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  1. Poor man. Fingers crossed they can help him get better soon.
  2. I'll send the Deliveroo geezer over to Yakima Valley to get some
  3. Everyone outside tomorrow for a game of social distance Aunt Sally. There'll be a cold buffet supplied by the WI. Please state any special dietary requests.
  4. Oh that's HGs phone. He must be next to me in your contacts list
  5. I've lost my phone down the cushions can someone ring it? The ringtone is "I predict a riot"
  6. We have supplies at the moment (GP surgery Bucks). All routine referrals have now ceased. Some of the GPs are showing signs of increased stress levels but unlike secondary care we do have the luxury of closing our door for phone call screening and when patients do arrive they can enter the foyer and be screened again by intercom as to whether they have an appointment and usual questions about foreign travel/symptoms before they come in. Receptionists are pretty much exhausted at entire shifts spent on the phone repeating the same advice mantra over and over and often fielding abuse from callers. We are getting information from secondary care regarding cancelled outpatient clinics. At some points in the day it is impossible to contact any of the local hospitals as their phone lines are being used to full capacity calling patients to cancel clinics. Dermatology are asking us to simply send photos of rashes etc for advice, Neurology can often video call patients, Complex Needs clinics are suspended and Vague Symptoms pathway also, Cardiology are triaging back to us asking the GPs for more in depth information so they can only see the more urgent cases. Ladies giving birth can only have one person as a birthing partner (that may have changed to no one now I'm not sure) and no visitors for anyone obviously which must be hard for the families. General Surgeons sent a note asking us to limit prescriptions of antibiotics. Not sure what that means, maybe ckn does?
  7. Ooooh absinthe .........proffers glass
  8. How come you're all drunk already. Have you had a lock-in without me? And why is it so smoky in here? Where's the management?
  9. My daughter and kids are in isolation. She put the bins out this morning for collection. She said she has never done it so slowly before, the sheer joy of fresh air, hearing traffic and not listening to the kids bickering for just two minutes.
  10. Will I get a freebie Sunday for Mother's Day?
  11. 'Ere Landlord. The bloke on table 15 has taken the ketchup off all the tables and put them in his rucksack!
  12. Good idea. Lets just sit in the Winchester till it all blows over. [Lowers voice] Anyone want anything extra..........high quality stuff......masks, hand gel, 2 for a tenner as it's you.
  13. Reminds me of the team building session at work where we had to say something positive about ourselves. Mine was "well I'm not on crack so there's that"
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