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  1. You might need to expand the post POR. There is a reply from Robin Knight who said: I'm sure it'll become apparent what's going on at that club sometime in the near future. I feel like they're still riding on the crest of a wave at the moment, be interesting to see how they fare on their own steam. Hope they do the right thing and pay you what you are owed
  2. This was the finance manager who left with Longo to go to Bradford City.
  3. Zak Hardaker would like to nominate Jamie Foster.
  4. I think you would be surprised with the cost behind a state of the art website, I'd hazard a guess at a starting point of £70k to be anywhere near the quality you would be looking for. It would require an awful shift change in attitude, culture and resources alone - not just with the governing body either.
  5. So, what does this mean for the next month of fixtures and to the overall situation in the league?
  6. They haven't said anything and this is a problem in itself in my opinion. The meeting notes stated that he hadn't completed certain checks around code of conduct - surely it's the clubs responsibility that all players will have done the necessary checks before the season even kicks off. Specifically the football manager or the CEO of the club. The club should be confirming that his actions are unacceptable and have there own internal process reviewed, in particular the social media policy.
  7. I'm sure Featherstone and Ben Blackmore will be offering an apology in the coming hours.......
  8. https://secure.rugby-league.com/ign_docs/blackmoreverdict.pdf
  9. https://bdaily.co.uk/articles/2021/05/25/new-sheffield-legacy-stadium-project-attracts-27m-funding-for-development
  10. I remember us getting Cody in for the 2010 season from Leeds under dual-reg, but Powell & the player at the time said it was a waste of time - with it not having any benefit to us. What changed was Powell leaving and us getting a new coach in, who wasn't as good and the base of players didn't stick around like they did under Powell.
  11. That can't be true? We had Michael Cody from Leeds in 2010? Edit - Just seen your posts above.
  12. All the best @jamescolin, to Rob. From @Bryan S Taylor and I.
  13. What has changed at Odsal for them to go back in terms of health and safety? I've seen a lot of work to do with the racing, painting fences, etc - but what else to improve spectator safety?
  14. I don't think on the pitch were the best team to go up this year, they were behind Toulouse and Featherstone in the playing roster. I would also say the same about the coaching staff too. However, they did have the cheque book of DB - which helped swing things. I genuinely think Leigh will get better as the season goes on, as they like the Championship squads hadn't played in a year. Which makes it even harder for this year. Good luck to them - I hope they stay up.
  15. Details released by the RFL https://www.rugby-league.com/article/58123/academy-licensing--
  16. I didn't miss the point, I was just looking at it from a different angle and had my own opinion - just like you have yours. Maybe Leeds didn't sign him last year as they thought he would sign for them when he was OOC at the end of the year, given the special relationship we all here about between the two clubs. We don't know if a SL club was after him before? Maybe they have and he wanted to stay at Featherstone and have a second job, which would have earnt him more money than being in Super League? It's all just speculation.
  17. I don't think it's optimistic at all, I've seen him play for years and seen his significant improvement over the years. I also believe he's under the best coach in SL for bringing potential out of people. Leeds, Warrington, Castleford were most recently after his signature - if he wasn't a SL standard player, they wouldn't attempt to sign him.
  18. SATURDAY 22nd MAY Toulouse Olympique v Swinton Lions KO 15:00 at Haywood Road, Swinton SUNDAY 23rd MAY London Broncos v Bradford Bulls KO 15:00 Newcastle Thunder v Halifax Panthers KO 15:00 Sheffield Eagles v Featherstone Rovers KO 16:30 Widnes Vikings v Whitehaven KO 15:00 York City Knights v Oldham KO 15:00
  19. I re-watched the NRC final (Fax & Fev) the other month and England stood out. His collision with a player was always aggressive (fair). Not surprised injuries caught up with him.
  20. Agreed. Harrison has consistently improved and I don't think his time at Leeds was a fair reflection of how good he is. He wasn't a regular starter and hadn't played in a few months before his first game. James couldn't have signed under a better coach IMO, we'll see him improve to another level under Daryl. Where do you think his best position is? Prop or second row?
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