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  1. She still hasn't lost a set, and she's in the final. And her opponent isn't much more experienced than her, so no advantage there.
  2. Then Sky notice the drop in subscriptions from Rugby League fans, and offer even less next time...
  3. I get what you mean. I'm not quite as affected by those sort of footbridges as you are, but I never really feel safe on them either.
  4. This website is usually up-to-date, and well worth bookmarking: https://www.rugbyleagueontv.com
  5. Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one to seek answers to the game's future in its past. And I'm not averse to letting Eddie Hearn's company promote an event, whether it is Magic or the Cup, or even both. But handing over the administration of the sport to the latest putative "messiah"? Nope. And how long before we'd start reading sentences like "difficult decisions had to be made, and of course I have sympathy with the fans of <insert club name here>, but sport is a business these days."?
  6. Don't they usually show fewer games on the weekend after Magic? Helpful thread title, by the way.
  7. The three-eyed monster. If it is going to a terrestrial broadcaster, showing it on a HD channel should be a major consideration in the deal. A combination of these 10 games, plus the Sky YouTube streams (which seems to be one game per month since that started) gives us a fair bit of free SL coverage. As far as the SLS is concerned, now that SL highlights are appearing fairly promptly on YouTube, I'm not sure it has much of a purpose any more, unless it gets a good schedule slot (and it's clear that won't ever happen). Many of us campaigned to make the programme available nationally, but with highlights on demand, and the other non-chat content already available on the BBC website, it is probably not being watched much these days.
  8. Yes, but her semi-final is scheduled to start after 1am.
  9. I definitely saw the photo in Open Rugby or RLW or their Centenary special. I think Alfie looked slightly embarrassed. Maybe the RLW staff can dig the photo out.
  10. I do remember one PR photoshoot for a ROTW match that involved a very young Alfie Langer with a Page 3 "stunna" sitting on his lap.
  11. Are there any more videos of ROTW sides? I know there were other games.
  12. Inspired by a recent post about the Oceania v Europe match.
  13. I'd love to see footage of this match. It is a bit like those "Rest of the World" games of years gone by, or the more recent "All Stars" matches. That Oceania squad looks really strong.
  14. No sympathy required today, as Emma Raducanu became the first player ever to reach the semi-finals of the US Open after coming through the qualifier rounds. Straight sets in every match, too, including her latest victim Belinda Bencic (11th seed). I'm sure Piers "Morgan" Moron will be doing a 180 degree switch and jumping on her bandwagon some time about... now.
  15. Nonsense! I've seen him in 'Robin Hood' - he's clearly a native of Lincolnyorklancashropcaithnesstasmanianebraskaderbyshire.
  16. That's no age at all, although she seems to have lived what few years she had to the full.
  17. Whenever you start having sympathy with the impossible situation Leigh were put in this season, you see a post like this and any supportive feelings you may have had start draining away again.
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