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  1. The word legend is bandied around far too often but in this instance it’s spot on. What an inspirational character
  2. Widdop has played full back for the last two games and has looked really classy coming into the line on attack i know he’s very marmite amongst som of our fan base but he’s a leader on the field
  3. Oh yes I agree, I was trying to point out just one reason, it is a complex issue
  4. That’s very true but I’ve found most amateur soccer games end and it’s a shower and off home. Most RL clubs will go back to the clubhouse or a pub
  5. There seems to be a decent percentage of young Asians playing in the junior leagues, I believe one barrier to them moving into the open age game is the “beer” culture that surrounds our sport
  6. Ok recently there was the case of a super league player who received a derogatory comment about his son’s genetic condition during a game, just words?
  7. I can’t abide soccer, I really couldn’t give a toss about FC Halifax Town’s results
  8. I was feeling a bit prickly, I apologise, you don’t have to explain yourself to me
  9. Fax were beating Bradford 26-0 at halftime back in the Thrum Hall days. After the break Danny Peacock was unplayable and led the Bulls to a 26-30 victory My boss at the time was a Bulls fan, I had to take all sorts of s**t for a fortnight
  10. I posted on here quite a while ago that I was drinking too much and sometimes making a bit of a fool of myself. I’ve since managed to cut down drastically, I’m not tee total and I do like a nice real ale now and again but I can have a couple of beers and then go onto soft drinks without any problem. I’ve yet to find a non alcoholic beer I like though
  11. Too early to say we’ve turned the corner but Fax totally dominant today against what I think is a very decent Doncaster side. Some real size in their pack but we rolled them back and won pretty comfortably
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