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  1. even though i'm on team Salford for the CC, I can't stand this kit.... which brings me to this new thread.... please send some pics
  2. Salford will win like Sheffeild did in "98" it's the year of the Covi and we need a feel good story.
  3. Maybe it's a sign for 2021 that Salford will have Ellgren as a new kit supplier?
  4. so which person do you believe would be the right choice? Also I read that André Janzac wants the LER to go professional. Regardless of who wins, is it a possibility or just the annual announcement that won't go ahead?
  5. is this the guy? https://treizemondial.fr/andre-janzac-et-xiiiensemble-devoilent-leurs-orientations-strategiques/
  6. got to love the Believe Rugby League, always sticking it to the Brazilian's.
  7. Considering Salford are last year Grand Finalist, hopefully they can bring home some silverware this year...
  8. https://www.facebook.com/brasilrugbyleague/ We entered the final stage for the choice of the new mascot of the Brazilian Rugby League National Team! Of 10 mascots, there were only 3, after the two phases of polls on social media in Brazil Rugby League. We arrived at the decision and it's in your hands to choose who will be the symbol of men in the next challenges: #Spiranhas: The giant otter of the Amazon basin and the Pantanal! In Tupi, Ariranha means the ′′ Water Jaguar ′′ and is famous for being very social, living in large families, always ′′ attending ". #Carcarás: It's the Brazilian falcon! Our country's typical bird of prey, found from north to south, carcará is present in popular culture. #Jaguars: Greatest predator in the Americas, the Painted Jaguar is also known as the Jaguar and is a strong symbol in indigenous cultures and also in the world of sports. Voting is simple, just like the photo of the animal you prefer, the most voted is chosen. Voting goes until the 20/09th! Three Brazilian fauna animals that need to be valued and protected. For you, which one should be the Rugby League selection symbol?
  9. Link?. What's the G.O. with the French Pro League? Or is that been canned for another 4 years?
  10. if it happens discounted RLWC merchandise for the forum........... and if anyone complains about it, they should be sent to the Gulags...
  11. I thinks it's time for a new thread.... "The rugby league merchandise Tight azzz fan's" forum.... where everyone who is cheap and doesn't want to support the RLWC can discuss and mingle on how tight they are.
  12. Isn't London moving to to the new Wimbeldon Stadium?
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12616499/wigan-takeover-dw-stadium-leigh-rugby-league/amp/
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