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  1. After Croatia beat Engaland in 2018 world cup semi final, I'm livid to this day about it and I can't stand croatians especially what they did to mwle....I lost £100 bet .... I guess I'm a racist.
  2. Dose it really matter? The rugby is back and our top priority on this forum is Izzy's knee... this really is 2020 the year of the woke.
  3. Or he could have lactic acid in his knee due too, he hasn't been playing for many months.... my question is how many have you kneeled lately?
  4. or you can hitch hike and sell your body for sex....
  5. Going to bet my "91" Yugo Koral for Greece to win the world cup... spoke to my bookie and he said just park the car out front of my local Betfred as collateral. I've got a good feeling about this.
  6. https://wwos.nine.com.au/nrl/toronto-wolfpack-wife-kallum-watkins-nuclear-attack-on-broke-super-league-club/9f4f1e60-1dfe-4528-9b38-f00fc8a9986c
  7. If any club deserve to be back in SL, it's gotta be Oldham... there fan's are the most passionate. I remember in 97 in a local pub 3 Man U fan's walk into the pub and said to this bloke who was wearing a Oldam RL jersey, he looks like Magrate Thatcher and rugby league sucks. He got out of his chair knocked all 3 of them out... and even took one of the Man U supports jersey off while he was out cold, as a trophy. To this day the jersey is framed and hanged up at the pub (with a small amount of blood on it) The funny thing is the bloke still drinks there and oddly enough he sort of does look like the former Prime Minister
  8. I'd like to see Oldham take TWP spot. Given a chance something different.
  9. Won't happen, by 2022 coronavirus will merge with the swine flu and chicken pox to create a super virus and shut down the planet and all sporting codes, except for "girl on girl jelly wrestling".... I call it Virus X (x is for extreme)
  10. If I was Wigan RL I'd buy the DW stadium. I would then build a child care centre, mini Tesco, Kebab house and a strip club/pub... maximize revenue to its full potential. And cater for a vast amount of people.
  11. The Wayne Bennent of French Rugby League
  12. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/relegation-from-super-league-in-2020-unlikely/
  13. Not sure if this has already been reported. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/11947538/american-firm-denies-super-league-link-but-would-work-with-interested-party/
  14. It's been reported that ISC will leave the NRL at the end of the year....
  15. Because some NRL club who is almost broke (due to poor on and off field management) would kick up a massive stink about how they need the money and resources to help save the club and juniors from the death door. Standard NRL practice...
  16. I doubt it will ever happen. But it would be great if Vlandys could swallow up the Super League and even the French League... And put it under 1 umbrella.
  17. I've been told that the Mad Squirrel club has nominated George Burges as their patron Saint, due to his squirrel grips.
  18. Maybe Salford should team up with Coronation Street and make up an episode about the Red Devils needing a better stadium, real issue's that speak to us.
  19. Great idea, Cronulla always seems to struggle in the line out.
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