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    Whilst the OP may be true I seem to remember someone posting last year that Toronto would play all their home matches in the UK if they want to play games on the road whilst the weather prevents them from playing at home and because nobody wants them to have a block of home games then what's the issue? why's the lack of an Under 19 team an issue after just 2 seasons an issue? Some SL clubs don't have academies
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    Neil Neil orange peel..... Come back n take the pizz when you've beaten us cocker..... Ten years thaz bin predicting (hoping for) a fev downfall but your clubs victories v fev in that time remain very few!!! ?????
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    I’m behind their decision. They marketed the game to a brand new audience and in under two years, got an attendance of 9,000+, so if they want to take a game to Belgrade or anywhere else, I will back them because I am confident they’ll do their utmost to market the game.
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    In some respects you can't fault TWP for taking some games on the road and helping spread the RL word so's to speak - at times they are damned if they do and damned if they don't.
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    So the Canadian club will be doing what no English club is doing and spreading the game to new and emerging markets. Boooooo!
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    Pity but you can’t question his commitment to Town when he played.
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    http://www.townrlfc.com/article/55243/captain-ollie-wilkes-back-in Here's the article. UTT
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    Rumors are Bradford.
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    He’s the man . Total leader and inspiration. Very very pleased by that
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    None. Hopefully they'll outgrow us and leave us behind at some point. But it was our idea to to help them commercialise. I've also put to them ideas on ticketing, membership, publishing and product licensing. Someone had to start the journey. We probably won't go on the entire trip with them. Perhaps one of the things, I can become proficient enough at to hang on a bit longer than with others.
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    So which part of my blokes in the pub small time using the RLIF (World Rugby League Body) as a corner shop is inaccurate? If this is the size of our ambition then I rest my case.
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    He is back to being his arrogant self. Can not debate anything about Leigh, thinks Derek Beaumont is god almighty himself. Sod the poor players who have lost healthy livelihoods because of his awful decisions. I actually think he is a wind up merchant to get bites now where as I used to think he was a deluded fan
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    I wouldn't say I'm gutted. He was useful to give Penky a rest and busy but you kept thinking get Penky back on.
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    Before Saracens built their new stadium, they used to take some of their home games to random locations. I remember them playing a game in Belgium against Racing in the Heineken cup and they managed to pull something like 15k in attendance. So long as Toronto remain successful, these events won't scare off the locals.
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    Was thinking that as well marra, got more hookers than a brothel now.
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    I just knew this thread was going to end up here
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    I think we have to go with LP 's judgement on this one. He obviously wants to try something different from last season in that area.
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    No, I honestly don't. Plus, the players themselves are demonstrating that they're more than just friendlies. There is no way that England would have celebrated a friendly goal in the same way that they did Kane's winner against Croatia. We've played twice against Croatia and twice against Spain. There have been some really good games to watch. The friendlies were almost always dire. The best one was probably Columbia in 1995, because of the goalie doing a scorpion kick. I'm looking forward to the SF next year. I think this competition has re-invigorated international football.
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    We've gone back to playing on Sunday afternoons so not much chance of that!
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    Quality of chefs, quality of judges, absence of Gregg Wallace.
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    You forgot one of the things that was a huge hit at the Auckland Nines - women's Rugby. The Jillaroos/Ferns matches were real highlights of the weekends, and got a great reaction from the crowd (including a few horrified gasps when the likes of Rona Peters or Teuila Fotu-Moala put in a particularly brutal hit).
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    Yeah it defo is mate. Gutted tbh, really liked newts, but I’m sure 2 minutes into the ike game when he’s pulling his usual tricks we’ll soon hate him again lol. Plus the players were set to announce very shortly will soften the blow big time.
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    Yeah he'd told a lad at work he was signing this week, so no real surprise. Thanks and good luck to him.
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    You won't have long to wait marra, he will be announced tomorrow, all the best to him.
