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  1. https://treizemondial.fr/toulon-ne-devrait-pas-repartir-en-elite-2/
  2. i'd love to see the league leaders shield renamed the Rob Burrrows Shield
  3. Jérôme Guisset played for Canberra, he was the first, early 2000's I think
  4. New salford mascot https://www.salfordreddevils.net/meet-diablo-the-devil/
  5. Sounds like a better deal hopefully. And makes more sense France and Toulouse both signed with them.
  6. Maybe (money is a factor) they should do a promotional deal, become a 2 year season ticket holder and get a free jersey? Or, maybe talk with Man United and letting them buy into Salford Reds and they can be Man U official rugby league club or sell 50% the club to UAE or Russian businessman .. 3 stupid ideas but that's all I got.
  7. I wonder what will happen if London exceeds all expectations and win the Betfred Championship?
  8. Hope not.... we need them both, besides Broncos just signed a new stadium deal... They can't move just yet, they need too, at least play one game in Wimbledon before they move (again)
  9. Heard this is a documentary about Hull FC... looks interesting.
  10. https://www.featherstonerovers.co.uk/news/featherstone-rovers-announce-record-technical-merchandise-partnership-with-hummel-hICVv
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