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  1. I commented on that to the Mrs as we left. To me, that is one of the big arguments against those who say Fev shouldn't be in SL because it's only a "village team". Support is drawn from all around the area, not just Fev itself. As for the night, I too enjoyed it, though I must admit I was a little disappointed with Danielle "I've been on Mock the Week" Ward. She must have been in a right rush to leave too; as we had to head back to Hebden Bridge, we were one of the first out of the door at the end, and we drove past her at the bus stop at the end of Post Office Road! It was a pretty good turn out, hopefully word will spread before the next one and even more will come down. Without knowing where it was advertised, I bet a few flyers into NEW College in Ponte would bring down a fair few. Well done to all concerned in arranging it.
  2. On loan to York apparently. http://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/8203913.K...ocal_ace_Allan/
  3. Do we know who will actually be performing on Friday?
  4. Anyone know yet the scheduled dates for them? I'm just getting a bit twitchy I might miss a potential GF, as I go on honeymoon on 26th Sept...
  5. Great game, great performance, great crowd, great atmosphere.... what a season so far! MOM for me was Grayshon, followed by Briggs and Dickens, but the whole team played fantastically well. I brought my father in law along, he is a Burnley season ticket holder and has been watching them for 50 years, but also used to go to the occassional Fax match at Thrum Hall when he was a lad. He thought it was great (bar the result!!), enjoying the atmosphere and game, along with the memories of being in a traditional style RL ground.
  6. I noticed on another post that MLP commented that we have used 29 players so far this season. I don't recall seeing any mention of Gareth Swift so far this season, despite being listed in our First Team squad according to the website. Any news on him; is he injured or just not making the grade so far?
  7. Can't see any of these rumours on the Cas RL Fans forum, would have thought there might have been some mention of it on there.
  8. We playing well, or is it just down to poor opposition? What's the line up?
  9. I was wondering if their would be a pitch inspection, as there is a couple of inches up here already, though I'm actually currently nearer Rochdale than Fev! Anyone know what time it is likely to be if there is one, as it's an 80 mile round trip that I don't want to do if the game is off.
  10. I'd love for us to win the NRC, as to me it is one of only two competitions we stand a chance of winning. It would bring some revenue and positive publicity to the club, and might encourage a few more speccies through the gates to watch a "cup winning" team. Plus, it is the all important "tick in the box" for Super League, not that personally I think we would stand a chance for entry in 2012 anyway. Reading other comments on here though, other people just view it as a mickey mouse competition that we shouldn't worry about. What do you think, and why?
  11. I daresay we aren't paying peanuts. I bet there are other teams in the league paying more though, especially to players in such pivotal positions.
  12. One thing us fans moaned about last season was the lack of effort from certain players at times. Out of interest, from those that were actually at the game, did we get 100% effort across the board at least today, or were we just ###### through lack of effort?
  13. Most people thought the Jessie Joe would be a centre when he signed for us, but hasn't he been playing at stand off for the reserves? I guess that DP sees him playing there for the first team, other why use him there in the "fringe players" games. I must admit from last week, I thought half back and hooker where the two positions that we could do with strengthening in, and from what I've heard about this week, nothing as yet has changed my mind. Without the funds though, lets face it we won't be getting any better players in, and we are never going to be the richest club in the league.
  14. I disagree. It's one of only two pieces of silverware that we realistically can win, and I for one want to see us lift it! It would appear in all likelyhood I'll be waiting another season for that to happen though...
  15. Doesn't sound too promising today, but we didn't do too badly last season after our home game against Whitehaven did we?
  16. Isn't that known as the luck of the draw; some are far easier than others We're an optimistic lot aren't we?
  17. Looks like a few changes from the Sheffield game. I wonder when the two Papuans will be making their competitive bow? http://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress....w-at.6062819.jp
  18. Last season, despite us doing pretty well, I only managed to see one win in the 5 games I saw, which included 4 home games. I've bought a season ticket this season. How well will we do at home this season, given my apparent curse? A bit of fun...
  19. To be honest, I suspect there will be a few changes throughout the season in several positions, as form and performances dictate, as we appear to have greater strength in depth this season in my opinion. I was only quoting the "full strength" comment from the original article however, which would indicate for the time being at least, Sam is in pole position for one of the centre positions in the starting line up. Well done to him!
  20. I know. I would have expected that he would not be 1st choice centre this year however given some of our other signings, especially given many of his appearances last year came from the bench to the wing. I'm delighted to be proved wrong though, and hope he has a great season.
  21. http://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress....inst.5998497.jp Looks pretty good to me. Only real surprise in their for me is Sam Smeaton in the starting line-up, but as a young lad coming through the ranks, if he has been going well in pre-season, then that can only be a plus to me. Will be interesting to see who would drop out if we only had the usual 4 players on the bench. You can't beat a bit of genuine competition for places to keep everyone on their toes.
  22. Interesting how the Halifax Courier seems to get a better interview with Darryl than the Ponte & Cas does. http://www.halifaxcourier.co.uk/local/Hali...view.6001054.jp
  23. Out of interest, does anyone know how many we actually sold in the end?
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