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  1. Apart from the recruitment of this player-coach, there is not much info. The club does not seem to be getting stronger.
  2. However, this is the current eligibility rule. And it also applies to maintain his eligibility ! In the future, we can expect less rigid rules for heritage players and that we look for the nationality of great-grandparents and no longer just parents and grandparents. These rules will end up burying the last hopes of French rugby league
  3. Kheirallah was eligible due to residency rule. For him to still have the right to wear the French jersey, he should reside in France for 210 days (7 months) in the year preceding the selection. This will not be the case at the end of the year. I repeat it often, but the latest changes in the eligibility rules were not favorable to France but were intended to promote the emergence of heritage nations with the aim of artificially raising the international level to also increase TV rights in the pacific zone. France is therefore condemned to fight to try to beat nations like Lebanon, Greece, the USA, Italy etc.
  4. I don't want to talk nonsense but I think that the bandas (the brass bands) were commissioned by the clubs of Limoux and Carcassonne
  5. As a Frenchman, I find it important that you can have realistic information to have a real overview of the situation. I remain convinced that France and the development of its solid national championship is the key to the development of the discipline in Europe much more than other wacky projects that the media tend to put forward. I hope a team will represent our country in the Challenge Cup, we have so many good memories with Lezignan whether in Rochdale, Widnes, Barrow, Whitehaven or Workington. I take this opportunity to congratulate on this forum Barnya who is champion of France Elite and one of his sons champion of France in the U15 category.
  6. 5 years of résidency according to the éligibility rules
  7. new hair analyzes were able to prove that the taking of drugs was not the day of the match, so only recreational use could be retained. I understand Barnye your positioning more moral than legal. but if we stay on the same plan we should ban parties after matches or beers during matches which do more damage in rugby than any drugs. if we stay on this moral point, what should we say about clubs that sign a racist player or even a player suspected of pedophilia? what poses a problem is the fact that this story is publicized because for me these drug problems must remain private
  8. Hello Live this sunday 2pm Lezignan - Toulouse on facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fcl13 and lezignan's website https://www.fcl13.fr/
  9. I have some jerseys to sell : Wigan, Warrington, Huddersfield, Hull Kr, Castelford, St Helens, Wakefield, Bradford, Toronto Photos
  10. Lezignan vs Albi 2pm live on Lezignan facebook page. James Maloney vs Nathan Peats 2 former State if Origin players Thomas Lacans vs Baptiste Fabre : 2 wonderkids !
  11. James Maloney trained with Feuceuleu and could start this weekend at Limoux.
  12. I have this one http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2021/47/5/1637964882-e50f8242-9b4c-4281-ab81-a3d0bab5c159.jpeg
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