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  1. How do you know this ? Or are you speculating ? My bet, they come down full strength looking for one scalp in the 8s, and they always run us close.
  2. Did we not start in Fulham ? And in our past Charlton ? And Barnet ? And Brentford ? And our crowds are 800 ish. So we've been there, done that, got the tee shirt. Sell out Ealing. Then worry about moving to stadia.
  3. Certainly there will be another stand on the open end by next season. As for going on the road, why ?? If we get back, it might only be for a year so why go big bucks, when where we are would meet our current and forecast needs. Also the other unknown is Ealing Trailfinders. They are in a similar situation to Broncos in Union's equivalent so they may need to enhance the ground for their own progression. Let's cross the bridges when we come to them. We need to beat a tough Fax team who we always struggle against and then an MPG.
  4. Write Fax off at your peril. They ALWAYS give us a very tight game. The notion we are going to pump them is bonkers. Granted we played very well against Salford, but lets not forget the fact we are effectively operating on one half back and a lock playing hooker. With Cunningham, Pewparangi, S Davis, Meadows and Harrison out for the season we are being really stretched.
  5. I always watch the qualifiers. I catch some SL but very little. 2 years ago I would go out of my way to watch SL. I have found other things to do that don't involve SL. Doesn't mean I don't love rugby league, I still love coaching u14/15 in the Home Counties and going to pretty much all Broncos games, but at the pinnacle I have been sucked of all enthusiasm.
  6. Penalty machine at Broncos too. Always had a rather portly look about him !
  7. Broncos had similar a couple of years ago. Signed Hunters captain, PNG rep player Israel Eliab. Looked amazing on YouTube in Q Cup. Ended up being delayed coming over for visa reasons, judging by his girth had eaten too many pies, ended up playing for Skolars all year. Hope the Boas boys proved better.
  8. Volunteers, plain and simple. And then its a case of hope for the best. London is too 'big' for the Broncos or Skolars to work actively on a regular basis with the community clubs. Even when we had DO down here, London was split into NW,NE,SW,SE, plus Hemel and St Albans had their own. As I have said previously on this thread, the organic growth had not quite had time to catch and hold. That said, I never really felt the DO were well managed. I feel each DO took a shot gun approach to how, where and why they went about their business, when a more focused, strategic approach was required. The RFL annual tick box exercise was insufficient in terms of DO management.
  9. The duration of the funding / involvement of DO needed to run for a few more years to ensure that organic growth would have been guaranteed. That, and closer management from the RFL on each DO KPIs.
  10. Not been to Final for a few years but wanted to get along and remind myself what being part of the rugby league family was all about. It didnt disappoint. Great atmosphere, jerseys from all over, great bunch of Broncos fans sat together with our players, light hearted banter, great game, great value, great view, happy with the result (for the greater good), son and his mate loved it, few cheeky scoops, easy access from St Albans, roll on 2019 CC Final (but better positioned in May)
  11. Maybe the knuckle draggers are struggling with the concept we are no longer in the 19th Century, but the 21st and the world has moved on, and their limited existence has not ?
  12. Ok, I didn't realise we had so much London crowd knowledge on this forum. Let's say my comment referred to the latter days at The Stoop, The Hive and Trailfinders, so 6 / 7 years; accepting that in years gone by some of the big clubs have travelled in good number.
  13. Yes, I remember that day well. A great initiative but the exception to the rule for away support in any of Broncos former homes.
  14. It is also conceivable that the recent run and the well publicised Widnes win, which WAS ON TV, presented the Broncos in a hugely positive light and has attracted new comers and maybe some former disenchanted Broncos fans, as there are many from the five figure crowds early SL, pre five or six moves and ###### on the field. Also the Broncos have sent flyers to 25k (I think) homes in Ealing, if 0.5% of those result in a paying spectator, good news. My concern is we always appear to fold when we have a chance to impress, like the return to The Stoop for St Helens game, etc.
  15. The game has so far sold 2k tickets. No club has EVER brought 2k to London. I would estimate the best travelling support is Leeds and Wigan with maybe 500/750. The Championship brings anywhere between 0 and 250 away fans, the latter only Bradford, Leigh and HKR.
  16. Cummins did say if the right players became available .....
  17. Like when he ruled out Pitts perfectly good try (as agreed by Fev fans around) ?
  18. Api was awful today. At least twice he passed to a worm, and missed tackles. I think he's great but he needs to be more focused.
  19. Very true. We were our own worst enemies. I thought Fax played very very well, and troubled us, but, we should have won with some to spare. I suspect Fev wont be leaving anything on the paddock next week and we need to be on top form.
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