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    9’s Give it some thought then just do it All the SL teams at one ground plus invitational regional and international teams plus championship teams and L1 teams over 2 days Quick matches truning over one after the other longer breaks after a defined session everyine gets on board with it should have more people in a stadium each day than Magic All depends on what there is to play for, how it is promoted, who else comes to make the magic happen Lets be honest its probably one of the only real events outside the CC semis and CC final that we can get on terrestrial TV so is a property to exploit And its something that can be turned into a circuit type event so the French Magic could be used as well as say a Toronto magic (stretch but possible) that then defines the outright winners over three legs Great promotional tool, doesnt require as many players from each team but a bit of sparkle from first teamers and the better EU teams would sell it - get a few Aussie teams up as well - the Warriors would be awesome to see - as invitational pick and choose which leg they played at That means we can get rid of the extra match for SL this round would take over so resting players that need it but need to put up a decent team for the prize monies on offer Its about the event and the promotion gained from the event that realises more interest that turns the comp into an event etc Magic is OK but you cant get everyone to sit down for a full day from each club on that day - this is designed to get everyone interested to support a club AND the event a bit of razzmatazz - needs world class promotion though and some celebs to sell it to tv audiences on say C4 or ITV This time of year is good for ideas at least we see some and talk them through although this isnt new i still think its a runner more so than ever
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    Both clubs are doing well in their own rights and long may it continue
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    With respect mate, Nigel Wood is supposed to be a leader. He closed down the RFL's England online store and now partners up with a pop up shop when he becomes leader of the World game. The international game has no chance with somebody so small minded at the helm. I get where you are coming from with your endeavours, but RL never fails to underwhelm in its lack of ambition.
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    Superb, most consistent player last season. Now for his marra big Fui
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    Newton to be unveiled by haven tomorrow I believe
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    This as been on the cards .. the so called Lancashire Mafia hock Farrell Robinson Duffy ridyard all travelling over together.. one by one have gone .. I find it hard to believe a bloke earring a minimum of just shy of £600.. £700 quid a week to travel to work 3 times a week gets homesick but what do I know on the plus side we budgeted for riddy this year so we have some brass to spend
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    Excellent to have Olly back in for next season, hope he is named captain again, such a good leader.
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    Fantastic news. He's the man!
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    Excellent news, really pleased he’s decided to have another year. Looks like he’s really enjoyed his time here. A great leader to have on the field. Utt
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    Olly Wilkes is back, well done marra.
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    Correct. MB goes through the clubs and federations first. We host the page for the RLIF and will deal with any concerns from member nations as they arise. The hope is that it will bring more nations into the fold for us at MB, not alienate any.
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    Most definatley not. But does that not also apply to those clearly who are employed at another club, that being Leeds players who are shunted out to Fev being surplus to requirement at their home club when quite clearly their heart is in another place. I really hope that Leigh do not go down this path of DR, it is an abomination, a wart on the R'sole of Rugby League.
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    The gambling thing was very well known at the time. I don't know about point shaving, but he apparently bet 1000s on his golf games. Which is no big deal - he'd hardly bet on himself to lose. But North American sports always freaked at any hint of gambling - got to protect "the integrity of the game" donthcha know - until... 2018, when the USSC ruled it legal and now everyone's jumping in to get their cut of the pie. Including Michael Jordan, owner of the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats.
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    Joking apart, we appear to be in one hell of a mess. 1. No coach 2. No playmaker 3. Hardly a full team Unless something happens in the next week or so I think the top 5 has gone. In fact we may be fighting relegation. No . Not panicking , or running the team we have so far , down just stating the way I see it at the moment. . Most will disagreed, but I will be there next season win or lose.
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    Obviously I am just posting info I find on heritage site and wiki , but thought those not on other social media would like to see
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    If its 18k at the Olympic or 15k a Barcelona FC ground I would go for the later. Establishing a Catalans Dragons and Barcelona FC link is too valuable to waste.
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    You don’t ask for much !!!
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    is that 36 quality players or is it just some for us to beat with our 18
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    Would the York A team be with or without its masses of baby robins???

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