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  1. Any trigonometry sets left though? (Widnes joke)
  2. Who else hasn't declared yet? Still waiting for this next seasons Widnes efforts...
  3. do you have a colour picture? I can only see it in grayscale at the moment
  4. super league shirt in waiting from Bradford
  5. so is that what the cowboys used to drink? You see them gulping it down in the old westerns, always thought they must be hard core
  6. I think it's a good idea. I remember some years back the prevailing wisdom appeared to be that three colours on a shirt / club colours presented better marketing potential. But I think that's a load of tosh, well done Hull FC
  7. the fact it is just black and white and no other colours in the sponsors logos really works. waiting for the Widnes rainbow this year
  8. I think a single hoop is a band, and multiple bands are hoops
  9. I do li I do like the darker red on this. Anyone know what colour it is exactly?
  10. leisure shirt, will look good with a pair of creased denims
  11. Just checked out your club crest - is that a cannabis leaf?
  12. I would regionalise from the old division 4 downwards with 20 team divisions. Its just crazy that clubs like Stockport have to cram in 46 games in a season with trips to Torquay (their 1st game last week), Bromley Dover, Maidenhead etc etc. Below that the National League North and South could be split in 3 or even 4 divisions of 20 teams for more local derbies and if you're happy were you are playing, even if you win the league you don't need to move up to the next Tier
  13. couldn't you just play in the Kent league anyway and leave the pyramid for those clubs who want to be part of that?
  14. I thought they received an advance of sky moneys to help them through financial difficulties and it was this that was subsequently with-held. So they got the same money as every one else but just at different times I am remembering incorrectly?
  15. This figure of 3328 (in an outdated facility) would probably represent nearly a 100% improvement in attendances for leigh compared to their 2013 CC average (don't have exact figure at my finger-tips) so I am sure they would be pleased if they got that again or even topped it
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