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  1. Some fantastic players coming through at Huddersfield and most of them are big athletes too. Innes & Louis Senior, Jon Luke Kirby, Jake Wardle, Oliver Russell, Sam Hewitt, Dom Young and Tyler Mellor to name just a few! The great thing is they’re also getting game time as and when needed or appropriate which is really good to see. They’re being exposed to a higher level of Rugby League then taken back out to absorb the lessons, reconsolidate their game then back in when the timings right. Maybe they won’t all step up and make it long term but it won’t be because of mismanagement, a lack of investment or opportunity!
  2. Tomkins Makinson Percival King Johnstone Williams Lomax T Burgess Roby Watts Currie Bateman Knowles Subs: Clarke, Whitehead, Walmsley, Thompson Considered: BACKS, Trueman, Griffin, Evalds, McGilvery, Gildart, Farnsworth, FORWARDS, Hill, Graham, Smith, Lees, McMeekin, Farrell, Bulloch, Just a bit of fun speculation while its quiet
  3. Don’t let Mike Carter off the hook too quickly, the players are fed up of his and Chester’s double act! Carter wants to be next to the players when it suits him and makes him look good but he treats them like idiots when he wants to look big in front of someone he’d like to impress. Theres a few rumblings and rumours of discontent coming out of Wakefield Trinity and that performance might be a symptom.
  4. Just scanning through the Giants team and correct me if I’m wrong but all through the Giants Youth System McIntosh Wardle Cudjoe McGilvery Russell English Hewitt Wood Lawrence
  5. Don’t think Tom Holmes will play next week his kicking game and decision making have been very poor.
  6. But but Bens a loving husband, cuddles his kids and never swears in front of his mum!
  7. Deliberate doesn’t come into it, it’s his responsibility and at best it’s reckless! The rule is there to protect players from reckless tackles that aren’t deliberately dangerous, hence the ‘reckless’ charge. Its a Red Card and a sending off, you cannot lead with the shoulder at a height likely to make contact with the head and claim it’s an accident, it’s reckless and therefore a sending off!
  8. Are you suggesting that BMM is unfamiliar with how attacking forwards carry the ball into the tackle? It’s BMMs responsibility to avoid contact with the head and he is somewhat reckless here leading with the shoulder at a height likely to contact the head of the attacker! its a red card
  9. It’s a red card all day long. its the defenders responsibility to ensure no contact with the head! BMM has made direct and heavy contact with the shoulder to the head of the attacking player. Sending Off!
  10. Classic case of a man being promoted beyond his abilities! Hes a poor coach but he’s the head coach so people don’t question his ability. He’s had a long honeymoon period off the back of a team that Brian Smith built but any decent run of wins can’t be sustained because fundamentally the team is poorly coached, poorly conditioned and ill disciplined. It might sound a bit harsh but my opinion isn’t based on this sloppy awful game alone
  11. Wakefield are a terribly coached team in all and every aspect of the game! Bousquet simply walks through a pathetic attempt at defending! No excuses here about injuries, this process began before the first injury and there are still plenty of experienced and highly paid players in Trinity’s line up.
  12. Kasiano could be in trouble there, he deliberately pulled Kershaw leg around when he was already tackled
  13. Too easy for Catalan! Ive said this on a number of occasions over the last few. Years, Chris Chester and/or his coaching staff are simply incapable of coaching defence! In Ashurst, Kirmond, Tupou, Lyne, Miller, Hampshire and even Kershaw Chester has had a very settled three quarter line for around 4 years. Yet they are still making the same ridiculous errors they were making 4 years ago!
  14. He didn’t carry the pack at Sts, Roby, Walmsley, LMS to name but 3 other quality players in the Sts pack. Im a big fan of Thompson’s but let’s not get beyond ourselves
  15. The downside of the 6-Again rule is the increased momentum a team can generate and as we already knew momentum was everything in Rugby League. With it you can put 5 or 6 try’s on the opposition before they catch a break and get some possession. That leads to games like the Hudds V Leeds or Wigan V Wakey matches where one team races out to a decent lead then the other team gains some momentum and puts a similar amount of points on the board. The other type of game is the Catalan V Cas, Sts V Leeds, Salford V Hull FC where one team keeps the momentum and rattles ina huge score making it a lopsided shalaking!
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