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  1. I thought Wags were supposed to be stunning looking.
  2. Ukraine won because of the sympathy vote. Britain came second because we have backed Ukraine more than any other European nation. Eurovision has always had a strong political dimension. I thought Spain should have won. But they didn't have a dog in the fight.
  3. I've never found out why the first milk given by an ewe or a cow to their newborn suckling is called the beestings.
  4. Communities like that and places like that give me so much pleasure. Every week, they show that rugby fans are the salt of the earth. There's no law against having a bit of a drink and having a bit of fun.
  5. Oh well, apologies for the mistake. That fact is now certainly uninteresting.
  6. Shaun Edwards' son is a Conservative Councillor in London.
  7. Marcus from Gogglebox has a son who's a professional boxer. Shiloh Defreitas ("Sugar Shy")
  8. To me, Denis Waterman always looked (a) 10 years older than he actually was and (b) a bloke you could go down the pub with.
  9. There's a new Yorkshire soul band called Super Strut. 4 x women (sax, trumpet, trombone and singer) 4 x men (guitar, bass, drums and keyboards). They are not just good; they are really really good. Their showreel is from early 2021 rehearsals and doesn't give a true picture of where they are now. Believe me, they are the business live. Bradfordians can catch them at the Juke Bar on May 20th.
  10. Kelham Island Brewery. Really good stuff in its day. Things not looking right clever for Phil Bennett either.
  11. Livingstone would always be in my team. He's got a comb-over.
  12. I have a client near there at Hoveringham. For many years, half of Bradford's mixconcrete wagons were run by "Hoveringham Gravels". Given that Bradford currently has a population of ~500,000, when I first went to my client's firm, i asumed that Hoveringham would be a biggish town. It's actually a size equivalent to about two terraced streets in Bradford, and accessed down country lanes. I manage to get lost most times that I go there.
  13. Llama, obviously. At least they've had the common decency to spell it with the Welsh "LL".
  14. You could always try South America. Somewhere in the Andes, there must be a Llama Pass.
  15. Shirtwise, our forwards have expanded exponentially.
  16. Failway Prints: Anybody live at one of these? https://www.planetkitty.co.uk/failway-prints
  17. 1. I'd have Steve Patterson is as captain. He's done a fantastic job at Yorkshire. Especially as, beforehand, he wasn't an automatic selection as a player. 2. Matt Parkinson can bowl people out in the second innings as well as anyone else in the game. 3. My Combined Roses Team: Lythe Buttler Root Malan Brook Bairstow Livingstone Mahmood Patterson Anderson Parkinson 4. My Combined Other Counties Team: Sibley Crawley Duckett Vince Stokes Moeen Pope Foakes Woakes C Overton Wood 5. Neither team can pick reliable openers. I think Alex Hales is the best but he's stepped away from four-day cricket. I haven't considered Adil Rashid for the same reason.
  18. We've only got five Wales players on the books. The rest are all foreigners.
  19. Yes, but he had a great career with the Bulls and must still be reminiscing about the new experiences he gained by playing over this side of the border ... e.g tarmac roads, dentists, shoes without wooden soles, stunning looking women, BBC2 etc. In fairness there were also things he missed out on by travelling ... diptheria, bronco toilet paper, kids having NHS glasses with sticking plaster over one lens, breeze-block town halls, comedy accents etc.
  20. Now would be a good time to join the Bulls as a coach. Results-wise, you can only improve on them. Absolutely no-one thinks the Bulls could get promoted. Academy ... amongst the best in the country. training facilities ... first rate Financial turnover higher than most Championship clubs ... come September, can buy new players and/or offer more money to the good ones.
  21. I had a friend who played for Pontypool in the 1970's when it was one of the best rugby union teams in Britain. At that time, there were no full-time players. When any new player joined, he was told in no uncertain teams by the coach (Ray Prosser ... a legend in the game) that the club wasn't there to get any player fit. It was the player's job to get himself fit and the club's job to coach him. From the terrace, I'd say that 60% of the Bulls players look a at least a stone overweight compared to their Superleague contemporaries. I remember Joe Vagana saying that, when he was at the Bulls, players were given diets and weighed every week. If somebody came in and instilled a similar regime, there'd be no doubt about making the playoffs ... which is as much as we can hope for with this squad and this pitch.
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