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    Give it a rest mate, they brought plenty. There’s always one I suppose eh. Thats as good as you’ll get between 2 top teams, played in the right way with so much respect between the clubs and fans. To see your coach giving words of encouragement in the town huddle was fantastic at the end .york edged it with the 2 breakaways but it could have easily been the other way and I don’t think anyone could have argued. Maybe them lot from odsal should take note from 2 class acts.
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    I’m not sure what the issue is. One of the best away supports all season, added to the great atmosphere, a great game and hopefully a sign of things to come.
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    Enjoyed the game, not because we won but 2 teams gave their all, with no cheap shots, thanks for the complements about our team and coach, were all proud of them, good luck for the rest of the season.
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    Give me your address and ill send you an abacus.
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    In my 70 years of watching Fev I have left the ground feeling proud on too many occasions to count. Either at Post office road, away or at wembley. Today ranks with the best
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    If you do face Bradford in the playoffs you should rightly feel confident. Looking at their fans rlfans page they are not happy bunnies even after their big win over Keighley today, and none of them are looking forward to the prospect of round 3 against Town. Only thing missing from today's match were a few fans/staff/volunteers handing out leaflets at the end of the game as fans exited with details of the next home fixture, with maybe a small discount if the leaflet is produced when buying a ticket. The volunteers here at York did it with great effect at our home match against Catalans in the cup and 1,000+ duly attended against West Wales in the next home game. Obviously plenty extras turned up today plus 30 from York (couldn't resist!), none of them should have gone away disappointed with the effort today and it would be good if you can encourage them to return.
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    Proud of the players efforts and not dissappointed at all after that performance.
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    I'm embarrassed for you.
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    Fantastic atmosphere today and the best match I've seen for a long time. As a Town fan a bit disappointed to play so well and get beat. York unlike some the teams we've seen this season were a credit to RL as were their fans. A match that wouldn't have been out of place in the Championship. Well done to all concerned.
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    There as a lot of assuming and presuming going on here. So lets presume that thr RFL and Liverpool arranged the date but said we need to make sure Everton are not at home, then Everton contact the PL and say we need to keep this Saturday free. Then the PL fixture people ignore that and then Everton get a home fixture that weekend. Then it is not, Liverpool, Everton's or the RFL's fault, it is the fault of the Premier League fixture monkeys. That is just as plausible as all the scenarios put forward to stick it to the RFL
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    I find this attitude wherever I see it as really insulting to poor people. Being poor does not equate to being a thug and thuggery occurs all over the place and is indulged in by people from all kinds of backgrounds and from all kinds of places. So please do not promulgate this narrative that being poor means being violent. It does not.
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    One thing I'll add Wonky without turning this into a Bulls bashing contest is James Ford will no doubt quite rightly praise your performance, which is more than you'll have received after your Odsal win the other week.
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    Hakim does have quite a penchant for being involved in the spectacular..
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    There’s plenty of teams in higher leagues wouldn’t have put on entertainment like that . That was a hammer n tongs slog ! League one can deliver and deserves the exposure and recognition . And it doesn’t need emasculating
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    One thing to add from me is that there have been a few comments on how well coached York were ( rightly so). I think Leon and his assistants also deserve some credit as we are looking stronger as the season progresses.
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    Up the Kneets! Championship bound and a new stadium in the works...God Bless York.....
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    Summing up.great game, not niggling or dirty play,2 great sets of supporters. Great advert for championship 1 rugby. Well done to all concerned in all pre match build up etc well done bod players n back room staff. Keep the standards up and we will do ok.
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    I can't disagree, I've come away from defeats, some big ones, but today was the only one where I could not think of any good points. We hardly completed any sets, I think in the full 80 minutes I only remember one occasion when a forward took the ball at pace, and that was when Matty Holmes scored. It's as if we have 13 strangers playing together for the first time, we all know were better than this, I also think Batley played to our weakness out wide, and the first two tries showed that up.
