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    Some players will come, some players will go, we will talk to players some we will sign some we won't, some will use us to get a better deal at their present club. It is all part of the game yes more players will depart than a club would like but payers decide it is time to move on for more money/retire/follow their mates/less travelling/better prospects all valid reasons but I know the club are working to get a competitive team on the field for 2019 within their budget.
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    It’s not the system that is bad but the strength in depth of the SL. The NRL regular season finished last week with the Roosters on top with 34 points. New Zealand Warriors were eighth on 32 points. Meanwhile in SL there is a 23 point gap between Saints in first and Catalans in eighth which could become 25 or 21 later today. If we’d had a similar points differential as the NRL there’d be a thread extolling the virtues of the Super 8s. With a play off system there’s always the possibility that this season’s scenario could happen. I personally thought 8 from 14 was rewarding mediocrity. I much preferred the top five play off system.
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    Pinched this off the York site....... League 1 only (so far) last seasons avg in brackets. Bradford 3633 (3913) -7% York 1477 (1088) +36% Newcastle 1058 (910) +16% Doncaster 838 (562) +49% Keighley 815 (808) +1% Workington 802 (654) +23% Whitehaven 751 (674) +11% Hunslet 620 (413) +50% Oldham 460 (792) -42% Coventry 416 (366) +14% North Wales 380 (342) +11% London 359 (443) -19% W WestWales 285 (229 as S.Wales) +24% Hemel 177 (118) +50% Nearly a 50% drop for us playing IN Oldham and the biggest drop in attendance in the whole league. If these figures are correct this proves the fact that playing in Oldham has actually decreased crowds by a huge margin! Unless something changes dramatically in the close season and Oldham actually do something like proper marketing,ticket deals etc the club is dead and buried. We exist on central funding and if that's cut we will struggle even more, is this the right time and the golden opportunity to make the club a supporters owned club ( if indeed there is enough interest in RL at this level)? Obviously IF Hamilton quits then an interim chairperson could do next season on central funding while a money is raised by a subscription scheme for a fan take over in 2020? Then the club could reconnect with fans and become OUR club, with all members getting a vote etc and still have central funding with more money in the pot from the Supporters trust to make the club solvent for a change.At the minute even the die hard fans are pig sick of the running of the club,the Bradford debacle proves the hierarchy don't give two hoots about the loyal 400 who have been there this season. I don't blame the stayaways for the poor crowds at Oldham,after all they didn't go to Stalybridge either. The club have done nothing to increase crowds or engage with fans,poor Dave must feel like he fights a lonely battle manning the social media and various other things (which is the only shining light in the administration of the club and DN deserves massive credit for all his efforts) with not much to work with from the Club. After this season ends unless huge changes are made I sadly can see the end of pro RL in Oldham, I never thought it would happen again, and always try to see positives but the way we are going,the reality is we are pretty close to the life support machine being turned off. Tragic.
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    Don’t disagree with lots of that, I realised recently I actually enjoy listening to podcasts, watching Back chat and reading forums more than the actually watching the SL (middle 8s aside). Watched the NRL playoffs yesterday and today and it has been much better. The game is in a mess and desperately needs some leadership and sorting out.
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    Cheers for that. We have got our fingers crossed and ideally I hope us and Hornets are given a reprieve with this potential restructuring and on the Lions front only I hope that whatever is decided it gives us a huge boost and injection of vitamins on the field of play and I hope we can rally and get a few wins in the remaining 4 games especially against both Barrow and Batley(sorry Dogfather)and for the icing on the cake shock wins against Featherstone and Leigh who with their off field issues along with frankly having nothing to play for as they are both going to be in the divisional Grand Final anyway could be there for the taking,Fingers ? And if we are going to be in the Championship next season thanks to restructuring then with the now good management off the field and improvement on that side we can do what both Dewsbury and Batley have done and firmly establish ourselves in this division.
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    Good luck for today and the rest of the season.
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    Got to let her have this one -
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    Have to say I'm enjoying the commentary more than the usual Sky "A" team. Much improved by not having Cummings and the constant looking for false controversy at every single refereeing decision from Eddie and Co.
