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  1. I’ve seen the ‘hosting budget’ for 2021 quoted at £40 million, does this mean a considerable increase for 2025 or wouldn’t these be exactly comparable?
  2. Because of the funding shortfall the Cornish Pirates chairman has been talking about doing something similar to Edinburgh RU and putting in temp stands with tent roofs, portaloos etc (big but basic) with his own money. I guess more tenants is a good thing for them.
  3. I think in trying to squeeze in every symbol of Cornwall they’ve made the badge too busy. The St Piran cross with the ball in the middle or the Chough and ball on it’s own would have been better IMO. That said if they make a black jersey with white chevron I’ll probably buy it. Got a air bnb booked in St Ives next year, really hoping it coincides with a game and will make an even better holiday in a beautiful part of the world.
  4. Is that time of year again? I think the only way a stand-alone national stadium could be financially viable long term is if it was similar to the Paris la Defence arena in being the nations biggest indoor venue which also has rugby played at it occasionally. Then in the winter months when RL isn’t being played can hoover up Christmas concerts, conferences, boxing, ufc, wrestling, darts etc which can’t take place at outdoor stadiums at that time of year and would get bigger returns for promoters then smaller arenas like Manchester, Sheffield etc. The almost definitely fatal flaw in this plan is the astronomical cost it would take to build. It would need massive outside investment who would expect juicy returns.
  5. I was watching Sri Lanka v England in Galle about a decade ago sat next to a guy from Swansea with a big Welsh flag who was passionately cheering on England. I asked him if Wales had a team would he support them and he replied that it wouldn’t give him what he enjoyed. He loved test cricket and the craic of long tours against the good nations. If Wales had a team they would probably never get test status and even if after many years they did it would be one off tests against the likes of Zimbabwe.
  6. Play it in the football ground in late spring/summer, have either elite 1/2 finals or Lord derby cup and junior final as games on beforehand. Have no other RL fixtures that day and make it French RL’s annual big day out.
  7. Exactly. England boycotted the first three fifa world cups, Uruguay won the first then boycotted the next two. Italy don’t put an asterisk next to their first two World Cup wins they beat whoever turned up.
  8. Completely agree. French stadiums tend to have the first row of seats quite high above the pitch and a very steep rake in the stands which makes them look considerably larger then British grounds of the same capacity.
  9. The only way it’s going to be a success is if the regional governments in Toulouse and Montpellier buy in so I can see group games in their 20k and 15k RU stadiums and opener/final in their 35k ish football stadiums. Also if England are going to be playing games outside the traditional French RL heartlands you hope they would make sure it’s not the only game the travelling fans can see. So for an off the top of my head example if they are playing in Nice have games in Cannes and Monaco the day either side.
  10. It’s very interesting and frankly not a good look for the IOC that they’ve gone from requiring a 60k plus stadium in the host city to being perfectly ok with a sub 40k stadium an hour away.
  11. I agree but it’s highly unlikely to stay as a 60k+ athletics stadium after the games. It will probably be either refitted Sydney style to a big stadium that can hold big RL games or stripped right down to a smaller stadium perfect for Brisbane 2.
  12. Good for rugby league if there is a new stadium for origin and derbies/ new Brisbane NRL side.
  13. And of course the ‘Rugby league national stadium’ thread just after Chrimbo
  14. I guess so. The Amur tiger won best new primary logo 2014 from SportsLogos.net readers.
  15. The rumour at the time was they forgot to copyright it! with Cas the logo isn’t atrocious but if you look at Richmond in the AFL and Amur in the KHL then tigers logos can be done so much better.
  16. Interesting though the two team names you chose are unique to professional sports, come from the history of the area/club and would never be chosen by a branding agency because they aren’t fierce.
  17. The problem is they have to avoid infringing on Man Utd’s brand image (I appreciate Salford had the name first) so avoid full body devils. The Koucash one and this one both have some good elements but parts of the face just look weird and bring the whole thing down. I said last rebrand that a red pitchfork on a black shield would look really cool and avoid the other issues.
  18. So was his thinking that union players could be signed and therefore there wasn’t a real need for amateur RL? I’ve always been puzzled by how things got to the stage that BARLA was needed.
  19. I’m not sure if it’s changed but the RFL certainly used to have a contract that they had to hold one event at Wembley each year.
  20. Since Adidas bought Reebok they’ve positioned it as a fitness/lifestyle brand that doesn’t do team wear.
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