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    Quoting NRL coaches is a mystery to me, as if they will ever find anything positive to say. On the other hand, I'm interested in what Jason Moore has to say: https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/league/rugby-league-arrived-in-north-america-promoter-calls-more-tests-after-kiwis-clash "The main thing was to showcase the game to a as many people as we could in this market. "Yes there is room for improvement, yes we can do things better next time and we will but this is the first step in a journey. Rugby league has now arrived in North America. "The most important thing for us is that do it again and again and again. This is just the beginning."
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    When you see the constraints our board had to work under and are still working through after the pay cut season / scenario you got to applaud every single one of them whether still here or not on the board. To diligently work through that tough year, accept that we weren't going to be top end side,take the knocks and work through the debtors and show a more proactive longer term view shows true humility and I have no sympathy for the actions of the board down the road. Some legacy their going to leave. Disgraceful practice and they should barred from being directors of any company. I remember that heavy defeat by haven at home in the 8s, it was absolute torture to watch to the bitter end but the sacrifices like that will make the successes mean that much more. Let's rally round our club once more and help push us on into the playoffs. There is a lot of good folk deserve it down there. Utt
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    This is something to bear in mind next time you think about berating Australia for their lack of commitment to the international game. England treat the international game exactly the same, in proportion to their strength. Australia treat every nation below them with contempt and so do England.
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    The new Ukraine jersey is out for their World Cup qualifiers. You can pick one up at www.1908.store
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    I slipped and stubbed my toe, what opportunities will this open up for Kabbadi in Ukraine?
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    Why is this game not being held in London? None of the three tests will be in the Capital, so why not think big and go all out for a London venue?
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    I'd have thought it would make sense to push the RL back to 1.45 whoever's in the final. If I was going to watch the football I'd prefer to do it in a crowd in a sports club rather than at home on my own. Make an event of it, and start planning it now, barbecue, band, raffle, free pint for new members on the day, use it as a marketing push. Be absolutely shameless in pushing it to get people through the door. Or be like some on here and expect the RFL to organise everything.
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    Good spot. The WC final is at 4pm. Get the rugby games moved forward to 1.45 / 2pm. Tellies on, bunting up, bar open. Of course, it's RL so the clubs will do nowt and then blame the RFL.
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    I'm afraid I'll have to add my agreement to the dissenting voices. In 2015, we drew a crowd of 8,300 at Leigh for the warm-up match on a Saturday. Realistically, the best we could hope for is to match this crowd, although with it being on a Wednesday I reckon we're looking at a crowd of 6,000 as a maximum, no TV coverage, and no-one really knowing the match is on. For the 2021 World Cup, we have reportedly had 40 venues bid for matches with many outside the heartlands. I'd wager that if you gave a match to one of these towns/cities, they would make a better effort at promoting it than Leigh in an attempt to secure a match for 2021, and the associated TV coverage and sponsorship that this would provide. If 2021 is to be the success we want it to be, then in my opinion any England friendly should no longer be played at a stadium with a capacity less than 20,000, and any competitive England game should no longer be played in a stadium with a capacity less than 30,000 (as a minimum. And we extend our run of having 1 England game played in London between 2014 and 2019. Yet the RFL will scratch their heads about why the sport doesn't get national recognition... EDIT: Just received an email from the RFL about the match which states: This in itself is unacceptable, and probably not something that we should be highlighting!
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    This takes no effort, low cost to travel, make tickets as cheap as possible. Easy. Absolute rubbish.
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    Some haven players have been all over social media mocking the hashtag ourtown, mocking Leon, calling our lot mercanaries and talking about team spirit winning over money. It’s going to have to now. Graceless
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    I think if Sky started playing silly buggers we would have other options. Whilst there may not be huge demand from these other channels at the moment, if we are heading for a substantial pay cut, then we should be prepared to take that pay cut from a new channel. We should not take a pay cut from Sky under any circumstances. If however we could get a smaller amount from a terrestrial channel (1 game a week) plus an alternative satellite broadcaster (the rest) then we should be prepared to do that. This negotiation shouldn't end in us taking less from Sky.
