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  1. Hoping for a Catalan v Saints repeat in the grand final in October, the two best teams in Super League this season
  2. will make fewer individuals more selfish is my take on it
  3. At magic weekend their SL derby rivals would be the Superleague Jones'
  4. Unfortunately I fall into this category but this has not been helped by the dross served up by Widnes this season. It was an early write off for me. Maybe next season with a new squad may spark my interest again.
  5. surely 12 divisions of 3 playing the other 11 times each for 22 games followed by a top 3 play off would be better? Less boring I think
  6. I lived in Widnes. People from Runcorn who were not eccentric were regarded as abnormal
  7. me too! but the South Stand gantry is still there though isn't it? The facilities in the South Stand were a later addition if I remember correctly
  8. Travellers Rest ARLFC? Seem to remember a team or similar named team from the National Cup in the 80's&90's but based in Widnes was never sure where they were from? Did they actually exist and where are / were they from - Wakefield area?
  9. Always think Japan was a missed opportunity as it seems Union now has a firm stranglehold on rugby there. I think the style of game they play and physique of the Japanese was always more suited to League
  10. Watching the Giro d'Italia earlier in the year there were sections of mountain climbs were the 'tifosi' would be running alongside the cyclist screaming encouragement in their ears, and, on at least one occasion I viewed the cyclist was actually being pushed the hill with a hand on his back. The commentators just seemed to think this was par for the course and added to the spectacle, nothing wrong apparently
  11. Does it play a random choice or do you need to programme it according to the time of year?
  12. So are Sale Sharks any closer to acquiring the ground from Salford City Council then? Maybe something is happening in the background to this story
  13. I am hoping leigh hang in there to bring a bit of jeopardy into the relegation battle
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