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    I was waiting for someone to ask what purpose GB has..does it encourage development??? Really??? GB was disbanded to encourage development in the home nations..in the last 10 years England have become ranked 2nd in the world and lost a world cup final by a ankle tap..Wales & Scotland won the European Cup and qualified for the 4 nations...Scotland famously drawing with the kiwis..and in 2017 all 4 nations appeared ,on merit, in a world cup on foreign soil for the first time ever.... And now GB gets brought back.. England go into hibernation till 2020,Wales have no tests planned at all this year and Scotland & ireland risk having their best taken away from them while they try to qualify for the world cup...but we're told not to worry about that cos they aren't good enough anyway.....which begs the question why bother with GB then?? Having NO GB encourages development..that's clear as day.. Just look at what happened to Wales between 2000 - 2007..a time when GB played every year from 01-07...they went from world cup semi finalist in 2000 to not even qualifying for 2008 , 2008-2018 ,without GB, they've been European champs,played in a 4 nations,qualified for 2 world cups,have 2 club teams in the English league system ,receive sport Wales funding,a performance centre,strong junior development,Welsh kids at SL academies,a majority of the Welsh national team are now born in Wales.. If that doesn't tell you GB has a negative effect on development then nothing will..
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    The logic behind your post is flawed. So because Wigan didn’t win things, it wasn’t an advantage. Except, of course it was. A financial advantage, whether it showed on the pitch or not, is still an advantage. Rules are rules, whether under one ownership or not. The business itself, whoever the owner is, has a responsibility to play by those rules and Wigan are repeat offenders and have, as a business, showed no sign of being deterred from breaking rules.
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    Pathetic. Sets a precedent that you can do what you want now and as long as you cry to Bobby Elstone, you’re getting off. Also further deteriorates whatever relationship there was between the RFL and Super League. Almost certainly the end of the salary cap.
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    The refs are against us then. No further point in our existence. Fk it. I'm calling it a day....
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    Oh well, I tried. Nowhere have I justified use of stereotypes, witting or unwitting, as being acceptable, quite the opposite and been abundantly clear on where unintentional on unconscious bias exists to do whatever we can to recognise and remove that given how important language is in these situations, and to constantly look for other ways to improve what we do. In your initial post regarding an article dealing with the use of language and stereotypes, your language was, and continues to be, full of exaggerated stereotypical hyperbole and vitriol; you did say it’s right to call out that kind of behaviour, right? You’re correct in one respect, I focused on the link you provided and my stereotypical view of Daily Mail readers did come into play, duly noted for future. Interesting also that you stereotype my being Canadian, based on your own admittedly limited exposure to Canadians anyway, even though I came here at age 24 having grown up in Bradford, you have decided what my positions on issues already likely are, political affiliations etc. Didn’t you say earlier in this thread that it was only leftists that grouped people for their convenience and didn’t respect individuality? In reality your assessment of me couldn’t be more wrong and you’re going to have to take my word on that because I’m not listing out why for your approval, but with a narrow band of interaction is understandable based on recognised stereotypical influences, though in my opinion I doubt it would change your mind even if I did. Suffice to say, in a society much more delineated than that of the UK or Canada, my US friends and colleagues across the whole political spectrum struggle to put me in their neatly comfortable little boxes and neither should you try. The $64,000 question is have you recognised the same behaviours in yourself, which you berate in others?
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    Mmmm, not liking this. Nowt against Reynolds, but ANOTHER loan signing? Add in Holmes and Smith from Huddersfield, Turner from Cas, the DR from Leeds and I can see why we are targeted by other clubs. I know we are not breaking any rules but it is getting a bit silly for me now. Just remind me what those lads busting a gut in the reserves tonight are playing for?
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    The level of ignorance surrounding Ireland and its relationship with Britain on this thread is astounding.
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    On the Ireland thing, why does GB have to include Ireland at all? Ireland is a seperate nation with its own national team (despite producing hardly any Irish-born pro players). Why can’t this GB team just be representative of England, Scotland and Wales? Just because the RU team includes the Irish, doesn’t mean ours has to.
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    A SL with Catalans, London, and Toronto would be a very strong start to a true super league, I'm excited to see that it may even be here next year.
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    I find it curious how Parky, who admits he is focussed on the survival of the game not the growth of the game, also seems to know David Argyle's long term plans. Argyle realizes to survive you have to grow and that is his 'reality'. Eric Perez shares that philosophy. Parky's reality has the game continuing to slowly shrivel up, but as long as a few dozen fans continue to turn up to watch games played in empty windswept stadiums scattered along the M62 that is survival and the best that can be hoped for. I know whose reality I prefer.