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    Spot on, best game at dp all season
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    I will second that,There was a good turnout in the stand and a few supporters and cars on the car park more supporters around the ground, and,ifanybody looked there were two coaches aback of the old training ground has well.I have to say congrats to York on their win,a bit peed off with two kicks that they gathered so well to win the game,but our lads tackled their socks off and Elliot miller was deserved MOM but Olstrum worked his butt off.I hope York win promotion up to the Championship and we beat Bradford in the final..
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    Now let's hand them there Red Devils their first loss of the Qualies next weekend!
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    Its only the fault of Liverpool Council if my scenario is wrong, I was just pointing out that people are blaming the RFL for something that they may have had no influence over at all. People are making presumptions so that they can blame the RFL. I believe it is the fault of Liverpool Council personally, but I was pointing out the stupidity of trying to blame the RFL without knowing all the facts.
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    A big issue with the eights for me is that with a third of Super League dropping into the qualifiers half the league are looking over their shoulder at the teams behind them rather than looking up. The system does not allow for clubs outside of the top clubs to plan long term. There needs to be a structure that allows the weaker SL clubs to grow to the level of St Helens, Wigan etc. Yes it would mean that the gap between Super League and the Championship would grow but the focus has to be on making Super League the elite league that it should be, as at the end of the day it is Super League which generates most of the money that comes into the UK game and the more money that comes into the game the more that can filter down to the leagues below Super League. IMO it would be better for both Toronto and Toulouse to be in Super League as it would strengthen the leagues access to the French media market and would now have access to the Canadian market making the league more attractive to potential sponsors plus it might help to concentrate the English player pool around fewer clubs. Many people won't like the idea of clubs being in the Super League because of what they bring to the table off the field rather than on it but the game needs to do something about generating more revenue because otherwise the game in this country will continue to struggle on and we will keep on losing players to the NRL.
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    Thought you were a far better team today than when we beat you earlier in the season, cant believe a couple of you wanted Pryce sacked, Rome wasnt built in a day.
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    That is not what the post said.
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    Hunslet and Donny have suddenly woken up and looking at the remaining fixtures it could be 3rd Donny . 4th Hunslet , 5th Workington
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    York press said they were adamant they were stronger now than they were when they beat us 40-8 earlier in the season . So to bring it to a narrow defeat to a stronger team shows how far we have come. Roll on the run in
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    Great game & disappointed, but very pleased with towns performance, it was a game of margins and they just went in Yorks favour...Town 1-17 excellent but i think for his effort, determination and work rate, Olstrum mom for me!
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    It depends what you're arguing. I would say that it's very predictable that there was a POSSIBILITY that Everton would be playing at home on the same weekend as the RL match. The most likely day would be Saturday, but given how football is nowadays, it could have been a Friday night game, or more likely a Sunday afternoon or Monday night game. Nobody has a crystal ball and is able to predict for certain that Everton would play on the Saturday, but anyone with any awareness of football would know it was a possibility. Therefore, you don't leave it and hope for the best. You make sure that you've spoken to all the relevant people and that you've got an undertaking that they will make sure that Everton will not end up playing on the same day you have arrange your match for. Because you have a duty of care to your sport and to your customers not to mess them around. If you can't get such a guarantee from whoever you need it from, you don't book Anfield. It's as simple as that.
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    Got to agree you got the fans talking about this game, now do the same for the rest of your games and your fan base will grow.
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    Agreed. We did play badly, but there is a saying that "you play as well as you are allowed to." Fev were simply better than us for about 75 of the 80 minutes. A fully deserved win for you guys. The way the injuries and 'on reports' are going, we'll probably be playing you at 7 a-side in the final!
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    What a way to royally fig up the best League 1 race in recent memory! ?
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    Didn’t make today but have to say how magnanimous town were in defeat from the board to the fans. #rl family
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    Brilliant match today, well done to worky who could well have come out on top but for the odd bounce of the ball or blast of the whistle. It's as good a worky team as ive seen in a while n here's hoping the two promotion winners played each other today. the ref was his usual eccentric self, fish n chips were excellent, all in all a grand day out! Come on ye kneets!
