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  1. Fair point. I'll still like him as a player, except when he plays in home internationals. I'd like Chester Butler to come through for us. Rhys Evans could also make a go of it. We need a few players now though.
  2. I wish James Bentley could find a Welsh grandparent as well as an Irish one.. Failing that, I would be really upset if he clattered Morgan Knowles in their game.
  3. World Cup next year. Will he make the England squad? Maybe he has been advised that he will.
  4. UK Seniors Championship is on the BBC Red Button. Apparently Jimmy White beat Joe Johnson today. Bah Humbug but good luck Jimmy.
  5. necessary receipt Filipino, Philip and the Philippines odour and odorous
  6. I love watching cycling, though I haven,t ever done much cycling myself. Like thousands of other blokes, I have a mountain bike which has the important role of always getting in the way in the garage. I always favoured Team Sky, though I hated their robotic tactics. Fortunately, I don't have to in this year's Tour de france because hey have only picked one British rider ... Luke Rowe. Luke and Ian Stannard have been my favourite riders since Jens Voight packed up; buried themselves for the team in the both stage races and classics. Obviously, I'll still be rooting for Luke. This year, I will be rooting for Team:Lotto Soudal. Domestique: Luke Rowe Climber: Esteban Chaves Rouleur: John Degenkolb Sprinter: Arnaud Demare Obviously, I'll have to nominate a substitute if any of these miss the race
  7. I think I may have had a chat with Ian Anniss at the Danny Jones memorial game. A nice bloke.
  8. If I'm proved wrong, I'll apologise. If I'm proved right, you might say nothing. That's often the way of things amongst the claque.
  9. I'm not getting into a hypothetical argument. The circumstances will emerge at the inquest.
  10. Two brothers and a cousin involved. None old enough to dive so someone must have driven them there. Possibly not the brothers; parents who "were informed" of their bodies being found. The rules: People from different households must not meet in a private home or garden. You must not: host people you do not live with in your home or garden, unless they’re in your support bubble meet people you do not live with in their home or garden travel outside of these areas to meet people in their home or garden Your household is only the people you live with, or people within your support bubble. A support bubble is where a household with one adult joins with any other household. Households within a bubble can still visit each other, stay overnight, and visit public places together.
  11. Flouting the regulations. Kirklees, like Bradford, is in secondary lockdown.
  12. Two young lads drowned eighty miles from their home in Dewsbury.
  13. Jack Austin was a rough and tumble player not averse to getting his retaliation first, especially against Leeds. They interviewed him once on a midweek Radio Leeds show. He spoke like the managing director of the Savoy Hotel. Lee Crooks is cut from the same cloth. Sky should snap him up.
  14. 3 x Yorkshire and 1 x Lancashire. You're definitely on to something there, Harry.
  15. Robert Hicks called the two captains together yesterday and told them that the next player who waved his arms about and questioned a refereeing decision would get 10 minutes in the sinbin. That was good reffing.
  16. Sooty was really good fun when Matthew Corbett did it. The live theatre show was performed on panto lines .. something for all ages and a brilliant Black Theatre of Prague section. Going back to Harry Corbett days, I think Ramsbottom should have got much more airtime.
  17. Poor old Phil. Sky made him have four inches cut off his legs for this latest look.
  18. Sky should put Baz and Tez in moleskin trousers held up with braces and coupled with collarless shirts and hobnail boots. Some poncy London fashion designer would create a whole range out of the "Northern Look"
  19. Neither. They can't spell Philistine.
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