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    Has anyone spared a thought for the Touch Judge & Video ref they will have to officiate again next week after the trip of a lifetime... um er i mean officiated a game at altitude and endured a grueling return flight! Ryan Hall try was a fumble perhaps it was awarded in sympathy for another try that should have been awarded to him and England against Australia a few years ago. Luckily for New Zealand I dont think the try being awarded or not would have impacted the result of the game, It was a bad call but England still would have won either way. It is Strange that the NRL are prepared to pay for RLPA representative Clint Newton to fly to Denver yet have not invested anything into the local game in NZ. New Zealand is a source of revenue for the NRL, where the local game is struggling, 30% of all NRL players have a NZ background and there is even a NZ based NRL club. The NRL is attempting to stop this game or have it moved next year but i dont know if the financial arrangement will still be on offer if the game is moved to a different time of year. The Kiwi's games are the only direct money earner the game in NZ has available. If the Game is held in Denver a good marketing angle would be around the botching of the NZ Anthem, maybe the KIwi's players could work with the singer to help her right a wrong and the game could get some positive media attention out of it.
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    Of all the crazy ideas I've heard mooted in RL over the past 25 years, choosing to revert to semi-pro status in a bid to even the competition and revive near-defunct clubs is just about the most insane.
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    With Germany out of the soccer World Cup what opportunities will open up for RL? Discuss.
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    Interesting insight here from a fan who was at the game http://forums.redvee.net/showthread.php?30491-England-team-for-Denver&p=735123&viewfull=1#post735123
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    I support town mate end of.
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    Neither Matty marsh or will dagger included in rovers line up on Friday so could be useful additions with Connor Robinson probably not playing this weekend, also would help with racking up the five games needed to feature in later league matches.
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    Yes. There's a huge difference between Andy Murray joking that he's off to buy a Paraguay shirt and some of the absolute gutter-dwelling shot that gets splurged out. And, anyway, here's the perfectly valid left-liberal way of supporting England:
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    I thought we’d won already
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    Of the last 50 matches Australia have played since the start of 2008, they have only lost 5 times (1 draw). All those games were against NZ. The last time someone other than NZ beat the Aussies is 12 years ago. They now haven't lost a match in 2 years. And in the last 2 World Cup's Australia's points for and against is 482-40. In Origin, only one of the series since 2008 has been a 3-0 whitewash, and on 6 occasions the series has been decided in the last game. The other thing worth remembering is that both teams in origin are Australian, so while one team was winning most of the series over the last decade, you had another Australian team losing. The hype from the Sydney media has got bigger as NSW has become more desperate to beat the Queenslanders. It's similar to how you'll get more interest here in England for a series against the Aussies than for one against the French. Everyone wants to put one over on the Aussies because of their record against us, so there's huge interest. But because we usually beat the French, the interest isn't the same. To try and say that Australia's dominance of the international game hasn't affected the Australian perception of the game would be foolish. And as EW alludes to above, the biggest problem the international game has is the dominance of the clubs. Certain NRL clubs may prefer self-interest, but having read some of the thoughts of Mr Lenagan and co., I suspect it's not something unique to the southern hemisphere.
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    Absolutely, my reaction was 'this dipstick could start a riot here'. It's absolutely nothing to do with past issues. Although if we're talking about 'letting it go', some of the anti English stuff I've seen on Twitter from some Scottish fans is ridiculous and obsessive.
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    Take him to the airport early and charge him the entrance fee for your time ?
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    Maybe more midweek fixtures offer a solution to amateur rugby league's problem with Saturday cry-offs. This evening, I drove over to Sherburn-in-Elmet to watch Sherburn Bears take on Yorkshire League Fourth Division leaders Crofton Sports. Sherburn had 17 players and Crofton the maximum permissible 20. Impressive! In balmy conditions, and on a pitch like concrete, Sherburn led 10-6 at half-time before Crofton extended to six games their 100 per cent start to the season by running in four second half tries to win 22-10. Bears finished the game with 11 players after a sin-binning and a sending-off in the last 10 minutes. There was a sin-binning apiece before the break. A highly physical contest! The crowd at Eversley Park (a very pleasant setting in an otherwise dreary village) peaked at 129.
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    That was seriously baltic, I bought a bottle of water at the services, it was ice by half time
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    Disgusted with this - just said as much ont the England RL Facebook post about this.