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    Not just the result of being "on the road" imho although that contributed to the lack of stability and a home base, brought on though by the chairman allegedly not paying his dues at Boundary Park where we could have had a decent future,the nomadic years could potentially have been avoided,the crowds at Bower and all the other grounds over the years were reasonable and comparable to most other lower end clubs. This season we have lost 300+ fans,granted there were more away fans in the Championship but a fair % of Oldham fans seem to have turned it in on our heralded return to Oldham. Even when we were nomadic the club never encouraged the younger generation, no real junior supporters club, no tickets for schools etc and to this day that continues, 24 kids went through the turnstiles at the cup game v HKR this season. That's terrible. As Pigeon Lofter said earlier Oldham's fanbase is an ageing one,average age must be over 50,it can't continue like this if the club is to grow. The marketing of games and the club has been horrendous for many a year, the club is stuck in the dark ages and does not move forward. How many clubs for instance do not have card payments as an option but you can pay by cheque? The truth is that we have a club which is stagnant and way behind the times at every level (except social media). We have fallen to an all time low, both in attendances and club "management" in every area. York have shown the way in rising from the ashes, not long ago almost extinct, no money,crowds relatively poor. Now buzzing,marketing games so well,offers for fans,season ticket offers,new ground on the horizon,hugely improved crowds. Meanwhile Oldham plod on in the same vein ,year in year out with no noticeable improvement in the running of the club. Unless something seismic happens soon, the club and pro game in Oldham is finished.
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    It's called greggs now cools
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    I'd set the season tickets for the southstand at £170.. And raise pay on the day prices to £18 This would put us in line with the likes of Swinton & Batley. Why should we give away cheap admission to away fan's when as fan's we have to pay more to follow our team away. I can understand Mark been wary of price increases in the past, cos them Yorkshire folk are tight bug.gers, Difference between tight & careful Your tight when you don't have spend it, And careful when you do. Id like to see partnerships between teams on away travel to encourage fans to travel away for instance Swinton vs Dewsbury If we can get 25 people to travel on our bus, Swinton give us 25 tickets giving a £5 discount admission. Dewsbury vs Swinton In return we give 25 tickets at £5 discount on admission to Swinton fans, we've to build a network of connection's to each club. The figures are just ball park figures I do think for the likes of Bradford & widnes the admission price has to raise to £18 because they'll be paying £20+ at their grounds.
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    It wasn’t just one though, there were others, the journalists were all new members and at least one was able to vote on the no-confidence motion. If people STILL can’t smell the cow excrement around much of this “Momentum” movement then they’re a lost cause. Edit: Telegraph article covering this
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    The lack of strength in depth won't be solved by any structure changes or salary cap increases as it's still the same amount of players available. All this time and energy being wasted on sorting the structure could have been better spent trying to set up a long term plan to increase the player pool
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    The thing is you'll find this in most competitions and sports at various times. It's not the concept (although I think the super 8's are not the best answer) but the fact that SL has finished, as in the positions have been decided. This can happen with top 5, 6 etc. In April you'll see Everton vs Bournemouth, Watford Vs West Ham all with nothing to play for.
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    Does he have much experience in the championship.
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    As expected, Sinfield's involvement in overseeing things is strictly limited to this season. Furner to return for next year, Lowes continues as assistant. https://www.therhinos.co.uk/2018/09/08/furner-set-for-rhinos-homecoming-in-2019/ His record at Canberra was hardly stellar but his pedigree otherwise very much is.
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    At next weeks meeting, hopefully on the agenda should be games on Sky for next season. RL chiefs should tell and not ask Sky, that there will be no more Thursday night games. Friday night games wherever possible should not be cross county games,and certainly the Hull clubs should not be traveling to Lancashire(using old Money),and vice versa. Should be double header on Saturday,game in this country 3.00pm,and Catalans one weekend 5.00pm,Toronto the following weekend 7.00pm On Sunday show a championship or league 1 game each weekend.This season the top 6 in the championship was really exciting,plus in League 1,Bradford ,York or Workington could have been shown.Next season Newcastle look to be showing a lot of ambition, let the public have a look at them occasionally. Obviously Super League is the pinnacle of our sport in this country,but if you get 2 teams of equal ability,you will get a good game to watch no matter what the level is.