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    Sports fans are such predictable creatures. To the point it stifles any good debate on subjects like this. My opinion - the deduction should've stood. They didn't misinterpret anything and whether it was a genuine 'mistake' or a form of 'cheating' it shouldn't have been open to an appeal and we all move on with a lesson learnt. The appeal causes chaos for any future breach. I don't say this because 'Wigan boil my p*ss' or any other narrative that suggests it's because it's Wigan - it would be the same if it was Leeds, Saints etc. On both sides of the argument it now seems people will just discuss 'they only got points deducted in the first place because it's Wigan' and then the opposite 'they only got it overturned because it's Wigan'. All whataboutery nonsense to be honest.
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    I mean, it says it on your passport mate. British is the nationality, They are British citizens. British nationals. British people.
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    I think the more pertinent question is "why do some fans at nearly every rugby league club believe the refs are biased against their team?"
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    Fingers crossed. It's a backward step with no benefit to anyone except a few people who want a new jersey.
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    Why would the Irish guy be commenting on the return of GB at all if it had nothing to do with Ireland??
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    Toulouse Olympique 12 v Toronto Wolfpack 38 Barrow Raiders 4 v Widnes Vikings 44 Batley Bulldogs 22 v Bradford Bulls 16 Featherstone Rovers 26 v Sheffield Eagles 12 Halifax 48 v Dewsbury Rams 12 Rochdale Hornets 0 v York City Knights 145 Swinton Lions 6 v Leigh Centurions 28
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    Did some of the Dewsbury fans not think he had favoured you? Crikey, they watched a different game to me. I wanted you to win the game, but I thought he favoured you quite heavily,so much so, I was feeling a bit for Toronto up to the hour mark. Knowles' try was a shocking decision, even at first viewing, I didn't think he had scored. If Annakin did spit whilst you were in possession, he got what he deserved, but it was the touch judge who gave that, not the ref. If he favours us as much as you, even with the way we are playing, we will beat Bradford on Sunday.
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    Good Lord. This is going to be the RL version of the brexit thread, I can see it.
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    You really haven't got the hang of this thread.
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    I know you're attempting to win the 2019 Grand Award for Pedanticism by splitting hairs between 'Great Britain' and the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland', but the nationality is British, not United Kingdomish.
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    The two points are in the bag already... and we might win the match on Friday, too.
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    Absolutely the right decision. Justice. It was ludicrous to be deducted points for being over the cap by 0.8% with a technical breach due to admin error. A breach which the club informed the RFL of as soon as they realised. There was no intention to cheat/bend the rules to gain an advantage. Wigan didn’t even make the play-offs that season. The original (incorrect) punishment also cited Wigan’s previous record in terms of the salary cap despite it being over 10 years ago and under a completely different ownership.
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    The sport has once again made itself look stupid,inconsistancy at its highest and it makes a mockery of the so called salary cap.
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    So its England. I Just dont get the excitement of England dressed up as GB.A pointless exercise.
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    Hope there’s a strategic plan behind the GB rebirth. Hopefully it’s an every 3-4 years thing, to elevate it and make it a truly elite level. Also hope that this is a precedent for players putting their hands up to play for Scotland, Ireland and Wales, knowing that while they may not be tier one nations, there is a reward to play the tier one sides for GB. Would like to see something brought in where players who don’t put their hand up for “their” nation don’t even get considered for GB selection. Not that he’s within a million miles of getting in the side but Ben Flower is the prime example of this, he doesn’t, for whatever reason, want to play for Wales, so shouldn’t be considered for GB. The same goes for people like Jackson Hastings, who has never represented England, for example. He shouldn’t be allowed to play till he’s played for England regularly.
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    It's getting worse, apparently it used to be just tight decisions in close games where the refs were biased against us but now it's happening when we're getting a 44-point thumping...?
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    Turns out everyone on here was right Robin! More fool us.
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    I'm more concerned about the formation of the new North Wales team. It's bad enough having the likes of the Daily Post, (the regional newspaper for North Wales) openly boycotting rugby league, without them drooling over this new team. On the other hand, how ironic that the WRU appear to be choosing expansion at the expense of the heartlands.?
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    Perhaps then leave this thread for those of us who did?
