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  1. “The ever supporting Myler” I’m sure Helen would have a view on that
  2. I remember Halifax v Brisbane at Thrum Hall, only 3,500 to see arguably the greatest club side in the world 🫤
  3. I’ve been told by a Police Officer that the perpetrator of that attack is known to the police but that until someone comes forward to help by making a statement there’s nothing they can do
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/halifaxpanthersfansforum/permalink/1282187912381097/
  5. Halifax coach egged by Fev fans, and they complain that Fax fans don’t go there
  6. Hardly any, there’s no way I’d take my family there. Sorry to the decent Fev fans on here but many Fax fans are of that opinion
  7. How did Isa stay on so long with his lip hanging off and blood Pi**ing down his chin?
  8. Given all the controversy on here about the club’s name at least the crowd were in no doubt as they chanted “Redcliffe, Redcliffe” throughout the game
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