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    loop Poor match?! You really do watch a different game to the rest of us.
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    Yeh I’m really glad Leon wasn’t sacked ...
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    Yep, when you go back a few month and we would be looking ahead at these two matches with some apprehension and a view to keeping the score to a respectable damage limitation performance but we have come through it with a double over Bulls and a great showing and a unlucky narrow defeat today so I would say we have progressed considerably and praise must go to the players and the coaching staff as well as the BOD. UTT.
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    When I got back from the game I logged in and was able to watch the last 13 minutes or so which was in the video section on the menu. It came across as very good, camera angles were good, Dave Parkinson was very good commentating and very complimentary about how he had been looked after by town. I think it’s definitely something that can give league 1 a bit of valuable advertising especially if it is going to done properly by the rfl.
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    Watch NRL is great, particularly watched via the Apple TV app. All games and Fox League shows live and on demand plus highlights and press conferences. A lack of content means it’s a non-starter for Super League for the time being. But, technically, it’s more than possible to have a top notch streaming channel in the here and now.
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    No pace in the backs and no power in the pack. Can't see us winning again this year so best hope is Swinton not getting 3 more wins.
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    Make sure you include the instructions.
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    Thanks Unicorn. You should be proud of Town’s performance today. They played well and were particularly tough in the forwards and caused us some problems. Good luck in the play offs and if you draw the Bulls, make it three out of three.
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    If more money is required for the S.L. teams just have a ten team division playing 3 times against each other with no relegation=27 games 2.2million Sky money and let the rest of rugby league get on with it.But if S.L. clubs want players from Championship and below they pay a realistic fee for the players who have been developed lower down the scale.And don't come back with the Bosman rule because there are ways round it .
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    This is true. But what can we do? I am not a fan of Sky and I know you defend them. We disagree, but that is good. I do think, though, that times have changed. When Sky first put their money into English RL, they did so to support their desire to control the pay-per-view market in Oz. Understandable and business is business, but we were really a side-show. They paid well and we couldn't really turn their offer down. However, times have changed. Sky now have a monopoly on RL broadcasting (the BBC only want the Challenge Cup and weekly highlights) and are bidding accordingly. They pay enough to keep the game alive, but not enough to let it improve. I think it's time to look at other broadcast options. I know income would take a hit (massive), but the scope is no longer just the UK. The internet has arrived and I think the RFL (or maybe not, as they are not the most inspiring leaders) should be exploring other options. Salford are now offering games (on vimeo, I think) on a pay-per-game basis. Hell, if useless Solly can do it, anyone can. Imagine all clubs videoing their games and getting them broadcast for a couple of quid per view. Imagine if the RFL could organise (a ######-up in a brewery?) the platform and payment systems for a pan-European internet channel. Risky? Yes! How are your nerves? My point is that we should be looking into this, even if we decide it won't work. PS. Think of the heritage - archive games if we can get the copyright owners to allow us.
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    Don't need one mate just need to count my fingers 10 times. Thank you anyway and well done on your win.
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    A man who was leaving wouldn't have motivated his team as he has done today. What a performance from 14 men!
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    Nope, merchandise was on sale at the start of the season and during it.....next question?
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    I watched this in the Bootham Tavern and it was decent. A couple of whinges, though. The clock had absolutely no connection to reality. The first half was still going with about 42 minutes on the clock. At one point in the 2nd half the clock got stopped, but then no-one remembered to start it again, so we had no idea how long was actually left. And that Workington try was given despite a forward pass and an offside in the buildup that was obvious from TV. Hard fought game and a crucial win for York, well done to both sides.
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    Are you not on the wrong site? Oh by the way we'll done on your win today.
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    One was the team bus Trouty but let's just be thankfull for all the away support.

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