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    I would just like to make a comparison with the world of soccer. A game you may not like but will be familiar with as it dominates our sporting scene. If there were a Super Super League, like the Soccer European Champions League, it would make sense to have an international league running as an added extra to the several strong national leagues that supply the contenders, like UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany etc. Without those strong national leagues it would seem slightly odd to see lets say Barcelona or Dortmund playing in the English Premiership on a full time basis whilst not playing teams from their own countries and with teams like West Ham, Leicester, Burnley getting shoved into the Premiership. RL will never compete with Soccer. But RU is not as followed as the media suggests. Forget the hoo-haa surrounding Team England. At a club level the gates are similar to RL. Before RU decided to go "professional" it really was very small beer. There's no reason RL couldn't rival RU for attention and following. If the NFL can sell out Wembley for an alien sport that has no base in this country, we should be able to match or better this with an indigenous sport and more than a hundred years of heritage.
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    Hi all, York Lokomotive Masters have said that if we can get 100+ Knights fans at the Ladies game on Saturday then a bucket collection will be taken with ALL proceeds being split between YCK Foundation, YCK Squad builder and YCK Ladies. Hope to see at least 100 of you there to enable us to raise a good few pounds for the Knights!
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    Its all wrong. I have said it before and I'll say it again, stick your super league players where the sun don't shine. What is the point of it all. Its sounds like our bod of have lost the plot. What a waste of money!!!!!
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    Does an Oldham team truly represent Oldham if no players are born in Oldham?
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    The level of hysteria on surrounding Ireland its relationship with Britain in a rugby league context on this thread is astounding.
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    If you're Irish you'd want to play for Ireland, not a foreign country. GB is a foreign country.
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    1 - Yep, and they have been found guilty and punished. 2 - I'm not so sure that is true. We see punishments handed out and appealed in sports all over the place.
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    Constructive and full of eloquence and debate. Great post, I hope the next one goes better for you.
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    Good to see Wigan boiling ###### as usual. The point still stands, a points deduction for a 0.8% admin error would be totally ridiculous based on previous punishments and in a season not relating to when the breach was made.
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    Neither. Eric Pollard the puppet master with Bobby Elstone, the puppet.
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    The ref could quite easily pulled us up for a forward pass for Newman's 1st try from Smith and for Kings try he could quite easily have pinged Lockwood for interference/offside, but he didn't. Why? Because he isn't/wasn't under direct instructions from the RFL to ensure Fev lose.
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    I don't agree with that. Playing as "Great Britain" enables people in Wales and Scotland to get behind the team, in a way that they almost certainly don't do now when the team is called England. I believe that there would be support from Scotland and Wales, even though the current set of players are all English. Scotland and Wales are part of Great Britain and therefore the team would be representing them, just as Team GB does at the Olympics. When it comes to Team GB, most normal people don't analyse the nationality of the competitors and only support the particular event if there is representation from all four nations. For example, nobody looks at the Great Britain 4 x 100m relay team and says "is there one athlete from each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in this team? Because if not, I'm not supporting them." They just look at it and see it's Great Britain, and hope they win. I remember wanting the Great Britain curling team to win at the Winter Olympics, and that team was all Scots. Having said the above, obviously it's much more desirable in a 13-a-side sport like rugby league, to have players from all three/four nations in the team, and certainly in the squad. However, just because there currently isn't, it doesn't make it any less valid, in my opinion. Besides, one of the aims of playing as Great Britain would be to provide a pathway to the top for players from Wales and Scotland, as well as England. A young Welsh kid playing rugby league could aspire to one day pull on the Wales shirt, and if he progresses further, eventually the Great Britain shirt. Plus, you also have something that would encourage established rugby union internationals from Wales and Scotland, to perhaps consider a switch to rugby league. At the moment if they make the switch, they're basically giving up on being able to play any serious international sport. The Wales and Scotland rugby league teams are effectively non-entities. They hardly ever play, and when they do it's in front of a few hundred people. We should at least be offering them the temptation of a Great Britain shirt and the chance to play in some big international matches. I believe that the return of Great Britain is a big opportunity for the sport. Sadly, I suspect that nothing will be done to capitalise on it. We'll probably just play out these four matches, and then put the team back on the shelf for four years, to collect dust.
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    Can't fault that for marketing. I'm not a massive expansion fan but have to give credit where it is due!
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    Amazing lack of forethought and resilience from an otherwise top guy... when I moved to Wollongong I looked at the map and realised I had a 2.5 hour commute each way to my work in northern Sydney...sometimes it was tough but I did it for 5 years ...4/5 days a week... when you make a commitment you should see it through
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    Holmes would want a full-time wage. Losing to Sheffield away shouldn't mean we bankrupt the club!
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    There is absolutely no reason why a fairly small scale semi professional Rugby Union club would mean there is no probability of a Rugby League club there.

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