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  1. I lived in a very rural part of the US for a year. God and guns are everything to most of the people where I lived. These people will never ever give up their guns. Gun racks on cars, holsters, next to the TV remote control, on the kitchen bench, adjusting rifle sights on the side of the road etc… guns were absolutely everywhere. It’s hard to describe to someone who’s never lived there how much they love their weapons.
  2. That’s not unusual. At my local junior soccer club they’d also put up a “Go Raiders!” sign on the clubhouse on junior soccer days. The juniors followed European soccer and the NRL.
  3. My happiness with rugby league increased dramatically when I stopped: 1 - trying to actively evangelise; 2- following administrative politics and failings; and 3- stressing too much about the sport as a whole. I mostly just enjoy the matches these days and the game day experience. It’s exactly what I needed and was a detox from the negative parts of the sport … and I now enjoy the sport more than ever these days.
  4. Great win by the Raiders over the Sharks (30-10). Even more amazing when you consider the Raiders had three players sent to the sin bin and two of those overlapped. The Raiders were down to 11 men for a while.
  5. If WA gets its own nrl team it should probably be a true WA team and not the Bears.
  6. I know it’s only a small sample size but when my friends started with the affordable Kayo app they watched a lot more games than they ever did with just ch9. Kayo has revolutionised watching the NRL in Australia. We no longer require an expensive Foxtel subscription and kayo still has all the extra magazine style NRL shows most days. I wonder if all the rugby league analysis shows on kayo also increases the RL smarts of the audience which then contributes to some viewers watching more matches?
  7. There’s really no comparison between the UK and Australia re gambling issues. Australia is a global standout by a significant margin.
  8. The size of the gambling problem in Australia is absolutely disgraceful. We are on the extreme edge of gambling in the same way the US is with guns. It’s a disease that has infected our culture. When it’s everywhere it becomes normal.
  9. Gould on ch9 is the main reason I only watch the NRL with the fox commentary teams. I used to get totally fed up with him saying a ref decision has ruined the game and the game will now be rubbish to watch.
  10. I think it should move around the country to let it be known that it’s Australia’s game and belongs to all of us.
  11. Sounds like he enjoys getting his gear off! He should get down to Kambah Pool in Canberra then. It’s a stretch of the Murrumbidgee river where naked swimming and sunbathing is legal.
  12. I struggle to see the point of this. It’s possible it could simply be a marketing tool for US online gambling companies and all their executives will be invited to attend. Have a series of meetings and then have the match as a promotional tool.
  13. There has been at least three I know of in a few weeks. The pitch invader at the Raiders game the other night was the fastest pitch invader I’ve ever seen. He sprinted diagonally across the field, jumped the boundary fence, sprinted up the corner ramp and out of the stadium. The security guards around the pitch ignored him.
  14. I forget the exact year but at around 2007 I had professional dealings with very senior and high profile figures in rugby league and also senior development people within the AFL. The AFL sent an entire team to meet with me and were unbelievably slick, responsive, open and listened carefully to what I had to say. The professionalism of the AFL was an absolute pleasure to deal with. The difference between them and rugby league was night and day. I really hope things have changed.
  15. Positive last Monday. It faded away and I was chirpy, energetic and wondering what the big deal was … then extremely early Saturday morning it came back with a vengeance and I’ve felt rubbish all weekend.
  16. I’m stuck at home barely able to walk with Covid and I’m really hoping this is the distraction I need.
  17. This part of the article is interesting https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/nrlw-television-ratings-soar-in-bumper-2022-season-20220407-p5abp8.html The highest rating match of the season on Nine – a record-breaking 40-4 win by the Dragons over the Knights – attracted a little more than 142,000 viewers in metropolitan and regional areas on Channel Nine alone. The combined average of just over 200,000 viewers is about a 50 per cent increase on 2020, and rivals that of NRL and AFL matches that are played in early timeslots on Saturdays and Sundays.
  18. By acknowledging their cultures and special place it does promote cohesion because it builds respect. At huge numbers of events at schools, information sessions, public lectures, public events, even some work meetings etc an acknowledgment of country or welcome to country is said before proceedings begin. It’s usually a variation of what’s at this link: https://www.indigenous.gov.au/contact-us/welcome_acknowledgement-country The wider Australian community has generally embraced these developments as something that builds bridges between the indigenous and non-indigenous community.
  19. You’re stripping it of its Australian and New Zealand context of colonialism and oppression. It’s a recognition of indigenous Australians and New Zealanders and their place in this part of the world. Australia has a diverse population. That doesn’t mean we all bring the same thing to the table and should all receive the exact same treatment with regards to matches like this. Including others would not make sense as others do not have any long historical right to the land and country in the way they do. Even as late as 1984 in the Gibson desert of the Pintupi 9 made “first contact” with white Australia. The match is a wonderful acknowledgment of Australian diversity.
  20. It was great fun here in Canberra last night!
  21. For many Australians, the Socceroos are the only soccer team in Australia they support. However, there are still plenty of soccer loving people like my son and his friends who’d pick Liverpool and the Canberra Raiders over the Socceroos every day of the week.
  22. Australian A-League attendances … plummeting. As low as 573. https://www.austadiums.com/sport/comp/a-league/results
  23. I’d love to be able to follow a SL club but it’s a pain when all matches aren’t televised.
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