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    I don't think anyone is saying that there are no Australians interested in spreading the game. Any RL fan from whatever part of the world will applaud the NRL for the work done in the highlighted articles concerned. However, as clearly the leading RL nation in terms of playing numbers, finances, TV coverage etc.. I think that the overall impression given by the NRL is that they have the capacity to do so much more and be more positive about growing the sport. This is not to excuse the RFL or the other Tier 1 governing bodies from their obligations to grow the sport. I personally don't give a fig who does it as long as it gets done. As an example, what worries me is what follow up by the sport will be done in the USA since the Denver test - especially with the 2025 RLWC on the horizon. Lets face it, RLs long term 'post game' development/support at similar games in 'non RL' countries is pretty abysmal. With professional sport around the globe being ever more competitive for new markets/resources, RL can no longer afford to miss chances/opportunities. In 10/20 years it will probably be too late. The game needs to act now. I think there needs to be: - a properly thought out agreed minimum 7 year plan for the USA & Canada to work towards the 2025 WC. - properly funded permanent coaching/development/marketing staff with enough resources permanently based in the US/Canada. - regular international games being taken to the US over the next 7 years - a programme whereby US & Canadian players can go Super League/NRL clubs to learn and train. - enough regular fixture for the US and Canada national teams Maybe concrete plans/agreements are already in place to provide the necessary development expertise and support, but all we hear is certain individuals (eg Wayne Bennett) saying this needs to happen now, but no definite specific plans from the RLIF/RFL/NRL or whoever. We can't just leave this until say 12 months before the 2025 WC, and we also can't expect the NRL to do it all. More than ever, the whole sport needs to pull together to get this done before it's too late.
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    Could it be anymore small time? Seriously? It's a nice enough stadium, but its in a small northern town, hard to get to (impossible by train) with a small capacity. And to top it all off, they put the game on a Wednesday evening. Those people (Gary Hetherington, for one) suggesting that the RFL are best equipped to govern our sport need only look at this announcement to see why that clearly is not the case.
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    Pathetic. Nil ambition from an organisation with nil credibility.
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    It's still a international game at home so all in all its a good thing. Let's hope France have their best players fit and can make it a competitive game. I would love to go, but mid week 300 Miles is tough. This might have sold fine at a small London ground.
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    It's moved on from that now, they're now congratulating their board for seeing through Harvey's BS !
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    East Stand at York taking shape.
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    You are aware that we will be playing at Lamport right? If any SL teams can't get their visas sorted out then clearly they don't belong in the new professional SL now do they? Saying we should move our games because top flight teams can't be bothered to prepare for a game that could significantly impact their futures is absurd...it's a PRO Sport...Pro is short for Professional in case some don't know. Besides this will force us to travel to and from Canada each week giving the SL teams a bit of an advantage, i highly doubt they want to face us without any travel as..well...we're better than them.
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    Why should anyone fell sorry for any player who has followed the money train, at the end of the day the vast majority of the players are in it for the money and will go to the highest bidder, and anyone who thinks different is a fool,
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    The proposed Cas one isn't that far out of town tbf. In fact it probably shares more characteristics with the HJ than the AJ Bell, in that its walkable from Cas town centre and surrounding populated areas like Half Acres, Glasshoughton, Airedale, etc!, even Ponte at a push. It's also a couple of hundred metres from a train station and plenty of pubs and eateries in the local vicinity.
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    We've been ridiculously lucky with injuries so far essentially just having one player out throughout the season so we can't really moan now we have a few. Can't see any of them playing on Sunday. Rib cartilage is very painful and generally takes a few weeks to get over and probably rules out Joy. Langtree shouldn't play even if its a minor hamstring pull. Bridge wouldn't have come off if he didn't have to so I can't see him being right for this week. The other 3 you would say are no chance at all. Good opportunity for Briscoe, Jones and Rasool with two back row spots open and all three played quite well on Sunday. Hopefully we can get a dual reg to cover Joy at prop and we should be ok
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    In the words of Frankie Boyle "like watching the deleted scenes from Platoon"
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    What does it say about the rest of the league if the team in second place has too many average players, and needs a clear-out?
