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  1. You mean the man who was behind the dual reg system. We can't go wrong then.
  2. I agree we shouldn't be playing the exiles we should be doing a probables v possibles match. It will only get worse as the quality of imports drops with the NRL salary cap going up. That said we shouldnt be playing France mid season either as I dont think they want the game and I'm sure Catalans don't. It's too much strain on their squad in the middle of the season.
  3. I think the points do carry over for the top and bottom 8.
  4. Less of a pop at RL and more of a statement on how far Wigan athletic have come. He just said that the latics are now drawing bigger crowds than Wigan RL.
  5. Ten games will be much longer than two months. It's also worth pointing out its ten league games so friendlies and internationals won't count.
  6. Viewing figures are always higher on Sky Sports 1 simply because more people have that channel.People will have SS1 without SS2 but not many if any will have SS2 and not have SS1.Viewing figures will probably go from 5/600,000 to 300,000 just because of the switch.
  7. I've always thought silver point would be better suited to RL than golden point.Then teams can go for the drop goal but the chance is there for the other side to win it with a try.
  8. Nothing to do with Cunningham or Saints I think the St Helens cup finals there on Tuesday
  9. It depends whether clubs finishing prize money is decided by league position or when you exit the play offs
  10. Saints will pick hudds but IMO they would pick Leeds before they pick Wigan.As with the players they have missing next week could be a game too far for Leeds.
  11. Bringing in a one nation rule would help the smaller nations in the long run.At first you may get a couple of players thinking twice about playing for a developing team but once they've been overlooked by the big three eventually they will play for other countries.The benifits being that if they are a late developer themselves these smaller countries could end up with a genuine world class player on their hands with no danger of the big three nicking the player back off them.
  12. RU certainly is strong at this level in Yorkshire but if these clubs do have second teams won't they already be in the league structure at a lower level.There's no need to count them twice
  13. Agree about Fozzard he's really struggled to have an impact this year and is a year or two past his best.Emmitt on the other hand has really surprised me late in the season and has really looked the part these last few weeks.
  14. It doesn't matter who Saints release if they have played the required number og games their full salary will count on the cap.I don't think it will be a problem because with it only being for two or three games only a tiny percentage of Smiths salary will count on Saints cap.
  15. Slowing down a twenty metre restart has been an automatic sin binning for two or three years at least and players and coaches know this.
  16. You have to play a certain number of games before your full salary counts on the cap(6 I think).
  17. A very pivotal game for me as far as the play offs are concerned.If Leeds can find enough form to win at Wigan i would make them favourite to go on and win the grand final.A Wigan win would for me finish Leeds off and really open it up and any from Wigan Wires Saints could go on to win it and I would find almost impossible to split them
  18. A ticking off for both players and a penalty to Leeds if only to see which way Bailey would run from the tap
  19. That for me is the fairest way to get the best games on the weekend rather than cherry picking derby matches.If you took the league as things stand now the fixtures for next year would be. Wigan v Wire Saints v Hull Leeds v Hudds HKR v Crusaders Cas v Wakey Bradford v Quins Salford v Catalan That fixture list isnt bad and the same system could be followed every year to prevent the same teams playing each other each year.
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