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  1. Love this. Very well cast. I watch on iplayer so thank god I can skip the annoying songs
  2. I've seen sets of half a dozen plastic egg shaped things that you use to crack the egg into, cook it, then put in fridge until needed. I agree with the rolling mentioned above though.
  3. 31.7 in my bedroom despite fans. Have tried windows open but that just puts the temperature up. Instructed youngest I will be dead by morning and my wishes to be cremated, songs to play at funeral etc.
  4. A friend would like to dictate his memoirs for me to type. I have got as far as thinking he buys a digital dictaphone and then saves to usb which he then sends to me as he progresses but that's the limit of my knowledge. Is there a way he can get the dictation to me electronically with any different equipment/app/software etc to make things easier? Thanks if anyone knows any more.
  5. Seren is from the Savannah family. She purrs but her miaow is like a kind of tiny strangled roar
  6. Spend a bit extra on comfortable shoes and a good bed because if you're not in one you're in the other. (My mum's advice when I started work in 1972)
  7. I agree. You watching reality tv isn't a compromise. It should be more "why don't you watch that while I [insert here.........catch up on TRL, finish my book.....etc) then we'll [insert Riding Pie hobby here.......go out for Sunday lunch, have a game of (whatever you both like)......etc) not one of you suffer what you don't enjoy.
  8. Congrats Mrs Phil!! Of course I knew you were MBE material years ago when Phil passed on your method for fool proof poached eggs perfect every time. I have been using it ever since ?. Well done I'm glad your hard work has been recognised and thanks for letting us know Phil.
  9. Took my granddaughter to see Santa yesterday (the real one obviously) at the garden centre. £12 and £3 for every adult accompanying her!!!
  10. I do find it quite funny when my daughter goes upstairs or into the garden and her 6 year old quick as a flash says "Alexa add Smarties to the shopping list"
  11. This day last year it was the lights switch on in town. It was a momentous occasion. Antipope Felix II would have loved it ?
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