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  1. While I agree to a point about defence being difficult and causing teams to be more innovative in scoring tries, it's finding that balance, I'm sure some Union fans will be saying similar about their game which can now be as high scoring as League on a regular basis
  2. Hughes should look at other players who have left Storm and not set the NRL on fire, Cronk being a rare exception but he was a class or two above where Hughes is at the moment! He could get more money elsewhere but could he deliver? only a few Clubs have the quality of Squad depth to achieve it! But I doubt if they will be the ones throwing silly money at him!
  3. As Sticky said post match other players had to stand up and take more responsibility, which bodes well for the squad for next year.
  4. Bellyache has intimated next season could be his last one as a Head Coach and the Ponies have jumped the gun thinking he will be their D o R, the Storm board will do their best to keep him on as a D o R but only down there a 2-3 days a week as he is going to relocate back to Queensland with the Family, but his son Aaron who is on the Storm staff will still be there, so there is alot of variation to go through before we know! Being his last season I also hope Cam Smith goes around for the last time and they can both switch the light off together! The big problem for Storm is to manage Bellyache's leaving in a way that is the opposite to Man Utd's dealing with SAF's retirement!
  5. The big difference that's a big plus for Storm is the weather, they have not missed the Winter down there and it's also why Melbourne is known as Bleak City. With most of the senior team's families also being in the "bubble" is another big plus and also helping the Foxx enjoy himself in what could be his last season but he may see it out! Storms system has coped better with the injuries than most teams have done. The Coaching Staff and the Storm Administration have done an excellent job in trying circumstances and it's showing with results on the field. Would Penrith be at the top given a similar set of circumstances????
  6. Strange that the Captains Challenge hasn't been used that much or well by him!
  7. Someone got their communications wrong if correct! https://www.foxsports.com.au/nrl/nrl-premiership/teams/storm/nrl-2020-storm-14-players-vs-roosters-suliasi-vunivalu-round-14-video/news-story/55ec73ea4f90271afc0f65d70fe70b7e
  8. The a licking Hacks are now bagging Smith for going against NRL policy because he's put the NRL's nose out of joint for daring to speak out and what he said is very sensible. Billy Slater has also said the NRL should keep playing, Tigers Coach Maguire says the same!
  9. It's always a difficult one for Coach's and Management with regards to upcoming talent and keeping them onboard and happy despite limited 1st team opportunities. Still at least Storm are looking to plug the gap re replacement wingers for next season https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/the-mole-melbourne-storm-jake-wardle-bulldogs-ardie-savea-warriors-roosters/7a686f8c-afcf-4bec-a536-60854ceb2f2e
  10. So far Storm good value for an 18-4 lead at HT The cowboys 4 came thanks to Sulivasi missing in defence as per usual, no doubt O'Neill realised he wouldn't get an easier one this season!
  11. So why don't both Clubs just pay their respective players on their own books to keep the SC straight any other issues won't be SC related such as accommodation, player insurance etc
  12. While enjoyable I still prefer the 7's format, it would be a better format for League and 9's a better format for Union!
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