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  1. A win is a win, I do believe we have missed an opportunity to increase the points difference. Onwards to the next game
  2. Back to the game. Its a no win game for us. If we don't post a massive score other teams may see it as a weakness. No disrespect to Cornwall
  3. Whilst I played at St annes, I think one of our games was refereed by a lady ref. I think it was the first at Premier conference level I could be wrong
  4. The Oldham St annes Saddleworth and Blackpool gladiators
  5. I emailed the club about a couple of things two weeks ago............. I'm still waiting a reply.
  6. Only after payment of expenses and both clubs set the price between themselves in cup matches.
  7. I noticed that and its being shown live. I'm away in France on Sunday so hopefully the feed will not be blocked
  8. I see Bill has recently died, he was the Oldham captain when I first started going to sheddings with my dad. RIP Bill thanks for the memories
  9. It was a strong performance for us today. Nothing flash very workman like. Lawton impressed again and Mo's breakaway try was worth the admission fee. I was unsure of the hornets team, after a search of the Internet found the starting 13. I do feel that hornets used it as a friendly with the side they put out. I do think the club should make the team sheets available or bring back the programme.
  10. Did barrow produce a programme yesterday. If they did anyone got a spare
  11. Well that was enjoyable. The pitch played its part and what a shift the guys on the pitch put in Onwards to the next round
  12. On a personal note I would like to thank Craig in setting it up because this kept me sain last year and gave me a focus
  13. Craig Halstead has kindly set up the fantasy league again. Its available via the our league app. The mini league is called "we're are all Oldham aren't we" The pin and password are available on Craig's X/twitter page. It's also here Pin: 7239 Password: VIP1966
  14. Yes thats the one easy to use non of this paying for the brst players stuff. Call me a luddite or old fashioned. Team adds up to2.1 million only 3 players from one team
  15. And a stream train going past making a smog over the pitch and the ref calling it off, with minutes to play and losing the final reply. Oh yes that's already happened
  16. I think it will be 18 barrow 26 oldham
  17. I played the fantasy rugby league via the our league app for the last couple of years. I had a look at this today. I feel that it will be too time consuming and expensive
  18. Following on from Sunday, I thought the second row for London looked familiar. After looking at the teams in league express. Sadiq Adebiyi did play us a few years ago. So London had two ex players in their squad. Finally I was saddened to read about the horrendous injury that was suffered
  19. Deffo Swinton did a job and won. That's it. No bad wins some are better than others. I've been disappointed with results but never thought of having a go at anyone. Mind you my uncle got into the referees room at Swinton after one of tge replies and said a few words.
  20. The one thing I take my hat off to Chris is that he put his hand up to run/own the club when no-one else wanted to. Yes he did things in my opinion badly. He did nearly get the club in super league with Fordy. I look at it this way, if no Chris no Fordy run club. Finally if someone was shouting in my face I know that I would have trouble keeping calm and walking away.
  21. I ve been reading online that Mr H. was abused by widnes fans following their defeat at the hands of Swinton on Sunday. Mr H took to LinkedIn to voice his concerns. Stating he will remember their faces in order to take further action. Whilst I understand the frustration of widnes fans I don't think anyone should verbally be abused at work. If this was to happen say in a bank or hospital the police would have been called to deal with it.
  22. clifford

    New kit

    Sports direct use to do it. Have you tried at the Latics club shop.
  23. clifford

    New kit

    It will still be cold enough at boundary park for sure
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