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  1. Now that clubs in the main seem not to be printing physical copies of programmes, I wonder if the value of the traditional printed programme will see an increase in value as they are now basically historical artefacts and the 'programme' as we used to know it is dead and unlikely to return in the future except for 'specials'.
  2. I misread it at first, I thought he said he would buy you each a round it that happened
  3. WELCOME BACK It's like return of the fanzine, all the best Sir!
  4. what about any unexpected content? That's what make a programme interesting IMO
  5. It would be good to see Trafford Borough flying the flag for South Manchester again as there seems to be such an appetite for the game in that great city of the North West
  6. things we ate in the North could be a sub-thread
  7. Immanuel Kant was a real pissant and very rarely stable (As the Phytons suggested)
  8. is this how they watched the game: https://www.wlrfm.com/2020/09/10/gaa-fan-uses-ladder-to-attend-matches-under-covid-19-restrictions/
  9. Yes, I agree, and then they could donate it to Wakey or Cas so they have a decent ground to play in
  10. maybe the website designer nipped out for a quick spliff and some coca-cola
  11. Not sure what Ivar sent you, but some nice pics here of those bygone Corinthian sporting days: https://www.football.london/special-features/gallery/incredible-history-dulwich-hamlet-fc-14383719 I don't want to de-rail the thread but it's just a bit of sporting history gone forever
  12. At least there's a bit of variety here, Champions League bores me to death. Was disappointed by Arsenal's late winner last night and we'll probably end up with a final of usual suspects e.g. United v Arsenal
  13. Sampdoria away ? (joking) A confession, when I was a kid I had limited Subbuteo teams so had to be creative, and poor eyesight too.. In my world Peru and Crystal Palace were just the same
  14. no, what colour is it? I watch my rugby in black and white
  15. which bit is purple in that Melboune kit? It all looks shades of blue to me nice primrose yellow trim too
  16. not a bad Warrington kit. All they need is a big red hoover badge in the middle instead of RedZed
  17. anyway, all this talk about how many Bronco's would get at Plough Lane in Super league v. Salford, Saints or Wakefield is moot as they will be in the Championship for the next 12 months at least, so it's just another ground for the hoppers to add to their lists for now
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