Love this. Very well cast. I watch on iplayer so thank god I can skip the annoying songs
  10. I've seen sets of half a dozen plastic egg shaped things that you use to crack the egg into, cook it, then put in fridge until needed. I agree with the rolling mentioned above though.
  11. 31.7 in my bedroom despite fans. Have tried windows open but that just puts the temperature up. Instructed youngest I will be dead by morning and my wishes to be cremated, songs to play at funeral etc.
  12. A friend would like to dictate his memoirs for me to type. I have got as far as thinking he buys a digital dictaphone and then saves to usb which he then sends to me as he progresses but that's the limit of my knowledge. Is there a way he can get the dictation to me electronically with any different equipment/app/software etc to make things easier? Thanks if anyone knows any more.
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