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    SOrry Dave, the attendances at the top have been in freefall since the introduction of the stupid 8s, some may have been on their usual cycle but to see so many clubs have such falls points only to one thing. I know you believe the 8s are the acest thing since aces were invented, but some predicted what would happen and it has. The focus of all sport should be on the elite, we decided to make the who's the least worst contest the focus and this mess is the result.
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    It's too easy to bag the ref. I have never been a referee but can tell that trying to get every call right for 80 minuets is impossible. The game at the top level is so fast too. I'm sure some of those who bag the ref for 'mistakes' (many are not necessarily so) would make right Charlies of themselves if they were out in the middle.
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    Thaler was a joke on Thursday. This tops that performance. Moore was a disgrace.
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    I’ll hold my hand up, we got lucky on more than one occasion this evening. A few dodgy calls went our way from the referee. Good win for a very young Saints side.
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    A couple of surprising results today, although Hemel are one of the poorer teams I didn't think they'd lose 76-6 at London Skolars. Then Newcastle have just walloped Workington 50-22! Hopefully the only surprise result tomorrow is West Wales picking up their first win of the season against Bradford ?
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    Well that wasn’t in the plan today, maybe last week has taken its toll!! Can we all be honest here, did we ever expect to beat Bradford twice and run York so close last week. If you are all true supporters, please don’t go from praising the club & the team like you did last week, to slagging them off this week. Every team & every club has a bad day and ours was today! If this stops people coming to watch them then I find that really sad!! The Hunslet cosch has said it all! If we are all realistic, all we could ask for with a new coach & a new team has been more than achieved! Put today behind us and move on to next week! I’ll still be there & I hope everyone else will be aswell!!
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    Very interesting post r34, we've had several discussions on this and the figures speak for themselves. There doesn't seem to be any appetite left for the team in this town. The game itself is in dire straits and even if the so called stay aways came back I doubt they'd be in numbers approaching 1000. I agree that the ground is probably partially to blame, facilities are just alright viewing is terrible though. People with disabilities, poor health would find access difficult. I hope I'm wrong and we can rise again a la York but if we don't we're gonners I'm afraid ?
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    And James won't let us forget it.
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    Really hoping that the York public turn up in big numbers for this one. As games go it’s probably as tough as it could get and in terms of its level of importance it couldn’t be bigger. Win and we have just two cup finals to go. We have an amazing squad and are playing some great rugby. I’m expecting a big crowd, a cracking atmosphere and a fantastic game.
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    That would only be bringing forward the inevitable, I would be surprised if Rugby League attained 70% of the present contract value from any broadcaster in the next contract. Rugby League has been my passion all my life, these days I still watch all the televised games but more out of habit than being drawn by the quality on offer, it is simply not very good, add in the gamesmanship, cheating and time wasting that has over the last 3 or so seasons crept into the game and in each season seems to be gaining apace, for this veiwer it really is becoming a "turn off" May be that I forego SL next season and purchase a NRL pass, I find it to be of a much better quality and standard.
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    The lads should have good backing today 2 full coaches and a lot going over in cars. Best of luck boys we really need these points. UTT
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    You can be Foreign Secretary then as you've been away
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    The truly depressing thing of it is that I would actually trust a party comprising Me, GJ, Geordie Saint, MJM and Bob8 as the front bench more than any other party in parliament right now.
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    Not seen these highlights before from 1978 but made me smile. http://m.ina.fr/video/CAB7801784301 Perhaps it was better for the sport when a try was only worth 3 points?
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    For me, town looked tired and not as sharp as previous weeks, thunder seemed to have us out wide, & our attack made some silly errors, an off day from most of the team....on to next week where they will put it right...,also Newcastle are a decent team, young and quick
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    "Hello... is that Alanis?.... Alanis Morissette?.... I'm phoning from England...Yes, that's right: London; the queen; casual xenophobia... No, i'm afraid I'm not a fan... I'm just phoning about a rugby match... No, League... That's right, the one where everyone is always moaning... Well, today, Salford played Toronto... Yes, that's right, they are known as the Thugpack. That's what I'm phoning about. You see, Salford had two players sent off and one sinbinned, all for high tackles... No, they're not a particularly dirty team... Well, I just wanted to let you know that that is ironic... No, don't mention it... Thanks for taking my call... Bye... Bye."
