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  1. I think there may be a reason the armada of working mens club coaches to wemberlee may have died out.
  2. https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-English-football-clubs-have-united-in-their-names-What-does-that-mean#:~:text=In many cases it's ther,it another way%2C become united.
  3. Looking at the wider issue of all such Foundations, maybe this is someyhing the RFL should be doing, scanning and disseminating the appropriate information. After all, there are only 168, 850 registered charities in England and Wales. Plus organisations such as https://www.thecharityhub.org.uk Maybe even there are posters on here with actual knowledge of that sector .
  4. Sounds good. Even if the deadline has passed, there may well be other such Foundations that clubs could investigate. I expect that best practice dictates that pro clubs have a charity support function that can emulate the "kit for kids" scheme and can also share knowledge of how and where and when other such opportunities exist locally.
  5. The BBC's mission is set out in the Charter. The broadcaster is to “act in the public interest, serving all audiences through the provision of impartial, high-quality and distinctive output and services which inform, educate and entertain”.
  6. What do people want, expect, need etc from the BBCs coverage? 1. So the existing fan base can see more games? 2. So we can feel good, bathe in reflected glory, because the sport is becoming national mainstream. 3. To convert union fans? 4. To recruit new fans? 5. To prove our value to the BBC so we can charge more for the rights?
  7. Just a thought. Isn't the BBC3 demographic younger and more "gen-zee" than BBC 1 and 2 , so maybe by putting some games on 3, the BBC are trying to "reach out" to a new set of viewers? Problem is, I think that set of viewers doesn't watch 3 as a linear terrestrial channel, so limiting serendipity. Indeed, it was on-line only for a while, which further removed it from the viewer landscape.
  8. To be clear and repetitive, well done London. Deserved the win. But both teams were in my opinion, quite poor. Took the wrong option on a number of occasions, messed up too many times at the ptb . Neither side were particularly speedy from the PTB either. Too slow and too pedestrian. This is not the London team I watched at the Stoop in the 1990s, far from it. The potential is there in my view but they do need to rehearse more. They'll not come across anyone as bad as Hull were, and Hull themselves will never play as badly.
  9. All attempts on the north face of the Eiger, to reach the South pole, to climb Everest, nuclear fusion, prove Fermat's last theorem failed...until they didn't. The critical factor is the will, the drive to succeed.
  10. Manchester hotels hike their prices, too. Using Millennium Stadium/Twatters means almost all club fans have to travel/ overnight. Having been to Anfield once in my life, never again. United may well get a promise of a Labour government funded Wembley of the North as a bribe . Earlier on Sunday, co-owner Ratcliffe met with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to discuss the redevelopment of Old Trafford. It's understood Starmer attended the match as Burnham's guest. He is a member of a task force looking at how to revitalise United's home ground.
  11. This game is the Everest of Rugby League, with the Challenge Cup Final as the K2. Keep these games at OT and Wembley - they complement each other. Moving Magic Weekend from Newcastle is bad enough. (Leeds ffs.... ) Moving the GF at present is change for change sake ..unless the Cup goes to Las Vegas.
  12. I watched the whole game, apart from around fifteen mins in the first half when I dozed off
  13. A master class in poor decision -making from both sides. In addition, both sides just too predictable and pedestrian at the ptb, not alert enough. Perhaps they need to train, practice and rehearse more. But well done London. A win at last.
  14. Something about this being the best game of the weekend. No wonder it's been put on report.
  15. Whatever happened to the Class of '84? If only Sterling had impregnated a local lass.
  16. Sorry, not having a go, just you triggered a thought. "Control" is used a lot, by commentators, pundits etc, implying some sort of proactive involvement by the player, so I thought I'd look it up. The rules speak only of "grounding".
  17. Control? Where's that in the rules? “Grounding the Ball a) Placing the ball on the ground with hand or hands, or b) Exerting downward pressure on the ball with hand or arm, the ball itself being on the ground, or c) Dropping on the ball and covering it with part of the body above the waist and below the neck, the ball itself being on the ground."
  18. I though that up to half time, the sides were reasonably equal. In the second half, Giants just ran out of energy, having expended so much in the first half. Decisions take franctions of a second longer to make, mistakes creep in. Hudds players slow down by even one tenth of a second and French, Field, Marshall , Misky etc will get through even the smallest gap. Poor discipline cost both sides, too. Is it THAT difficult to stay onside at the ptb? Despite the defeat, this isn't the end for the Giants.
  19. Huddersfielf are looking very and their try was brilliant. If anything is going to cost us the game it's our discipline. Too much offside and ptb messing.
  20. But your Laurence Fox secret admiration isn't safe with me.
  21. Oh look mum, I caught one! Nowhere do I state my list is complete.
  22. Me too. I mean, it's not as if it were East Fife or Forfar, fnarr fnarr. It's meant to indicate Question of Sport.
  23. I have a very expensive experiential AI-driven TV. Using a knowledge base informed by my "that's XX minutes of my life I'll never get back" and "one for emetic fans" opinions, is intelligent enough to block 1. Inside No. 9 2. The freakshow that is the Eurovision "Song" Contest. 3. Anything to do with golf. 4. BBC Question Time 5. HIGNFY 6. Garry Liniker 7. Drag Race 8. Nigel Farridge 9. MasterChef 10. Inside the Factory. 11.Songs of Praise 12. Rugby union 13. QoS
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