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  1. sounds like someone who isn't hung up on the league / union dichotomoy, someone who enjoys his rugby and can see a benefit from both codes utilising the facility. This is the future, good to see, hope they keep it up!
  2. At least there's a bit of variety here, Champions League bores me to death. Was disappointed by Arsenal's late winner last night and we'll probably end up with a final of usual suspects e.g. United v Arsenal
  3. Sampdoria away ? (joking) A confession, when I was a kid I had limited Subbuteo teams so had to be creative, and poor eyesight too.. In my world Peru and Crystal Palace were just the same
  4. Logistics wise it probably wasn't a great idea. Why did it ever happen? Surely they should have just invested directly in Cumbria? Or didn't they think there was sufficient management capability there. 100k in Cumbria? Surely Super League can see the benefit in that? Less than 10K per club
  5. Dan Norman obviously some of the players will be off the radar a bit
  6. I disagree. It already operates in a permanent state of total chaos, its just one step away from unity & order. Finding that correct step is the challenge
  7. Sounds like jobs for the boys, and as a Widnes fan with memories of the Rule Era, this strategy doesn't always work out and things could go pear shaped quickly down parsonage way
  8. no, what colour is it? I watch my rugby in black and white
  9. which bit is purple in that Melboune kit? It all looks shades of blue to me nice primrose yellow trim too
  10. not a bad Warrington kit. All they need is a big red hoover badge in the middle instead of RedZed
  11. As a Widnes fan I am coming round to the idea, indeed a strong hope of Leigh not finishing 12th next season, adding a bit of spice to the competition and shaking up some of the more complacent SL teams and their supporters who may feel a place at the top table and the Sky handout is theirs' by right
  12. Good luck Nice to see some ambition
  13. It's an interesting socio-economic question. I suppose professional rugby was different to social rugby, but I enjoyed reading an extract of the silver jubilee brochure, in the first lockdown period, of a now defunct Union club (Instonians) on the Wirral (they merged with someone else to become Prenton in the last few years), anyway it goes: The mid 1950's also saw the increasing influence of the motor car in rugby social life and fixture planning. In the early days of the club, most fixtures were confined to the Wirral but after the war the club began to broaden its horizons. Orrell, St. Helens, Rhyl and Bangor were added to the fixture list and the away trip to the University of the last named town proved to be a fitting climax to the season for many years. Before cars, away trips could be fraught with pitfalls. A visit to Old Widnesians (now Widnes) meant catching a steam train from Liverpool Central (High Level) to Farnworth Station. (extract from page 16) https://www.birkenheadinstitute.co.uk/BIOB Miscellaneous Photographs/Miscellaneous/RugbyGoldenJubilee.pdf From Farnworth Station the players would have faced a trek of about a mile or more across what was then school playing fields & farmers fields as the crow flies. I guess it was a muddy afternoon!
  14. yes, now we have more info on the structure, I agree
  15. don't see the point of the 1895 cup. It's a loss leader as it is, nobody bothers with those games except a few die-hards here and there. Playing 1895 behind closed doors would just be like normal, might as well wait until 1st April and start the leagues then
  16. decent signings. think Newcastle will stay up too, could surprise a few on here
  17. thought Saints signed Walmsley from Batley, could be a figment of my imagination though
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