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    and if you can get the rights on free to air tv whilst having stuff in the shops that is how you start to eat away at the consciousness of the nation (especially if we are doing well).
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    hello folk! sorry for the late feedback, I was out for a long week end in the UK, so I have been able to compile all the info only this morning… And I want to double check the prediction file (because some of the numbers do not seem very logical / excel formula that I had to extend...) in order to avoid mistake. I try to give you the update today. Meanwhile, it seems that there has been an interesting/pasisonate debate on this thread!!
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    So we should praise our board for the approach last year. They got a bit of stick but it was the right thing to do
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    Newcastle have a multi-Millionaire owner in Semore Kurdi so it would be the case that in reality they fit in the first category of a club that "grows" through one mans personal gifts. London Broncos have a proper youth set up, are winning matches, and attendances were 900 last season and so there is a direct comparison. That only differs in that Kurdi does not shell out for players from along the M62 to win enough games to get Newcastle into the Championship. His ambitions in terms of his actions are very limited. It would not take much for him to buy Newcastle out of league one and into the Championship which Gateshead stormed in 2008. Gateshead also played Superleague in 1999 so RL hasn't got that far in 20 years there (Notwithstanding Newcastles 1936 pro RL team). The 1999 team came sixth in SL so that was a very good season, but it pulled in only 3.900 crowds. Newcastle's ambitions are simply limited by Kurdi's limited investment. I've followed "expansion" ever since I first watched the game in 1966 when expansion was Doncaster and Blackpool. That's half a century ago, and it's been half a century of wishful thinking. Donny were already 15 years into "expanding the game" to south Yorkshire then. "Expansion" of course has to be a talking point when the game continues to accommodate clubs like TWP, Coventry, Hemel, West Wales etc into the pro ranks, to follow the last crop of Paris, Gateshead, London etc, and before that Mansfield, Kent, Cardiff etc. but after all this time the clubs that rule the roost and develop the players all have one common denominator, they have roots going back to the 1860's and 1870's. At a time when Widnes (1873) and Salford (1873) are on their backsides I find it very hard to take "expansion" seriously whether it's clubs from places they do not play RL, or clubs from places they did, like Manchester, but has now failed against the onslaught of Union and soccer. The name of the game has to be "survival" because it would in theory only be decades before any of these expansion clubs ever break even or develop an SL quality player. Again check out Doncaster seven decades on. I say "in theory" because even through the last century Rugby League was mainly about the big old clubs of Hull, West Yorkshire and central Lancashire. The tide of soccer in Manchester has washed over Broughton Rangers and Swinton and is currently seeing off Salford. No surprise the RFL are cool on Manchester Rangers despite their junior set up. At their height Broughton Rangers had the biggest number of schoolkids playing the game there. Manchester Rangers are revivalists, not expansionists. Anyway far from Lenegan's 10 club SL being about "Supergreed" it was actually all about survival. But talking about that ain't as much fun.
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    1 home and 1 away win =4pts. Thats doable.
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    There should be more nuclear, and that has been the same for a decade but no politician (any party) had the foresight or balls to do it. More solar, more wind, more storage, more investment in energy reduction (better home regs for example. Nuclear as baseload, renewables as much as they can, gas for surge and gap plugging (along with imports). simples
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    I'm not sure if Super League or NRL games were on SN1 last year but this is wonderful news. People need to watch, or record these games so Rogers can see a demand for Rugby League. Here's what I found so far. All games on SN1 Eastern time. Wigan vs. Leeds - 8pm Thursday June 28 Catalans vs. Castleford - 4pm Saturday June 30 (Isn't there something else going on then?) Huddersfield vs. Hull FC - 7pm Thursday July 5 Penrith vs. New Zealand - 7pm Friday July 6 Now let's hope the middle 8s will also make an appearance on SN1.
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    You might not have noticed but apart from a bit of bluster, Labour are yet to do anything that stops Brexit or allows for another referendum. Its so far been internal Tory party issues that have delayed any plans. Until they actually decide what they want, everyone else is sitting around. There’s another away day in a week or so to sort it out...
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    I enjoyed the game...lots of excitement and credit to Barrow for never giving up and doing their best, they were outmanned, outgunned and outmuscled but they never gave in. That Smitty is like a small Sherman tank!

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