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  1. I wonder how the northern based clubs will supplement their academies once ours goes down the pan and with it, the vast opportunities presented by the greater London region; this at a time when the talent pool is reducing on the M62.
  2. I don't think the result on Saturday was the breaking point but it cant have helped. I am convinced he has told Hughes and Milner and Loubser we need reinforcements or else we have no chance, and they have just ignored him, more intent on this f&*%ing stupid move to Wimbledon. As each passing day goes by I am becoming less interested in this club and this Wardy situation merely reinforces matters.
  3. But you bring up 'full time ' as if it's the sole criteria to win games. Quality is surely first and foremost.
  4. I applaud you for sticking with it. I’ve said on here previously, until Broncos convince me they have some sort of long term strategy, then I’ll be keeping my hard earned in my pocket. Hardly missing it to be honest; nice to do other things and when the BBC score notifications come through, I just shake my head. MW suggests below that you should bring a friend, but it sounds like there just isn’t enough on offer, on or off the field, to get them hooked, if anything it would put them off. Only a couple of years ago we were competing in SL, and years before that competing in Championship, with a decent side and vibrant if not limited off field at Ealing. Hughes, Loubser and Milner have just let everything slide to such a point that the Broncos club now bears no resemblance to that of 2+ years ago. Maybe they are holding out for the Dons move, to solve all their woes, but given that hasn’t even been voted on by Merton Council, goodness knows when that will happen. As for 10 academy products in the 17. Laudable, but lets be honest most aren’t good enough at this stage in their development for even mid table Championship. A couple will never be good enough. Drip feed academy into an experienced team, that’s what happens everywhere else.
  5. So you will have some inkling why 'true' fans are fed up with the umpteenth move over the years with little rationale; a complete dis-attachment to the rank and file; no discernible plan to improve crowds and profile; gradual slide in the quality of the playing squad. It's gone beyond a little bit of extra travel.
  6. How long have you been following London Broncos / Crusaders / Harlequins / Fulham ?
  7. As am I. I couldn't even be arsed watching my team on Our League.
  8. We made a decent fist last time we were in SL; I think I am correct in saying we won 10 games without going overboard with crazy overseas singings and having faith in our academy.
  9. Frank Napoli - how bad was he ! I'll add Welsh flyer Mike Carrington once of Saints
  10. RU is a serious sport played across the nation where they are in a position to lay down minimum standards. RL is played seriously in a few parts of the north of England and a pocket of London, and as they say beggars cant be choosers. MoK turning up for the odd Broncos games at Plough Lane as it's on his doorstep hardly justifies the lock stock move from Trailfinders given the current state of the Broncos on and off the field.
  11. Are you suggesting folk who aren't attracted at all to Plough Lane and prefer Trailfinders are insane ??!! Like most Broncos real supporters on here, my emotional attachment to the club has worn so thin, I'm hardly bothered I don't feel the urge of going to games after two decades of religious support. Sunday put that into perspective.
  12. You'll know from this forum that I have an ever decreasing amount of empathy /sympathy with LB, but in this instance I feel an element of support for the club. Why one rule for one and a different one for another. That said, I would be interested to know when LB advised RFL their intention not to fulfil the fixture, before or after the Halifax fixture - that might shut a few up if before !!! How about this for a thought - Monkey and his mates have taken the view, lets get back to the times when it was LB against the World, in an attempt to galvanise the current fracturing support base !
  13. As far as I am aware, Covid doesn't discriminate between full time and part time players.
  14. Hopefully the same deduction your mob will get for flaunting COVID rules making a mockery of the competition.
  15. Both involve(d) the host charging the user for use of their pitch. End of. There is no share.
  16. aka Realists; been there and got the Broncos umpteenth salvation ground move T shirt. Rich comments coming from a bloke who has little if any interest in the Broncos, and as such has limited knowledge / experience in their modus operandae for the last few decades.
  17. I class myself in this bracket. Been watching since Crusaders days, had ST, sponsored players, bought far too much merchandise, lived and breathed the London project, took the age group players I coach to games, even saw a few go into scholarship / academy. But no more. Until Milner or Hughes outline their 5 year plan for the club, they are having no more of my hard earned, I'll pop along to one or two home games, maybe an away game, watch the better games on Our League but that's it. And before you start MoK, whilst the move to Plough Lane has been the catalyst, if the move was backed up with some rationale and, as I say, a realistic 5 year plan then it would be more palatable. As for calling up elapsed ST holders - that would be priceless, telling Milner what I think !
  18. This only goes to reinforce my view your only interest in getting Broncos to Wimbledon is for the benefit of Wimbledon as you seemingly have no interest in Broncos. You mock the views of fans who've been following them for years and you can't be arsed paying a fiver to watch them but are happy to comment on performance, etc
  19. I'd love to read your views on the teams performance yesterday ?
  20. And, to repeat myself, need a winning side on the park. The complexion of that side is irrelevant, full of London lads or full of martians, it needs to be winning. No-one gets behind a loser. Based on Saturday, and granted all the caveats that apply, I worry.
  21. Let's hope they have a very competitive side, ideally a winning side, to attract the punters
  22. I want to believe that but ...... its like Scott Hill playing for us a number of years ago, a class player with average players around him, he looks average
  23. I have to applaud the effort from the boys today, especially given the youthful complexion of the team. There were lots of errors probably as a result of ring rust. My concern is that LB were missing a handful but in reality todays team plus a handful is it. That is not a squad that will challenge for the top spot. If the club come out and say we are building for the future and this season is about youthful development then a lot of us would cut them some slack. Class will out and when Cuthbertson came on, he brought another dimension to the Knights. We don't have that; we are going to get outmuscled this year. Other than the rugby it was nice to get an injury update on the non playing staff from the BBC rather than the club !
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