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  1. The Daddy / londonrlfan, who would you suggest would have been a better coaching appointment that would have made you think we are going all out for SL ?
  2. Respect to Leigh, see you at Broncos next year. I have always said the optimum league structure for rugby league, a game that needs to harness its roots but at the same time recognise it needs to grow to survive, has now to expand the elite level, maintain the dream for clubs outside the top level, facilitate the best crowds (derbies), revenue, attractiveness to sponsorship. The only way is by 2 largely ‘geographic’ conferences of 8 teams. Teams play their own conference home and away, the other conference home or away, one of which is Magic. Conferences play offs and a GF. Bottom of each conf play off to play top of Championship for promo/releg. 21 games, play offs, leaves for restructured Challenge Cup (final in May) and Conference ‘State’ of Origin. The first conferences formed at the end of next season, 12 SL teams plus top 4 in Championship (invited). No salary cap, no overseas limit. Minimum criteria to be reviewed. The conferences could look like 1) Leigh Wigan Warrington St Helens Widnes Salford Toulouse Catalans 2) Leeds Hull Hull KR Castleford Wakefield Huddersfield Toronto London (or Fax or Fev or Barrow, .......) What’s not to like?
  3. I have to say what a very good performance from Fev. You always run us close, and I wasn't kidded by the early lead, it was like you were still on the bus. I remember the Cup game a couple of years ago when we took a similar lead and you came back. You were resilient and very tough and we couldn't handle the forward intensity. Still, on to HKR next week !!! 1. Davies (always plays well against us) 2. Briggs 3. Brooks
  4. We are - Blackpool and the early season encounter at POR count for nothing now
  5. Funny, I was on line with them and they were forward. I think the fans were applauding another excellent performance from their team rather than the ref - then again Dewsbury were by far the better side and had there not been a bent ref and two dodgy forward passes would have won by a country mile. Get over yourself.
  6. On 10 mins that was a 70 nil game, we fluffed a gimmee and from there on it appeared we took the foot off the gas. Fair play to Swinton they showed the desire they had last week v Giants and got back in the game. I thought we were comfortable. Oldham , next week, week off then Bulls away, and then the big one, Fev at the Bash.
  7. Nice thing for London is played 7 of 11 away so far, so only 4 more away (inc HKR and TO, plus Hornets and Bulls) plus Bash (important game v Fev). Last 2 games we have been spot on, men against boys @ Batley and tough professiona display v TO on Friday.
  8. Have to say from a Broncos perspective, only Lillicrop played anything like. The halves were awful.
  9. Couldnt agree more - show ponies sit in the stands, grafters and team players give the fans something to cheer. Two players laughing and joking in the post match bar last week dropped this week. F off from me. I want to support a team who turns up for the shirt. not the pay packet.
  10. Harsh We just gave away needless penalties, and that was reflected in 2 team warnings. Then again Fev were no angels, as highlighted by the Thackray trip - I had do double take that one ! There were good signs from Broncos but mostly undone by pens and the errant Jarrad Sammut. You cant defend for 60+% of a game and expect to win. The depth of the squad will be tested as Cunningham was assisted from the field leaving the only recognised hooker Foster who's on loan from Leigh. Already missing Battye, Ackers, Spencer, Barthau, Offerdahl, Channing, Grant, this is another big loss.
  11. I'd be interested to hear more about this ?
  12. Hornets or dare I say Headhunters were out for one thing and one thing only, grubby cynical unsettling rugby league. It took the referee - who incidentally warmed up with the Hornets - about 5 missed head shots before he penalised one. Head shot count Broncos 2 - Hornets double figures. Kear and one for the Hornets thugs got binned and then with 7 to go Kear was clotheslined, so one more to the bin. Other than cheap head shots their other speciality was time wasting, feigning injury. Broncos struggled with the grubbiness and need to harden up and stop the basic errors if we are to make the top 4.
  13. We must have been at different games - London (by their standards were awful), Oldham punched well above their weight and deserved more.
  14. For some reason we always struggle at Dewsbury, and I see tomorrow being no different.
  15. Can't wait for Sunday - I hope that the Swinton game was our last friendly (they were very very good) and now its KR, phhhh. I'll tell you something KR fans being in a league where you are top-ish (respect to all the rest) is so much better than being in SL and getting pumped every week. This league is brilliant, different teams, grounds, fantastic close games - I ask you, whats happening tomorrow night ?
  16. In the Offiah era, so a long time ago. Off the top of my head London wise: Wycombe Wanderers FC v Bulls Esher RU v Catalans Both above when we were being shafted by Quins @ The Stoop On the road game way back at Newport RU and Leicester Tigers and there was a game scheduled for Wales when we got to the Severn Bridge and found out it had been called off !! On the back off Barnet Copthall, Chiswick, Crystal Palace, The Valley, The Stoop, The Hive, Trailfinders .... and who knows what the future holds !
  17. Excellent post. I loved the ground, and have to say has the perfect makings of Magic or Bash weekend. The fans village was superb making use of the exhibition centre and would be perfect a league event. The concourse goes all the way round the ground and there are plenty of bars and eateries. No idea about Coventry itself so maybe that would be a drawback (but for me anything is better than Blackpool. The RFL need to learn. As attractive as a double header is, there's a time and a place, and early evening on Bonfire Night in Coventry isnt it I am afraid.
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