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  1. Back to the subject at hand, Hemel juniors representation in all 3 age group semi finals. Great achievement. Seeing their u14s at first hand they are an excellent team, well coached, skilful and tough. The u14s league this year has been top notch with Stags, Rhinos, Brentwood, Bromley and St Albans all on the money. As an aside, Saracens run a county ELITE rugby union player programme for all age groups inc u14s. Its selective, sits above the general Hertfordshire County set up; I believe there are 10 / 12 players at each age group, and at u14s, 8 or 9 of these play for Stags or St Albans.
  2. Nothing if we listen to the flat cappers. Fev, a team steeped in history the home of Fox Newlove Burton Steadman et al now reduced to no academy no reserves and linking up with the hated enemy Leeds. 100+ years and that’s all to show. Broncos are certainly not a flag ship BUT we run a very good academy and today beat your mother club, several London products moved up food chain. Owner who loves the sport and is happy to put his money into the club. A squad now based largely on London products and enlightened northerners rather than Aussies. As for crowds Fev average say 2.5k (a guess) wow, we are lucky to get 100 away fans Leigh excepted so when you whine about the London 50 think on. I would never hold up Broncos as an example of good as we do far too much badly, but what we do well, we do very well. Looking forward to my trip to POR and the usual friendly welcome.
  3. Featherstone rapidly becoming a joke of a club. They cant stand on their own two competitive feet when it comes to a squad as they blood suck off Leeds, and the fans love the DR arrangement. Its a joke. Most clubs in the Championship as 'contenders' stand on their own two feet. Imagine you get in the middle 8s, You are a waste of time. Give me a shout when you are a proper club, who can operate as such rather than rely on others.
  4. Out of interest how many fans would say Barrow, Swinton, Rochdale or Sheffield or your local neighbours Dewsbury and Batley bring ?
  5. Another thing that makes the sport look amateurish - Rochdale had 3 (possibly 4) Warrington player DR yesterday; one had no number, one had a number and his name, and one - Ben Pomeroy - was wearing #31 with Cross name on it. I would laugh if it wasn't so pathetic.
  6. Same conundrum - I travelled up.
  7. I was on my way out on a spy mission to Hemel Stags and Medway Dragons u14s !
  8. Mrs Magic watching Royal Wedding stuff, and I chanced upon Sir Kev, being interview in the Windsor studio by Dermot. Talking about the Prince and rugby league !! Nice suit, well spoken, good message and a guest at the wedding. Good lad !
  9. I travel most places with the Broncos, all home and most away. But I also, have another hat, I coach an u14s team in the London League. So on the Saturday most of my day is taken up coaching. So the question is, do I travel the furthest distance from London to a ###### in Lancashire on Saturday for the last game or head up first thing Sunday for a tumbleweed stadium or do I watch on TV ?
  10. Even Broncos fans get confused about this. Academy product Matt Davis #13 started at hooker, as fill in, and scored a hat trick. His younger brother Sam Davis (both from Northampton I believe), another Academy product, has been playing hooker for the last few weeks. Matthew Davies #25, is another Academy product, played off the bench today. Interestingly, he was released last year but re=signed when Ackers shafted us. Bottom line, none of them are as good as James Cunningham who is out for several weeks.
  11. I think you should rephrase that strongest available. Evans and Harrison haven't played all season, Ioane and Gee now on the long term sick bench, seems Cunningham injured also. 5 senior pros who would always make the 17. Walker was rested last night (I assume) as he has gone off the boil. Of last nights team, Meadows, Butler, Bienek, S Davis, Hindmarsh were playing for the Academy last year and Adibiyi and M Davis the year before so a pretty young side when all said and done. Frankly I would trade a CCup loss next week with a fringe side for a home win in the league a couple of weeks later.
  12. How are Hunslet getting on developing / expanding the interest in rugby league ?
  13. Tricky for head and heart, but .... ROUND 8 FRIDAY: Batley Bulldogs v Dewsbury Rams by 6 Featherstone Rovers by 12 v Toronto Wolfpack Halifax by 6 v Barrow Raiders London Broncos by 12 v Toulouse Olympique Sheffield Eagles v Rochdale Hornets by 22 Swinton Lions v Leigh Centurions by 26 ROUND 9 Toulouse Olympique XIII vs Toronto Wolfpack by 22 Barrow Raiders by 16 vs Swinton Lions Dewsbury Rams vs Halifax RLFC by 12 Leigh Centurions vs London Broncos by 12 Rochdale Hornets vs Featherstone Rovers by 16 Sheffield Eagles vs Batley Bulldogs by 32
  14. Rochdale Hornets v Toronto Wolfpack by 28 Toulouse Olympique by 28 v Halifax Barrow Raiders by 10 v Sheffield Eagles Batley Bulldogs by 6 v Featherstone Rovers Leigh Centurions by 20 v Dewsbury Rams Swinton Lions v London Broncos by 16
  15. Dewsbury Rams v Toulouse by 6 Featherstone Rovers v Swinton by 28 Halifax v Leigh by 20 London Broncos v Batley by 22 Rochdale Hornets v Barrow by 10 Sheffield Eagles v Toronto by 32
  16. Batley Bulldogs v Barrow Raiders by 18 Dewsbury Rams v Swinton Lions by 12 Featherstone Rovers v Sheffield Eagles by 38 Leigh Centurions v Toulouse Olympique by 16 London Broncos v Toronto Wolfpack by 2 Rochdale Hornets v Halifax by 40
  17. The truth hurts, <bluepike> resorts to the classic pit village retort. At least the 12 will make more noise than your 100 after 2 mins into the game #silence
  18. Putting it simply, Featherstone weren't very good. Broncos dominated them throughout the game until the last 20mins when they put the cue on the rack. Broncos should be kicking themselves for not reaching 60.
  19. Toulouse by 30 Leigh by 28 Toronto by 22 London by 4 Dewsbury by 24 Batley by 16
  20. Barrow Raiders v Toronto Wolfpack KO 3pm - Toronto by 28 Dewsbury Rams v London Broncos KO 3pm - London by 6 Featherstone Rovers v Toulouse Olympique KO 3pm - TO by 2 Halifax v Sheffield Eagles KO 3pm - Halifax by 20 Leigh Centurions v Batley Bulldogs KO 3pm - Leigh by 28 Swinton Lions v Rochdale Hornets KO 3pm - Rochdale by 12
  21. And me please. My predictions are: Dewsbury v Eagles Toulouse v Swinton Fev - Fax Leigh v Toronto London v Barrow Rochdale v Batley
  22. The Daddy / londonrlfan, who would you suggest would have been a better coaching appointment that would have made you think we are going all out for SL ?
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