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  1. Why not drill down into the reasons that LB/HQ haven't maintained the heady crowds for the World Club Challenge, and early SL, or is that beyond you ?
  2. Leigh average largely made up of lots of away fans travelling a handful of miles from exotic local towns like St Helens, Wigan, Warrington and little further afield like Leeds.
  3. Or running an academy grade and developing a good number of SL grade players. And having a local train station.
  4. Agree. Another poster looking to perpetuate a myth for their own end.
  5. As far as I am aware, Medway Dragons have never played at any leading level of Open Age - NL3 and alike - so no idea why they would be approached.
  6. Am I missing something, but don't we have 3 divisions now ? The suggestion merely tries to get a meaningful Championship, something that we all crave for. In the 6 team option, there would be no 'pub teams (not my term)' and the prize a place in SL, so if anyone was to take foot off gas ....maybe don't even have play offs. 8 team league runs the risk have including some of the current make-weights. Either option better than current.
  7. Or streamline that middle division to say 8 teams (21 games, play all 3 times), maybe even 6 (20 games, play all 4 times) plus play offs. End the season much earlier than SL to enable clubs to recruit and better prepare for SL following season. 1 promoted / 1 or 2 relegated.
  8. Option 1 for me too. And, if they put ST up for sale for next year now I'd buy one. I have a new COVID wardrobe of Broncos training gear so guess i need to start getting into exercise !
  9. Hence acting as Leeds 2nd team, and non-sustainable as a SL team
  10. Because the other events you identify are global events with mass international travel, huge TV deals, logistics, etc .... we are talking about a sport played in a small part of Northern England with no TV deal and a small walk up audience. I guess one of the benefits of being a minority sport is you can sit on these decisions a lot longer.
  11. David Hughes has pumped more money into LB than both Derek and the bloke at Fev combined. He knows there is no chance of a return on his investment, yet he continues and doesn't shout from the rooftops. A true gentlemen. It could be argued that if we had had a Derek or Marwan as owner fighting our corner, we would be in a much more viable position than we currently are. Still, we gave SL a good shake last year.
  12. No, they haven't got self-aggrandising chairmen who love the sound of their own voice
  13. Thanks for the response, it was very useful. Don't want to push my luck but for the following, do you have teams and scorers for St Albans (and dates for 2006)? 2004 Birmingham Bulldogs 16-52 St A 2005 St A 16 – 20 Bradford Dudley Hill (I think you said this was voided but I have a score ??) Bradford Dudley Hill 63-10 St A 2006 St A 6-10 Bramley Warrington 30-12 St A
  14. Still very keen to get all the info requested. Ironically, I bought Gillette Yearbook and got Celtic C info, nil to St Albans in both games !!!! If and when you feel up to it, have a rummage for me please.
  15. Whilst at Durham Uni, initiated a link up with the Durham City side to moderate degree of success, which Town v Gown got in the way of. Great to see RL in the Uni and City now. Always was a rugby league evangelist, and still am today, cant recall how many I've introduced along the way. Moved south, set up a club in '95 and it's still going today. Like Bearman had every role in the club, reaching breaking point many times. We had many good battles with Coventry in NL3 and RLCP. This summer would be my last in junior RL coaching which I have done for 7 years, as my lad has reached 16 and only Open Age option. Far too many good people met along the way - Bearman, IM2 included - and a few bad eggs. Some of the former players have set up a Virtual Bar on Facebook, where we pop in from time to time for a reminisce - its priceless memories.
  16. Absolutely I am convinced that rather than have some convoluted, unweighted end of season free for all clubs outside SL this season; next year should be set at 2 leagues regardless. Existing SL plus SL wannabees / the rest. The days of minimum standards for SL appear to have gone out of the window, so anything goes. SL wannabees need to commit to being full time, not dual reg with anyone in the same league, and similar reasonable expectations of teams in the top tier. I would cap the top league at 18. Ok, means a lot of fixtures, but its an interim year for the game. At the end of next season, with this format, upto 5 relegated (no exemption) and one promoted (leaving 14 teams) and then franchise kicks back in.
  17. Brilliant stuff and thanks. Anything you can get Bearman. Have to say I am loving the reminisce - we had some decent games. Good times !
  18. Help required. I am using the downtime to pull together some info on St Albans Centurions, but inevitably there are gaps. Can anyone provide me with any info on the following - score, teams, scorers and key points (thanks in advance) : National League 3 02 August 2003 Huddersfield Underbank Rangers St Albans Centurions 09 August 2003 St Albans Centurions Hemel Stags Did St Albans play Teesside away in 2003 ? 09 May 2004 St Albans Centurions Carlisle Centurions 31 May 2004 Hemel Stags St Albans Centurions 21 August 2004 Coventry Bears St Albans Centurions Did St Albans play Bramley away in 2004 ? 02 April 2005 St Albans Centurions Bradford Dudley Hill 11 June 2005 Coventry Bears St Albans Centurions 16 July 2005 Bramley Buffaloes St Albans Centurions PLAY OFF St Albans Centurions Hemel Stags PLAY OFF St Albans Centurions Warrington Wizards PLAY OFF Bradford Dudley Hill St Albans Centurions 2006 St Albans Centurions Gateshead Storm 2006 St Albans Centurions Bramley Buffaloes 2006 Bradford Dudley Hill St Albans Centurions PLAY OFF Warrington Wizards St Albans Centurions Challenge Cup 29 Nov 2003 Birkenshaw St Albans Centurions Northern Rail Cup 12 February 2006 St Albans Centurions London Skolars 19 February 2006 Hemel Stags St Albans Centurions 26 February 2006 St Albans Centurions Celtic Crusaders 05 March 2006 St Albans Centurions Hemel Stags 19 March 2006 London Skolars St Albans Centurions 26 March 2006 Celtic Crusaders St Albans Centurions
  19. He, along with Joe Ford played a few games for St Albans Centurions u14s when he first moved down to Harpenden. I am pretty sure he had no link with Broncos.
  20. Why cram ? Take a sensible approach to ensure an equitable and meaningful League campaign for all 3 divisions Ensure player, official, spectator safety, first and foremost Keep the Challenge Cup Final and Grand Final dates as scheduled, and subsequent Kangaroo Tour 7 / 14 / 21 June next rounds of the C Cup and Final 18 July (large assumption here !!!) All league fixtures start 28 June. Top two leagues either 6 homes games and 6 away, the first round counting as the final full round of fixtures pre lockdown (play one team twice) Or 5 /6 home away games, so play everyone once (but mis match in home / away) Last round of fixtures 13 September. Top 5 play off in SL and no relegation, Grand Final as planned Top 3 auto promotion from Championship plus additional one from 4 v 5 for fourth spot. League One full home and away programme with no promotion but heavier emphasis on prize money. 2021 realignment year, only two divisions (16 team SL and amalgamated second division) End 2021 3 teams relegated from SL and one promoted from Championship. Championship / League One splits to similar set up to now with Ottawa and NY possibly. Strange times demand adaptability and reason, and most of all, simplification.
  21. How do you think that has been going of late ?
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