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    You whiners need a reality check..Toronto with a healthy squad would have blown Salford out of the park.
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    The result of being on the road for many years. The support was quite remarkable for this period but the next generation were not able to attend and engage with the "Home" matches. This probably created a problem for the areas amateur clubs as well hence our poor showings at this level today We are now paying a price for this policy.
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    Way to miss the point. You can compete at a decent level and be a sustainable club. Being garbage (Widnes) to very poor (Salford) for 23 rounds and suddenly investing in players makes a mockery of the competition and brings it into disrepute.
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    Disagree. What this game shows is that even when you put together a decent squad, a year of playing in the Championship just doesn't prepare you for SL quality opposition. (Unless completely collapsed like Widnes) Wolfpack needs to go up and learn the hard way. Either they'll finally crack it and stay up, or straight back down. Sacking Rowley will help.
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    Good post 34, couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I'm one of the missing -42% I came to a couple of games at the start of the season as you know. However even though Whitebank has been given a facelift the facilities were lacking for someone with my health problems, hence I couldn't continue coming to Whitebank, which I think would also affect some of our older supporters. Certainly agree that maybe the end is nigh for the pro game in Oldham. As you say perhaps it is time to mobilise fans and be a little proactive in trying to save the club from what I've seen over the last few years from the 'death of a thousand cuts'.
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    I sometimes wonder if people just wander in off the street in forums. I have to ask myself what's that person doing here no chuffin' belief, less passion and zero real interest. They're like people entering an unfamiliar bar .... And I sometime feel the same way about threads and Gary H. It's not what they appear to be about or say, it's what you don't hear and what's behind what's said. It's not his desire to "not rush" that annoys me but why hasn't he been talking long term strategy forever and the lessons from other sports do seem to have passed him by, when it comes to who should be in charge of what!
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    I feel like the RFL's strategy at the moment isn't to grow / attract new audiences, it is instead trying to actually understand the engaged audience that it already has. Now on one hand, this is a sensible move, and as they say in business retaining an existing customer costs far less than attracting a new one, and you can never not understand your customers enough, however I feel the RFL's issue has been that they keep drawing from the same pool time and time and time again. As such, I hope that in the future the RFL, consider a two tier approach, teasing some games via social channels in the hope that it drives subscription back on the Our league app, whilst also growing the social channels, etc
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    Yeah most suburban grounds have a grassy hill, mainly where families go and kids have room to move around, well away from the booze is allowed. Dad and I enjoy sitting on the hill at McDonald Jones stadium (knights home ground).
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    I agree in particular with the "habit" aspect. Personally I like the Friday nights and must admit that when it changes for TV it is a real pain and disruptive. I mean not earth shattering obvious but never-the-less sufficient to wonder whether to attend. Seems to be the balance between the customers is not quite right although I understand that Sky are paying significant monies to shift the balance to suit themselves. This is a particular aspect that is more likely to have me not bothering attending live as we seem to be bottom of the pile of priorities, especially when you take account of the facilities at many stadium. All bigger issues with live attendance than piddling with league structures.
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    Weve had a few up at the mount. (More in the summer sporting 80's fashion and cheap perfume) They're generally well behaved but can get a bit lairy if any bottom sniffing occurs. Oh and don't cut them up in the food que
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    The play offs should be the best of the best. Top five was great, everything since has diluted the concept and top eight was far too many even in a 14 team league. It should be difficult to have a chance of getting to Old Trafford, not easy. The way this season has turned out is unfortunate with the gap between 4th and 5th but it's nothing to do with the Super 8s as such.
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    Well without being bothered to trawl the net for evidence I'd best point out that you yourself (or your alter ego GFB at least) posted that you feared for the club's future should you not make the 4 on the RLFans 'fax board. And since you apparently know everything about everyone's contracts, clubs' finances etc then that's good enough for me...
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    Patch it up? What a ridiculous comment. Three new stands in the past few years, plus a vastly improved Test Match ground alongside. It will look superb when it is finished.
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    Caddick and Hetherington came into the club to save Headingley. As the most important historic ground in the game it would be a tragedy to see it lost IMO.
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